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It had been some days since he had come back, a week or two. No wait, it’s just been three days. These two days have been the longest two days of my life. He had not spoken to anyone since then, no one really expected him to talk. They just remained there in his home, peeking into his room, checking on him from time to time, asking him if he wanted anything. The answer was always no, inaudible, accompanied by ‘Bhua/Chacha/Maama, you should go home, I am okay, I will call you if I need anything.’ They would listen to him and stay there. They’d leave in turns, go to their homes, get freshen up, do their daily chores and come back to have a check on him. The distant relatives called me ... Read more
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Blogger: Vineet Digga
‘Maa, I am going to be late for my interview. Please, iron my shirt. Please’, I called out loudly from my room, while getting ready for a shower. Yes, I am a rare species who has to get ready both before and after the shower. This week was a very important week for me; I had made it to the best commerce college in the country and got interview calls-two of them for two different courses. One interview was scheduled for today and the other one the next day. There was nothing better than this. I had made my parents proud, and my neighbors fat. Surely, eating so many rassogullas, that my mother had sent them upon hearing this news had to have an effect.‘Vineet, you’re going to be in col... Read more
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Blogger: Vineet Digga
This is a story about two people, a boy and a girl. They both are in Twilight kind of love, irresistible and stuff. You get the drift, right? They are both in college and their family has utmost regards for the traditional values. Now that’s enough an introduction for you to understand this story.Love Code Trilogy Part IOne normal day; two people, Maaya and Swapnil and their fairytale life, here it is-Maaya’s Point Of View ‘Maaya, I’ve been calling you since half an hour. Is everything alright?’ his voice was enough to make everything all right even if something was wrong. ‘Oho, Love. Nothing is wrong. I just woke up. When did you wake up, Paglu?’ ‘Half an hour ago. So you’... Read more
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Blogger: Vineet Digga
I saw him for the first time after he was diagnosed with cancer. His health had deteriorated quite alarmingly. Everything about him now reminded me of what he never was; he was a strong man, robust and well-built and even his words had power of their own. But now, now, he struggled to complete a sentence. His skin was so pale you could see the blood vessels getting entangled amongst each other and his muscles so weak he’d moan in pain while lifting a water kettle. His headache and chest pain had become permanent and his eyesight became so weak, he couldn’t place who I was. His knees would make a snapping sound every time he got up and the mere getting up only was an exercise in itself. F... Read more
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Blogger: Vineet Digga
It’s been two years, almost. College seems like yesterday. I didn’t think I'd survive when I joined my classes on the first day but look at me now, never been happier. The sad equation is- if it’s two years for me, it’s three years for you people. Your journey is ending-full of bliss and blues, but it’s ending now in these very moments. I will try to write it as honestly and ardently as possible, but it’s difficult, right?I never was any good a writer, no matter how much you all lied to convince me. It scares me now; to think there'd be no one to help when I need, no one to get me credits, no one to tell me which of their batch mates to ogle, no one to advise me how to pa... Read more
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Blogger: Vineet Digga
This one month or two I haven’t posted much on hTe osLt. I have been writing though with same dedication; whenever I get time, I start scribbling the things that come to my head, they mostly contain hatred for her, but let’s keep it for a different day. I tried writing full-fledged stories as well, but I could not complete most of them. I have no idea why, maybe, lack of motivation, lack of insights. Anyway, so I have decided, I would let them remain incomplete. How cool it’d be when I become a famous writer one day and die and then people would discover the unpublished gems? Imagination can take you to such delightful conclusions.I think those stories deserved to remain unfinished. Wh... Read more
