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The Ice Gallery is a cool little place tucked quietly off a quaint street close to the Anguk station. Perfect for little kids on a hot summer day, this place is a mini refrigerator maintained at a bone chilling 5 degrees below zero for retaining the ice sculptures. It has the typical rooms as in a home all made in ice- kitchen, bed room, a study room with computer, even a bar and bathroom with an ice potty! It also has a few famous Korean structures too. It also has an ice sculpture of the leaning tower of Pisa, Eiffel tower and the Statue of Liberty. All the things to touch and feel, an igloo to go and huddle into and a tiny slide makes it a perfect place for the kids! Since we went on a we... Read more
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Paintings in India are generally done on the walls of Temples which tells stories about the Gods and their ways of expunging evil. In the Meenakshi Amman Temple in Madurai, India, in the Meenakshi Amman shrine,  the walls are adorned with the depiction of Goddess Meenakshi from her birth, growing up to be a mighty ruler, her conquests and the story of her wedding with Lord Sundareshwarar. In the Lord's Shrine, there are amazing paintings of the Thiruvilaiyadal (God's games with the common people) by which he delivers them from evil. Contrastingly, MinHwa Paintings are Korean folk paintings that is done on the folded screens, furniture or on walls of the rooms of the homes of aristo... Read more
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The 3rd infiltration tunnel into South Korea The most fun part in the DMZ tour was the descent into one of the 4 infiltration tunnels that the South Koreans have discovered so far. Our guide said that there could be as much as 20 tunnels leading into the South! This is third tunnel that was discovered after a North Korean defector gave information about the existence of the tunnel in 1974 and it is just around 50kms from Seoul. Unfortunately, photography is strictly not allowed inside this tunnel. We were guided in English by a guide when we took the DMZ tour into Paju. It was cool and easy to walk down into the claustrophobic walkway leading to the tunnel because of its 11 degree slope. Cli... Read more
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One major attraction around Seoul is the trip to the DMZ - the De Militarized Zone, which is one of a kind in the world! The DMZ separates the North and South Korea and it runs 250kms long ending in the Yellow sea on the West to the Sea of Japan on the East. And is considered the most fortified and heavily guarded border in the world. The 4km wide buffer zone between the Koreas is populated with more than a million land mines. The DMZ trip that we took, does not actually take one into the DMZ. It merely takes us to the tip of the DMZ, lets one have a peek from a tower in the South at the North, walk into one of the infiltration tunnels and visit the Dorasan Train station. North and South Ko... Read more
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Air plants look and feel really curious! A plant which has no roots. Does not need soil to root in. That is just too weird! The air plants are epiphytes which are plants that grow on other plants and which generally do not need to soil to grow. They gather nutrients and water from the air through structures called trichomes which are present in the leaves. There are so many varieties and flowers in so many bright colours. This plant that I have brought is of the Bromeliaceae family and is of the genus Tillandsia- Tillandsia stricta.  These plants are native to the forests and deserts of Central and South America, Southern part of North America and the West Indies. These plants are not para... Read more
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The lotus is considered one of the eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism. The lotus flower arises from the mud and reaches high above the water and blooms radiantly in the sun. This is compared to our soul which have to arise from the dirt of materialism and wade through the waters of experience to reach the state of Enlightenment. According to a Korean Buddhist book, "The spirit of the best of men is spotless, like the lotus in the muddy water which does not adhere to it. I like the lotus because my father calls me lotus and because it is just too beautiful!The pristine pink, that i made!Orange lotus lantern. What a color!Mixed color with a beautiful finish!Another style of mixed colorsNow,... Read more
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Buddha's birthday falls on May 17th this year. The city was primed for the festivities by lighting of the lantern in the Gwanghwamun square on April 23rd, and the display of the lanterns in the Cheonggyechon stream and in the Bongyeunsa and Jogyesa Temples. Lanterns are an important part of the Buddhist beliefs symbolising wisdom to the world. Huge, colorful lanterns made of Hanji  paper, beautiful girls dancing in pretty hanboks, cute kids carrying lanterns with enthusiasm, makes-me-want-to-dance rhythmic music from the instruments, comfortable seats for the spectators arranged by the city :) and perfect spring weather to watch the show! Just perfect. The parade started at 7PM from the ... Read more
