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Win a trip to Silicon Valley and grab exciting gifts too as a token of appreciation for your innovative mind.. Click to know more.. http://in.specials.yahoo.com/news/innovation-jockeys-contest-article-layout-094705109.html;_ylt=AuuMEmF7qHzF11XU7AGLJEVYoWJH;_ylu=X3oDMTJ2aXFibjJxBG1pdANDeFMgSW5ub3ZhdGlvbiBKb2NrZXlzIEF1dG9zIEVkaXRvcmlhbCBUYWIgTGlzdCBTaXRlTWVudQRwb3MDMwRzZWMDTWVkaWFUYWJiZWRMaXN0RWRpdG9yaWFs;_ylg=X3oDMTJqc3Y5Y2NlBGludGwDaW4EbGFuZwNlbi1pbgRwc3RhaWQDODRmODA3ODEtZDI4NC0zNDhmLWJiNjctZTNiYjU5MTUwY2M2BHBzdGNhdAMEcHQDc3RvcnlwYWdl;_ylv=3?selected_tab=2&mod_id=editorial-tabs#editorial-tabs... Read more
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Blogger: Sudha
This Environment Day, go creative and unleash the eco-friendly you. Like a cherry on the cake, win a prize too! Read on...  If you are in school and are creative, a shopping bag could win you a prize. The Australian Consulate-General in Chennai and TREE Foundation are joining hands for World Environment Day this year, to provide schoolchildren with an opportunity to compete in an eco-bag designing competition.The challenge is to create a useable shopping bag out of recycled material like old clothing or bed sheets.David Holly, Australia’s consul-general to south India said the competition would provide schoolchildren in and around Chennai the chance to be part of a global effort to ... Read more
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Blogger: Sudha
This has been my recent interest - Energy conservation. This Environment Day, do not fail to read this catchy article from The Hindu that would push you to think about lighting up India simply, easily, innovatively.  30Sonam Tsomo prepares dinner on her electric cooker at her home in Udmaroo in Ladakh’s Nubra Valley. A micro-hydropower unit supplies electricity to the village for six hours every evening. Photo: Harikrishna Katragadda/Greenpeace This tiny village in Ladakh might be frozen in time, but its initiative to harness renewable energy has led to all-round empowerment “Stupid TV,” Rigzen Tsomo mutters in the local Bodhi language as she taps her black & white TV set har... Read more
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Blogger: Sudha
...our beloved friend Ramaprabha. Happened to befriend her around three years back and this tiny, studious, intellectual girl caught everyone's attention in the French class. A quick learner she was, very friendly, amazing everyone with her language competencies. One of the very few people I have admired. Happens rarely. Very rarely. So in the morning, as the class commences very early on a lazy weekend, 7 AM, that is, our gang of guys enter the class with eyes drooping and hearts disinterested. The professor generally performs her duty very well. Starts the course sharp at 7 irrespective of who is seen attentive or who has shown physical attendance. This little girl sat next to me for almos... Read more
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Blogger: Sudha
It has been quite a while since I blogged narrating experiences on personal front and now has emerged the trigger from nowhere. Life has crossed quite a few changes of late, with me observing it rising and falling on its own crests and troughs. All is well, nevertheless. Days of relentless restlessness then followed by joy. Ray of hope evidently beaming at the end of the dark tunnel. While I write this, I remember one of the many verses that caught me as I read the hope rendering Sundara Kanda. The verse read something like this - "One who tolerates difficulties during the toughest of times will finally find happiness as he comes through it". Completely true. Such happiness ... Read more
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Blogger: Sudha
What is our past? Can modern scientific techniques be a tool to uncover our past? Is Mahabharatha and Lord Krishna just a myth? Did our ancestors have a way-ahead knowledge on science than our modern day scientists? The questions are unlimited. If you are on the look for answers to such and such questions, 'The Krishna Key' by Ashwin Sanghi could give you a clue. Though classified under the genre 'Thriller', I find the book an inimitable source of information on modern and ancient science and mythology. Of course, the thrilling plot of the story keeps you so engaged while you grasp the expertise on science and biology, the ancient men possessed.It is common knowledge tha... Read more
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Blogger: Sudha
Perhaps one of the most pervasive dreams in India surreptitiously slithering into the Indian souls across the subcontinent is to land once for all in the country of opportunities, where life is presumed to be picture-perfect. The inimitable American Dream, undoubtedly.  While many such families are sheltered under the chilly breezes of Shimla, let’s take a quick peek into the Malhotra’s - A simple house, turned to a home with the blossoming of family bonding with Biji, Baba and Amara, all of them very ‘Indian’ by nature and upbringing and with whom the traditions and life-style of Shimla have inseparably blended, over years. A conservative society it is, where even uttering the wo... Read more
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Blogger: Sudha
