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Friends are the most important part of one’s life. With friends we have beautiful memories which we cherish throughout our lives. Friendship is the only relationship which we can choose our self as all the other relationships are already made. Sadly some children seem to have some problem in making friends and they end up being alone. The one’s without friends can be a real pain for their parents and often suffer from many personality problems like they are very introvert, shy and they hardly interact with others and remain alone for the rest of their lives.Parents should see to it that their children are open to others and make friends. If their child is facing any problem in making fri... Read more
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Blogger: Cute Parents
Do you have diabetes? Or are you Diabetic and now you are pregnant? You probably know what its effect is on your health. But what if a woman decides to be pregnant besides the fact that she has diabetes? What would be the consequences of it during the course of the pregnancy period?Diabetes is a sickness or a condition in which our physical body can not transform sugars and starches (carbohydrates) it consumes and assimilates into energy needed by the body. It is either the body produces too little insulin it needs in the pancreas or cannot utilize the insulin it produces to transform those sugars and starches into energy. During such a situation, sugar gets collected in the blood and it inc... Read more
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Blogger: Cute Parents
If you are a parent and you have a son and a daughter then you are bound to experience a few arguments now and again. After all, we all know what brother sister relationships can be like! However, there are ways in which you can improve your children’s relationship and ensure that they get on well with one and other. The best thing to do is to try and find a hobby which they both enjoy and thus that they can enjoy together. A good example of this is online gaming. Most children nowadays like to play games on the internet and thus this is a great thing which your son and daughter can enjoy together. After all, there is a vast array of games which are suited to both boys and girls, such as L... Read more
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Blogger: Cute Parents
You should change your diet and life style at least three months before you want to conceive a healthy baby. For this purpose, it is necessary to consult your health expert for a better diet plan. Doctors also suggest pre pregnancy checkups in order to confirm some medical health problem. Some hospitals provide these checkups at free cost.Medical HistoryIf you want to go for a pre pregnancy checkup then don’t forget to explain your eating habits and exercise routine to your health expert. Also explain medical disorder like diabetes or high blood pressure if any for a proper medical treatment. Some contraception pills are not good for the health of a lady and they affect the pregnancy rate ... Read more
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Blogger: Cute Parents
Newborn babies take time in adjusting to the new environment. They sometimes develop rash or baby acne. Some newborn baby girls have some vaginal bleeding, all this is normal and is no need for concern. Read here to know more about baby problems and their care.HormonesMore than 30 percent of babies are born with, or more commonly, develop a rash soon after birth. There are various types of rashes, baby acne being one form. This form of acne usually begins when a baby is around 3 weeks, and can last until the baby is 4 or 6 months old. Baby acne is perfectly normal, and is caused by hormones passed to the baby, through the placenta, before birth. These hormones stimulate the oil glands on you... Read more
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Blogger: Cute Parents
Extracurricular activities are commonly recommended for children as beneficial endeavors, but few parents realize just how important they are for child development. Whereas academics nurture their intellect, extracurricular involvement nurtures their critical thinking skills, social skills, mental health and physical health. Having a supervised, stress-free environment allows children to explore healthy interests and hobbies, which can help them decide on careers or habits that last them a lifetime. Here are five reasons why your kids should get started on an extracurricular activity:1. Physical HealthAfter school sports are a great way to help your child stay healthy and in shape. With risi... Read more
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Blogger: Cute Parents
There is nothing more precious than your eyesight and you need to look after it no matter how old you are. We often take for granted the things that seem so natural to us. The ability to see is a special gift which most of us get to experience. Yet, once this gift is gone or is damaged then we realize how pivotal eyesight is when enjoying the little pleasures of everyday life and how difficult seemingly easy tasks can be without it.The mythA lot of people make the mistake of thinking that you should only begin to care for your eyes once you get older. This is a myth. Problems relating to vision can occur at any age. If you only begin to look after your eyes when you get older, then unfortuna... Read more
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Blogger: Cute Parents
Loved ones and the friends of bride usually have a tough time during the wedding event. It does not mean that they find it annoying or distressing, but actually it means they have to go through some complex decisions. There are hundreds of different gifts which a bride gets on wedding day, this might confuse you out. But here I will try to help you out in choosing different gifts from our top 10 trustworthy gifts list.1. Slim CameraDuring wedding days bride needs to visit several different stores, sites and vendors and as a result it becomes to remember and compare the available options. You can gift any of the easy to carry yet a practical digital camera. It will become very easy to take sn... Read more
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Blogger: Cute Parents
