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Blogger: Ankit Sharma
O My Dear friendIts a feeling in me that's lostIts a voidness in my heartIts a Spirit in me thats brokenIts a life in me which died that daySitting by the cosy lazy afternoonWhen June had just began to springThat dull afternoon & Lazy SundayWas a day that was the Sad, Bad & UglyThe flight of love had brought you downThe shattered pieces of an Aircraft holds youThe love of your life has now taken you awayTo a flight where there's no returning backI remember your words, advice and laughterWhich is lost in me forever nowif there's a god I definitely do pray aloudIf only for this last time you could return if PossibleThe one last time I could hold you backThe one last time I can hear you... Read more
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Blogger: Ankit Sharma
When I looked into my heartit beats with the feeling of getting hurtWhen I looked into my heartPassion & emotions wrinkle in it as an ArtWhen I looked into my Mindthe vision in me almost got me blindWhen i look into my MindI clearly see the benefits of being kindWhen I looked into my heartthe love in us have drifted miles apartwhen I looked into my heartIt yearns to forget and have a fresh startWhen I looked into my mindI see the temple of love destroyed by windWhen I looked into my mindI see the world has already left me behindThe month of May as my Heart SayKindles the broken dreams which floats on bayThe month of May as my Mind believeStitches those little fragments of love as I griev... Read more
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Blogger: Ankit Sharma
Under the blanket of Sweet dreamsAbove the horrors of a Dark futureBeyond the controls of fate & destinyI breath in a beautiful lovely today.Nostalgic on the Path of a broken RoadWaiting for the train to take me to placeWhere Memories reside and Sings a LullabyI breath in a beautiful lovely today.The Engines burnt and flight took offLifting me from a Place I lived seven monthsThey were days of Happiness & Sorrow butI breath in a beautiful lovely today.I am now in a place where I belongwhere family loves & friends tell a TaleThe Month Of a rhyme-less AprilI breath in a beautiful lovely today.Somehow there is an Unrest in my heartA candle lit off by a cold fresh AirThe unrest quest... Read more
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Blogger: Ankit Sharma
Time was short but the wait was longerLike a wandering soul I was restlessFor the days to Pass and nights to endIt was my home coming, it was my home comingThe familiar streets waited for my arrivalThe familiar voices called out my nameThe familiar faces were waiting to smileIt was my home coming, It was my home comingThe needle pointed to the direction of my home.The Winds blew from the place of my ownThe birds carried out the message to the PlaceIt was my Homecoming, It was my homecomingThere are little remains of this placeAnd every precious hour had to be savedI knew i had 25 days of March beforeIt was my homecoming, It was my homecomingAlong the dark carpet a welcoming Aura emanatesA pa... Read more
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Blogger: Ankit Sharma
A gentle smile greeted themof winning Promises and trustA Gentle breeze greeted usof Calm day and a Joyous monthIt was a month of loveIt was a month of CelebrationIt was a month of birthdaysIt was the month of februaryI remember the Cold morningsI remember the tender loveI remember my broken handI remember those painful stitchesYet i have a voidness within meof nostalgia & candied memoriesI let myself fall from a heightonly to pick myself up again.There was still a gentle breeze that nightthere was still some wine flowing that nightCheering to the celebrations that nightIt was the month of february that nightThis is a post for  Month of the Year Challenge . Cheers!... Read more
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Blogger: Ankit Sharma
I stayed awake Welcoming the yearWith an open Arms and Gloomy eyesCounting for the year which promisedLong Health and short painsYet the Year began with an HangoverWhere there was no regret of yesterdayThe previous night was a celebration of VictoryOf survival, of new friends and new PlaceThe days here were Long and HotThe winds here were Strong and FierceThe lights here were dark and GloomyThe people here were amazing and GoodWe went to the beaches of AtlanticWhere fun and anxiety stayed at bayWe drank our hearts out that dayWe cheered to friendship and companionshipYet it was the first month of the YearIt was the beginning of a new startHow i was wrong when i SaidIt promised Long health an... Read more
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Blogger: Ankit Sharma
The feelings of Love in my Heart was overI threw it off thinking it’s a Poisoned fruitI poured graffiti on the walls of my temple of devotionSmashed the window to escape from the Shelter of my love.A feeling of loneliness replaced the feeling of being togetherThe noises from my Present replaced the harmony in my pastThe lifeless plant on a pot replaced the Roses, which I once gardenedTwo glasses of fine Scotch replaced the Romantic setting of French WinesI have forgotten the feeling of your handsI have forgotten how your lips feel on mineI have forgotten how your happy voice soundsI have forgotten the way you have loved meIn the Voidness of my life I feel your presenceBut there is a doubtf... Read more
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Blogger: Ankit Sharma
                                                        Character Identification: Allen"Even the Bravest of men with tough arm have a soft heart". For Allen it was always extremes when it comes to living his life. A life devoid of love and filled with Pain for he knew that soon a day would come where he would sacrifice this hardships for a beautiful tomorrow. He just wished when that happens the time freezes instantly so that he could live his hard years completely again in a more beautiful way.But then even the bravest Soldiers with a heart of a lion will be paralysed by fear. A fear so vivid, so radiant that it would shape the future of his life. ALLEN: SOME TI... Read more
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Blogger: Ankit Sharma
