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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
Yesterday morning i was reading this article Legally illegal. It was written there — A ban on Gutka is supposed to be in place in Delhi, but it is found all over the place disguised as paan... Read Full..... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
This lady around 50 comes to me twice a year for routine dental check-up and oral prophylaxis. You are looking at her dental photographs. Want to know about the stainless steel wiring of her teeth?... Read Full..... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
This is the dental photograph of a gentleman around 50 who wants to get his crooked tooth removed. Obviously when it came in the mouth it came at this location only. How come after 40 years he... Read Full..... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
Today i want to share a real story with you – Once upon a time a patient came to me with some third molar related trouble. Since the wisdom tooth was lying deep into the jaw bone, i preferred... Read Full..... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
I can’t tell you how frustrating it is for me to find even teenagers and youngsters in their 20s using a medicated cream meant for sensitive teeth. When a patient comes to us, we are supposed... Read Full..... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
Heading of this post seems to be bizarre — i seem to be trying to sanctify what dental quacks are doing to our masses teeth. No, it is not the case. Yesterday i came across a rare case in which... Read Full..... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
There are some spots present in some people which cause undue concern. There are some who even are not aware of presence of such spots in the mouth. I am showing you some such spots today. This... Read Full..... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
This patient whose dental photographs you are seeing had come to me few days ago. His problem was gum bleeding for a long time. There is chronic gingivitis which is being managed appropriately. He... Read Full..... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
Of course, wisdom molar can be detected just by chance. Let’s try to understand it with the help of case of this 20-year old girl who had come for pain in a badly mutilated (because of dental... Read Full..... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
Mouth-breathing …how come i am telling parents to take it seriously? yes, it is true. Mouth breathing is not normal. If the child is a mouthbreather, he should be first seen by an ENT doctor to make sure all is well with his nasal passage. If there is some obstruction, he takes of that. Now...»... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
There are some myths which become so much prevalent in a community that it is damn difficult to eradicate those dogmas. One such area is role of constipation in causing mouth blisters. Many patients who come to us with mouth ulcers, even before our check-up they are in a hurry to tell us how miserable...»... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
When i was 20 and studying dentistry in  Govt Dental College  Amritsar, i started believing that only toothbrushing can save world’s teeth. Many villagers used to come to our institution who were using dental twigs –vern. Datun. I vividly remember how much efforts we all used to make to make that grand oldman realise that...»... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
Do you know what is the age at which your little one should be taken to a dentist? — First dental visit of your little one should be at the age of 1year. Today i met a lady who is 40 and came to me for her dental check-up. It was her first ever dental...»... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
There are many people who are doing all this –bidi smoking, tobacco chewing, and chewing pan (betel-quid) containing tobacco. To this one can add hooka smoking and gutkha chewing. I mean a person using all these forms of tobacoo. A 38-year old man who had come to me for sensitivity in his teeth had been...»... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
This man, 46, whose facial photograph you are seeing came to me with swelling of face on left side. He says that there is difficulty in opening the mouth fully and inability to chew food properly. There is pain also on left side of face. Oral examination revealed that all is well except pain behind...»... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
Some patients require extraction of all the teeth. They want to know for how long they would have to put up without  teeth – after how many months they can get their artificial dentures inserted. In fact there are individual variations. However we casually say that this waiting period is about 2-3 months. Do you...»... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
Sometime ago i had seen some pics in a newspaper trying to pull a motor vehicle with his teeth. We commonly see in toothpowder ads a man breaking a walnut by pressing it with teeth. In our Hindi masala movies, hero or villain sometimes open a cold drink bottle with his teeth. We also have...»... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
Let’s look at some common mistakes people make to get rid of their toothache. Applying Excess Clove oil - yes, it is a common mistake people make. There is no problem with clove oil actually. However, they use it in a wrong way and invite problem. There is a subtle difference between correct and incorrect...»... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
When this 6-year old boy came to me with his dad a few days ago, i could recollect that he had come earlier also about 2 years ago. At that time also there were some milk teeth of this kid which were beyond repair and i had advised against extraction of even decayed milk teeth....»... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
Before i start writing on this topic, i want to remind you of another article – Broken teeth damage tongue. So, now the issue is that the sharp, broken tooth margins are not  only notorious for damaging tongue but they can cause some other painful mouth lesions as i illustrate with the help of this...»... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
The headline that the progression of gum disease is unpredictable does not carry the message that in some individuals would it progress and not in others. This is not the case actually. The fact, however, is that once gum disease initiates for want of professional care it would progress to periodontal disease (commonly called pyorrhoea)....»... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
All of us have experienced these thermal burns in our mouth when we accidentally tried to drink/eat something hot underestimating its temperature. This 50-something lady came to me with this oral ulcer and told me that she got this burn yesterday when she was taking hot water– she said it was hot beyond her expectation! ...»... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
When this gentleman in his sixties came to me, i thought he had come to me for total balance. Total Balance is the term we use in Dentistry for removal of all remaining upper and lower teeth. You are looking at his dental photograph — the way his most of teeth are badly worn out...»... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
Being born and brought up in Amritsar, when i think of Paan (betel-quid) my fond memories take me to some marriage functions where we used to indulge in one or half Meetha Paan (Sweet betel-quid in which they used to put sweetened rose petals…vern. Gulkand), i do still remember two faces whom i used to...»... Read more
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Blogger: Dr Parveen Chopra
There are so many myths regarding almost all the things in India. In the part of India i live people are happy to see tooth gaps as they believe that tooth gaps indicate prosperity. I don’t believe it — but i definitely trust one thing that gaps developing in the teeth –which were previously tightly...»... Read more
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