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Blogger: Vineet Digga
manzil kai peeche bhaagte bhaagtepata hi na chala,sab dost kab peeche rah gaye,sab rishte kaha kho gaye,ab rukne mein bhi dar lagta hai,bahut dur jo chale aaye the hum,ab rukne mein bahut dar lagta hai,un logo ko pehchaan hi nahi paaye toh hum?... Read more
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Blogger: Vineet Digga
Ilooked at the phone which was vibrating endlessly, the screen said her name. Why was she calling? We just had a talk in the class. Was she in trouble? She wouldn’t call me otherwise. I picked up the call as fast as it was humanely possible and uttered a ‘hello, what happened? All okay?’ ‘Dudeee, where are you?’ Why was she asking me all this?  Should I use the elevator? She was in class I knew, fourth floor. She had stayed for a friend. Elevator or stairs- tell me my brain, which way I could reach her faster? ‘Jayesh, you there?’ the voice brought me back. She was in trouble, I was sure. Her voice was low and different, almost as if she was hiding the call from someone. There... Read more
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Blogger: Vineet Digga
yaad aate he wo pal,jab tanhai ke palo me saath yaar the,jab har field me hum superstar thewo last benches pe humara sinhasan,hum hi the duryodhan, hum hi dushashan,wo hamare sevak jo samay pe aate aur kuch bak jaate, aur hum unki baate dusre kaan se nikaalte rahte,wo khane ke liye hamare aasan lagte,us ek bechaare tiffin mein, saala sabke haath faste,raub tha jese koi Maharaja ke hein pote,par pese kharche ki baat aati, to saale sab ke sab rote,wo hamari raaj savaari kabhi samay se na chalti,kabhi ye Bengal ki rally, to kabi khud ke karan hi dhans jaati,wo exam se pehle Prabhu ka naam bhajte,'kaash pehle padha hota', yahi sochte rahte,wo mobile recharge ke NO kharche,CHORIYAN to thi nah... Read more
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Blogger: Vineet Digga
“A 4 year old is travelling in train for the first time. Amused by the whole ordeal, with one finger busy picking his nose, he looks at his elder brother for help, his innocent God-like eyes seeking answers to questions like ‘Do we have to sit on these wooden planks for a whole day?’, ‘When’re we going to reach home?’, ‘Is that policeman really going to jail me if I do not behave?’ The elder brother, reading his brand new Stardust magazine only half willingly to answer the pile of questions raised by the angelic eyes, with a gesture of his fingers points to the policeman sitting beside them and all the questions are shoved away instantly. How beautiful it looks!”Things have... Read more
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Blogger: Vineet Digga
Post-1: Welcome 2013, you’re scaring me already! Premise #1: A friend of mine called me on 24th December thrice and on 25thfour times [frice?] to ask me about my Christmas plans. College was off and I had bunked my tuitions so it was but natural of him to assume I’d have plans. I didn’t pick up the call.A friend called from her landline, I thought it was a telemarketer [I know I have DND]. She wanted help. I didn’t pick up the call.A senior of mine called me to wish me a Happy New Year, and some other people as well. I didn’t pick up the call.…I never pick up the call. This goes on forever. The worst thing is I never even get back to them.Why do I do this?Probably because I t... Read more
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Blogger: Vineet Digga
  Every day without you,feels like waking up,from a nice sweet dream,of the summer we spent together,staring deeply into this darkness,of the room and my dismal future,Every day without you,looks normal to the World,it seems unaffected, always on the move,it doesn’t know my state,How would it?luckily, it still has you.Every day without you,feels like October 2,yes, love, that’s the day,right after my birthday,when everything’s changed back,from some fairytale to regular,These days without you,sitting with a pen you gifted, writing about you/trying to,walking down this lane, in my head, that’s clogged pleasantly by your beauty,I feel I am closer to you,than I ever was; than I ever w... Read more
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Blogger: Vineet Digga
