Blog: Peace Calls

Blogger: Anjana Dayal de Prewitt
It’s all about the roots! Our roots don’t pull us down, they enable us to grow farther away to explore the unknown skies! #roots #trees #lovenature #mindfulness #deepbreathing #relax #selfcare... Read more
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Blogger: Anjana Dayal de Prewitt
Another night I couldn't sleep and one more morning I didn't want to wake up! Two shootings. in less than 24 hours, killed 29 people and left 53 injured in two different states while the dear ones and well wishers mourn in the rest of the country! It is hard to even imagine the pain and sorrow the family and friends of the dead and injured. The impact of this trauma will be lifelong for some, a wound that will never heal. And then there are the first responders who leave the comfort of their homes to reduce the suffering, they too will be impacted psychologically.We know mass shootings in America are on the rise. If you click on this link , you can see data on the mass shootings since t... Read more
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Blogger: Anjana Dayal de Prewitt
A couple of weeks ago, I was waiting on the plane to fly out of McAllen, Texas.  A young boy came and sat on the seat next to me. He looked young but I really didn't think of anything more than that. I sat there reminiscing on the work I was involved in the last few days until the boy asked me in Spanish to help him with his seat belt. I looked at his innocent face and helped him. We smiled and I asked how old he was. He said, 15. All of a sudden, I realized I was sitting next to an unaccompanied minor who didn't speak English and was on his first plane ride ever. I could see he was nervous and yet courageous. I asked him where was he coming from, little did I know I was opening a ... Read more
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Blogger: Anjana Dayal de Prewitt
Did you stop to count your top 10 blessings today? If not, take a minute and do it now and let the feeling of gratitude linger for the rest of the day! Oh, and please don't forget give back :-) ... Read more
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Blogger: Anjana Dayal de Prewitt
In the darkest moments, keep the faith. Even when inner peace seems to have left you, try to focus on actions rather than fear that the situation might be posing. It always get better, trust me, always even if there is a new low before it gets better! Just like tears come after smiles, joy comes after sadness. So many spiritual books talk about no emotion is permanent and no situation is here to stay forever. Same is with people, they come and go. Some leave early some stay for longer but all make an exit eventually and sometimes it is our turn to go. But regardless of who left, it gets better! Just keep breathing, hoping, taking one day at a time, maybe one moment at a time. Set little goal... Read more
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Blogger: Anjana Dayal de Prewitt
This poem is a reminder that God has my back! There are so many instances in my life when I was saved from an imminent danger, was successful even when I was not fully prepared, or received peace in the middle of chaos! Trusting God never failed me! His definition and timing for my success may have been different than mine but it is always better than what I anticipated. I have learned that I can always hope for a better tomorrow in the middle of darkness and fear! He has blessed me more than I deserve and beyond my imagination! For me God is beyond any description we read in books, His love goes beyond human understanding and His greatness is the greatest mystery!He gives me peace,Even when... Read more
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Blogger: Anjana Dayal de Prewitt
This post is dedicated to all those who spoke up, stood up, helped the powerless, never stopped dreaming and dared to love even when it seemed impossible and became unbearable. I also want thank all of you who were before me because you gave me the legs to stand on, who are around me because you are the heart that beats in my chest and who will continue to come into being forevermore because you are my wings to the limitless sky! We all feed into each other and make each other stronger and better! Every time you stood upfor the rights of all,You did it for me too!Every time you questionedthe social norms,You did it for me too!Every time you daredto be different,You did it for me too!Eve... Read more
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Blogger: Anjana Dayal de Prewitt
Hi everyone, I just wanted to remind you to practice mindfulness often. Peace is within us and we must take time to be in touch with it and let it flow outside of us so that it can reach others too! Have a relaxing weekend!... Read more
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Blogger: Anjana Dayal de Prewitt
Grateful for the injustice, ‘coz that’s what makes my struggle more powerful! Grateful for the pain, ‘coz that’s what makes my smile more meaningful! Grateful for their never ending attacks, ‘coz they make me persistent! Grateful for the defeats, ‘coz they make me resilient! Grateful for the half deaf ears, ‘coz they make my voice vociferous! Grateful for the slander and name calling, ‘coz that’s what makes me famous 😉... Read more
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Blogger: Anjana Dayal de Prewitt
In the middle of the chaos,Seek peace!Even when it is arduous,Hold on to peace! The fight for justice,Pursue with peace!Speak up, the way it is,Express with peace!When anger takes over,Respond with peace!When doubts bother,Stand firm in peace!Because it is possible,Sustain peace! You and I able,Let's make peace!Since it is the right way,Follow peace!No matter what they say,Retain peace!With all our differences,Enjoy Peace!Let's build on commonalities,A masterpiece of Peace! ... Read more