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Spring is all about flowers in Korea. The weather is warm with a pleasant cold tinge, birds are back and the flowers are in full bloom in myriad colors! Perfect time to walk with friends in a field of tulips or hand in hand with the loved one under the cherry blossoms or to click away at the gorgeous blooms with yourself in between. Goyang Horticultural Festival is one beautiful place to do just all of that! Located close to the Ilsan lake, about an hour's ride on the subway from Itaewon, Seoul, is the Goyang festival. The subway station to look out for is Jeongbalsan on the orange line bound for Daehwa. The horticultural festival, with all the white tents can be easily spotted from the exi... Read more
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A sweet little surprise today! I was selected to be one of the Global Seoul Mates with a medal for my blog :) I am so looking forward to getting to meet new people and exploring the city even more! Yay!... Read more
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Spring has brought in an explosion of color, sweet scents, and the long missed warmth of the sun. It is just glorious to see the leafless trees bring forth buds and suddenly, all you see is flowers all around! Another leafless pink!Cherry Pinks on the floorPinks all around! Can't get enough of cherry blossoms? More pretty cherry blossoms here.Just the white budsAnd now, lo and behold! just white flowers Oh pink buds looking sooo pretty!With the just emerging green to contrast with the pinkJust a splash of yellow!Cactus budsAzaleasTulipsReds, yellows and a mixWhite tops and pure whites!Bonsai tree flowersBonsai tree flowers, who knew?More pink beauties!Hairy leafletsCactus budsBudding cactus... Read more
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Cherry Blossoms most delicately and bewitchingly herald the onset of Spring in Korea. These gossamer flowers are at their zenith only for three days in a year. An entire road overlooking the Yeouido park, adjoining the National Assembly building of Seoul has around 1400 cherry blossom trees. The entire street is closed for vehicular traffic and is in a festive mood for the Cherry Blossom festival which runs for five days. It is tradition for the couples to walk along the flowery lane, which they feel will strengthen their love and happiness. Today was the last day of the Cherry Blossom festival in Yeouido.Entrance of the Cherry Blossom lane at Yeouido1641 Cherry blossom trees ahead!Oh! So B... Read more
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Jeju island, located in the South of South Korea itself was formed due to a volcanic activity. The Sanbangsan Mountain, located in the South West corner of the island, was formed some 800,000 years ago with the cooling down of viscous lava from the volcanic eruption. I loved the unique, almost flaky texture and interesting patterns in the mountain. Mount SanbangsanHaving had an eyeful of the beautiful natural formations, we head up a few steps to the two Buddhist temples- the Sangbangsan Temple, which houses the huge  golden Buddha and the Bomunsa Temple which houses the Buddhist relics. There is also a grotto which houses another beautiful Buddha statue called the Sanbanggulsa grotto which... Read more
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http://lookatkorea.com/blog/korea/archives/jeju-map-in-english/ Ever since i arrived in Seoul, my number one place to visit has not been glittering lights of Japan, not been Shanghai, Macau or Hong Kong. It has been Jeju Island. I have read almost all of the blogs out there about the island, subscribed to everything about the place, have virtually seen most of the attractions in there, even bought five kgs of mandarins just because it said it was from Jeju. I am just crazy about Jeju.Quick bits about Jeju-do Jeju-do, a volcanic island, was shaped due to the volcanic activity of Halla Mountain, around 2 million years ago. Halla-san is the tallest mountain of South Korea measuring 1,950 metres... Read more
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Following the Valentine's day in February where the girls were crooning over their special boys, March 14th is the White Day where the boys accept the girl's advances by giving them, usually, chocolates or something cute (and thoughtful :p ) of three times the value of what was given by the girl. Do you know that Koreans celebrate a "Day" in each month! Yesterday, i went over to a store in Seoul, to find cutely dressed and decorated roses selling for 50,000KRW (Which is approximately $50 or Rs 2000) and lot of these pretty pastel baskets filled with sweet goodies. I was also really curious to see a lot of boys browsing through the shelves of the store which usually is deserted during the wo... Read more
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Thanks Astrid and Ashok for the Award :) It is so great to be noticed and commended. I want to show my love to these amazing bloggers and present them with the Liebster Award. Team G Square All about my favorite city in the world- Bangalore. With a lot of amazing snaps!Farzanaliasmukhtiar Has a wonderful way of conveying a lot without many words but with lots of snaps! Way cool. Health Benefits Good stuff for a healthy living! Food, Travel, Living Just so much fun :)Writing on the Go Awesome Mom on the go! ... Read more
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Hearts :)Lighted HeartHeart toppingsMini metal heartsABC Wednesday: H for Hearts... Read more