Bringing new born baby carries lots of happiness in your family. You need to provide more attention and importance to your baby that she/he needs most during this period. You have to maintain her schedule for feeding and sleeping. Feeding is the most important for healthy growth of baby. There are many advantages of breast feeding to new born.Advantages of Breast FeedingMother’s milk is the perfect food for a baby's digestive system. It contains more nutrients including the vitamins, minerals and all its components such as lactose, protein and fat for easy digestion and beneficial for a newborn's immature system.Antibodies in mother’s milk help to protect baby from various disease cause ... Read more
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Blogger: Cute Parents
If you're a parent of two children or more, you will often find yourself in situations, where you have to be the referee between squabbling kids!While it's a nightmare and not-so-happy job for you as a parent, it's your responsibility to restore peace within the house and get your children to reconcile. A few tips on how you can deal with sibling rivalry.As a neutral parent, you must first set boundaries for each of your children, as regards to their behaviour. Sit them down and make it clear to them, about what is acceptable and what isn't. For example, tell them, 'name-calling, hitting, stealing each other's toys' is wrong.Favouring one child over the other is the worst thing you can do in... Read more
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Blogger: Cute Parents
Teen dating becomes a tough challenge for the parents when teenagers grow up and go out alone with a friend. Parents are really worried about the fact what their kids do in their absence.Teens need to evaluate themselves before dating someoneTeens also need to analyze themselves before they start dating with someone. They should evaluate their special skills and interests. They should also try to explore their personality and positive attitude.Now they are also enough mature for taking their own decisions. Parents have to be extra careful at this stage as teens may select negative belief that can spoil his life. A teen with strong positive beliefs is less susceptible to negative influences.D... Read more
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Blogger: Cute Parents
Many pregnant women in their 40s often could be the outcome of those scenes where getting children may have been forfeited for pleasures in the relationship or even working on some high caliber institutions that did not require or did not provided adequate support to mothering children. Most women at the age of 45 are impossible to get pregnant using their own eggs and so they may require additional assistance from the doctors so that in the long run they will be able to get the baby of their own desire. Although many women are using fertility drugs while others do not use them at this age. The fact still remain that there are some benefits which will be enjoyed by the mother and the baby.Me... Read more
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Parent involvement in a child's education is crucial. When parents get involved in their children's education, children are more likely to do better in school, be better behaved, have more positive attitudes toward school, and grow up to be more successful in life.Ways to stay involved in Kids school activitiesAt the beginning of the school year, attend back-to-school night or other orientation events.Get to know the teachers and other school personnel. Listen to their plans, know what they hope to accomplish with their students, and understand why they chose these goals.Attend school eventsGo to sports events and concerts, student exhibitions, parent-teacher meetings, parents' night, and aw... Read more
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Blogger: Cute Parents
First pregnancies are a mixture of excitement and sheer panic. No matter how much you prepare, some things will catch you unawares.Dreams of dangerIt's never safe out there in the world. But after your little one arrives, everything will seem as alarming as a threat to national security. When friends or family reach out for your baby, you will visualise all the germs on their hands. Your heart will palpitate around smokers and car exhaust in traffic. You will spend hours wondering about toxicity in toys and chemicals in formula food. While you can't avoid this phase, don't feel insane. You will calm down shortly as you accept that you cannot humanly shield your child from everything.The spot... Read more
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Blogger: Cute Parents
The steady growth of any child will make him to be more active. In this kind of situation parents may not be there at all times with their children especially when they attain the stage they will begin schooling. Playing around could make them pick up parasites which may escape the notice of their parents until they begin to manifest their damage. Head lice are among such parasites that commonly attack children. These are insects that lay their eggs on hairs very close to the scalp and they children of school age are usually affected by these insects. If you observe that your child is hosting lice, this does not necessarily mean your child is dirty or you are not responsible enough. It is so... Read more
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Blogger: Cute Parents
Children need proper sleep for their physical growth, brain development, immune system etc. But, the sad fact is that it is really difficult to get your child to sleep and moreover they get easily disturbed while sleeping. While putting their child to bed, parents need to be really patient and clever!Develop consistent bedtime and naptime routinesThere are many parents who change the bedtime or naptime on a daily basis as they are really busy with work and household chores. There are also children who are extremely energetic and/or start crying when they feel that their parents are trying to slow them down and get them ready for bedtime. It is very difficult to develop a consistent sleep tim... Read more
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Blogger: Cute Parents
We agree that parenting a child is a huge task - surviving nine months of pregnancy, then the pain of labor, and later chasing your child through the crawling, feeding, toilet training stages - it's a lengthy experience indeed. But all this pain and agony disappears and a coat of excitement grips you when you first hear your baby calling you 'Mamma-Dada' or when your baby takes his very first step.Though parenting a newborn requires a large amount of effort and energy, the positive aspect of the reward you receive by watching your baby grow and develop is priceless. Today, we help each and every new parent by presenting a few tips ranging from child potty training to baby care, so that paren... Read more
