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Blogger: Akshaya
Hello Crafters!!My mum is the new pinterest addict in our house...thanks to yours truly :) She learned Garter stitch with two threads through a pinterest video pin and created this cute clutch with her own pattern. I love the colour ripples and the simplicity of this project. What do you think?... Read more
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Blogger: Akshaya
 Hello Readers!! I have recently completed 2-3 crochet project which are quick and easy to make. I have selected few of my favourite pinterest pins and made these projects. I always wanted to make neck warmer/cowl which is buttoned so I don't loose it :) So while exploring one of my pin I stumbled on to this design and I have even tried to match the wool colour too. Materials: 1 Skein of Bulky Yarn , 8mm crochet hook, tapestry needle, 2 wooden buttons. Stitches: V stitch pattern is used to make this cowl. Pattern: please click on the link above to get the pattern from original source.  I am going to share some more crochet projects in following posts..... Please do share your projects too... Read more
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Blogger: Akshaya
Hello Readers!!My mum recently crocheted this cute little mobile cover from some spare wool. I liked the bead combination she has used for the flap opening. She created it on her own without any pattern to follow, but she depends on her memory a lot...so no written pattern for the blog :( Happy Crafting!!Akshaya  ... Read more
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Blogger: Akshaya
 Hello Readers!!Today I am sharing my first completed project of 2013!!!Hooray.... crochet this half sleeve cardigan for our daughter. This was my first attempt at making a collar pattern. I got this pattern from Lion Brand Pattern Centre. Its very easy and quick project to do. There is no stitch variation only hdc stitches throughout makes this simple yet elegant piece. Now I am charged up to start some more projects for the coming year!! Looks Like I am hooked on to Crochet Again!!!... Read more
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Blogger: Akshaya
 Hello Readers!!Today I am sharing one more recent project of my grandma. She embroidered this Saree (5 yard fabric) with Kantha Work as a gift for my mum's 50th Birthday!!Let the pictures do all the talking.... Read more
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Blogger: Akshaya
Hello Readers ! Today I am sharing one of my old parchment project. I was newly introduced to parchment world and did this project without any guidance.  I I gifted it to my aunt who had her first baby in Jan 2004. She loved and till date it is proudly displayed at her place her in Pune, India.   Recently I asked aunt to click some photos for my blog. I really appreciate her efforts in sending me these pics (though she's not a computer literate) Materials Used: Plain white vellum paper Dorso ColoursDorso Oilone point needleEmbossing Pen (small and medium size)Card Stock for framing I enlarged one of Martha Ospina's Baby frock pattern and inked it on Vellum paper. I did not have a diamo... Read more
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Blogger: Akshaya
 Hello Readers! Thank you for all the love and support you all have shown to our small business in past few months. We recently touched 5000 monthly visitors milestone and it certainly gives me the motivation to keep on taking more projects...... Today I am sharing my recent crochet project which I gifted to my friend for her 30th in 2012 I got this pattern from Red Heart website. The pattern is for crocheting 4 rows, but I chose to make a narrow width scarf to suit my friend's liking. It's very easy and when knitted with chunky yarn can be completed within 4 hours. This was my first project with chunky yarn and size 10 hook and I am glad with the outcome. My friend liked it a lot and... Read more
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Blogger: Akshaya
This was meant to be last posts for 2012...but now its the first post of 2013!!!First of all I would like to thank all the visitors for supporting THE CRAFT GALLERY throughout 2012.I am glad to end the year with 5000 monthly visitors for the blog and 1200 followers on Pinterest account with another 300 followers on Facebook page.  Most Viewed posts for 2012 are listed below. (Click the pictures to open new links )Stained Glass Painting - Flowers Valentine Gift Box - Parchment CraftCrochet PurseBirthday Party Decorations - Dance ThemeUpcycled Craft - Sweater Tote BagInterestingly my Pinterest followers liked some other projects as listed below...happy with the likes but curious to know what ... Read more
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Blogger: Akshaya
Sharing some of my mum's crafts again. She made this cute granny square small rug. In India we constantly need small rugs(chattai) for sitting on the floor. This small rug is used everyday for pooja time (god worshiping time) for sitting on the floor while performing the worships. Mum has many granny squares which she has created long time ago and still has not connected them to make rugs... I have shared some samples below... Thanks so much for visiting The Craft Gallery. I would be honored if you would take a moment to like our new Facebook Page "The Craft Gallery"   ... Read more
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Blogger: Akshaya
