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Blogger: Avanish Maurya
Footloose and fancy free – it really is the way to see Jamaica. Keep reminding yourself of such prerogatives when you pay a visit to this friendly, colourful, melodious, delicious Caribbean paradise. Its name comes from the Taíno word “Xaymaca”, or “Land of Wood and Water”/”Land of Springs”. Imagine these lands being sun-soaked and lush, [Continue Reading...]... Read more
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Blogger: Avanish Maurya
Kumbhalgarh is a gorgeous, massive and almost invincible fortress situated on the top of the Aravali Hills in the middle of a forest turned into a wildlife sanctuary. Built by Rana Kumbha in 15th century, its unique location and its grandeur makes it a must visit place in that part of Rajasthan. It is believed [Continue Reading...]... Read more
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Blogger: Avanish Maurya
This is a guest post by Bridget Sandorford. Whether you’ve decided to spend a year or two traveling or you’ve decided to take one big, unforgettable trip, a trip around the world can be the experience of a lifetime. There are two ways that you can get from country to country as you go: You [Continue Reading...]... Read more
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Blogger: Avanish Maurya
How many of you have ever heard about Saqqara? Unless, you have already visited Egypt or a student of Egyptology, there is a very rare chance that you know anything about Saqqara. At 30 kms south of Cairo Metropolitan City, surrounded by The Great Desert of Sahara, where Palm Date Trees and Carpet Schools in [Continue Reading...]... Read more
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Blogger: Avanish Maurya
The Pyramid Complex of Giza is a fascination for everyone visiting to Egypt. The Great Pyramid is sheer in size, grand in style, astonishing in its beauty..but then there are huge rush of tourists, aggressiveness of pushy vendors and a greedy needs of local people, who keep you struggling at each step to shoot a [Continue Reading...]... Read more
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Blogger: Avanish Maurya
Pyramid Complex of Giza is the most visited tourist attraction of Egypt. This is the only surviving ancient wonder of the world. Like any other major tourist attraction visited by million of tourists every year, this place is also full of surprises, hidden gems and unavoidable tourist touts and number of scams. But it happens [Continue Reading...]... Read more
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Blogger: Avanish Maurya
Sarnath has a special place in my life beyond the tourism, beyond history and beyond the text-books. This is the place where I met with my wife first time. It was a meeting arranged by the parents but still this place became special for me. So, whenever I go there and I go often, it [Continue Reading...]... Read more
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Blogger: Avanish Maurya
Caution: Some Pictures of this post can be disturbing ! Before writing about this destination,The Killing Fields near Phnom Penh, Cambodia, I just want to share the famous Pale Blue Dot image of planet Earth taken in 1990 by the Voyager 1 spacecraft from a record distance of 6 billion kilometers. This image shows our [Continue Reading...]... Read more
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Blogger: Avanish Maurya
Malaysia is a country with picturesque landscapes, rugged mountains, sandy beaches, mangroves forest and diverse cultures, religions and races. From skyscrapers of Kuala Lumpur to the beaches of Lagkawi Island and from sea-shore of Penang to the cave temples of Batu Caves, Malaysia offers a perfect vacation for the backpackers as well as the luxury [Continue Reading...]... Read more
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Blogger: Avanish Maurya
This story began thousands of years ago, about 5000 years ago. When Mayan Civilization was nowhere in existence, Inca Empire was not yet born, Stonehenge were yet to built and Europe was in its primitive stage, there was a civilization in Egypt, creating a proud testament of human endeavor that was going to enthrall the [Continue Reading...]... Read more
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Blogger: Avanish Maurya
The Pyramid Complex of Giza is the only surviving wonder of the world from the ancient days. Located in Giza, a suburban area of Cairo, the capital of Egypt, these pyramids attract millions of visitors every year from all corner of the world. Most tourists generally stay in Cairo City,preferably in the Downtown and adjacent [Continue Reading...]... Read more
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Blogger: Avanish Maurya
Away from the glitters and bristles of Hyderabad Metropolis, in the middle of green trees and dense vegetation, situated one of the most magnificent fortress complexes of India, Golkonda Fort, once famous for its powerful Muslim Sultanate, flourishing Diamond trade and excellent Engineering skills of ancient time. This is one of the largest mud fort [Continue Reading...]... Read more
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Blogger: Avanish Maurya
