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Image source: hereI am not sure if my face is like an “agony aunt’s” or I seem to be an “astute listener” but some times I come across some weird situations which involve people who are so serious that it gets humorous at few junctures! We all know the joker's funny dialogue from the Dark Knight - "Why so serious?" I also think of smirking in an idiotic way when ever I come across few serious people! I  want to narrate few anecdotes from my own life here.Scene-1I was inside the lift in my old apartment. Light was dysfunctional . It was blinking continuously.The maintenance paid by the residents never goes in the right direction and the lifts are not spacious like the office li... Read more
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Blogger: Afshan
Here it is ,yet again the day when I remember a Telugu comedy movie Money  where the villain KotaSrinivasa Rao says “Same card . Same story. Only names different”– when a person comes to invite for his wedding! Do watch that hilarious scene. Those were the days when Ram Gopal Varma was not that serious about film making and used to make many master pieces and humorous films. Money is one such film.  Anyway coming back to seriousness ,at office as and when the much awaited hike letters arrive the much unwanted analysis follows. I can see people clapping around my cubicle. Some are distributing sweets. Some are feverishly using the calcul... Read more
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Blogger: Afshan
The three unwise monkeys some times called the three mystic apes stand for "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil."Now who doesn't know this but some times when we get carried away and fail to use all our senses, we come across three other monkeys who see no truth, hear no truth and speak no truth and we tend to believe whatever they say! They go to any extent to meet their ulterior motives and if one of those monkeys tries to hear out to our pleas, the other two close his ears and make him/ her do what they believe just like in the pic below.Image source : hereThe story written below is fictional and resembling anyone and everyone is very much possible.Once upon a time in the B... Read more
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Blogger: Afshan
Indians are great eaters and great fighters and their most favorite fight is their fight for food. With so many states and endless cuisines every one has their favorite cuisine and unique customizations.  Our love for food continues through out the year and the festivals which mark the calendar every month , the wedding season which is an integral part of our lives, a baby shower , a fun-fair, a house warming or this or that, every event just strengthens our food-bond.We worry about weight and take the new-year resolution to lose weight only to break it later on in the year when festive season starts  :- ) :- ). Jokes apart, the first and the foremost thing which people in India mi... Read more
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Blogger: Afshan
The resolutions which are easily given a miss and forgotten overnight are New Year resolutions. The only resolutions which give a competition to them are political resolutions and promises made by our eminent leaders. Jokes apart, we often hear these words “New year resolutions” as Christmas ends and countdown starts for the dawning New Year. Some people do that as a commitment towards personal goals or habit reformations. Few scribble them down for fun-sake and forget them even before the celebrations end. As per wiki there are even religious parallels to this tradition. The ancient Babylonians and Romans used to make promises to God at the start of each year that they would return... Read more
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Blogger: Afshan
 I dream of a fairy land. I am the fairest fairy with a magic wand.A genie, all time ready for my command.A life so colorful , bright and so grand!I felt there is a real magic world.There are stories and mysteries untold.A kingdom which I ruled.A warrior who can fight and be very bold!A castle which is strewn with all gold.When no owl arrived and nothing caught my hold,I had to back off and my dream had to mould!I dream to be a  teacher.Teaching Maths ,Geography and Biology of every creature!Unfolding the realities of the life still felt magical.Exams ,marks, results and ranks made it mechanical!I dream to be useful to nation and be in politics.I reali... Read more
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Blogger: Afshan
When I read "surreal" all I could think of was traveling and how poetic my thoughts become when ever I travel. I have been to Manali in the year 2012 when I used to stay in Delhi. The 3-day travel experience is a memorable one and the trip included many things which I did for the first time. In this post I want to narrate my first rafting experience and the visit to Rohtang Pass which was challenging!God cannot be everywhere, so he created mother. I very much agree but I want to modify it a bit. If you look around,God is everywhere and it feels motherly! Whenever you are near to mother nature, it always feels you need nothing else as you are already in God’s lap and her various pheno... Read more
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Blogger: Afshan
I was reading Arabian Nights that night and reliving my childhood days. I finished "Alibaba and the forty thieves,""Sindbad the Sailor" and finally came to the page where "Alladin and the magic lamp" tale starts. I was immersed in the story and flipped the page by gently touching it so as not to destroy the brown tattered pages of the book! Suddenly there was a blinding flash of light. I instantly closed my eyes. When I opened I saw a bluish white genie glowing in the bright light holding a pile of books. My jaw dropped and I couldn't speak anything more than , "Who are you?!"The genie: "You rubbed the page and here I am at your service. You rubbed the exact spot where I live. If you observe... Read more
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Blogger: Afshan