Hello lovely people,Today I am going to share my kit art with you. Since 2000 there's new craze of getting craft kits in India. I got the bug once and I tried this emboss painting kit from the craft shop in 2002. So the kit included a velvet cloth with printed picture of this lady. The painting was covered in some grey solution. Some glitter paints in primary colours were provided along with a mediocre brush. One leaflet instructions were enough to get me moving with this project. I had to paint all the grey coloured sections of the design with my choice of colours and let it dry over night. The glitter paints could be mixed with other colours or white colour to change the shade. After... Read more
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Blogger: Akshaya
Hello crafters,This wall hanging was made by my mum some 30 odd years ago and is still a part of our house decor.... I like the simplicity and durability of this craft. Small plastic beads were woven and intertwined together to form these small hexagons, which were then joined together in the end. I have not learned this craft from mum yet, something I would certainly learn in near future... Share your old crafts too... Thanks so much for visiting The Craft Gallery. I would be honored if you would take a moment to like our new Facebook Page "The Craft Gallery"   ... Read more
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Blogger: Akshaya
Dear crafters,I sharing my 3D Parchment Flower Fairy cards. I used matching floral printed vellum paper for background in each cutouts. I embossed few important elements of the floral vellum paper to add further effect to the cards. The flower fairies are printed on one sheet of A4 parchment which are embossed and cut out. I use perga glue to stick the fairies on cards, so the embossing is not suppressed or damaged.    Thanks so much for visiting The Craft Gallery. I would be honored if you would take a moment to like our new Facebook Page "The Craft Gallery"   ... Read more
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Blogger: Akshaya
I used pencil sharpenings to make these greeting cards. I used colour pencils sharpening and painted them with sketchpens to add further effect. I have used calligraphy for writing messages and tried to create an insiprational series. What do you think about this new recycle idea?? Thanks so much for visiting The Craft Gallery. I would be honored if you would take a moment to like our new Facebook Page "The Craft Gallery"    ... Read more
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Blogger: Akshaya
Sharing some of my parchment cards. I used some floral designs on spare parchment scraps. I painted the flowers with parchment ink and embossed all the design. Then I perforated the outline and cutout the design. Made small cards with some plain card stock and attached the floral design with double sided duct tape.   Following two cards are made from Martha Ospina's design book. I applied some lace to give a personal touch to the candles card. This is perfect baby announcement card. I painted the card and did small embroidery through the four punch holes to add a personal touch. See the closeup pictures for further details. Happy Crafting!!Thanks so much for visiting The Craft Gall... Read more
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Blogger: Akshaya
Today I am sharing one of my old unique cards which me and my father made in school summer holidays. I liked them so much that I have never shared it with anyone. Materials: Cardstock, threads (various sizes), water paints and some sketchpens Process:Take two same size cradsheet.Dip threads in various colours Spread the threads on one card in asymmetrical style. lay the second card on it .Pull the threads while pressing the two cards together. This creates the symmetrical lines on both the cards.Add few details with sketch pens / sharpie to create various forms or shapes from these lines. I did the fun part of making imprints from the coloured threads whereas my dad did the creative pa... Read more
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Blogger: Akshaya
I Dear Readers, I was never a fan of wearing Saree's and always thought embroidered Saree to be too tacky and shiny. But when I saw these Sarees I just had to buy them. I love the superior quality of the fine embroidery and also the fact that its suttle and does not have too much bling. The mustard yellow Saree has fine Kashmiri hand embroidery which is unique to every Saree. Do share your favourite handicrafts too Happy Crafting!Thanks so much for visiting The Craft Gallery. I would be honored if you would take a moment to like our new Facebook Page "The Craft Gallery"    ... Read more
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Blogger: Akshaya
I got inspired by Japanese ink art on canvas to make my own version. I saw a small documentary about japanese artist creating japanese designs with indigo ink on a canvas and coating it with varnish spray. So I decided to try the same idea, but used sharpie pen instead of ink. I liked the way the project turned out.Also it was a quick craft project. Did you liked this idea? Happy crafting!Thanks so much for visiting The Craft Gallery. I would be honored if you would take a moment to like our new Facebook Page "The Craft Gallery"    ... Read more
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Blogger: Akshaya
Dear Readers,Today I am sharing one of the Indian Artworks. I can't remember the traditional Indian name of this craft. I purchased this art piece from Handicraft Exhibition in Pune, India in 2006.The design is hand drawn on the papyrus with natural dye. Then the cut work is done. The first layer of papyrus is cutout delicately to create 2 dimensions. The design is then shaded and coloured with natural inks and dyes. The design is then divided in to even strips of papyrus and tied with thread. This makes it easy to fold the design for storage. Have you seen any variations of this art? Do let me know the name of this art ... Thanks so much for visiting The Craft Gallery. I would be honored ... Read more