In Chennai, there are only three seasons – Hot, Hotter and Hottest. Strike out Winter, Autumn and Spring. While the sun is scorching aggressively and there are no signs of rain showing its face even though weather forecasts at times jabber about those showers waiting to drench us with its kindness, I am sitting here alone, thinking what I could do to make this summer worthy although I know I can’t totally beat the summer. I have never been out ever since Agni Nakshatram, out of fear for the soaring temperatures and also finding it very annoying to go out alone. Considering how the condition of our environment is declining and deteriorating, someday, we would inherently have no other choi... Read more
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Blogger: Sudha
Murder in Amaravati - Penned by Sharath Komarraju. When I held the book in my hands and observed the impressive title and reddish cover page, a thought crossed simultaeneously as to how different and engaging is this book going to be? Would it be just another novel that I read in spite of its genre as a mysterious fiction? Any such fiction or the characters in it, as we know, would land in some sort of trouble and a hero identifying himself as a detective would emerge from nowhere, leading the case and solving it in a matter of time. I wondered to myself and questioned, "How would it distinguish itself from a flood of fictions available today? And how peculiar is its story going... Read more
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Blogger: Sudha
Just a mundane post though I wanted to write about a lot. It has been quite a time since I sat down for a soulful writing but believe me, my time has been utterly worse. I wish to jot down my experiences with few people, equally good and bad and how I have been doing of late. Few of my acquaintances making me feel low with or without their talks, one friend lighting up my eyes and spirit with her good deeds and much more.. Also wanted to write on those incidents I had had months back with a lady who claims she is spiritually inclined while there are no signs of it in her normal doings. That only increased my irritation which is in other cases undeterminable is. With all these pending to be ... Read more
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Blogger: Sudha
Few more published in Deccan Chronicle!... Read more
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Blogger: Sudha
Recently I was impressed by a weekly column in a newspaper, which was a translated extract of Paulo Coelho. The article suggested handling a white sheet of paper to school kids and asking them to pen down any kind of questions they had, about the world and our existence. They were requested to write them as it would give them better chances of thinking and a deep concentration. The list of common questions was also published in the article and surprisingly did it turn out that most of the questions were simple, yet at times unthinkable even by scholars. One of those questions that awestruck me was, 'If we are really born to die, why are we actually born?'. An interrogation to whi... Read more
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Blogger: Sudha
About to get back to normal routine very very soon and I am so unsure if I am going to love it or not. I am therefore leaving it all at God's feet. Mainly, I don't want to quit writing of any kind that I have been doing recently. I want to pursue, I want to pursue and I am not willing to make it all turn a thing of past. Hopefully, my perseverence will lead me towards my small goals. Otherwise, I am so amazed at how time can pass so quickly before we could blink. Perhaps it had been looking that way as I was doing what I wanted to do in my life. One of my childhood dreams. And I was literally living my dreams!Had been a while since I blogged though I wanted to write about lots and l... Read more
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Blogger: Sudha
What you see every day, what you hear every day - at your home, city, office, train and your irresistibly flowing personal thoughts and feelings. Those mundane, yet notable events that systematically or illogically carry your day-to-day life are beautifully captured and sketched in the form of short stories, to captivate you. The first look of the book fascinates you with its classy black cover and not surprisingly, what appeals to the eyes unfailingly appeals to the mind. And that is Urban Shots – Crossroads, an anthology of thirty urban short stories, edited by bestselling author Ahmed Faiyaz.I would wish that the readers themselves become immersed in the book as they flip the pages and ... Read more
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Blogger: Sudha
P.S: There is one more, I am yet to post it in blog :)... Read more
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Blogger: Sudha
http://www.deccanchronicle.com/editorial/letters-editor/rural-sanitation-825Exam tensionIt has become crystal clear that irrespective of the syllabus stress and anxiety due to exams is constantly on the rise among students and parents (Students keep fingers crossed, Feb. 19). The government should try to introduce a stress-free education-cum-examination system. The focus must be on knowledge acquisition and not exams.Sudha Subramanian... Read more
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Blogger: Sudha
