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A happy New Year people hope everyone had wonderful holiday season and are getting back to their busy lives and chores.Yes have been cooking a little less these days thanks to attending a  lot of weddings this season but now finally all that is done and back home trying to switch back to a healthy diet and home cooked food.I love Lentils. They are very important part of our Indian Cuisine very healthy high on protein, fiber, and vitamin B. Every Region in India has its own version of a staple lentil as we call it Dal. As Region changes the variety of lentils used change too. North Indian love their Tadka Dal or Dal Makhani and as one travels towards Gujarat the pallet changes with a lighter... Read more
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Blogger: shivani tolia
Back to blogging after a really long time but life is such… when other thing took over, writing surely had taken a back seat for me. But now am back again and will do a detailed blog post on things which I tried cooking or eating out over the last couple of weeks!!So this blog post is pretty special, I got a chance to make few recipes using ingredients from Shop for Change Fair Trade, an NGO that was founded in 2009 with a mission to harness the power of Indian markets to improve the livelihoods of poor farmers across India via trade, not aid.Shop for Change is India’s first and only Fair Trade label. Cotton is the first fair trade certified product where they have partnered ... Read more
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Blogger: shivani tolia
The list of my favorite street food is quite extensive and it ranges from the humble-vada pav of Mumbai to the Paneer kathi roll from Kathi roll company NYC but i have a soft spot for Jhal Muri.Jhal –Muri is one of the most popular street foods of Calcutta, India.  So what is this ubiquitous street food all about?? Well It’s made with puffed rice, potato, onions, fresh coconut, chilies, fresh coriander and salted peanuts…drizzled with the aromatic mustard oil tossed with a  special spice mix which includes red chili powder, cumin powder, clove powder etc served in a humble paper cone. A very simple dish but when eaten one experiences burst of different flavors. Its tangy, salty and c... Read more
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Blogger: shivani tolia
Chili Rellenos served with Fresh Tomato Salsa,Tomatillio Salsa , Mexican Pepper Rice and Sour cream.The title literally means that “I found chilies” which happened the other day when I went grocery shopping and I got home these wonderful green chilies.Well I love spicy food and have tasted a variety of chilies and experimented with them while cooking, No wonder I like Mexican cuisine as it has very bold and fresh flavors and the use of chili and spices is quite liberal which is quite similar to our Indian cuisine.In India chili is an very important ingredient in flavoring curries,  there are various varieties of chilies available red or green either in fresh or powdered form actually ea... Read more
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Blogger: shivani tolia
Shravan is here so is the fasting season. The other morning I read this tweet by Rujuta Divekar who is a very renowned nutritionist “Eat Sabudana Khichdi once a week during shravan this keeps one’s system cool, skin fresh, scalp healthy and stomach light”.Now I wasn’t aware of all these additional benefits sabudana had but the khichdi is my favorite. My mom made the best one actually (well, yes nothing can beat mom’s cooking) It was a snack once I got home from school or was served for breakfast. The fluffy texture of the khichdi could make anyone’s mouth water and combined with green chilies and potatoes +peanuts it’s a meal in its self .This can be had hot or cold and even wh... Read more
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Blogger: shivani tolia
Cheers!!I think Cooking and feeding people brings nourishment not only to our bodies but happiness to our spirits. Cooking for people is a way of showing your love towards them..Brings people together and it’s just magic!!Yes Magic did happen that night!! As they say Friends do bring out the best in each other and when we meet hell ya… we do have a blast.So the other day a very impromptu thing happened. We girls were chatting up and decided to meet, it had been a while we met each other as all had been travelling, busy with our social commitments and catching up was long due .So the my partners in crime Niketa(she designs the most amazing fabric also into ready-wear!! Yes most of my w... Read more
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Blogger: shivani tolia
I truly enjoy eating salads, on a hot day or any day and if it’s a little spicy even better as it replaces my craving of any spicy junk food that I would normally end up eating otherwise. The recipe which I am posting today it’s a quick and easy one and can be made with simple ingredients from one‘s pantry.This salad can also double up and make a wonderful filling for any sandwich or also can work as a side for barbecue dish or burgers.It is quite similar to a kimchi but it’s not fermented and can be used quite fresh. One can use any kind of cucumbers which has a crisp and firm texture preferably one with small seeds works better.The Korean spice gochugaru (very similar to dry red ch... Read more
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Blogger: shivani tolia
Chutney is an essential part of Indian cuisineThis term actually means strongly spiced and is an very important condiment which usually consists of a mix of chopped nuts, fruits vinegar, spices and sugar and usually cooked into a chunky spreadSpicy, sour, tangy and colorful –Chutney makes a meal complete and satisfyingA delectable way to enjoy chutney is with a toast or a bagel even goes well with left over roti the options are just too many to choose from.Coming from a Traditional Indian Gujarati family chutney was an important accompaniment of our cuisine. As a child I was a very fussy eater but the memory I have is of this coriander mint chutney (a mix of fresh chopped coriander, mint, ... Read more
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Blogger: shivani tolia
Some days I just don’t feel like eating the usual food especially when we have more of dull and gloomy days  ….Well now monsoon should arrive soon ..can’t wait for the cool breeze, the whiff of the wet soil. You need a meal that truly lifts you up and the idea of one dish meal just excites me. Its filling and satisfying.Now this is my cheats version and a very similar recipe to original Burmese Khow Suey. As after a long day i don’t have that much time to fry all the onions /garlic for toppings and just want to make something quick enough (Will post the traditional Khow Suey recipe soon )Until then do try this oneRICE NOODLES IN COCONUT CURRY WITH VEGGIES AND TOFU Ingredients:1... Read more
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Blogger: shivani tolia
Welcome to WordPress.com! This is your very first post. Click the Edit link to modify or delete it, or start a new post. If you like, use this post to tell readers why you started this blog and what you plan to do with it.Happy blogging!... Read more
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