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Blogger: Dhiren Navani
"A Rainy Day" is a short and a simple poem about the first rain.. Its my first ever attempt at writing english poetry, hope I do not disappoint..:)On a rainy day..I was here, near my window,watching the water flow..Droplets trying to stick to the window glassas if trying to surpass..Each droplet tried its best..but none could enter, despite sheer zestOn a rainy day..I was here, near my window,watching the water flow..I could hear the rain shout,"I am here now, just come out.."I could smell the earth's relief,Which came after, long wait and belief.. On a rainy day..I was here, near my window,watching the water flow..When the wind blew, I could see the branches danceas if its a holiday, after... Read more
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Blogger: Dhiren Navani
Its strange that despite such a huge numbers of protests the rapes continue and not just continue..they are now happening at increased numbers..Alarming sign!!Protesting and asking for safety will go on for ages..Protesting is important, but we need to do something ourselves..Why cant we as young people come forward?We should now ask..If our government cannot provide safety to women, why we, as citizen cannot ensure security?The idea is to make groups of like minded people, living in the vicinity..Ask the police officials about the areas where there is maximum probability of crime against women and the timings..Have a patrol around it, especially during late nights and wee hours..Coordinate ... Read more
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Blogger: Dhiren Navani
A post about boldness and being real."Be bold and stay real.."seems like a tagline of a sports brand or any product that has to connect with youth..:POn a serious note"Being bold" is all about expressing yourself, through your actions, words, intentions etc..Its about displaying or revealing the real "You"..Its not always about standing out from the crowd, but to never shy from standing out if need be..Infact, it is when the side, on which the crowd is, does not matter..Its about manifesting your views, irrespective of their acceptability, if they are logical and based on true evidences..(reality)Its about thinking rationally and that is where "staying real" comes in to picture..One cannot b... Read more
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Blogger: Dhiren Navani
"Reliance Digital Experience" was a joined initiative by Indiblogger and Reliance Digital. It was           about letting bloggers experience the store and blog about it. I along with my fellow bloggers paid a visit to Reliance Digital RetailThe First ImpressionFF-52, R-city mall, Phase 2, LBS MargGhatkopar west, Mumbai.About Reliance Digital:"Reliance Digital" is a technology retail arm of Reliance Retail Ltd, which is a subsidiary of Reliance Industries Ltd. "Reliance" is undoubtedly a reliable and a trustworthy brand in present Indian scenario.Experience:As I entered the R-city mall, holding the Indi-blogger invite, through various security checks, I saw a big banner of ... Read more
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Blogger: Dhiren Navani
"If my dad was a politician.."I do not know, is being a politician's son desirable or not?On one hand, it makes you a person, who has power and influence behind him..(In hindi they say "mere piche mera baap baitha hai"...:P)On the other hand, you are actually a son of a person, whose profession is abused, ridiculed and hated the most..To be true and practical, my dad could never have become a politician, because to be a politician you must be adept in politics..Politics in hindi is "Raj-niti".."Raj" means rule and "niti" means policy..My dad is not a person, who has tact or the knack of making people follow him and rule..So the "If" in the first statement is very important..My dad is a pract... Read more
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Blogger: Dhiren Navani
An article, quite like an essay on 'Competiton' as a process.       "Competition" is a process between entities, where they contest i.e try to prove their superiority over other in some way or the other.Entities can be individuals, groups, organisation or even ideologies.."Competition" has been a great driving force for evolution, since it leads to an enforced action.It keeps us interested, involved and more importantly working, thereby not allowing us to relax or stagnate.Human beings have a natural tendency to compete, to prove their mettle and as a result competition has played a great role in human development..However, unfortunately the nature of competition degrades as fierceness i... Read more
