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**This is a pre-scheduled post while I am away on a vacation in India**Sometimes a tunic and jeans is just what you need on a lazy day. No more of the tops, skirts, short routine..tunics are simple and comfortable. And what better than a printed one. Black military jacket, blue flats completed this comfy look. And of course, a glitter hairband to cheer up my bad-hair day. So how do you dress up on your off-days? Any tips or tricks, do share in the comments below. H&M Plaid tunic | Black Levis denims | Born flats | Old Navy black military jacket | Swarowski necklace and earrings (Gift from mom-dad)... Read more
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Blogger: ashy
**This is a pre-scheduled post while I am away on a vacation in India**Most of my outfit posts have been about look I have sported on the weekends or especially on days when I have had some time on my hand to dress up and take pictures. Though I get super creative every morning while dressing up for work, I don't have the liberty to take pictures for outfit posts. Same is the case, when I am pressed for time when heading out to an event or a party..I am not able to find time to take proper outfit pics. So this is what I have been doing to document my daily style file - taking selfies and posting them on Instagram  Today I thought why just keep this lookbook just for my Instagram profil... Read more
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Blogger: ashy
While I am out on vacation, I have asked some of my fave bloggers for guest posts. So, presenting you the guest blog series and the first blogger from this series is Mehak Mittal @ The Double M Life. Hop on to Mehak's lovely blog to read about her travels, personal style and foodie adventures!Time Flies when you're having this much fun!Before I begin the tales of my latest Weekend Fun.. I would like to Thank the wonderful Ashy for giving me the opportunity to connect with you all...  Hi.. I'm Mehak and I have a teeny-weeny blog named the Double "M" Life! I blog about me and my life and everything that goes in and around it!! My favorite part of the week has to be the "Weekend".. I know.. Y... Read more
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Blogger: ashy
**This is a pre-scheduled post while I am away on a vacation in India**Print-mixing is quirky & fun..and if you remember you have seen it here, here and here. But, nine out of ten time, I have tried jamming prints when dressing up on weekends. With the daily schedule, I hardly get time or peace of mind to think of trying something quirky. Whenever I get time (I am up early or have the liberty of reaching office late), I spend time in the closet to dress up my best that day. Today's outfit of the day is one of such. It's inspired from fellow DC-based blogger and personal stylist - Naina. I loved how she showed that a casual striped-tee can be paired with something delicate an classy as ... Read more
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Blogger: ashy
In the past one year I have sported the denim vest three times on the blog and numerous times off the blog. I bought it on our quick shopping escapade to the last mall in the US before you hit the Mexico border. It was almost another country on the other side of the shopping outlet..one-of-its-kind shopping experience indeed! Well, it sounds like an impulse buy, but I tell you, it is one piece in my closet that can transform a plain-jane look into something remarkable. Take this, the pink denims and floral top combo is so ordinary - nothing exciting about it. Add a denim vest and it transforms the look; the vest gives an edge to the outfit plus breaks the monotonous girly hue. Denim-on-deni... Read more
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Blogger: ashy
It's that time of the year, folks! I will be on a trip to homeland starting this weekend! Absolutely excited state-of-mind, right now! Too many things on the list..last minute shopping, packing, blogging (yes, you will be seeing some scheduled posts), finishing off the kitchen stocks, cleaning, and lots more. Well, you be prepared to be bombarded with the tales of how I tackle the supremely hot weather, hog on yummy desi delicacies and chaat, and take a trip to good ol' Mumbai!Back to the post, last weekend, we treated ourselves to an Indian-lunch buffet, at Bollywood Bistro in Fairfax,VA. The buffet luncheon was almost after ages; last time we hogged on a buffet was in summer of 2012. The b... Read more
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Blogger: ashy
First things first, it was so awesome to host a giveaway of a beautiful necklace. The giveaway ended on May 1 and the winner was chosen via random.org. The winner is *drumroll please* Seepz from That Sassy Girl! Seepz, I hope you love the necklace as much as I did. Do send us a pic when you wear it :) Thank you so much everyone of you who entered the giveaway!Now on to this post, it's been long that I wanted to do posts on closet organization. So this post is related to things I used to accessorize everyday, which is jewelry, watches, perfumes!I am type A personality when it comes to organizing. I guess, organizing is my next favorite thing after shopping. Usually I have had the same plan/st... Read more
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Blogger: ashy
This month blogging took a new turn for me. Yeah, it was the birthday month but then I also blogged almost without a break! And then during the birthday week, even more - 4 out of 5 days. It's not about the numbers but about the fun, enjoyment, connecting with fellow bloggers, readers and friends you have haven't been in touch with for a long time. Yeah, one fine evening I got a call from one of my long-lost friends to tell how much she loved my pictures in the vibrant colored blazer! I was so happy to catch up with here after so-many-freaking years..and that she reads my blog and that she loves it :) yay! Gratification at it's best!Anyways, enough of the mush and onto the real stuff now. Ap... Read more