Whowould have thought? 2013 is here and it sounds so awkward, I just started to write 2012 instead of 2011 and now I have to learn the whole thing again? It even looks ugly. Probably, because it makes you look like you have dyslexia and you can’t write the numbers in correct order. Twenty-thirteen, is that what the media will call this year? We can go with, I don’t know, two-o-13, or maybe ‘suck it’ if that’s okay with all of you. For me, this year is a ‘suck it’ year. And God is it approaching fast! With the world’s going to end and stuff, I never thought we’d make it to 2013 so easily. It seems like everything is uncomfortably-how do I say it- normal.At this point last ye... Read more
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Blogger: Vineet Digga
Okay you might hate me for the silly way I’m starting this post, but I can't hold this thought anymore. What’s the point of this black dot picture that everyone is putting on their Whatsapp and Facebook? Why are you putting it and creating a divide between the people who have put it and the ones who haven't? Do you think people like me who haven't changed the DP are not upset and disgusted? And you're protesting 'because we live in a society, that can't protect its women', listen to yourself speak. YOU AND ME are the society. It’s a concept. We make it. We make all the rules. Are you not shouldering the responsibility away? Is it not our job to protect the w... Read more
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Blogger: Vineet Digga
Before you continue reading this post, we have to establish some necessary assumptions-Wait, you should know that I am a student, and I have to give exams. So when I talk about exams in this post, they’ll be college exams and not some overly sweetened philosophically challenged life exams. Now the assumptions-        First, I cannot afford to fail in these college exams    under any circumstances. I have to pass even if the world would end.     Second, I am not a nerd. I am an average student at best.        Third, I forget things, like this point itself.Now, I am doing-as I have said sometimes before but giving you the benefit of doubt now- I am doing Bachelors in Business... Read more
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Blogger: Vineet Digga
Okay, I was just going through my blog posts and I realized the first post I published was on 10th December, 2011. Today is 11th. And today it’s proved that I am a jerk. The blogging-gods will be so angry with me. I didn’t even know. I just forgot. God this is so bad. How can you forget something this big? Someone’s birthday? [hTe osLt is a different entity; treat it like a person.]Anyway, so what should I do now? Is it too late to apologize? I don’t know, maybe. Maybe I can ignore the birthday thing altogether, this way no one will ever know about it. Not even hTe osLt. Isn’t this what I always do? I forget things and when I am reminded by some impulse, I do not act on it. [Stop... Read more
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Blogger: Vineet Digga
gaon ki sadko pe,aaj, kisi ka shor na hoga,baajaro me hulchul gum hogi,dukaane bhi saari band hogi,sannate me kho jayenge sab,‘koi chal basa lagta he’.. par me khush hun, dur jo ja raha hun, in logo se,jinhone mere jeeteji mujhe pucha nahi,par mere jaane ka inhe dukh sata raha he!... Read more
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Blogger: Vineet Digga
Kabhi kabar un andheri sard raato me, ek sapna aata tha darawna, jo khatam hone se pehle hi Use nind se jaga deta tha; us sapne me, ek sadak haadse me, apne Maa-Abba ko kho deta he wo, jo aasani se tal sakta tha; ek pal jese wo gaadi chala raha tha, aur dusre hi pal wo bahar kahi dur betha hua, bahut dur, us gaadi ko palte khaate dekh raha tha; kuch palo ke liye sab kuch maano dhime ho jaata he; aas pass ka shor, log, sab dhire dhire tairte hue jese gaadi ki aur badh rahe hote he,chand lamho ki laaparwayi se, akela ho jaata he wo; kuch samaj nahi paata; achanak se tabhayi najar aane lagti he, is haadse ki nahi, is haadse se usko hone wale jhakmo ki, din kaale hote jaate he aur raate lambi; k... Read more
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Blogger: Vineet Digga
am helpless,like a fly, struggling,to get out of the room,through the glass window,crushing into the glass it can’t see,trying ever so hard,but it can’t flee..someone tell her,that’s a closed window,someone help her,open this window...am hesitant,like the ant,deciding to cross the line,of chalk and powder,drawn to deter it,from what she can’t live without, her only source of energy..someone warn her,she better stay away,someone help her,stay the fuckaway,..It’s so wrong,to be in this position,unsure and undecided,confessing or hiding,crossing or staying,probably this is how it feels like,to be in love with someone who doesn’t know!... Read more