Am I alive???These were the first thoughts when Allen woke up from his sleep. He laid in a bed and his mind was continuously racing with the reality. Was it the dream or a dark distinct Reality? He started to observe the surroundings now thinking if that could give him an idea of where exactly he was.. Allen  He checked on his watch and the time was just 10 mins to 6 in the evening. Everything around him was white. He could see many people around him, everybody Alien. Just a minute observation was sufficient for him to know he was in a Hospital!Yesterday: 18 hrs Earlier…..“I am not gonna shoot somebody I don’t know”… Allen said in a commanding manner to Charlie whom he met just h... Read more
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Blogger: Ankit Sharma
Am I alive???These were the first thoughts when Allen woke up from his sleep. He laid on a bed and his mind was continuously racing with the reality. Was it the dream or a dark distinct Reality? He started to observe the surroundings now thinking if that could give him an idea of where exactly he was.. Allen He checked on his watch and the time was just 10 mins to 6 in the evening. Everything around him was white. He could see many people around him, everybody Alien. Just a minute observation was sufficient for him to know he was in a Hospital!Yesterday: 18 hrs Earlier…“I am not gonna shoot somebody I don’t know”… Allen said in a commanding manner to Charlie whom he met just hrs a... Read more
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Blogger: Ankit Sharma
"Past is gone, Present is a gift & future is Uncertain".I shall put it this way or may be say I am living in now. Pretending that tomorrow's gonna be a better day. Well for starters I do wish at times that tomorrow shall be a day where there's no guilt, no sorrow, no repentance or no grief with my Past. no Grief that what I could do today, no grief of what I could have done in the Past. There are untold wordsWhich I need to sayThere are beautiful momentsWhich I need to replayThere were amazing timesWhich I need to rewindThere were some peoplesWho I wish were kindThere were thingswhich i needed to ChangeThere were FriendsWhich I wish were never strangeThere are memoriesWhich nee... Read more
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Blogger: Ankit Sharma
A vivid memory, A lost Vision, A long forlorn thought! Ever since I can think of my childhood, some early part of my teens & as well as my later part i was actually unable to decide why i never ate potatoes, or anything mildly even connected to it! Not that i tasted any time and threw away my dishes declaring to the world hence from now I shall never eat a potato!The best part of writing is an ability to create a world, a situation or as of now an explanation! This is a article i am writing out of senses, in a semi sleep so do excuse my urge to write about it. As some great men have said it "The Man who has no imagination has no wings"Sometimes even writing nonsense should be advisable. ... Read more
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Blogger: Ankit Sharma
"HOPE"...... four small words but one big responsibility. If only dreams were an indication of a distant future I would never strive to live again for its the competition and thirst for some certain victory that derives my survival factor...The light was dullyet the dream was fullThe wait was Longjust like a Good Song.She seeks her goalslike a predatorShe can see her victory in darklike an owlThis was the day she waitedever since she believedThis was the moment she sawin her half conquered dream.The stage was setThe dream was realThe moment of anxietywas that to fail...This small poem dedicated to "Jazz" and hopes she finishes the remaining part of the poetry through her happy word... Read more
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Blogger: Ankit Sharma
There are stuffs we do,Only to mock us;There are Games we play,Only to hurt us.We love with passion & intensity,& we hate the same way.We laugh till the eyes are in tears,& cry with Sadness the same way.We travel far in pursuit of knowledge,& yet we are ignorant in a way.These are the things we do,to be happy in our lives.These are the way we fight,to be good to ourselves.... Read more
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Blogger: Ankit Sharma
This is normalcy...yes, I say that to myself when I am always awake at wee hours of night.. Sometimes I start visualising my future or at times I see flashbacks of my life being proud of some decisions I made while rerouting some. Rarely I come upon a blog to read and which is a first of a kind I am writing one  about it.Expecting I would write a poetry out of it...I delibrately stare at those skies & stars in the sky. What could I possibly bake into a poem.. Dark Black Skies, Bouncy clouds of cotton or those milky stirred moons. Never the less putting up the keys to work & fingers in action.... Starting from this post of mine some time back.                          ... Read more
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Blogger: Ankit Sharma
Metroland. Julian Barnes by Julian BarnesMy rating: 5 of 5 starsIt is Just amazing that how the randomness of a certain event leads us to experience another event in relation to it. I somehow recall first the month of Jan this year where I coincidentally happen to go to a book store due to a power failure. So had the power not failed or had a british reader not recommended the book "The Sense of an ending" or had I did not see the entire work by Julian Barnes the probability of me reading this book would have been minimal.Julian Barnes in this book tells us the Story of two Boys/Lads/Teenagers/Men through different ages of Life. It's not a story so most of the readers will never say they... Read more
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Blogger: Ankit Sharma
<a href="http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/7903842-metroland-julian-barnes" style="float: left; padding-right: 20px"><img alt="Metroland. Julian Barnes" border="0" src="http://photo.goodreads.com/books/1328054658m/7903842.jpg" /></a><a href="http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/7903842-metroland-julian-barnes">Metroland. Julian Barnes</a> by <a href="http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/1462.Julian_Barnes">Julian Barnes</a><br/>My rating: <a href="http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/322585338">5 of 5 stars</a><br /><br />It is Just amazing th... Read more