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Quite suddenly, things have began to change. Birds are chirping, trees are budding, temperature is rising. Days are longer, skirts are shorter and the moods are much more cheerful. Spring is in the air :)Birds flocking to the trees during duskMagpies chattering together... Read more
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Ttukseom Hangang Park is  a park located on the banks of the Han River in Seoul. Easily accessible by the Jihachul or The Korean subway (Line 7 to Ttukseom Resort Station and exit 2 or 3, it is located right beside the station),  it is a public park that transforms according to the seasons. The huge park encompasses a swimming pool, ice-skating rink, tennis courts, soccer fields, motor boating, water skiing, wind surfing activities according to the season. This place also houses a cafe and serves coffee and basic Korean dishes like Ramyeon (noodles in spicy broth). There were also a lot of cotton candy and ice cream to keep the kids filled up. This winter, it was just a huge field of whi... Read more
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Welcome to the Year of the Black Water Snake.Image from google If you are like me, you would like to know what is in store for this year, which has been associated with the trickiest animal of the Chinese zodiac. But before that, some of the basics: There are 12 animals (rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse and goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig) in the Chinese Zodiac. Each year in the Chinese zodiac is represented by an animal. (Last year was the year of The Dragon.) And the animal rules the traits of the person born on that year and also defines how the year would be for the rest of us. It also means that all the people born on a particular year in the Chinese zodiac will have s... Read more
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Valentine's Day, i know of, starts off with the men organizing last minute gifts (do they ever get it right?!), scrambling for the roses which are now exorbitantly priced, standing in long lines to grab something pink off the rack! Here in Korea, 14th February finds women patiently standing in long lines for chocolates and spending way too much for the flowers for the perfect someone. Confused? Chocolate of Love On Valentine's day, it is tradition for the women in South Korea to give chocolates for the men. Store bought, simple chocolates as a courtesy, social obligation for all the men in their life and they go to all lengths to get the chocolates right for the men they love by making thei... Read more
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The Megacity of Seoul alone houses over 10 million people along with 600,000 foreigners. With Seoul also being the third most visited city in the world after Paris and London, it plays hosts to a 10 million visitors every year. Almost 2/3rd of the country's population lives in Seoul. With all these statistics, it will not be hard to visualize the crowds in Seoul.The escalators are crowed, the malls are full and apartments overflowing; There is almost always a queue for shopping, wait at the restaurants, lines to get into the subway. People everywhere, at any time. But, even with so many soju (alcohol comparable to vodka)-loving people around, Seoul is a very safe city. Women walk safe wearin... Read more
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Shiny Scooters found at ItaewonThursday Challenge- Shiny antiques spotted at Itaewon Festival.... Read more
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It was a freezing cold evening in Seoul that i dare not step out of the door, but the magpies were up and about doing their thing. I just couldnt let that magical moment pass me by without capturing it!Beautiful sunset settingBare trees Trees with a tinge of redBare trees during the snowfallABC Wednesday- B for Bare trees... Read more
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To say that i did not understand the Life of Pi is not exactly true. The book was gripping, the story was exciting, the movie was spectacular but the climax was shocking. Whoever heard of having a choice of picking your own version for the story? I remember reading a particular kind of book when i was a kid, the kind of one which had a choice to make at each step of the way: if you think he opened the door to the right, go to page 32, if you think he opened the door on the left, go to page 45. I was never satisfied with those kinds of books... Made me feel that i was not getting the full picture. Made me feel i had missed out on something exciting. And also, there was the question of what i... Read more
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Garobee is a vegetarian and vegan-friendly buffet restaurant in Gangnam, Seoul. While Sanchon in Insadong is classy, unique, spacious and special occasion-worthy (with its 40,000won per person rates), Garobee is cozy, sweet and affordable. Though a decent meal can be got for under 8,000won in Seoul, an all-you-can-eat-vegetarian buffet for those ravenous days can be quite satisfying at Garobee at 15,000won.Garobee is quite easy enough to find. Take Gangnam station exit 11. Find CGV movies. Garobee is located behind the CGV in a small alley. There is decent salad bar with fresh veggies, fruits and kimchi of course,  and a special salad dressing each day. It was an interesting and quite tast... Read more
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