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Patna is the capital of the bihar. Patna is One of the oldest city in the world. Patliputra is old name of patna city. Patliputra was a place of art and learning. Modern patna is situated on southern side on ganga. Patna is 35 KM long and 18 KM wide. In 2009 survey patna is the second good place in india first delhi and second patna. Patna is 21th rank in fast growing city in world and 5th rank in india. Maurya Empire was rise in patna, the chandragupt maurya has big area bay of bengal to southern. Old patna designed by emperor Ashoka. Ashoka was grandson of chandragupt. Patna has hot summer last mach to June. June to September Monsoon season. And winter November to February. Hindi Urdu Mait... Read more
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Blogger: sujeet
Application can not release of Operating System deploy an environment.Application work with particular version of Operating System, the upgrade new Operating System can not support application.Identifying Application Compatibility Fundamentals :Before Deploying new Operating System an enterprise is existing application should be compatible with Operating System. Some application behave fail to work on Operating System due to technical changes in new Operating System. The applications are likely to differently office productivity suit, customized application tools, scripts, enterprise planning, administrative utilities. Antivirus and kernel drivers are more application compatibility problems ... Read more
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Blogger: sujeet
Network access protection (NAP). Network Administrator may automatically squeeze health rule. software, security, & other setting.Remote solution, VPN, dial up, & feature software.Safe network without wire solution at 802.1X.Central network management with RADIUS Server.Key PointComplete NAS include this component :VPN Server, Active directory service, DHCP server, NAP health police,Role :Network policy server— RADIUS server & proxy,Routing & Remote Access— Provide VPN, dialup for user deploy application share internetHealth Authority— using NAPHost Authorization protocol— cisco network contral server.... Read more
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 a IP address b subnet mask C default getway d  DNS  address.2) check netwark adapter card installed or not,Install driver if require (network driver). 3) login as user with power of administrator. in run command type ncpa.cpl in open local area connection’s properties. 6) select internet protocol (tcp/ip). & properties.7) configure TCP/IP properties:Automatic setting configure, if you are configure compute to either DHCP , APIPA, verify an IP Automatic DNS server are selected.manual configure, select IP  and subnet mask at minimum. in default gateway address, DNS server. 8) save your configuration. 9) close LAC properties box. 10) Close network connection .11) ... Read more
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Blogger: sujeet
Internet is revolution of commerce. ecommerce provide fast, & secure to link public & internet this has give rise innovate company. effective use of technology & easy availability of internet direction make commerce a reality.E Commerce is a selling process require several institute.. this is systemic & organized network exchange of product between consumer. URL can categorized to commercial.Definition Of E Commerce:ecommerce use by electronic to engage in exchange of goods need transport digitly. from any place or city .complete online transfer for supply chain into transfer process as receiving order , make payment etc.technology parties the electronic base organisational a... Read more
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Blogger: sujeet
A scanner is device that creates 2 dimensional digitized picture of physical object. picture may save a computer file & displayed edit & print. size & quality of resulting picture depends upon resolution & color depth scanner may support. scanner shape copier with glass plate for scan. other type handheld, sheeetfed. firm scanners.scanner quality metricsgreater no. of dot pr inch good picture resolution. support from 72 DPI to 600 DPI . optical rsolution of 1200, 2400, 3200 & 6400  DPI or higher. number of it used to pixel . 24 bit scanner present 16 million colors. scanner might not able detect great a range of color creating picture.Scanner Text- scanner will treat pa... Read more
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Blogger: sujeet
The Four Step To Interview Success :-1.) Identify the communication skill of the job you are apply for. for ex- you are apply for customer executive  & prospective candidate will possess excellent com. skill. in case duties & requirement are expected from you are effective com. skill.2.) Determine the action that you performed to demonstrate skill. you may ask yourself meet the duty or requirement in first step what action did i take, any action i took to overcome obstacle ? you need to specify what you  do & how.3.) Identify the context in which you ask . your answer will sound incomplete . better to start an answer with context in which you perform duty . it is good to run a... Read more
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Blogger: sujeet
Domain key allow a full solution anomalies, domain key must free anomalies. domain key based on fagin.key declaration- key need N a superkey for domain key that N→T note the key not all function  depended key.domain is definition goods and any kind of data is storedConstrait  is good rule to uphold second legal data of T.A general constraint not function . student’s enrollment no. first 2 digit present year. all are student are NITISHINFOTECH & all duration is one year  the valid student is have roll nos first 2 digit is enroll. no. then is mark valid.relate to change make in data value from definition of domain key . implies a time depend method may exist table can fail logical ... Read more
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The database application life cycle define phase of development of application, list activity that help to create database.1.) System definition- In the activity , scope of database system, user and this application  are define with help of user information.Find the interface for various category of userfind the response time constraint.identify storage & processing need.2.) Design of the conceptual database application - design complete conceptual of database & transaction & data processing we shall discuss in detail in next section.3.) Logical and physical database design- creation of store structure index etc. it is discussed in detail later.4.) Database implementation- p... Read more
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Blogger: sujeet
Computer management is primary administrative tool you will use to manage and configure a window XP computer. computer management combine several administrative utilities into single console to provide easy to success system properties & toll. the console tree on left show a hierarchical view of various functional node with in computer management; detail pane on right show detail for selected node.- By mydearworld... Read more
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Blogger: sujeet
You have installed windows, you should obtain latest update for that version from windows update website. appearance & functionality of website will customized  for particular version of windows you are using, but update will fall normally one of three category; including service pack & security related system patches; optional software update that provide new tool & functionality; & optional hardware update new device drive.- By mydearworld... Read more
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Blogger: sujeet
Shut off the computer, unplug it, & open case. 2.) Disconnect all cables, making a note of where they were installed & orientation. 3.) Unscrew the card fro chassis. 4.) Gently rock card front to back to remove it from slot. 5.) Place the card in an anti-static bag to prevent electrostatic damage to card. always store card with its documentation & driver disks.         6.) Replace slot cover, screw down the slot cover. 7.) Replace cover, plug  in computer, & turn it on.-By mydearworld... Read more
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