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Blogger: varun punjabi
GOA HIPPY TRAIL – THE ENLIGHTENED ONE!Ooh this feeling I feel content so happy so nothing….the feeling of nothingness is ruling my body I was always afraid of this feeling the feeling of nothing matters anymore or no one can take me down…cause I am the controller of my destiny and god is the creator of that master plan guided for me and I have to decide how I wanna reach that master plan and when I realise that fact that even though my master plan (DEATH) is already set and done what I have left with is life…and five words LIVIN. Jus livin baby jus livin…..So that’s impressive I know what if I told u now no I am not 90 years old no I still have all the wishes and desires in lif... Read more
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Blogger: varun punjabi
GOA HIPPY TRAIL – THE FINALE – The end is never the end and every dead end is a new start into a new direction, forward is the important motion here if one is stuck in the present or the past then the future becomes bleak if u stuck worrying about the future the present and the past becomes sad. Time and space are just two sides of a coin which works on the basis of equivalent trade to achive anything in life we have to sacrifice something could be our dreams and aspirations to earn money what I learned in goa and manali was you can also sacrifise money to fullfill your dreams and aspirations and if you don’t have a lot of money like me what do u do how do u then fullfill all your wish... Read more
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Blogger: varun punjabi
TALES FROM KASOL SPECIAL CH2so itz my 2nd trip to the beautiful mountains of kasol and himachal and i am on the 6th day of my trip sitting in manali in a cafe and writing about the most saddest moment in my teenage life its a end of an era as the HIPPY TRAIL that started in GOA and lead to mclodganj,manali,kasol,bhagsu and my favourate GOA you guys will be dearly missed as one more soul dives into the land of corrupution and submits to the materialism around him but more aware more aware of what is important and what is not more aware of the signs mother nature gives every human so that he can experiance the wonders of this bad bad world.what happened this trip i will never understand but i ... Read more
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Blogger: varun punjabi
CH1 So here i am once again on the mumbai central station,kept my luggage and came out for a smoke instead saw a old women screaming and breaking stones with her head and saw the cops and everyone just laughing how expencive that smoke was.ooh the train journey because of this mad women i coudnt buy more smokes and the train journey was going to be long.20 hours to delhi and then a bus to dharamsala i defenately had my work cut out luckly i had 5 well rolled joints and i was smoking them in the restroom dam that was wierd but had no other option because you know i like to get high!finally the day dawned and night was waiting me i love the NIGHTRAIN feeling its jus amazing but this train jour... Read more
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Blogger: varun punjabi
CHAPTER 3‘the women who stole my mind’As I had started exploring the city on the first day I met a sadhu got some charas and a chillam,went back to my room and in the typical himalayan way said “BOOM SHANKAR” the first boom of the chillam is suppose to be holy it contradicts the belifs of the city boy mentality but luckyly I don’t have that city boy shit and then I scream again BOOM SHANKAR and attract the owner of the hotel who gives me a evil smile,everything looked so pleasant israilis doing circus tricks in the veranda looking hotter than fire or the sun,a view from my window was breath taking,I went out again and this time in search of some food,dance and masti.I started at ev... Read more
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Blogger: varun punjabi
CHAPTER 1 : INTRODUCTION So what is the bok of wonders,sounds magical but things like magic and hocus pocus don’t exist,does it?Haha of cource they don’t,I feel funny there is a fine line really,everything in this world can be explaind through the laws of quantum physics now in the translation of this explanation there are some things people call magic and some are just science now the diffrence here is 100 years ago chatting with someone on the enternet while seeing her face on a magical mirror would be magic ooh yea defenately for us its science and 1000 years ahead of 2012 things like time travel and teleportation and most importantly ALCHEMY would be science for us its magic its magi... Read more
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Blogger: varun punjabi
The bok of wondersSo this is a bok that will alter your perception about life and whatever you think this life is,so before opening the first page,think of all the perceptions you have about life,now imagine them,now throw them away in a dust bin or recyle bin and open the page with an open mind I did I was the dumbest fuckin student in class didn’t know shit,if you have an open mind then all this is just common sence.DAM,where do I start to begin with, I wanna say every page of this book is connected u have to read the first chaptter to get the second one you can read the second one first but you have to read the whole darn thing to get it and in the process you will be confused because ... Read more
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Blogger: varun punjabi
ALPHA KUMBA AUM FESTIVAL -the mayansWhat is the wierdest thing you ever heard? For me it is this party in radjasthan called alpha aum kumb mela. My every belief as a stoner about different galaxies and planets and how we live in one universe whereh everything happens for a reason and nothing means nothing,these are questionable beliefs and sometimes I have trust issues with them but when I read about this party this festival of healing of mind body and soul,cosmic awareness and spiritual awakening,this is what is on the flyer,the party is 13 DAYS long and each day represents one ritual or one thing a person will learn through cosmic spirits and meditation.WHERE IS IT????— Hanoman Temple, B... Read more
