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I woke up screaming and taking off my bed sheet. I felt drops of sweat flowing till the end of my spine and they disappeared inside the fine cloth of my skirt. I peeped into my shirt and checked whether my not yet firm and still blooming breasts are in their place. I sighed. I badly wanted some water so I searched for the water jug and gulped water making my shirt go wet. I wanted my breasts to get removed from my body. There is no other female organ which makes the life of a girl terrible. Lying down on the bed did give me some comfort. The cool air which found its way through the bed room window soothed my headache. The window pane had weird designs made by the shadows of the nearby trees.... Read more
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Blogger: Bhavia Velayudhan
It was during my initial days in Chennai that I met Revamma* at Tambaram. My friend took me to her house as I was searching for a paying guest home. She looked like any other woman of the age 60 years. There were a lot of confusions inside me after seeing her. She seemed very strict and for somebody like me who live without any discipline, staying with her and the family didn’t sound like a good idea.But, my situation was so crucial that I badly wanted a place to stay.(Here onwards I will be addressing her as Aunty.)While walking back after giving the advance amount, I shed my worries to my friend. The family is very big consisting of eleven people – Aunty,Uncle,their four sons, Uncle’... Read more
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Blogger: Bhavia Velayudhan
I see a society which treats girls and boys differentlyI see boys advised not to cryI see the corporate world which proclaims gender equality at work, refuses to promote women,especially married women and women back after pregnancyI see  families which boast about forward thinking and modern living,expect the daughter to guard the family’s honor.I see women including educated and independent (?) still forced to seek permissions to men I see women suffering because of other womenI see men refusing blatantly to respect women coworkersI see men expected to bear a family’s financial burdenI see girls expected to be nice,patient and politeI see boys expected to be sporty,short-tempered and ... Read more
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Blogger: Bhavia Velayudhan
A chance to look back and sum up our life is worth a shot.This post is part of CBC’s Six-Word Memoir Tag post series.This tag was passed to me by Gayathri Kannan ,a girl with big dreams, who writes beautiful poems.My life has been an eventful roller coaster ride and to sum up in six words is quite an interesting challenge.I pass this tag to Deepak Raghuraman who inspires the readers by his posts.He is a passionate music enthusiast and plays Carnatic violin too.Image courtesy : Rajeswari DevadossFiled under: My Thoughts & Views Tagged: six words... Read more
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Blogger: Bhavia Velayudhan
The world is still a better place because there are people who still understand and empathize the world.A request to everybody to watch this video, especially people who laugh at me calling me a feminist.Filed under: My Thoughts & Views, Women's World Tagged: Jackson Katz, tedx talk about violence and sexism... Read more
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Blogger: Bhavia Velayudhan
Her fingers are clutched refusing to open to feel my fingers. Her curly hair slightly waved in the mild gush of the wind coming through the window. She looked calm yet stubborn showing reluctance to know her new world. I mildly played with the fragile curls of hair without letting her wake up from sleep. The serenity created by the nature to put a baby asleep made me wonder about the mysteries unknown to human beings. Her foot looked like a strawberry pastry with tiny toes as almond slices. Her fragile body made the mother inside me blow off completely.I looked at her closely to find whether she has any of my traits. She looked exactly like her Father inheriting every physical feature o... Read more
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Blogger: Bhavia Velayudhan
The Last Time I gifted someone was a week back,The Last Time I kissed my parents was three weeks back,The Last Time I watched sunrise sitting on the sands of beach was a month back,The Last Time I helped a stranger was two months back,The Last Time I walked in the rain without an umbrella was three months back,The Last Time I dipped my legs in a flowing river was four months back,The Last Time I held a baby in my hands was five months back,The Last Time I took a long walk was six months back,The Last Time I sat with and listened to an elderly couple was seven months back,The Last Time I did a night out to finish a book was eight months back,The Last Time I sang to a small crowd with butter... Read more
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Blogger: Bhavia Velayudhan
This is a message which I got in my blog’s Facebook page.I felt that his message should be shared and read by others.So sharing the message as a post with his consent.Greetings… This is S, born in India and living in Canada. Hi, you have a great blog I must say. I liked your post about I hate being Indian women. Indian women are so much repressed that it’s so sad. Who is to blame?? I will tell you from my observation. The core reason for the degraded status of Indian women in Indian society is the Caste system.I have observed that the only reason why we have arranged marriages in India is to keep the caste system alive. There is no other reason for that and the pride of the family is a... Read more