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Blogger: ashy
Last week I celebrated my blog's birthday quite pompously! I blogged non-stop for four days (phew! that was a marathon..hats off to the bloggers who post daily) and then on the B-day I had a small cupcake party with my blog staff aka my photographer aka my husband! To tell you the truth, between work, house and blogging I was kinda feeling deadbeat to even dress for the evening. And so the easy answer to that was a pop of pink.Pink blazer is such a fantastic pop of color! And a perfect compliment to it is stripes. When I think I have too much of color on my hand (or one me), I play it down with either stripes or polka-dots.**StyleTip: A colored blazer is a go-to item for days when I fee... Read more
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Blogger: ashy
(**Warning: This is an ultra-long post, people! Yeah, I have gone over-board writing it! If you are just interested in the 'fab' giveaway, head to the bottom of this post **)Woot! Woot! Today is THE day! Today is the day when I penned down my first blog post - a humble Hello World (I am a geek that ways ;)). It's been a whirl wind journey one year of blogging. Officially, I think I can safely say that I am fashion and lifestyle blogger! Thank you to all my readers, fellow bloggers, friends and family for supporting me, cheering me through this journey. Let me say that almost everyone I met was confused about why I started this blog or why I am blogging or what is this need to blog. Don't I h... Read more
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Blogger: ashy
Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer - AnonymousI truly believe and live by these words. Travel, to me, is the one of the things in my life that keeps me going! I think my travels define me, educate me. It's not just visiting the place, but the complete process of planning the trip, booking tickets, making travel arrangements, the journey, the people, the food - all aspects enrich me with some experience or the other. And I should say that I am lucky enough to find a partner-for-life who loves travelling and is enthusiastic (probably more than me) about going to different places. Moving on to this post, the seven 'zingy' travel moments include my very first journey (... Read more
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Blogger: ashy
I have been passionate about food long before I started this blog; passionate about eating different types of cuisines and trying them out in my kitchen. And the seven 'zingy' foodie moments are a combination of two and also a third type - travel food. For me travel is not just about visiting a new place, doing all the tourist-y things and shopping. A significant part of our travel plans are devoted to trying out the local flavors and learning new tastes. The seven 'zingy' moments include my experiments in the kitchen with Avocado soup and Thai green curry (I made this curry when my parents were here and they loved it! Best pat-on-the-back ever, I tell ya!), the best of my travel ... Read more
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Blogger: ashy
This week it's ......(*drumroll* please)....my blog's first birthday! woohooo..I am so excited! It's been one whole year of blogging - non stop blogging for 365 days! And to celebrate this occasion I am going to post non-stop this week :) how about that?! The theme will be the seven most 'zingy' posts in each category I blogged for one whole year.So without much ado, I bring you today the seven 'zingy' fashionista moments from past year! (weird concoction of words, right! But hey, who cares, it's my blog's birthday :) ) I have based my choices on the 'fashion' risks I took last year. Tried on a maxi dress, paired a kundan/Indian necklace with a lace dress, ga... Read more
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You never know what might turn into your fashion inspiration. There is no dearth of inspiration thanks to the fashion blogs, entertainment  websites, apps like instagram, twitter, facebook and then of course there is the maha (humongous) source of inspirational pictures that is - Pinterest.And the inspiration to my outfit of the day is a picture I saw in September, last year, on one of my must-read blogs - The Zar's. Ash, the blogger behind Zar's, had bought an exquisite lace skirt and a pink dress which she had taken a brilliant snapshot of and featured on her blog, as part of the haul posts. The striking combination of hot pink with burgundy stuck with me ever since then.Incidentally, whe... Read more
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Blogger: ashy
Chocolate and Coconut is simply a match made in heaven! And so here's a quick and easy cookie recipe that marries these two heavenly ingredients! I made these cookies for a Thanksgiving potluck at our place and served them for dessert with chocolate-chip ice cream. The cookies were a hit with my friends which wants me to share this recipe with you all :)I adapted this recipe from one of my all-time favorite cooks on Food Network - Giada De Laurentiis. She is one smart, beautiful and savvy chefs on the network and watching her shows on the weekend is my much-loved activity (read addiction). So without much adieu, I present you the steps to create a yummy, crunchy and lip-smacking cookie... Read more
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It was so gorgeous last week that J and I couldn't resist to step out for a dinner-n-drinks soiree after work. And what better than vibrant florals to welcome this beautiful weather, right? I love the floral print with a black background; makes it easy to pair with variety of colors right from black, white, pink, green, red and so on. Multicolored-hoop earrings and a bright pink silk clutch added the perfect touch of glamour for a weekday date-night. ~~DIY Tip: Press the handles of the purse, inside the purse, to transform a purse to an over-sized clutch.~~Comfortable wedge sandals completed this weekday dinner-date look. These platform strappy wedges are one of my faves; they are of... Read more
