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Blogger: C. Suresh
I shall make no promises this time - except please do not be intimidated by that '- I' business. This is a self-contained post and no prior knowledge is required (and do not listen to those evil beings that say 'no brains required either') nor would you be left hanging unless you read the subsequent parts like one of those fantasy trilogies. Believe me, I had intended to finish off with "How ... Read more
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Blogger: C. Suresh
You get along decently making a fool of yourself and then start feeling the sudden urge to write something meaningful (which is probably a way of making a greater fool of yourself than you were doing while you were trying). The problem is that you rack your brains and plumb the (extremely shallow) depths of your mind and find that you have never acquired any meaningful knowledge all your life. ... Read more
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Blogger: C. Suresh
I can only blame the British for this. I mean, we were going along rather nicely with a sufficient surplus of languages and they had to come in and add one more to the mix. What is worse, the damned language that  they saddled us with has converted what were seen as positives into negatives. So, instead of feeling proud of how I look, I need to skulk around and look shame-faced when I am espied... Read more
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Blogger: C. Suresh
When I came into blogging I thought of it as an arena where people could self-publish without having anyone filter out content based on perceived literary merit. Just made for me, considering that I could well have stayed on the dirty end of any such filter. Much later I realized that you could also criticize published books and there would be no-one filtering out your criticism as being ... Read more
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Blogger: C. Suresh
Jacob Hills by Ismita Tandon Dhanker promises to be a story that draws you into the darkness lying behind the bright veneer of an army station. I have normally found that such stories work best when the story opens with a brightness and love for a couple of newbies in the area and, slowly, the story get darker and darker as the newcomers discover layer after layer of grime. Needless to say, ... Read more
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Blogger: C. Suresh
Indian fantasy-writing has puzzled me. Most fantasy writers seem intent on providing a scientific or pseudo-scientific rationale for the mythology as though they are still defending themselves against accusations of primitive superstition. It is not like J.K.Rowling explains that the Avada Kedavara curse kills because the wand is voice-activated to emit a nano-particle beam at the victim to ... Read more
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Blogger: C. Suresh
There I was in Rishikesh feeling that all nature was conspiring to make me feel at home by ensuring that it rained all night. This idea that everything was coming together to ensure that I felt at home was intensified when the next day's journey onwards was one long traffic jam after another - what else can make a Bangalorean feel more at home? How human it is to think that everything in... Read more
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Blogger: C. Suresh
There I was in Rishikesh feeling that all nature was conspiring to make me feel at home by ensuring that it rained all night. This idea that everything was coming together to ensure that I felt at home was intensified when the next day's journey onwards was one long traffic jam after another - what else can make a Bangalorean feel more at home?   How human it is to think that everything in ... Read more
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Blogger: C. Suresh
What with the heat in Delhi keeping me for walking and a trek that will demand a lot from my lungs and legs, I feel woefully ill-prepared. So, in the spirit of the times, I shall do a virtual walk through my blogging days and assume that it shall help me in my all too real trek.I know it is customary to do this 'blogging journey' post on the anniversary of the blog. The issue is confused... Read more
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Blogger: C. Suresh
I really do not know where human beings get these crazy notions. The one that has irked me all my life is this idea that somehow a person has to justify his/her existence by doing something. I mean, my own belief is that "I exist therefore I deserve to exist" but this commonsense notion seems to find disfavor with almost everyone. People keep asking me "But what do you do?" and my answer "I... Read more
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Blogger: C. Suresh
There are cities that are termed 'melting pots of culture'. There is this city which seems to have taken that phrase too literally with a special emphasis on the 'melting' part. Delhi seems to be concentrating on melting anyone who has haplessly strayed into its precincts. So, if someone talks of a river of people in Delhi, you cannot be sure whether he is talking only figuratively or whether... Read more
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Blogger: C. Suresh
After a long stint of hunting for jobs, Ajay bags one with a call center operation and rings up his close friend to share his joy."Dude! I got a job with ....""Pleeaase tell me you are not calling me to sell me insurance"Ha Ha HaAjay let his friend down badly by not laughing heartily at this sally. A shocking lack of a sense of humor! His friend was aghast.Vinay's boss was at his... Read more
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Blogger: C. Suresh
