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Feet are considered the most neglected part of the body. Many a time people complain about the cracking heels and some problems regarding feet but all of these cracked heels is very common problem that caused both men and women. This problem generally occurs in winter season due to the dry weather conditions.Cracks in the skin on heels are commonly known as heel fissures. They usually occur when skin becomes dry and aggravates the thick, brittle calluses on heels. Daily routine includes many tasks like standing, walking on feet that places enough pressure onto brittle skin that small cracks open in the epidermal layer of the skin.Causes of cracked heels-Cracked heels are a common occurrence ... Read more
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Hair loss can be a very embarrassing thing, especially if you're only in your 20's or 30's. Nothing is scarier than waking up in the morning to find a pillow or bed filled with your hair. If your hair loss is caused by genetics, then tough luck. However, if other factors are at play, then you can stop it before it gets the better of you.1. Stay away from salt - A diet that is high in fats and salt can affect your kidneys. When your kidney's functionality is compromised, your body starts to produce acidic blood. Even if hair is considered dead skin cells, the roots still need a healthy blood supply to thrive. With acidic blood, the hair withers, weakens and falls of easily.2. Load up on vitam... Read more
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Green tea is a beverage inherited from our ancient forefathers, one found to have many benefits. In fact, you could say green tea is a miraculous drink. Originating in ancient China, almost 4000 years ago, it is made, like many other Chinese teas, of the leaves from Camellia sinensis. But unlike other teas, green tea is manufactured differently and that is what retains its beneficial properties.Today, because of its nutritional and healing powers, it is famous the world over. Herbalists suggest everyone drink at least two cups a day, or take it as an all natural supplement. The benefits are enormous. It is known to reduce cholesterol, help in the loss of weight, but best of all it reduces th... Read more
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Having beautiful toes can make you feel confident and comfortable wearing open-toed shoes, slippers, or even barefoot. It's easy enough to make feet look attractive but dirty toenails can definitely ruin the whole look. More important than just for appearance sake, you will need to keep your toenails clean for hygiene purposes.You can get dirty toenails by keeping your toes often inside socks, stockings, or tights. Moisture can be trapped inside shoes and socks making toenails prone to fungus and bacteria. Here are five easy steps to help you keep your toenails clean:1. Wash your feet. Whenever you come back home, you bring dirt and bacteria from wherever you went along with you. Don't thin... Read more
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Diet plays an important part in weight loss program. A faulty diet plan will not lead to effective weight loss. With a faulty diet a person will not feel energetic. There are many diet plans in vogue today but one cannot vouch for their effectiveness. How should one choose a diet plan for losing weight? There are some basic guidelines for choosing a perfect diet plan to lose weight which will lead to a healthy and fit body. Read on and design your own diet plan.Whatever a person eats and drinks during the course of a particular day comprises his diet plan. Choosing the right diet plan that would help you to stay fit and lose weight is an intelligent task. There are different types of diets d... Read more
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You may think that because you wear an SPF moisturizer every single day, stay out of the sun and use anti aging skin care products daily that you're fully protected from the ravages of wrinkling. While these healthy skin care habits give you a leg up on many of your fellow females, they're not the only things you can do to eliminate wrinkles from your future. Take a look at these everyday activities that can contribute to fine lines and sagging skin over time, and a few ways you can combat them for younger looking skin.SmokingSmoking is easily the worst thing you can do for your skin; besides the chemicals packed inside each of those cigarettes, the smoke is drying to skin, and the continuou... Read more
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Facial firming exercise is probably the best way to get rid of a double chin and sagging skin under the jawline naturally. By building the muscles of the chin you can actually give yourself a chin lift without painful surgery.Chin exercises are designed to help you tone the muscles of your face and jaw as well as firm the skin along the jaw line and get rid of excess fat to streamline your double chin.Here are some firming exercises you can do at home to firm up your chin without cosmetic surgery.Work on the muscles at the base of your neckOne of the fundamental exercises that you can do on a daily basis, is just before you go to sleep, lie on your side and place your head on the pillow.Next... Read more
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If your tonsils are white and swollen, your throat sore, your head achy and your body feverish, then you may have tonsillitis. This is a common condition that is classified as an inflammation of the tonsils.It can generally be caused by a bacterial infection or a viral infection. If your tonsil inflammation is caused by a bacterial infection, then you will most like have to take a dose of antibiotics.However, in about 85 percent of tonsillitis cases, the symptoms are caused by a viral infection. And, when it is a viral infection, there are natural, at home remedies to help treat this annoying illness. We have outlined some of the common treatments for viral tonsillitis below. All of these re... Read more