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Blogger: Dhiren Navani
An article on reasons of increased rapes in India.The horrendous incident, which took place in capital on 17th April, ashamed India once again.In India, a rape occurs every 21 minutes, that is an alarming statistic. It speaks a lot about pathetic and appalling condition of women in India and more importantly the deplorable mental condition of Indian men.So the problem exists only in India? No.The USA also deals with similar problems. Thus it is more of a global concern than an India-specific problem. However, every region has their own set of reasons for this.(I will restrict my focus to India.)I pondered upon some of the reasons behind such incidents.Rape, to my mind reflects uncontrolled a... Read more
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Blogger: Dhiren Navani
A poem about my thoughts on "Questions" and their interpretations..Yeh sawaal hai..In sawaalon se hi toh bawaal hai.. Kaise? Kyn? Kab? kahan?Yehi baatein hai yahan wahan..Jab shak hota hai sawaal uthta hai..Jab haq ki baat ho tab bi sawaal uthta hai...Hairani ho toh sawaal..Pareshaani ho toh sawaal..Sawaal aaturta dikhlata hai..sawaal chaturta darshata hai..Sawaal parakhte hai..Sawaal nikharte hai..Sawal betuke bi hote hai...Sawaal anokhe bi toh hote hai..Sawaal bewajah bi hote hai..Sawaal bejawaab bi hote hai..Sawaal hai tabi toh naye khayaL nayi soch hai..Sawaal hai tabhi toh naye aawishkar nayi khoj hai..Sawaalon ki apni hi duniya hoti hai..Duniya k bi apne sawaal hote hai..Sawaal mahaz s... Read more
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Blogger: Dhiren Navani
Again, after a long time, I came accross a thought, which I felt, needs to be shared.It is a poem which is not exactly a poem. Its a actually thought about "relations" in life. It hardly has any rhymes or rhyming scheme..Yeh rishtey kya hote hai?Yeh woh kathor vruksh hote hai jo tufaanon ko jhelte hai..Yeh inn chhote beejon se ubharte hai..Yunhi yeh nai hote paripakva..Inhein seenchna padhta hai..khanijon se, paani se, dhoop se..Par ek aari kaafi hai inhein ujaadne ko..Yeh rishtey kya hote hai?Yeh parinde hote hai jo hawaoon ko cheerte hai..Yeh in chhote ghoslon mein palte hai..Inhein khilane ko maa inkiBhatakti hai dar badar..daanein lekar aati hai..Par ek shikari ka nishana kaafi hai inhei... Read more
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Blogger: Dhiren Navani
Finally breaking the hiatus, the reason that I did not post for so long was to make sure I write only when I feel like writing and not incur upon myself as a duty..:)The article is on spirituality and religion in context of the society of India.P.S.: I am in no way justifying spiritualism and Religiousness.('We' here refers to Indians collectively nothing specific, I am trying to view it in a very general way). Also, I respect every one's opinion on religion.We, Indians, are perceived by many as a religious race and to an extent it is correct.We are religious at some or other way, as we cannot remain 'completely' insulated from the society we live in. Though atheism exists in India but at a ... Read more
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Blogger: Dhiren Navani
A poem on life in general, treating time as a travel on boat..वक़्त की कश्ती में संवारहोकर चलें  जा रहा हूँ ...वहीँ  से ही इस जहाँ को निहारतेजा रहा हूँ ।जब किनारा छोड़ा था नासमझ बेफिक्र सा था ।आज बी खुद कोसमझदार नहीं कह सकता । वक़्त की कश्ती में संवार होकर चलें  जा रहा हूँ ...वहीँ  से ही इस जहाँ को निहारतेजा रह... Read more
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Blogger: Dhiren Navani
A poem on influence of money in our lives. Exaggeration is done with the intention to have an impact and to express severity.पैसा ही है बस पैसा ही..पैसा आनंद बी है ,दुःख का कारण बी है।सांस बी पैसे की है ,आस बी पैसे की ही है।पैसा ही हैबस पैसा ही..रिश्ते-नाते, 'थे' बड़े अनमोल ..सबका है अब  रुपयों में मोल।दोस्ती, यारी, मिलन-मिलाप,सब पर है पैसे की छाप!पैसा ही ... Read more
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Blogger: Dhiren Navani