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Blogger: Bhavia Velayudhan
Writing twenty-six posts is an exhausting task and that is why I didn’t take up the A – Z Challenge widely happening in blogosphere. This post is a hood to hide my laziness to write separate posts.Anklets This is an ornament which I love a lot and end up not wearing it. The silver thread which adorns a girl’s ankle is a beautiful frame. May be it is all about what I feel about my legs that I avoided them since my late teens. I love listening to the tinkling of them when my Mom walks around in the house and sometimes I even decipher her mood from the rhythm of the tinkling.BeachPeople close to give me looks when I get excited like a kid every time I hear the word beach. Beach has bee... Read more
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Blogger: Bhavia Velayudhan
Filed under: My Thoughts & Views Tagged: prasun, Wordless Wednesday... Read more
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Blogger: Bhavia Velayudhan
Aditi: I wish you were not married.Ayan: Three years back I called you up to propose you but, you cut my call the moment you heard my voice.Aditi: I never knew that you had called me up to do so.Ayan: Even I never expected that you would wait for me this long. Moral of the story: Think twice before you cut a phone call. Filed under: My Thoughts & Views Tagged: 55 words fiction, fiction, love lost... Read more
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Blogger: Bhavia Velayudhan
He looked at all of us staring deep into our eyes. Cold wind blowing turned warm due to our tensed breath outs. Before joining the college, I did ask a lot about the ragging sessions this national pride and the prestigious engineering college. To whomever I asked, for a difference, everybody told me the truth and sleepless nights turned me into a zombie. Two days, the seniors found no time to set up a meeting with the fresh batch of students. The name Unni spread like a virus among us and finally on the third day when we almost slept peacefully, the time to meet him was ticked in our fate book.‘Who is Ajmal?’Unni’s voice traveled like a bullet in the midnight hitting right on ... Read more
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Blogger: Bhavia Velayudhan
This post is part of the Chennai Bloggers Club(CBC)’s Flower Friday series  initiated to keep the spirit of blogging alive and challenging.In my third standard,I learned few lines of an epoch-making poem written by Mahakavi Kumaran Asan for the recitation competition for that year’s school cultural festival. The poem won no prize as I forgot most of what I had mugged up. The poem’s name was “VeenaPoovu“.Veena,the musical instrument and Poovu,the Malayalam translation for flower.One of my classmates asked me whether I have seen this flower.My ego didn’t allow me to accept my ignorance.As she belonged to my rival gang,she forced me to bring the flower to the class next day.I... Read more
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Blogger: Bhavia Velayudhan
She looked beautiful and her face glowed in the turmeric she has applied before her bath. The yellow tint made her face look fairer. She chewed a chocolate and saliva slowly flowed from the sides of her mouth in light brown color. She didn’t make an attempt to wipe it off, instead she looked outside through the window of the share auto. Her nose pin shined like a small diamond when the sun rays fell on it. The reflected light made patterns inside the roof of the auto. People noticed her and she became a short time celebrity though she didn’t realize it. Her fingers were long and fragile and they were tightly held to a yellow cloth bag. The orange sari on her added her beauty but the sari... Read more
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Blogger: Bhavia Velayudhan
If you have watched Sherlock Holmes TV Series, you are going to love this post. If you have not watched Sherlock Holmes TV Series, then you are going to watch both the seasons after reading this post.Except that I was born pre-matured, everything else happened late in life. Sherlock Holmes TV series is the latest addition into that list. Though its first season aired in 2010 and second season in 2012, I watched both the seasons only in December 2012.What a pity! Last month I bit my nails hard, held my cushions tight and forgot to bathe as I watched this series. This not an exaggerated explanation to make you feel great about the series but except gobbling my food at odd times without taking... Read more
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Blogger: Bhavia Velayudhan
Fridays are fun.Friday mornings are brighter and Friday nights are livelier.The Chennai city is a beauty during the month of December and commuting makes me feel heaven as I travel with the school kids. As the students are busy with their half-yearly examinations in December, it is a nostalgic scene to see the kids all over the city in the morning. All of them carry a plastic bag in which the wooden/plastic writing board is kept. The projection of pencil box and books could be clearly seen outside the plastic cover. The relief of each exam getting over is clear on their faces. The kids are accompanied by either their Mother or Grand Father. I look into their textbooks, at times into their... Read more
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Blogger: Bhavia Velayudhan