Last Month, when I got the proposal to write a sponsored article on Switzerland for MakeMyTrip, I got confused.  All other sponsored posts written by me on this website is personally visited by me, so I have the first hand experience of all the details related to them. But, I have never been to Switzerland.  [Continue Reading...]... Read more
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Blogger: Avanish Maurya
On third day of bicycle trip in Angkor Archaeological Park, I covered the Roluos Group of Temples that include Preah Ko, Bakong and Lolei Temples, and then also visited the Angkor Park main area to cover other temples like Banteay Samre, Ta Prohm, Ta Keo and Thommanon during the entire day. All the temples on [Continue Reading...]... Read more
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Blogger: Avanish Maurya
India is a country with diverse background and has lot of things to offer in terms of tourism. From the mighty Himalayas in the North to the vast Indian Ocean in the South, From Sand Dunes of Thar Desert in the West to Mangrove Forests of Sundarbans in the East, it has many-many things in [Continue Reading...]... Read more
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Blogger: Avanish Maurya
Aswan and Luxor, both are the important tourist destinations in Egypt because of its legendary temples, tombs and museums. Aswan is famous for Philae Temple, St. Catherine’s Monastery, Nubian Museum, Unfinished Obelisk etc. This city also serves as the base for the cost-effective travel to the amazing temples at Abu Simbel. Luxor is an another [Continue Reading...]... Read more
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Blogger: Avanish Maurya
Shirdi was once a small village in Ahamad Nagar District of Maharashtra, away from the limelight and people’s attractions. Now, easily accessible by major cities in the region, it is one of the most visited pilgrimage center in India. Millions of devotees from all around the world come every year to seek the blessings of [Continue Reading...]... Read more
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Blogger: Avanish Maurya
what is the most important criteria to choose your next destination? For me, it is the availability of cheap flight tickets. After booking a flight ticket, I can arrange the leaves, finances, hostels etc, but getting a cheap air ticket is the first criteria for my international trip. I keep a regular watch on the [Continue Reading...]... Read more
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Blogger: Avanish Maurya
A solo trip to Egypt was in my mind from last 2 years..In 2011, when I decided to visit this land of fantasies, this country became paralyzed by series of riots and demonstrations due to the changing political situations. Tourism dropped there rapidly because of the advisories issued by various countries worldwide and I also [Continue Reading...]... Read more
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Blogger: Avanish Maurya
Abu Simbel is a fascinating destination for every traveller to Egypt because of its two giant rock temples that was saved by the rising water of Nile due to the construction of High Dam in Aswan, Egypt. It was a joint effort of many countries led by UNESCO to relocate and preserve these temples of [Continue Reading...]... Read more
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Blogger: Avanish Maurya
This is a guest post contributed by Rohit. If you love nature and if you want to feel one with nature, Manali is the place for you. It is situated at 6726 ft altitude in River Beas valley. The stunning landscape with snow-clad mountains is awe-inspiring. While nature touches your soul, the adventure you experience [Continue Reading...]... Read more
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Blogger: Avanish Maurya
Note:  This is a sponsored post prepared by the sponsor. When you think of The Beatles, you may think of their origins as the small-time band, The Quarrymen, who were scouted whilst playing a gig at The Cavern and became the greatest rock and roll group to have lived. The Beatles became an overnight phenomena [Continue Reading...]... Read more
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Blogger: Avanish Maurya
This is a guest post contributed by Amrita Barnwal. Popularly known as ‘God’s Own Country’, Kerala is one of the most wonderful places to relax during your holidays. Apart from its rich culture and natural grandeur, things that make Kerala stand apart are its remarkable monuments. The state has a rich historical inheritance that is [Continue Reading...]... Read more
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Blogger: Avanish Maurya
This is a guest post contributed by Abhinav Jain. Walking tours are a fun way to explore the capital city as walking allows you to see much more. Taking a stroll on the streets of the city that you have never visited before is quite pleasurable and these walks in London are immensely popular and [Continue Reading...]... Read more
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Blogger: Avanish Maurya
Flight delays and cancellations are the worst nightmares for any traveller. They can result in trip disruptions, ruined vacations, missed connections, missed meetings, missed events and anything else to upset you for a long-time. But, if you plan your trip wisely by keeping some facts in mind, the effect of these delays can be minimize [Continue Reading...]... Read more
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