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Make yourself ready to become an Ideal Father Are you ready to welcome someone new in your family? How do you feel when you heard the first time that you are going to become father? Of course, just like life is full of happiness. Man equally feels great when he comes to knows that his wife is pregnant. There is no limit of his happiness. While woman get pregnant, responsibility of man, as a father increases in many ways. He should get ready for many responsibilities. Even though responsibility increases, man feels proud to become a father.As a Responsible HusbandTo become a father doesnot mean just the financial responsibilities, but it is more than this.....As a father, you need to take car... Read more
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It is common to remark, "He has a good memory" or "She has a poor memory". What do we mean by 'memory'? Memory is the mental capacity or faculty of retaining and reviving facts, events, and impressions. Some people seem to possess a better memory than others do.We cannot deny the fact that there may be some people with photographic memories. In other cases, there are people who understand the subject matter so well that they may not need any memory aid other than their own understanding. However, even in such cases, these people may be unconsciously using some special techniques that aid memory. The good news is that these techniques can be learnt. Memory is one of the vital determinants of ... Read more
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Most parents believe that their children tell them everything. But that's far from the truth. In fact, there are certain things you should never tell your parents. Here are some of them...That you sometimes splurgeYour idea of cheap may not be shared by your folks. At the same time, there are things that you just can't resist. So, what do you do? Well, if you are financially independent, don't tell your parents how much you spent on shopping.You hate the clothes they bought for youYour fashion sensibilities may not match, but be diplomatic when your parents gift you something that seems to be straight out of an 80s' movie. Ask for the bill and exchange it discreetly. When they ask you about ... Read more
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Blogger: Cute Parents
Here are some tips to maintain a healthy father-daughter relationshipThe first rule is to be a friend: Treat her as your friend; share thoughts, ask for opinions.Treat your daughter as an equal: Do not keep this attitude that she knows nothing. Children these days have become more sensible and know what they are doing.Be a mediator: If your daughter is facing problems with your wife, be there present as a mediator between the two females. Having a male interween somehow cool down issues.Learn to communicate: If you are one of those who cannot really communicate or emote well, then you should maybe should start by doing small things like helping her around with her studies or maybe once in a ... Read more
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Diabetes is a lifestyle disease which can affect children. There are different types of diabetes found in children. The most common diabetes found in children is Type 1 diabetes or insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. Diabetes in children has turned out to be a widespread chronic disease in the present days. There has been a significant rise of diabetes cases in children since the past two decades. When the pancreas is not able to produce the desired amount of insulin and/or the beta cells get affected, it is a diabetic condition.The symptoms of diabetes in children are so similar in relation to the types, which is quite difficult to classify the symptoms in accordance with the variant of d... Read more
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Often many women face problems in conceiving and getting pregnant. To avoid this problem it is very important for a woman to have knowledge about her most fertile days. Strangely only four days in a month are the most fertile days during which the woman can conceive easily. These four days are the 12th day after your menstrual cycle to 16th day.It is not easy to know about your ovulation period and so there are many such kits which help you know the time of your ovulation. Such kits are called Ovulation Prediction Kit. An ovulation predictor kit consists of some sticks; they are similar to the ones which you get in the pregnancy detection kits. Ovulation prediction kits detect LH (Luteinizin... Read more
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Blogger: Cute Parents
Would you like to go for some new kinds of beds for your children this Year? If you search in the markets, there are arrays of options which are available in the market. Before choosing for different kinds of beds you should consider pondering about a few points- the first being that what kind of a bed would be suitable for your child and what exactly are you looking for. It is very important that youknow about the different styles of beds which are available in the market as there are lot of options to choose from. Some of the latest designs which are in trend areThe Captain beds which are higher than a standard bed consisting of storage places and a bed underneath as well.Mid sleeper beds ... Read more
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Blogger: Cute Parents
Holding a themed party is a great way to let other people share your passion. Celebrate your special occasion with a popular theme. Here are some ideas to make your party a success.1. Party invitationsA few weeks before the party, send out some themed invitations. You could even design your own with a computer package, or if you are more artistic than technical, you could make the invites by drawing or sticking the characters on.2. DecorationsWhy not try and get some Tom and Jerry balloons? You could also put up some streamers, place paper tablecloths on the table and hang some banners. Choose bright colours such as red, blue and yellow to give a real cartoon feel to the room.3. Cat and mous... Read more
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