Let me announce the inception of a new series which will be an irregular series of posts which would tell five extraordinary incidents for a particular a theme. I remember starting a series a year back and that was amazingly irregular and I was forced to kill it.Nightmares are universal and I love them because of its global, gender-less and quirky characteristics. Following are the best five nightmares I have had since my recollection ability started working well. The list is in the descending order of frequency and in the ascending order of intensity.5While travelling in train, upper berth is bliss for me. Nobody pesters you when they want to sleep, nobody wakes you up in the morning ... Read more
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Blogger: Bhavia Velayudhan
Despite the geographical and cultural differences, the world hates changes. A history would be created if the world had ever encouraged anybody who has tried to deviate from the traditional, usual and tried out path. But, the interesting fact is that the ones who succeed in the end are always unbelievably praised, incredibly worshiped and gloriously thrown in air by the world.Why does the world NEVER encourage people to go off the track and try to experience something new?“Why you are not like other girls?” was the most common question which I have faced in my life. I would end up giving a blank stare to everyone who fired away this question. Let me not gender bias this issue.But, it... Read more
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Blogger: Bhavia Velayudhan
… terrible. Everybody around me was talking about rape and rights of women and I felt very weird because it was a new thing for me. I felt even weirder when I realized that people are realizing it only now. But, I’m glad that at least a small percentage of people did make an effort to show their solidarity against the inhumane acts against women. Many inquired why I’m not writing a post about what has happened in India. Some even told certain incidents from their life which they wanted me to mention in my post. But, I refrained from writing a post all this while only because I was badly hurt by the incident. I couldn’t cope up with the fact that heinous acts can happen to women to... Read more
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Blogger: Bhavia Velayudhan
There are certain moments in life when we wonder “Oops!! How come I missed that person?” Amit is one among those wonderful and popular bloggers in the country.There could be only two thoughts – either you know Amit or you don’t.If you know Amit,you are going to stop reading rest of this paragraph and jump on to the post.If you don’t know Amit, by the end of this post,you will repeat the dialog which I have written above.This is a guest post from Amit Sharma and he blogs at Mashed Musings .His posts are widely shared and discussed.He stands out in the crowded blogosphere mainly because of his witty sarcastic posts and his heart to call himself a male-feminist.Thank you Amit for wri... Read more
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Blogger: Bhavia Velayudhan
In chess, there are 169,518,829,100,544,000,000,000,000,000 ways to play the first ten moves. If you played all the Beatles’ singles and albums that came out between 1962 and 1970 back to back, it would only last for 10 hours and 33 minutes. The Apollo 11 only had 20 seconds of fuel when it landed. 13 people are killed each year by vending machine’s falling on them. If we had the same mortality rate now as in 1900, more than half the people in the world today would not be alive. There are more than 1,000 chemicals in a cup of coffee. It would take 7 billion particles of fog to fill a teaspoon. The average person makes about 1,140 telephone calls each year. The world record for ro... Read more
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Blogger: Bhavia Velayudhan
Men and Women are the same. They both look at other women. We just can’t stop looking at another woman, especially if she is prettier, well dressed and smarter than us. The usual talk consists of everything from nail polish color to a grey hair. Last evening when we were having fun at the cost of others by thinking that we are the descendants of Marlin Monroe, something struck me. It was about a photo album which I had stumbled upon when I went home. Our talking paused and I started narrating the story.I was terribly adamant and greatly spoiled during the early stages of my teenage. Unfortunately, my parents were really nice to me that they never humiliated, insulted or embarrassed me... Read more
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Blogger: Bhavia Velayudhan
Image courtesy : handbagsgeek.com,switched.com,purseblog.com,echostains.wordpress.com,pursepage.com,luxist.com,markova3011.weebly.com,epic.do,biskvitka.net,thefashionpolice.net,totescute.comFiled under: Misc, My Thoughts & Views Tagged: fashion, handbags, ladies bags, style, weird, Wordless Wednesday... Read more
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Blogger: Bhavia Velayudhan
Now this is what you do when the nostalgia bug bites you.This is a Slate and a slate pencil.I’m not sure how many have used this to learn to write when they were smaller than kids.I did try to search for a slate board with a wooden frame which is actually the authentic slate board but couldn’t get it.So revisit the memories of childhood.Filed under: My Thoughts & Views, When I was a kid Tagged: childhood, slate, slate pencil... Read more
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Blogger: Bhavia Velayudhan
See List 1 hereImage courtesy : no idea Filed under: My Thoughts & Views Tagged: coffee mugs... Read more
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