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Blogger: Vineet Digga
kaha kho gaye,wo bache,jo masumiyat leke chalte the,pariyo ki baate karte the,bade patakho se darte the,par tab bhi,na unhe wo dar rok paaya,na hum tum,.kya badal gaya,aaj wahi bache,jo bade ho gaye he,sabse darte he,tumse bhi, khudse bhi,sach se bhi,na patakhe chorte he,na jhuth ka saath..suno,aaj aisa deepak jalao,andhkaar mit jaaye jisse,andhkaar wo nahi jo dikh raha he,andhkaar wo,jo tumhare man ko ghar kar gaya he!This Diwali, stand up for what's right. Make amends with people you have wronged. You know your heart and the darkness within. It's not too late. It’s never too late. By the way, Happy Diwali everyone. Be safe. J... Read more
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Blogger: Vineet Digga
Have you had moments when you can’t express what you have in mind because it’s way too much and you have no idea where to begin? Have you had moments when you want to leave everything because one thing that you wanted desperately is not with you anymore? Have you had those depressing moods for hours and days and weeks and you don’t find yourself getting out of it? Have you played a game with a kid and let him win? Have you had moments when you confuse the days and you keep on doing it for the whole day and the next? Have you had moments when everything seems like a movie-a monster movie in which all everyone is doing is trying to hurt you? Have you had moments when nothing goes the w... Read more
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Blogger: Vineet Digga
[Highly recommend you to read it from a desktop, with Google Chrome or Firefox, these fonts man!]When They’re in a rush,An important meeting Or a family-dinner awaiting, Just as they’re about to leave,[Acting like  you've something to say]Ask them to stay, [Make a fictitious expression while at it]With tears flowing through,[Challenging the crocodiles on their way] “There’s something I need to say”,[But you know]Blame it on the huge rush, But they wouldn’t stay,‘Later, please’, they would say,Ignoring the tears and the sorry face, Feeling bad for you,They would start their race.[Just how you wanted in the first place]Days, months or years later, When some of your ... Read more
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Blogger: Vineet Digga
She has to get up and leave bed, even before the sun does so. The alarm at the side table which keeps buzzing with the ever so enchanting melody, doesn’t understand what it is to sleep, doesn’t understand what it is to wake someone up abruptly. She sets it on snooze to sleep for another half hour, but alarms unlike humans, buzz back exactly in five minutes. She has to be up and ready, not for herself, her office is not for another 4 hours, but for her brother. He goes to school. She tries waking him telling him, ‘Rajat you’ll get late for school. Get up.’ ‘Riya, five more minutes’, he says. She ignores him for some time; but unlike the alarm, five minutes for her are not exactl... Read more
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Blogger: Vineet Digga
Hi guys, I don't know how you'll like it. It's in Hindi Font, and so there are some spelling mistakes, do tell me if you find any, in private chat. :D I just hope your phone and browser support Hindi...do share?आज पीने दो हमें,हाँ शराब,नशा करने दो हमें,उतना कि,सर चक्कर खाने लगे,आँखों की रौशनी धुंधली पड़ जाए,कदम सीधे रास्ते को तरस जाए,पूरा तन कराह उठे,हमें देख उनकी रूह काम्पे,हाँ, बस आज उतना हमे... Read more
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Blogger: Vineet Digga
This is the final part of the series. It's a little long, it might take some time for the page to load, and for the love to show. Please be patient. Read this. Share this. Thank you! You have to read the previous parts. Here are they-Part 1 |  Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4I changed into something that would not attract more eyeballs than the shorts would have and we left my house to celebrate. Vineet wiped my tear saying he was awesome; I don’t know how he could make me smile with all his antics. The point was I was smiling. The day had been perfect till now, much better than my previous birthdays in which I was just a show piece of beauty, and my Dad’s guests would come, play card... Read more
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