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Diabetes or diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder characterized by improper utilization of glucose by the body. The disorder forbids the body from using glucose either completely or partially. As a result, glucose builds up in blood and the person is diagnosed with high blood glucose or blood sugar levels. The hormone insulin produced by pancreas is the primary blood glucose regulator. If the pancreas does not produce enough insulin, blood glucose levels soar high, resulting in Type 1 diabetes.The patient with Type 1 diabetes requires insulin injections. In other cases, the cells of the body become non-responsive to insulin, thereby causing glucose levels to rise. This is true in the cas... Read more
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Blackheads are like acne and appear on the skin. Hence, acne treatment and prevention measures are useful to get rid of blackheads also. Before we get into prevention and treatment of blackheads let us first understand what blackheads are.What are Blackheads?Blackheads are minute amounts of bacteria and dirt which get accumulated in the pores of the skin. Blackheads are also known as comedones.The blackheads may also be caused due to collection of oil under the skin in which case it is referred to as acne vulgaris. Generally, noticed in the T-zone i.e. chin, nose and forehead where the hair follicles get clogged, blackheads are not easy to control.Tips to Prevent BlackheadsPrevention of blac... Read more
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Sprained ankles are one of the most commonly seen sports injuries. They are usually caused by sudden movement or twist that overstretches and tears the supporting ligaments of the ankle joint, causing swelling and pain. This is a common injury especially with athletes and sportspersons who participate in activities that call for a lot of running, jumping and changing directions while playing.Symptoms And Treatment For Sprained AnkleSymptoms of a sprained ankle include swelling, which is usually immediate and pain in the ankle joint even with the slightest movement and especially when walking.It is best to see a doctor if your ankle gets sprained but rendering first aid immediately after the ... Read more
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The open sores which appear in the mouth are called as mouth ulcers. They are white or yellow in color, and are generally accompanied with a sharp pain, which is felt most when the person is eating. The pain is quite acute when salty or spicy food passes over the ulcer. Mouth ulcers can occur anywhere in the mouth - on the inner surface of the cheeks, lips, tongue, palate and at the base of the gums.Mouth ulcers are caused due to vitiation of the pitta dosha. The condition is called as Mukha Paaka in Sanskrit. There are several factors that can cause it. Some of them are as follows:-Wrong dietDigestive problems such as constipationHormonal imbalances, especially during puberty in girlsAnemia... Read more
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It might be wise to explore home remedies for wrinkles before embarking on any anti-wrinkle treatment. Although there are plenty of options out there in all forms and budget sizes, it's still loads better to try to remove the wrinkles out naturally, that is to say, with no reliance on chemicals and artificial ingredients and invasive techniques. Mother Nature, indeed, has provided man with a wealth of resources to maintain health and beauty. You might find it surprising that the key ingredients to removing wrinkles are just around the corner, more specifically in your very own pantry!Home Remedies for WrinklesCoconut Oil. Virtually erasing wrinkles is possible with coconut oil. Coconut oil c... Read more
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One of the most familiar physical symbols of aging is a double chin.Other factors such as genetics and an unhealthy diet that is high in fat and calories can also cause a double chin. A double chin is the result of loose skin and extra fat deposits.Without question, having a double chin can be a major deal, particularly if you're persnickety about your appearance.Here are just a handful of strategies that can possibly help you eliminate that double chin in no time.1. Low Calorie DietStudies show that scarfing down more calories than your body needs will fast-forward the aging process.Research also indicates that reducing your caloric intake is not only productive in getting rid of your doubl... Read more
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Wrinkles appear on the forehead as you age and as the skin loses elasticity. Wrinkles are folds or creases that appear on the skin due to a variety of factors. These include lifestyle, diet, the natural aging process and overexposure to the sun. Wrinkles affect both women and men and can make you appear old.CAUSES OF FOREHEAD LINESGenetics, the aging process, collagen loss, environmental factors and repeated facial expressions contribute to the formation of wrinkles and fine lines on the forehead. Simple, natural remedies such as exercise, taking antioxidants and staying hydrated can help slow and reduce the formation of forehead wrinkles.DIFFERENT METHODS FOR THE REMOVAL OF FOREHEAD LINESUS... Read more
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Head lice are small organism that is found on dirty heads of humans. Those people who do not keep their tresses clean and do not wash their heads on regular basis often suffer from head lice. These organism stay in your head and give birth to more lice. These lice are in the egg form while they are born. Moreover these lice eggs are white in color. A person having head lice is considered to be a taboo in an educated society. You must clean your head on regular basis to get rid of head lice.How does it occur?There are several ways for head lice to form in your hair.The most common way is a filthy and dirty environment. If your head is not washed properly then there are chances of the head lic... Read more
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Fever is a good thing. It's your body's attempt to kill off invading bacteria and other nasty organisms that can't survive the heat. The hypothalamus, which is the body's thermostat, senses the assault on the body and turns up the heat much the way you turn up the thermostat when you feel cold. It's a simple defense mechanism, and the sweat that comes with a fever is merely a way to cool the body down.The most important thing though is to keep body fluids flowing. Like in heat exhaustion and heat stroke and other similar ailments, when the body temperature goes up, the more fluid it uses. So, although inactive and lying in bed, one can still become dehydrated with a fever. To prevent dehydra... Read more