Home is where the heart is. It is rightly said. We have not bought a house for ourselves but I know that when a family builds a house every brick is dipped in love and dedication. Every stroke of that paint brush is filled with hopes and aspirations. Home holds many memories. Memories of our childhood, of our victories, defeats, friendships, parties , weddings and many more. Where ever you roam in the world you simply have to come back to your home to be at peace! Whenever I think of home I think of my mom. The way she puts all her effort and pushes her limits to make it the best place to live is commendable. Specially with her age and everyday joint pains it gets tough for her but as she is... Read more
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Blogger: Afshan
   Image source: hereWhen I decided to write on this topic this week for Half baked beans, I was smiling to myself as anyone and everyone is addicted to what’s app these days. Yes it does save time when you have to share some photo-graph or a video or a file from your mobile with other person who has what’s app downloaded on his mobile but what next? It for sure doesn’t stop there.Everyone keeps checking their mobiles for some what’s app fun message or a forward or a pic. It’s not an exaggeration if I say what’s app is one of the top five communication platforms in the world now, first being Facebook closely followed by twitter. Many o... Read more
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Blogger: Afshan
Today is our second marriage anniversary. Day before yesterday I was idling and reminiscing this day that year (2012) when I was all jittery thinking about my new life and thinking about the challenges of being a wife. No. I am not going to say now that it has all been rosy and all my fears were countered. I can definitely say that I have grown to a "woman" from a "girl". No. Keep your naughty thoughts to yourself. I have become a woman as in I realized how the new responsibilities will throw new challenges at me everyday and I actually had to mentally grow. I had no choice. I realized that I am no longer a "girl" who is lot pampered by parents, who rarely does the household c... Read more
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Blogger: Afshan
Originally published atHalf Baked Voices .Being single in India is challenging . It is a crime as you are expected to get married before you touch 25 and become a mother at least by 30. Many elders (read morons) here decide the fertility rate of every woman. They start their requests for kids from day 1 of marriage. Some think delivering a kid is as easy as getting a chips packet from vending machine! I know I am getting drifted away from the topic. I can write a lot on the "being single" scenario in India. But for now I want to narrate an incident from my own life.I used to have lunch with a group of colleagues in the office pantry some 3 years back. Half of them were married and the a quar... Read more
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Blogger: Afshan
Originally published at viewspaperCast: Naseeruddin Shah, Madhuri Dixit, Arshad Warsi, Huma QureshiDirector: Abhishek ChaubeyImage Source : hereSet in the milieu of a small town Muhammadabad of UttarPradesh Dedh Ishqiya is all set to break the records and steal the hearts. Khalujaan and Babban  (Naseeruddin and Arsad Varshi) come back and prove that their duo is unbeatable and their chemistry just gets better in this part. From the opening scene the movie grabs audience's attention and proves that it is going to be a better watch than Ishqiya.The movie is raunchy , hilarious, dazzling, charming and poetic. The whole movie is like a poetic rendition with heart touching Urdu sha... Read more
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Blogger: Afshan
Religion, cricket and Cinema rule India. We discuss Cinema importantly. Arvind Kejriwal may sign a new policy in Delhi but the movies which are queued up for release this week will grab our attention. Cinema is in our pulse. It flows in our veins. It twitches our nerves and rules our minds. When Blogadda posted  Misslovely , An Off beat Hindi film - Weekend activity I first thought of skipping it as there are too many movies which I love, but being a movie buff I finally succumbed to it.Mass movies which are most of the times unrealistic may earn 100 crores and attract more public by an item song or a skimpy clad heroine but off-beat movies which are close to reality instantly... Read more
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Blogger: Afshan
 I knelt down by my bed side that night and prayed to god for long. I was not asking for a favor or a help but wanted to know what's wrong. In my heart I want to be happy but my head thinks differently. Heart says, "You are mad. Bothering about your hair is so silly!" Head responds, "What do you know heart? You ooze blood. I bear the hair!" Heart says, "Heart knows everything. It just feels the happiness and despair." Head: "My friends have a strong tuft of hair and I have measly strands which is not fair." Heart: "But your friends cannot think like your head or mind. Is it not fair and square?" "Oh! What do you know heart ? It is the external bea... Read more
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Blogger: Afshan
Uday Kiran in Telugu means the morning sun or the morning sun rays but sadly the actor Uday Kiran did something which negates the meaning of his name. He ended his life on the midnight of 05-01-2014. The glitz and glamour of Cinema blinds us so much that we never really understand the actual emotions of any actor or actress. Suicides are not new in film industry but every time I hear a suicide news I am really not sure, how to react or whom to pity! Uday Kiran is famously called as hat-trick hero as three of his consequent movies, Chitram, Nuvvu Nenu , Manasantha Nuvve were super hit. Manasantha Nuvve was even remade in other languages including Hindi. I remember the time in 2002 when all te... Read more
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Blogger: Afshan