A post on Indian constitution and India. Not exactly 'my views' but its something I wanted to share..Indian constitution has completed 62 years, today,but can we call those years successful??In a way and in a way not!The Constitution of India is considered one of the finest in the world, taking in to consider the diverse landscape of India and pro-people sentiment of the creators of constitution..Large number of amendments were made since it was first executed on 26th january 1950..However, the constitution caretaker's have been always criticised for not being with the time, the poor efficiency has also been criticised..Though, the procedures in constitution are tedious, but the robustness i... Read more
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Blogger: Dhiren Navani
A very casual, light and short post on 'Being single'. A very different kind of writing than my previous works, hope it proves to be a good experiment."BEING SINGLE"...technically speaking is a state of a person when, he/she does not have a girlfriend/boyfriend or is not in state of any committed relationship..There are always many talks about the complexities involved in 'being in relationship' and the efforts required to maintain the relationship..But what about singles?Singles are always thought of as free creatures without any responsibilities as such of 'Not Being accountable' to anyone. (except parents though)..You do not have to woo anybody..:DWith authority to do whatever... Read more
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Blogger: Dhiren Navani
Badlaav aayega zaroorPar hoga kaisa pata nahi!!naye hal honge,par nayi taklifein bi..naye uttar honge..par naye prashna bi..naye sudhaar honge..par kuch bigadega bi..Badlaav aayega zaroorpar sab badlega nahi!!taarikhein badlegipar din aur raat nahi..chehre badlenge..par ruh nahi..jeene ka andaaz badlega..par zindagi nahi..Badlaav aayega zaroorpar kitna hoga pata nahi!!puri zameen badlegi shayad..ya sirf ek mitti ka kankad..sirf ek phool khilega shayad..ya mehkega pura gulzar..Roshni ki kiran hi hogi shayadya mitega jahan se andhkaar..Badlaav hona toh nishchit haiDekhna toh yeh hai,Hamare badalne se badlaav hoga ya Badlaav humein badal dega!!-Naye saal ki bahut shubkamnayein.. Aapke Jeevan ka... Read more
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Blogger: Dhiren Navani
Last two months, we witnessed a very irresponsible treatment of an issue which has an undeniableeffect on our economy(positive or negative) as well as our routine lives..The issue is of FDI(Foreign Direct Investment) in retail..Neither the government nor the opposition were sole responsible for such ill-treatment..The Central Government took a decision of introducing FDI in retail with the foreign investments having 51% stake in any joint project with their Indian counterparts. The decision was an 'Executive' (i.e. the parliament has  no part to play..except that the procedure of implementation has to be presented in the parliament)decision..The Opposition parties stalled the parlia... Read more
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Blogger: Dhiren Navani
Wo bachpan hi toh hota hai..jub hum 'hum' hote hain..jab chidiyon ki awaaz ko hum 'shor' nahi kehte..jab baarish ki bundein humein apni our pukarti hai..jub suraj khud aakar humein jagata hai..jab chaand-taare kaafi the, puri raat guzarne ke liye..jab mitti se khelna humein 'ganda' nahi lagta..jab hum bewajah daudte, girte phir uthte hain..jab humari urja ke liye kisi prerna ki zarurat nahi hoti..jab galti karne se hum darte nahi hain..jab har cheez ko puri tarah se jaanne ki tamanna hoti hai..jab anjaan mahaol mein humein darr lagta hain..jab in nanhe nainon ko kajal se sajaya jata hai..jab un khwabon mein hazar rang hote hain..jab sahi aur galat se ka matlab bi nai pata tha..jab na koi dwe... Read more
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Blogger: Dhiren Navani
Why trees do not grow uniformly?Why water never flows evenly?Why is there no fixed time frame for sun to rise and settle?Why is the distribution of land so disorganized?Why the distribution of minerals so different?                  .                  .                  .             Science has answers for it based on the logical inferences, which can be drawn from the factors which influence these things, but perceiving it in a different way, makes you realize that god(the almighty, the supreme force ) was actually not a perfectionist, but he was seemingly an artist(or that mighty force was artistic in nature ), because art encourages freedom of creativity... Read more
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Blogger: Dhiren Navani