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If you are experiencing pimple redness and would like to learn how to reduce the redness of pimples fast, then read this collection of favorite home remedies and tips:Avoid the urge to pick, pop or squeeze a pimple. This could cause the spread of bacteria and you could end up with a permanent scar.To reduce the redness of a pimple, apply ice to the area every half hour. You should hold the ice on the affected area for about 2 minutes. The ice will reduce the swelling and can help with any pain you might be experiencing. Now use a makeup concealer with a tint of green to remove redness and hide the pimple.Apply a mixture of crushed aspirin and water to the affected area.Apply a drop or two of... Read more
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If you have confirmed type 2 Diabetes, then you are familiar with its identifying symptoms. These can include blurred vision, night sweats, insatiable thirst, ravenous hunger and elevated sugar content in your blood and urine. Hopefully, you are taking your prescribed medications regularly and observing a somewhat altered lifestyle as advised by your attending health professionals. But still, there's more you can do to actively address control of your condition. You can even improve to the point of having your medication reduced and your daily regimen adjusted to one more similar to that of your family and friends, provided they're health-conscious, of course. Basically, fighting Diabetes na... Read more
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Tonsil stones, or tonsilloliths, are caused by impaction of food particles that get mixed with mucous and acted upon by bacteria to produce a sticky substance around tonsils. Once it mixed with calcium and dead epithelial cells (dead as a result of natural wear and tear process), tonsil stones are produced. Prevention and cure for tonsils, both are easy and totally organic. It does not require the use of any high dose antibiotics or surgery.FASTEST CURE FOR TONSIL STONES:Tonsil stones once get stuck in tonsil mucosa will increase a series of inflammatory events that causes tonsillitis, which is a combination of fever, sore-throat and yellow-red large, swollen inflamed tonsils. Tonsils may no... Read more
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Thin and sagging skin may cause creases known as wrinkles. These wrinkles are easily visible on neck, face and hands. Weakening or decrease in number of the elastin or collagen present in the connective tissue of the skin can result into wrinkles. Some of the factors responsible for wrinkles are smoking, exposure to sun, drug use, age, pollution, stress, loss of vitamin E and weight loss.Wrinkles Home RemediesThere are several home remedies for wrinkles which are simple to follow and easy to use. Some of the popular home remedies for wrinkles are:One of the effective home remedies for wrinkles is the use of apples or green pineapples. Apply green apple juice and pineapple juice on the face a... Read more
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Keep the intake of sugars and fats to a minimum. The fats to be avoided are the saturated fats and the trans-fatty acids. Drink two to three cups of green tea every day.Green tea is full of antioxidants and is known to stimulate the metabolism and accelerate weight loss. Ensure that it is organic green tea.Many people have realized that Apple Cider Vinegar is a remarkable natural remedy for losing weight. Some studies have shown that apple cider vinegar can, in fact, help in boosting your metabolism. So, it aids in burning calories even if you are just resting.If you have the opportunity to eat veggies and fruits, do not hesitate. These can help you lose weight without stress. Apart from the... Read more
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Having dark underarms are often the cause of embarrassment especially when you want to wear your favorite sleeveless or strapless outfit. This is of biggest concern for a lot of women with fair skin because it is visible more on fair skin. There are various factors that can cause of dark underarms like dead skin cells, too much shaving the armpit, deodorants, sweating, antiperspirants, shaving, and friction between the skin and clothes.There are some natural remedies available to help you lighten your underarms. These remedies are simple, easy to do and cheap without spending a lot of money at the dermatologist. So, it's worth a try. Here is the list of ways to help you whiten your underarms... Read more
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Experiencing a panic attack is not simply about experiencing a moment of severe fright or nerves. They run much deeper than that. Read on.Contrary to popular belief, experiencing a panic attack is not simply about experiencing a moment of severe fright or nerves when you are about to make that speech in front of five hundred people or the morning of that important meeting or exam you have been preparing for. Panic attacks run much deeper than that.What causes these attacks?The 'trigger' for such attacks remains a mystery. While it is true that moments of intense stress can trigger a panic attack, often sufferers experience an attack even when they are at home, calmly watching a movie or read... Read more
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The dimpled appearance of cellulite often causes embarrassment and harm to by yourself-esteem. Costly treatments including radiotherapy and liposuction serve as a solution for a few women, although a number of affordable creams may be rubbed over your cellulite at home like a potential remedy. Recognize the sorts of do-it-yourself solutions for cellulite to know the possibility benefits.Your risk for cellulite rises once you gain weight, although ancestors and family history, stress and hormonal contraceptives also are likely involved. Cellulite creams and lotions provide a potential home treatment for the condition and won't require a trip to the doctor, although rubbing the merchandise ove... Read more
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