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Blogger: ashy
I am sure life would be pretty boring black and white, but ironically when it comes to dressing up, guess what? It's not! On the contrary, it's the hottest trend of the season! This is my spin on the classic black-and-white aka monochrome look that has been doing rounds in the fashion & style blogging world for quite some time now. Almost all of us own the essentials to sport this trendy look. Like we all know, black skirt/pants and a crisp white shirt are both wardrobe staples where they can be both dressed up for an office-appropriate look and dressed down for a night-out look. The best part about this trend is that it gives a perfect op for mixing prints - and that's exac... Read more
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Happens to me all the time! I buy clothes and then they sit in the closet (with the tags) for days, weeks and some times even months *sheepishly agreeing*. All this is a result of sheer laziness combined with the wait for the right occasion/mood, as also ignorance of the fact that I own mint-condition clothes. Whatever reason it may be, but I suffer from this new-clothes-in-closet-but-nothing-to-wear syndrome from time to time now. And that is, of course, followed by an enormous guilt which I have of course decided to vent out here!Anyhow, the good part is that I found a perfect solution/treatment for my condition. What I do is that, I pick out the brand new, never-worn items, put them on h... Read more
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This is hubs-special recipe for a perfect Tandoori Chicken at home! Hubs did a lot of research for this dish and then with meticulous perfection he made it during Thanksgiving holidays last year. The result was perfectly luscious and tasty chicken drumsticks - not something even I could have ever attempted to make! When he decides to try a dish, hubs does not have a prejudice about how daunting the recipe or preparation will be; this is something which I cannot overlook. I would have never attempted to make this dish, 'cause frankly I know that it's not quite possible/easy to recreate a restaurant-style dish (mainly 'cause of treating the chicken in an oven). Well, good that no... Read more
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**WARNING: this is a photo-heavy post!**It was my birthday last month (if you follow me on Instagram, you might have already known this) and I am kid when it comes to celebrating them! The day started off with hubs creating a birthday wonderland for the customary 12 o'clock cake-cutting (yummy black forest from a German bakery) followed by the gift-giving ritual. I have always wanted to party in the Big Apple on my birthday and so this year charming hubs took me off for a perfect weekend in New York City (NYC). He knew that the restaurant of my choice would be Junoon (Chef Vikas Khanna's baby) and he had promptly made the dinner reservations. But in between all the travel and reser... Read more
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Not much to say today 'cause well, I am technically handicapped today. I have a laptop with some major issues (I got warning messages to take a back-up today am, which I promptly did!). Ever since then I have not been able to start the laptop properly :( Thankfully I had some outfit pictures uploaded on to the draft posts, and so here I am writing up my very first post from hubby's tablet - Microsoft Surface that is!Onto the outfit post now, I had been looking for a colored blazer for some time, and for some reason bright 'coral' was the exact color on my mind! I finally spotted the perfect blazer at Mango store (during my birthday-weekend trip to NYC) and was ... Read more
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To beat the Monday blues (and the winter blues if I may add), I am penning down the finale post from my SoCal travelogue series. As part of this series, I have blogged posts in the past about my travels to San Diego (that you can read here and here ) and posts on Hollywood, the famous Laguna beach and an Indian-foodie haven in LA suburbs. We spent last day of our SoCal trip (that we took in the summer of 2012) in the company of close friends, home-made food (believe me, by the end of this trip we were craving for some comforting home-made food) and the gorgeous Pacific waters. Incidentally, the last day of our trip fell on 4th of July (US Independence Day)! We were invited over for a '4t... Read more
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Every single time I read that floral print is so in for spring, “Florals, for spring? Groundbreaking!” are the exact words that pass through my mind a’ la Miranda Priestly (aka the evil boss from ‘The Devil Wear Prada’). Nevertheless it is a fact that, floral is ‘the’ fashion trend for spring. And why shouldn’t it be; after all, no other print expresses the joy of a welcoming weather-change as floral does!As times have changed, so have the ways to dress-up in this fun print. For this season, I see a lot of floral print on shoes, scarves as well as florals on blazers, pants/denims/shorts. So, let’s get on with the different ways you can style this vibrant print. Florals on ... Read more
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Today I wanted to share with you the tried-and-trusted products from my beauty regime or rather the products I regularly use and have found quite so effective. And no, Origins didn't pay me for this review :)Skin cleanser/Face-wash: Origins Never A Dull Moment (read more about it here)I started using this face wash since a month. I have a combination skin-type; the T zone gets oily whereas other parts get dry and flaky (super-dry especially during winters). The Origins 'Never A Dull Moment' helps to clear the oily areas and (surprisingly) does not dry out the others. Its clear in appearance and has a fresh fragrance which is what I loved.I use it twice daily; once in the morning and once in... Read more
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