Networking, is usually viewed as a concept with either the effect of the internet or in the context of improving the relations with the people in the same profession..However this seems a very superficial description of a concept with such vast prevalence..Internet networking in modern times has such a vast effect on the lifestyle as a whole..The Arab Revolution can exemplify this perfectly. The important thing that networking has done in this case is, that it had increased the exposure of the atrocities in particular part to the entire region and provided a sort of platform, where the people with outrageous sentiments can interact and revolt against the tyrannical rule. The resultant effect... Read more
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Blogger: Dhiren Navani
Negotiations is a communication process of reaching to a stage in which interests of all the participants are respected(partially or completely).Its a kind of Adjustment done to find a middle ground.There are two ways to reach a consensus in any conversation,Either to make someone retreat his/her position(which, in majority of cases, is not possible, as people are always right, according to themselves) orby Negotiating..Negotiations have found an irreplaceable place in our routine life.Women negotiating with the street vendors.Children negotiating with their parents for some toys,chocolates and so on..Even in international dialogues and summits, negotiations form a significant part.Negotiat... Read more
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Blogger: Dhiren Navani
Last 3 months or so, I have been hearing, reading and thinking about the opinions of certain eminent personalities  in legal fraternity, to combat the vexed problem of corruption..(credits to Anna's movement)The views were involving technicalities of judicial machinery, which were highly complex..I was perplexed, as to how can this problem be nailed LEGALLY..Then tried to find the cause for this..Discovered that corruption was kind of a medium through which "Money was exchanged between the common man and the person with respective authority against the favor of doing the work, for which they are paid by the government institution."...(refering to corruption in govt. offices specifically... Read more
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Blogger: Dhiren Navani
Woh Mashal jalni chahiye..Seene mein har pal woh aag sulagni chahiye..yeh ek mauka hai..maukaparaston ko batane ka..ki agar humne tumhe badhaya hai..hum tumhe ruka bi sakte hain..humne tumhe uthaya hai.toh hum tumhe jhuka bi sakte hai..Woh Mashal jalni chahiye..Seene mein har pal woh aag sulagni chahiye.bas ek mashal kaafi hai ..sainkodon ko jalane ke liye..ab woh mashal  jal chuki hai..disha ab dikh chuki hai..bas ab uthkar chalna baaki hai..aaj na uthe,toh na jaane kab uth paoge..apne kal ko aaj hi andhkar mein  dhakel jaoge..Woh Mashal jalni chahiye..Seene mein har pal woh aag sulagni chahiye..humari bebasi ki aadh mein..unhonene tijoriyan bhari hai..humari lachari ke dum se..unki imara... Read more
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Blogger: Dhiren Navani
Many a times in my conversations with people I have come across a statement"You never know, what's gonna happen.." ,though simple and casual but its very much the true nature of life.The very  next moment of life  is "Unpredictable",how interesting is that!!We do not know, what future has in store for us..However, I think this is necessary, otherwise it would have been a very dull, monotonous life..I believe"Unpredictability keeps us interested.."However, man has reduced the degree of unpredictability to a large extent by his analytical abilities, that is by consideration of factors affecting the future development and by his scientific(logical) reasoning (deductive power),BUT th... Read more
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Blogger: Dhiren Navani
As a child, I was always taught to be self confident, but then I couldn't quite figure out..Why do I need to be confident?How does it effect?Infact I couldn't understand, what it means to be confident?but as they say "Time is the best teacher,"...Here are the few inferences, I can draw from process of learning from time..Confidence is a sort of satisfaction, which we experience when we perform the assigned task(work) successfully and INDEPENDENTLY.To achieve this state of satisfaction you must be ready enough to TRY and LEARN.By trying you win something, but you lose an opportunity to win if you don't.Winning leads to confidence and confidence leads to winning.The only way to initiate ... Read more
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