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Blogger: Sohini
Spots of greyIn places of red,Love-lit glorySo distant,Vividly fade."I think I made you up inside my head."... Read more
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Blogger: Sohini
We survived the stormsAnd seasons' extremeDrowned in the fathomlessSea of sands,Caressed by winds-Rough and dry.To bring in bloomsOf love, cheer and joy.... Read more
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Blogger: Sohini
Drenched in chillThe sky tonight-A canvas in blue-black grey.Drenched in painThe soul tonight-A shadow in robes and clay.If only stars could lit the frame.If only silence could cure the pain.... Read more
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Blogger: Sohini
 Wrapped in warmth And holy delight, Flickering flame- Clear and bright Whispered away, Ushering the light: The candle won't last the night.... Read more
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Blogger: Sohini
Chilly mornings. Lazy chirpings. Maidan Hopping. Winter shopping. Ever increasing wishlist. Never ending syllabus. Series of examinations. Farewell to college. Goodluck scribbles. Goodbye hugs. Moving on, growing up.And, a lot of hope, for newer beginnings.Welcome 2013.Cheers!... Read more
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Blogger: Sohini
Unhindered, undisturbed, unbothered- it gently rose, indulging in slow sophisticated semi-spiral movements to enjoy its earthly life, jiving blissfully to the cacophonic orchestration, before finally disappearing into the thin air; leaving behind the creamy, intoxicating, sweet aroma of cappuccino.And, along with it, a volley of unperturbed, unexpressed, unsaid thoughts, crawled its way into the mind to enjoy its hidden, broken existence by amusing me with the Utopian hopes of possible fortune, before vanishing away unceremoniously into the dark recesses of the mind.But unlike the smoke rising from the cups of coffee, the latter intruder was rather daunting, tantalizing and upsetting.I am g... Read more
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Blogger: Sohini
|A warm, cozy December afternoon. Between the classes. Two girls communicating.|Girl 1:  Did you read the 'Four Quartets’? Girl 2: Yes, yes typical Eliot. He's a genius.Girl 1: I wonder where from he got his ideas! Each of his fragmented images makes sense today. So relatable…Girl 2: Twists the moral and immoral. He makes you really question your ideas and convictions.Girl 1: Some poetry he wrote!Girl 2: The way he portrayed the monotony and superficiality of the modern existence. I get so lost while reading!Girl 1: I wonder how he would have been as a date. |Meanwhile, Girl 3 joins in. Intruding. Interrupting. Interfering. A complete blabbermouth, who's pretty famous for ... Read more
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Blogger: Sohini
Dear Autumn,You were too kind. You always are.With pujas. Birthdays. Shopping. Celebrations. Surprises. Holidays. And so much more.Thank you for making October so much pretty. And memorable. Each time!Shall be eagerly waiting for your next tryst.Come soon!Yours sincerely,Me.Note to self : November once again. Oh, how I hate the mid-terms! ... Read more
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Blogger: Sohini
On an evening laid bareAgainst the lonely sky,Stood a lad,With his head held highHe had found the one he dreamt aboutFor nights, that vanished leaving him aghast.On pretty evenings, such as theseHe went out with herDown the shadowy streetsRestless wanderings: here and there,And to the places farBeyond the roving eyesOf the chaotic crowd.They walked for milesIn slow-soft stepsAnd sought refugeBehind the windowpanes,Rubbed by the misty smokeOf the mellow autumnal night.Quest for a little goodtime,Caressing smiles- diffident and shySweetened glances and low voicesSoaked in apprehensions and care-Distinct memories from fleeting dreams,He had known such evenings too well now.Six summers have come... Read more
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Blogger: Sohini
The colour that spokeA thousand words,Of ruffle and calmWhen the promises broke.The tinge that stained the worldWhen the crossroads segmented You and I,Leaving behind, indecisions:Battered and curled.The hue that lits up,The fragmented frames,Envisaged in the immortal thoughts,Of eras: Now burnt and blurred.... Read more
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Blogger: Sohini
Underneath clouds and shadows   All grey and dark,Lay in graves,   The fables with a fervid markOf fleeting delusions,And a bittersweet aftertaste.In bits and pieces,    Overlaid with rustTo be blown away   With the morning dust.... Read more
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Blogger: Sohini