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Blogger: Anjana Dayal de Prewitt
On 14th of February this year, 40 Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) soldiers were killed in Pulwama district of Kashmir by a native man supported by Jaish-e-Mohammad, a Pakistan based terrorist organization. Since then Indian military has lost a total of 50 personnel in encounters with those behind this attack (based in Kashmir). A recent article by the Economics Times of India, US President Donal Trump has expressed grave concern about what this situation could lead to and expressed empathy towards Indian sentiment. Talking about Indian sentiment, what is it and is it what it should be? Anger towards Pakistan is understandable but is a war with Pakistan a rig... Read more
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Blogger: Anjana Dayal de Prewitt
It can be very hard to embrace peace while seeking justice. The search for common ground becomes difficult when at least one party's agenda is to oppress and marginalize the other. While peace and justice go hand in hand, often times fight for justice shrinks the space for inner peace. A constant process of reflection and introspection is required to keep a check on your own thought process and behaviors as you move forward. For those who are genuinely trying to sustain peace within and with the environment, here are a few simple tips: The hardest and the most important part is to continue to look for and build on the common ground with those who might seem to be in opposition with you.... Read more
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Blogger: Anjana Dayal de Prewitt
It is not easy to be an immigrant in a foreign country, leaving everything you knew to learn and adjust to everything new. This poem tries to give words to a silent request that most of us immigrants have for the citizens in the host countries.Beyond the color of my skin,See me, my brother!Beyond my different accent,Hear me, my sister!I bring more than my foreign birth,I bring valuable experiences,I bring my skills, a desire to collaborate,I bring more than our differences!I am not here to put you down,I am not here to snatch your portion,I am here to exchange goodness,I desire for a bright future to apportion! I beg you to treat me as equal,I am as human as you are,I beg you to evaluat... Read more
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Blogger: Anjana Dayal de Prewitt
This poem is based on conversations with people during my recent trip to Texas and desk review of what is going on in the US since the Zero Policy was enacted in May 2018 by President Donald Trump. There are little children in detention centers/shelters and they don't know where their parents are or when they are going to meet them. Some parents reported that the officials didn't even notify that they are being separated so they couldn't even say goodbyes to their children or couldn't prepare them for what was coming. Anyways, some children were so small that they wouldn't have understood what is being done to them.... This poem has tried to imagine one such child's feelings who is in one of... Read more
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Blogger: Anjana Dayal de Prewitt
In January this year, an eight year old girl, Asifa Bano, who belonged to a Muslim nomad community, was kidnapped, raped for several days in a temple and killed by a group of Hindu men in Kathua district of Jammu and Kashmir. Please click here for an account from a journalist who met her parents days after the horrific crime was committed. Investigators believe that the accused men committed this crime to force Asifa's community out of the area they were living in. What makes the situation even worse is that Hindu right-wing groups including government officials protested the arrest of the perpetrators (For more information, please click for an article by BBC here). https://freepresskas... Read more
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Blogger: Anjana Dayal de Prewitt
We all have experienced times in our lives when moving forward becomes a challenge. Fears, doubts, blame, shame, anger, sadness and sometimes complacency hold us back. We become stale, and even start stinking like the standing water. Just a little step forward adds life to our lives and we must not stop not matter what! It is important to visualize your dream and go for it! As Lao Tzu said, The Journey of Thousand Miles begins with One Step! Every morning, start afresh,Take a deep breath, step forward!Even when the day is heavy as rock,Pull all your strength, step forward!If there seems to be no path ahead,Take the leap of faith, step forward!Before fear consumes all the courage,Positio... Read more
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Blogger: Anjana Dayal de Prewitt
This post is for those of us who are a bit different from the majority. For those who don't fit in the general societal frames in terms of thinking, life style, choice of life partner, way of bringing up our children, dressing style, etc... For example, those of us when walking on the street holding your spouse's hand notice people looking at you in a weird fashion, in my case because I am a brown woman married to a white man double my age. People also raise eyebrows about me being too liberal with my son. Sorry but not sorry because I don't see my son as a robot who should follow all my instructions, he needs to have space to discover this world and be a person of his own! Ye... Read more
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Blogger: Anjana Dayal de Prewitt