Every now and then I make my readers extremely happy - by allowing them some peace with silence on my blog. This, then, is yet another such happy occasion. So, if you see dancing on the streets and people suddenly laughing out aloud for no reason, please do not immediately think of ambulances and straitjackets. It is merely one of my hapless readers unable to contain his joy.Yes - it is... Read more
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Blogger: C. Suresh
What does a humorist do when he runs out of ideas? He can bemoan his lack of ideas and shed copious tears all over a blog post. Been there, done that in the "Lament of a Jester". What other options does he have to keep writing?Well, if one cannot write humor the next best option is to write about it. After all, hasn't someone said that "If you cannot do it, teach it"? So, there I go talking... Read more
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Blogger: C. Suresh
About the first thing that you probably think is going to be there in this piece is the enormous reduction in consumption of textiles on account of the Indian heroine. You are doomed to disappointment, however, though it is rather difficult to entirely avoid that issue while on the subject of the changing face of the Indian heroine. This piece, however, shall probably concentrate on how most... Read more
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Blogger: C. Suresh
Change is always traumatic. And we live in a world that is changing every moment. Though all of us suffer through the stress of change I think the bulk of the trauma is being inflicted on the poor Indian heroes – especially the South Indian version. And, perhaps, trauma is inflicted on us by them in turn! Was it merely three-fourths of a century back that the Indian hero had to merely loll... Read more
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Blogger: C. Suresh
‘Once upon the tracks of Mumbai’, written by Rishi Vohra and published by Jaico, is the tale of an autistic Babloo Srivastav who is unable to connect with the rest of the world except Vandana. The story revolves around his love for Vandana and his discovery of his self as ‘Rail Man’. Despite the super-hero sort of build-up to the Rail Man part of the story, it is a largely a tale of... Read more
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Blogger: C. Suresh
I hate shopping. Almost everyone who knows me knows that I do. Very few, however, know why I do. Considering that I have burdened my readers with all the secrets of my life, I see no reason why they must be spared this one. After all, by now they have become long-suffering even if they had not started off by being so. The problem for me is that I am badly scarred by multiple choice... Read more
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Blogger: C. Suresh
“Take care of these nitpicking administrative details without bothering me, He says”, muttered the Gatekeeper with an apprehensive look upwards. “It would be easy enough if these mortals really believed that the ways of the Lord are unfathomable. Unfortunately, they say it and then proceed to try and fathom them. What is worse, they actually believe that they have fathomed them and who is... Read more
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Blogger: C. Suresh
There are words that did not exist before and have been created since. Then there are words that meant something else in the past whose meanings have morphed beyond all belief over time. When such a change occurs over your own lifetime and the meaning of a word as you learnt it in school no longer applies now it is a very traumatic feeling. This once I mean to share that trauma with you - and... Read more
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Blogger: C. Suresh
'The Crazy Algorithm of Love', published by Frog Books, is a debut novel by Rajrupa Gupta, who is a good blogger friend of mine. I am normally wary of debut novels for a few reasons. The first is that, in a romantic novel such as this, debut authors tend to focus mainly on the central characters and the other characters and relationships are very seldom fleshed out. The second is that the... Read more
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Blogger: C. Suresh
This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 39; the thirty-ninth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton. The theme for the month is "Break"I do not know if there are very many words in the English language that have evoked so many different emotions in me in... Read more
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Blogger: C. Suresh
P.G.Wodehouse took grave objection to being called a'burbling pixie', ‘believing that as such he became a hissing and a by-wordamong the eggheads. You can't go calling a man a burbling pixie withoutlowering his morale. He frets. He refuses to eat his cereal. He goes about withhis hands in his pockets and his lower lip jutting out, kicking stones. Thenext thing you know, he is writing... Read more
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Blogger: C. Suresh
Previous part hereInthe previous post, I had tried to discuss why a woman does not stop her husbandfrom physical abuse when he first attempts it. The tacit assumption, of course,is that the first such attempt happens in the early days of marriage and thatassumption would probably be true for the most part.Issuesof inter-personal relationships are normally complicated and, as humans, we... Read more
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Blogger: C. Suresh
Imust, at the outset, admit that I normally do not expect to find meets onserious topics interesting. The focus\, normally, turns on one particularviewpoint of some admittedly serious flaw in Society and the discussion ends upin painting a very gloomy view of Society, which jars on a natural optimistlike me. The ‘Ring the Bell’ meet in Bangalore today was a very pleasantsurprise because... Read more
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