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Blogger: varun punjabi
CHAPTER 12 – THE END AT WEST ENDSo lets see in our 9 days we have travelled far and wide covering all of the goa I could cover the last day was a little sad though I had only a few bucks left,about 2500,and had parked my activa near café lillyput about a 10-15 minute walk from curlies and as I was just walking high on acid,I noticed the vile that amboli gave me ran out,how appropriately on the last day of the hippy trail,what awaited me was 2 days of utter madness,I bought a extacy pill from rocky and thought to my self how can I reach west end in 2500? Going there would be a issue as I don’t really have a licence and because of the election time a lot of “FILTHS” on the road ready... Read more
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Blogger: varun punjabi
CHAPTER 11 – THE BEST OF THE BEST NIGHTSWhy? Is a question people ask me a lot,why do you travel alone? Are you depressed bacha? Do you not have friends? You do get how tuff it is to be a traveller,cause you got to listen to this shit when you are home,dude I love travelling,and I like it my way,that is alone,I do tressurre my friends visiting me like last night but seriosly whats the fun if you are surrounded with people to baby you and take care all the time? The excitement is lost…I don’t need that I love my travels don’t brainwash me to be more like you…you can have your honeymoon trips and trips with your girlfriends we meet girls after we reach,if you know what I mean!THIS N... Read more
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Blogger: varun punjabi
CH 10 – ALL THE STUPID THINGS WE DOIt was finally the day when my friends were coming to goa to catch up,I have been travelling alone for a week or so and yea felt good to meet some known faces again,avinash tiwari who lives in my locality was coming to goa to perform in the channel V college fest in BAGA,he is a beat boxer and makes music with his mic and only his mic,he is really good at what he does so is every passionate person about his passion. My passion was travelling,travelling far and wide meeting people of different kinds with different minds,every party I went in goa I saw two slutty chiks. I use to call them ‘DANISH CHIKS’ as I am bad with names and there are a million slu... Read more
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Blogger: varun punjabi
Chapter 2 – my first ever cup of chai So finally it was 7 am in KULLU I was waiting on the bus stand from 3 am and it was so cold,I cant imagine this cold in my dreams when I wanted to look for a jacket in my bag the zip broke and I coudnt get it I was really frustrated in a ghost town on the bus stand with no where to go,but as soon as it was morning the beauty of the place mismerised me and showed its worth the pain my friend its defenately worth it. MY FIRST CUP OF CHAI: I am 19year old grown man and I have never ever had a whole cup of tea I hate it I hate anything with milk except ice cream,but when I was in KULLU I was starving craving a joint of charas and wanting some warmth,so whe... Read more
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Blogger: varun punjabi
FREEDOM IN FLAMES What happened yesterday,open the paper,watch the news,the whole nation watches the death of democracy or if you look at it in a positive way ‘steeping stone to inlightenment’. What,3 people died and you say it is good for educating people about the truth I say limit the damage today five are dead tomorrow it would be 500 and later it will be a massacre if we fail to understand what happened and the reality behind the mantralay fire SABOTAGE OR ACCIDENT,you got to be a different kind of dumb ass to think it was eather one. It was a case of destroying or burrying the evidence gone wrong,INDIA seems to be a inspirational country we are really getting inspired by the AMERIC... Read more
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Blogger: varun punjabi
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Blogger: varun punjabi
College kids hooked on drugs : this is a story and a headline we all have read before,Parents and teachers often complain about how collage kids have got accustumed to this virus of mind altering,mood altering substances. But wait,lets rewind to 1960 where this headline first appeared in a news paper may be not indian but it sure was news as drugs like cocaine and LSD were finally in the main stream market and every some seemed to be travelling all the time, all of them for some reason wanted to “FIND THEMSELVES” and for doing that they needed a spiritual place and the moment u say the word spiritual the first thing that comes to mind,INDIA,where there are more gods and goddess than the... Read more
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Blogger: varun punjabi
HIPPY TRAIL…GOA from the eyes of a wannabe hippy CH 9.... Read more
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Blogger: varun punjabi
CHAPTER 9 – ALL THE THINGS THEY SAID Listning to someone without being judgemental is what i learned in GOA,you do notice how self centered a person is in his or hers city life and as soon as you feel the GOA vibe you understand you are not the king of the world or it does not revolve around you,the problems one faces are nothing as compared to other people especially the HIPPIES of goa,you see GOA was the foundation stone of HIPPY culture and many people are staying here since 15-20 even 40 years and to see the sadness in these peoples eyes was inevitable how the world had changed in these years i understood in thier words.I was told HIPPY culture does not mean paying 50... Read more
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