Most conflicts in todays world happen in the name of religion, when most religions and belief systems talk about peace and love! How does this happen? Can human brain be so dumb not to understand that the Power that created the human race cannot instigate it's suffering. It's like a mother giving birth to children and then having them kill and torture each other to prove their love for her. I believe God that various religions talk about is more intelligent, loving and merciful than an average mother across the different cultures. It is clear people don't really believe in the God they preach about if they are killing using God's name!  We, the religious people, talk... Read more
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Blogger: Anjana Dayal de Prewitt
Over fifteen years ago, I joined the humanitarian workforce to be part of the Red Cross response to an unfortunate earthquake in Bhuj, Gujarat. After that I had the honor of serving in super cyclone recovery efforts in Odisha, and a school fire response in Kumbhakonam, Tamil Nadu where 94 children were burned to death among other small disaster responses in India. As a young mother at the time, this work had a huge impact on my life. It changed my ambitions, my world view and the direction of my trajectory. I was so inspired by my mentors and those who had left their families to assist people who were suffering as a result of these tragic events. Wiping tears became ... Read more
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Blogger: Anjana Dayal de Prewitt
The more you study various religious books, you find more commonality in the various teachings than differences. I actually wrote an article about commonalities between Islamic, Christian and Hindu scriptures that was later published in a US Institute for Peace' book. Yes, there are differences among religions but not so big that they would compel people to kill thousands on the other side! And yet those who want power at any cost have been able to convince their simple followers to fervently hate others in the name of God. I want to emphasize though this post is not only about those who might be associated with Islam but also those who are associated with Judaism, Christianity, Hinduis... Read more
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Blogger: Anjana Dayal de Prewitt
Sometimes when you let yourself be led by God and let go of things that hold you back, you are able to find inspiration in places and/or from people you didn't expect it! What a liberating feeling it is!Yes, the same old insight we have heard so many times and yet we fail to practice it, mostly because we are not very thoughtful about where our focus should be. Letting go of thoughts that are not that important in our lives and yet eat us from within is the thing to do and it is possible to do it. All we need to do is to take a step back, look at the situation in an objective fashion (include a trusted friend, if needed), take a couple of deep breaths and make a decision to let go...! S... Read more
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Blogger: Anjana Dayal de Prewitt
Once again, there was mass shooting in the US. For more information, please visit: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-4188051So please remember not to blame the gun or how it may have facilitated the killing of at least 20 innocent people. Also, don't forget 'guns don't kill people, people kill people'! Very importantly don't even think about how a gun could increase the impact manyfold compared to person with a stone/knife in their hand. And please, don't mention about other countries where they implemented stricter gun control laws and haven't had an incident of mass shooting since. Saving lives is not as important as saving the right to have guns, you just don't get it, liberals... Read more
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Blogger: Anjana Dayal de Prewitt
 Diversity has been hurting for generations! If one doesn't belong to the color, race, ethnicity or religion of the majority in a nation, they have to continuously prove themselves to be patriots, sufficiently talented and sometimes good enough to be able to live! Today with nationalism on the rise, diversity is whispering to nations -  Accept me and embrace me,Before I give up on you,Acknowledge me for who I am,I am tired of proving myself to you! I pick up the cotton,And I also teach,I cook and clean,And stars too I have reached! There's no color ofIntelligence and hard work,There's no race ofAbility and rigor! Why then my people are judged... Read more
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Blogger: Anjana Dayal de Prewitt
Faith and fear,How different they are,To find a place in my heart,They're always at war!There are moments,When fear wins,It feels everything's shut,And it gets so dark within!Then there are times,When faith is victorious,There's light, hope,And a fresh portion of breeze!Clearly, fear is undesirable,Yet, life often brings it around,The slimy emotion finds way in the heart,My resistance no matter how strong!And when you're a mother,Fear finds many more avenues,You shut one door,From another, it comes through!One runs between books,and friends and family,To find weapons against fear,To defeat it finally!But it comes back again,And again and again,Until you bow down to pray,And faith w... Read more
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Blogger: Anjana Dayal de Prewitt
O India, my motherland,My identity and my pride!My soul seeks nourishment,Only your bosom can provide!Your children sharethe candor and the bond,where conflicts are ajar,Yet harmony is strong!Your iridescent culture,Your diversity entwined soul,All colors, all shades,Every Indian makes you whole!Dilli, your very heart!houses a conscience,Woven intricately withEvery element of your essence.A global inspiration forUnity in diversityThrives on differences,My viberant city!When I was a child,The rain was enough,To wet our liveswith happiness and love!Our contentment,Money didn’t dictate,There was more felicity,We could take!Laughter rang in the air,No dearth of games to play,Without any techno... Read more
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