“There are two kinds of visual memory: one when you skillfully recreate an image in the laboratory of your mind, with your eyes wide open; and the other when you instantly evoke, with shut eyes, on the dark innerside of your eyelids, the objective, absolutely optical replica of a beloved face, a little ghost in natural colors.” The daunting discovery, that something, once a regular and apparently trivial phenomenon, presently refused to be categorized under the former type, to say the least, was quite petrifying.Just some mere clumsy recollections, with staticness deeply instilled in them, that shamelessly pops up in the mind and lures one into a trip of retrospective imagination, that i... Read more
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Blogger: Sohini
 Again a sketch. ... Read more
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Blogger: Sohini
At the fall of the starry nightClad in pristine white,A look so calm like the doveThere she walks, with my love.Delilah,  He says, he never met any of your kind,  Oh, you!  Why are you not,  Just a figment of his mind?Delilah,  I have had to hate you.    But my days are now few,  And, I am leaving him with you.... Read more
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Blogger: Sohini
 Another ink-sketch!Happy Independence Day    ... Read more
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Blogger: Sohini
As the droplets trickle down, From the raging darkInto the soothing greensBlooms again,The haunting thought:Is it the raindrop,That renounces the darknessFor the greensOr,Is it Heaven,That has no place for 'fallen' drops?As the long day passes by,I am left wondering back,Did I abandon the day,For a better oneOr,Am I abandoned,By the pristine dayFor being a 'fallen' one?... Read more
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Blogger: Sohini
Nowadays, when I try to think about you, I rather have to engage myself in an unhappy and forceful struggle. Unhappy, since it's no more possible in reality. Forceful, because, I still can't totally let go of you. It is not as easy as it used to be. Not that I don't miss you. I remember you very well. You made my lonely hours enjoyable. You never failed to bring a smile on my face even when I was upset with everything and everyone around. You had been my constant companion, ever since the first day we met. So many beautiful afternoons, so many happy evenings, and the long walks! I knew, that, even when the entire world shuts its doors upon my face, you shall always be there. M... Read more
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Blogger: Sohini
Stranger from the faraway realm,Known by his tuneAnd not his name.Hoping he would come again,Lived the Queen,Leaving her kingdom in mayhem.... Read more
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Blogger: Sohini
"Another day gone. You didnot take my call. You didnot care to come. I kept waiting. This always keeps happening. You don't love me anymore...", sobbing to herself, she continued, "But I love you. I miss you. I really need you..".Meanwhile, her grandmother sighed, "If only she knew that my son is no more...".... Read more
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Blogger: Sohini
The scented blossoms in white and pink,Bloomed and driedWhen departed the Spring.The sketches in colour and ink,Stood a memoryFor the artist and his burning fling.... Read more
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Blogger: Sohini
Boasting a winning smile, she checked the annual report of her NGO, that aimed at eradicating female foeticide. Her NGO had fared very well. She wanted to celebrate, until she started hurling bitterly, "I repeatedly told you to force an abortion. Now suffer..."Minutes ago, her son had become a father, to a girl child.... Read more
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Blogger: Sohini
  Sketched it a few days back!  ... Read more
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Blogger: Sohini
He could spent hours just by staring at her deep, dark eyes, which had a rather mischievous glance, that perfectly complimented her coy smile. The falling locks of hair gently caressing her pretty face further added to her charm. Staring blankly, he sighed to himself, " If only she was more than just a portrait! "Picture courtesy : Google Images... Read more
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Blogger: Sohini
She placed the scented candles on the table, kept the gifts on the left, poured the champagne into the glass and cross-checked the arrangements twice over. Everything seemed perfect. It was their first wedding anniversary. Had the husband not fallen a victim to the terrorist attack, he, too, would have been there to celebrate it.Picture Courtesy : Google Images... Read more
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Blogger: Sohini
   As she retired to herself recollecting the cosy walks by the sea-beaches, invariably followed by romantic candle-lit dinners with her former flame, her husband slowly whispered into her ears, "I think the sunkissed beaches of Mauritius shall be perfect for the honeymoon. These are the tickets! Don't you think it's going to be great, baby?"Note: Few days back, I too have been hit by the 55-Fiction bug and this one is my first novice attempt at the 55-Fiction!Picture Courtesy : Google Images... Read more
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