This post made to --- > If I do a mistake I don't think twice. If you do a mistake you are experienced and wise. If I am used to something you call it a vice. If you are used to something you say it is nice! If I break a promise I am heartless and take you for granted. If you break a promise you understand the situation and are sainted. If I am judge-mental I probably don't know the world's way. If you are judge-mental you know it all and hence you dare to say. If you pass on an opinion you are true, frank and honest. If I pass on an opinion I am rude, thoughtless and blankest. For once If I were you, will you be me ? For once if we shift our roles will we have a new way to see? ... Read more
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Blogger: Afshan
" Every dawn has a dusk and every dusk has a night.To watch the changing sky in different shades is a delight.Every man has a life and every life has a wrong and a right.To be or not to be is the biggest question and the longest fight!"Pic Courtesy: Imran... Read more
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Blogger: Afshan
Its the era of digital revolution. The world has traveled from the pigeon to post card , from All India Radio to Ipods and tablets and from telegram to twitter. There is no need to write pages on how digitization influenced every one's life.It is the era of tablets and smart phones. Every one wants to finish a task easily by  flicking the index finger on their smart phones. The number of people using smart phones and apps is rising as days pass by. People may not be aware of AAP but evey one is aware of an app :) Click on the image for a better viewIt is not an exaggeration if I say that some of our youngsters are  laid back. They prefer being couch potatoes and staying blissf... Read more
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Blogger: Afshan
The clock is ticking away. 2012 ."OOPS! I mean, 2013 so far has been a good year". Even before I say this , the year is about to end. I am writing this article before the clock ticks 12midnight on Dec 31st 2013 to prove that I can run a race along with time. Hence this extra effort in writing this blog post before 01-01-2014 even if having a fistful amount of time is getting tough these days. I wrote a post "The Gurgaon Diaries" sometime early this year but it feels like yesterday. The Gurgaon Diaries post summarizes my stay in Delhi in 2012 just after my wedding. Now that 2014 is nearing and my wedding anniversary is just round the corner I thought, why not summarize the year 2013 ... Read more
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Blogger: Afshan
Read part 1 at No loss with T.O.S.S. (part-1)         part 2 at T.O.S.S. ka Boss          part 3 at To T.O.S.S. or not to T.O.S.S.  and part 4 at The T.O.S.S. Tips It is the finale day. The counting of votes started on facebook. Rahul was praying since morning and  kept all the good luck charms near to him.Geeta was getting hyper due to his feverishness.Geeta: "Rahul, You want Maggi or bread omelette for breakfast?There was silence. She turned around and saw a stern faced Rahul staring earnestly at the monitor."What's wrong with you Rahul? I am talking to you!"Rahul: "Nothing. I am just waitin... Read more
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Blogger: Afshan
God cannot be every where and hence he created mothers they say.A mother's job is tougher than a God's as a child needs her every minute of every day.We seek God to fulfill our wishes and join our hands to pray.A child searches for a parent when ever he has wishes and even when he has to play!In future when I become a parent I want to gift my kid a life with happiness to the brim.He would be a toddler when I would love to sew a colorful sweater for him.I would love to gift him books at an early age and educate him the good and bad.I would teach him the values which may not be in books and always cheer him up when he is sad!I would not want him to study for exams and score marks , ranks or ge... Read more
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For the Indibloggeshwari's secret elves activity, I got Prasanna Rao's blog to review. She blogs at Life Under Microscope .Indibloggeshwaris is a group I love hanging around ,hence when I got this opportunity I just had to take it as it is the group where I always come across many interesting , creative , intellectual , humorous , emotional and all kinda ladies. It is not an exaggeration if I say "It is the best ladies hang out in the world."Oops I am drifting away from what I have to do. I am supposed to review Prasanna Rao's blog here. So let me do it with out delay :) Firstly I love the blog name as it describes what she does on the blog aptly. We watch life under a microscope and re... Read more
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It was raining cats and dogs. I and Deepthi were getting back from our evening tuition. We both had bicycles but just to spend long time together, we used to walk holding our respective bicycles. Some times we had a cycle race between us. She on her lady bird and me on my Miss India cycle used to rule the streets. Almost every girl who did schooling in 90's knows these bicycles which used to give a stylish look to us. My Miss India exactly looked like the one in the below pic but was a brown colored one!Image source: here .  That day we were just tired due to a long Physics lecture. Before we could decide light is a particle or a wave we realized it travels faster than the sound , due t... Read more
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Read part 1 at No loss with T.O.S.S. (part-1)         part 2 at T.O.S.S. ka Boss  and   part 3 at To T.O.S.S. or not to T.O.S.S.As and when they finished eating, Geeta stormed out of the restaurant. She walked straight to the car without speaking a word.Rahul: "Now what? Why are you so angry with me?"Geeta's phone rang. It was Nisha again. She was not in a mood to talk but lifted it anyway. She took few steps forward so that Rahul doesn't overhear her conversation.Nisha: "Hello Geeta. Sorry for disturbing your dinner. I need some help yaar?"Geeta: "Ya tell me. What is it?”Nisha: "You know Pavan na. He never shaves dear . He says t... Read more
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