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Blogger: Akshaya
It's been a great experience blogging for the past whole year.  We started this blog to gives us impetus to take more craft projects and keep us inspired. Blogging certainly inspired us to take new projects and learn new skills. We are grateful for the love and support from our 30 readers  and 14000 unique visitors over the last year. It even gave us the confidence of opening our new online craft venture "The Craft Gallery" to sell craft supplies and handmade gifts. "Creativity with simplicity" will be our new motto with our New brand. We would like to inspire our readers to create simple projects from our wide range of craft supplies.  Happy CraftingThanks so much for visiting The... Read more
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Blogger: Akshaya
Dear Readers,Today I am sharing some of my Diwali card designs.  Since childhood I always loved making seasonal cards and gifting to relatives and friends. Now I don't make cards so often and in past few years I have even stopped sharing it with friends.... so these are few of my cards which I never shared.                     I saved these card with me because I have written few favorites quotes and tried my calligraphy skills too. Do let me know you favorite design.Do you make handmade cards for festive seasons? Happy CraftingThanks so much for visiting The Craft Gallery. I would be honored if you would take a moment to like our new Facebook Page "The Craft Galler... Read more
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Blogger: Akshaya
Dear readers, Today I would like to share a beautiful handmade gift which is very precious for me . My grandma embroidered this Saree and gifted me for my first Diwali after our wedding. So it has a very special for me. My Grandma learnt special embroidery stitch "Kantha work" and she immediately tried it on this Saree. she also adorned all the flowers with kundan (artificial rhinestones). I love the small even stitches across the design. The embroidery is on the skirting of the Saree and pallu. I like the small flower motif is used on pallu and rest of the Saree is left plain. This gives it a very delicate look. She even embroidered the blouse sleeves for me. I will share many ... Read more
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Blogger: Akshaya
Hello crafters, I am very happy to share these beautiful handmade necklaces made by my Grandma. She recently learnt how to make the beads and join them to make a necklace. So obviously she made the first one for her greatgranddaughter and granddaughter (me) as a Diwali Gift :) All of them are chokker style and made from imitation jewellery pieces. Bright red and white necklace for little S Black beads necklace for me. As alternative Mangalsutra Closer look of the black beads necklace Red and White Beads Necklace Bollywood style fancy Chokker Necklace Closer look of the Chokker Necklace I prefer wearing the black necklace more than the other chokker neckpiece. Drop a comment to pick your fav... Read more
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Blogger: Akshaya
 This post was published on Craftzinerson 29th August 2012. Hello Crafters,Today I am sharing some clay art which I created in 2001. Its a key ring holder.  Materials: Ceramic PowderAcrylic colourspre cut ply - key holder shapeWater Based Glue Water ResinProcess:  Apply primer to the ply board and paint with metallic colour. I chose golden colourMake a soft dough of porcelain clay (use small quantity), water and glue. Its should not be sticky and should be firm enough to hold its shapePrepare various shapes and press it on the painted ply. Use remaining porcelain clay and glue to make dough. its should be bit more runny which can be piped through a piping bag.Fill zip lock bag with t... Read more
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Blogger: Akshaya
Hello All,I painted a simple mirror with some stain glass paints and updated it to classy decor item. This is one more way of using some of my designs which I shared in my previous posts here, here, here and here. I used black liner to outline the design and painted with normal stain glass colours. I decided to use some frost paint for the background , so the design will stand out and make a better impact. All my stain glass painting were created during 2003 winter period as I did the designer course from celene deco art products in India. But unfortunately I was not able to follow this art through as I got busy with higher studies and settling down in Australia. Stain glass painting is v... Read more
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Blogger: Akshaya
Dear Readers,The spring has sprung and brought new changes to our little blog 'Miss Crafty'. We are starting a new venture to take our love for craft to a next level. Blogging has given us confidence and platform to show case our projects and passion for craft to broader audience. This experience and appreciation from all the readers as inspired us to launch 'THE CRAFT GALLERY', Your Online Craft Store in October 2012. You can find variety of craft supplies at discounted price for all types of crafts. We are introducing a unique concept of recycling craft supplies through this store. We would buy the old craft supplies which you may not use anymore and give you credit points / cash to buy ot... Read more
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