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Blogger: Ankit Sharma
On a dull Monday AfternoonThe trees starts moving ViolentlyThe breeze is almost FierceI see the rains coming down;I see umbrellas everywherePeople running towards ShelterBut how i wish I could danceWhen the rains come down;The sky is now almost darkThe roads are almost floodedThe surrounding is getting coolerWhen the rains came down;The seconds turn to minutesand the minutes to hoursHow I wish the time Freezeswhen the rains come down;People get matured & turn oldPeople live and then die untoldIf somehow i could be child againWhen the rains come down.... Read more
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Blogger: Ankit Sharma
I see darkness everywhere around meNot a single ray of lightNot a Single person in sightI feel numbness all around me                                                             Source: Google ImagesThe room's acting strangeThere isn't any bed, window or a secret doorNo way in, No way outThe room is silent, scary & dark..I walk around and i reach nowhereI run around I reach nowhereis there none to existin this dark space of nothingnessDarkness holds me tight Like a lover holds his loveDarkness wraps me aroundLike a blanket to keep me warmOh this Place is SilentJust like a graveyardOh this place is silentEven when I shoutHave I done something wrongDid i mak... Read more
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Blogger: Ankit Sharma
Sometimes all rain can bring to someone's mind is A vision of relationship you had, U might have or you currently have!! Sitting by the window seeing the rains falling down and I thought Something weird, something more of a question which is not yet answered and as the rains got harder the quest to find an answer to the question becomes more easier!! yes its true sometime simple things are enough to find answers to complex Questions....And of late, this poetic bug in me has bite me hard!! So a poem dedicated to rain or a Rain which I dedicate to this poem...Any way which helps me sleep in Peace!Like A rainYou are always waitedYour absence can kill meYour Presence ignites meYour effect has th... Read more
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Blogger: Ankit Sharma
Color's..... What beautiful way could be to describe one's life in Colors. A mixture of fun, excitement, denial, anger, Happiness, Sorrow! Like every painting has a meaning of its own why Cant we define a life through a splash of color. So what new am i doing here today. I just want to find out if i could just describe the way we live, the way we think, the way we exist through colors. So lets paint the canvas of this page with some rich color's and see the way we live with it.                                                             Source: Google ImagesRED:For all things that hurt meEvery lame excuse that annoy meFor all times I screamed at youFor each ros... Read more
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Blogger: Ankit Sharma
 And now my thoughts actually ponder on the source of all thoughts….”Brain” I clearly have to admit that there is certainly an advantage as well as a blessing to actually have a Brain which can remember the good ride we had on a holiday but not the “Please God help me find my car key aftermath”. This is very much the same as relationships. I mean we remember those great moments of intimacy love and passion with great ease while those sleepless nights on a bed with enough room to park a car is nothing but a dim memory. Also during exams we can easily remember that how good the exam would have gone but not those sleepless nights and those in numerous cups of coffee enough to make... Read more
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Blogger: Ankit Sharma
125 days!!! I was looking in brief actually staring at this particular number 125. History has it that there is no significance of this particular number but as I would know it’s been 125 days since I last published any thought or any random topic which would have its inception ever since I want to write about it. 125 days where I would give some lame excuse to myself but today I've decided to be true to me, my inner self.So enough with those little stats above there and Yes I am here back to my BlogSpot. Life has not been that good for the past 3 weeks now. The air is open and a Vacuum is created in the airspace over here which is slowly eating up everybody right now. These are hard... Read more
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Blogger: Ankit Sharma
                                                    The Journey- 2"The captain has turned on the fasten seat belt signs. please ensure all seat belts are fastened and all trays are secure in their upright position. We will be landing shortly so on behalf of Qatar, thank you for flying with us and we hope you enjoyed your flight"The voice from the cabin crew coming over from the intercom was almost faint and yet robotic in speech. A faint buzz passed through my ears before the voice almost broke down and then stopped. This was almost a long journey flying around half the world finding pieces of my life still open. I almost fell sleep the last night when ... Read more
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Blogger: Ankit Sharma
                                                The Journey                                      PROLOGUEWords of wisdom"God didn't promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, sun without rain, but He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears, and light for the way."      When Chander came upon this piece of writing it struck a very deep chord within him. This was mainly attributed on his personal circumstances too. As Stephen Greenblatt had quoted “Art always penetrates the particular fissures in one’s physic life”. He just found out to be true. How strange that simple things which he books had to... Read more
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