Activity: Bhumi is one of India's largest independent youth volunteer non-profit organisation. Our volunteers work amongst orphaned and underprivileged children in Chennai, Thiruvallur, Bengaluru and Chandigarh with the aim of providing children with quality education and enable them to become responsible and productive citizens of the future. The efforts of our volunteer force consisting of over 300 students and young professionals under the age of 30 benefit over 2,500 children every year.Details: 1. Kanini Computer literacy programme involving teaching of basic and advanced concepts based on the children's aptitude levels.Support: Education, Children, Environmental Conservation, Mentorshi... Read more
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Blogger: Sudha
While the not so new-fangled radio stations are blaring with those alleged hit songs, hundreds of songs from Tamil films are under-rated in my opinion. I list here few of the songs which are not heard too often but have stolen my heart:1. Song: Poovinai thirandhu (The song is mesmerizing with Shreya Goshal's voice)    Film: Anandha Thandavam 2. Song: Ennuyir thozhiye (A different composition by A.R.Rahman)    Film: Kangalaal Kaidhu Sei3. Molachu Moonu (I love it much)    Film: Velayudham4. Manasukkul manasukkul (Excellent composition)    Film: Anjaadhe5. Mazhaye mazhaye (Beautiful composition)    Film: June R6. Anbe endhan anbe (Moves me a lot)    Film: June R7. Thulasi c... Read more
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Blogger: Sudha
Cognates are those words that mean the same in French and English whereas False Friends ie. Faux Amis are those that have dissimilar meanings. Few examples are quoted below:Cognates:ReceptionTelevisionInternetAnd a lot more...Faux Amis:Aimer (To wish) vs. To AimRester (To remain) vs. To restTimid (To be shy) vs. To be timidIgnore (To be ignorant) vs To ignoreAnd a lot more.. ... Read more
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Blogger: Sudha
The steps to easily type in French and spellcheck in MS Word 2007 are as below:1. Open MS Word2. Go to Review tab3. Click on Set Language in the tool bar and choose the language as French (France)4. Now type your content as though in English and get your Spelling & Grammar correction done by Word.Typing Special Characters:1. Click on Insert -> Symbol -> More Symbols2. Select the required symbol and click Insert button3. Alternatively, you can also allot shortcut keys for quick usageHappy typing!... Read more
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Blogger: Sudha
Alphabets:Alphabets are the same as in English, though the pronounciation varies -a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y zAccents:Accent Aigu as in éAccent Grave as in è, àCirconflexe as in êCédille as çTréma as in ë... Read more
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Blogger: Sudha
Ask a layman or a genious if the habit of questioning 'why' is a good sign and as most would expect, the reply would be a big 'yes'. In fact, many would stress that 'Why'-ing is an indication of curiosity, intellectualism, creativity blah blah and would commend you if you heed to it. It is all right, I agree, but not everytime and everywhere. To me, questioning is not always laudable, reasons being that it could often poke into a person's personal space or at times, the interrogated wouldn't have a convincible answer. Normally, I fall into the category of the latter, yet, rarely, I lose the interest to answer, too.In most cases, I have been incessant... Read more
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Blogger: Sudha
A thought provoking write-up on decoding Islam with well elaborated ideas on Talak, Bride-Price, Parity and lot more:http://www.deccanchronicle.com/editorial/op-ed/decoding-islam-200... Read more
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Blogger: Sudha
I am not much of a poetry person, at least until now. Yet, there is something that I adore and would like to engrave on my blog. Here follows an excerpt from Only Love is Real by Dr.Brian Weiss quoting a poem of Victor Hugo.And still her grief would not abate. At last she bore another child, and great Was the father's joy; and loud his cry: "A Son!" That day, to thus rejoice-he was the only one. Dejected and wan the mother lay; her soul was numb. . . . Then suddenly she cried with anguish wild, Her thoughts less on the new than on the absent child. . . . "My angel in his grave, and I not at his side!" Speaking through the babe now held in her embrace She hears again the well-known voice ador... Read more
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Blogger: Sudha
Activity: Green Coalition Network is an independent non-governmental environmental advocacy organization that was informally founded in the year 2000. Green Coalition is dedicated to improving public health standards, protecting the environment and promoting sustainable development & ethical business. We provide practical eco-friendly solutions that integrate long-term economic prosperity and sound social development, thereby bringing about real positive change. We implement this by influencing public opinion, building constructive partnerships with industry and the government and promoting community and corporate programs focused on youth & public participation.Support: environmenta... Read more
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