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This post was inspired from the book 'Moonwalk'.10 % CR (craziness) + 20 % CT (creativity) + 20 % DG (drugs) + 10 % CN (controversies) + 40 % PS (passion) = MJ (Michael Jackson). A minute mismatch in the above equation would have never given this world - The Moonwalker. One can hardly ever find such an equation in an individual; MJ was an exception. If there was someone who lived just for what he was passionate about then, undoubtedly it was MJ. A man, who drank the love of millions, drove crazy almost everybody with his killer moves and lived all his life doing what he was best at. Someone aptly said that a troubled childhood would propel one into a disturbed and unpleasant adult life. Mike... Read more
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Blogger: haricharan pudipeddi
In a recent interview with motivational speaker, author, business consultant and politician Shiv Khera, I managed to dig deep into his personal life and find out things that you and I never knew before. Read on to find out what makes Mr. Khera tick.  Q1. Briefly encapsulate your career journey; educational background etc?Ans. 1: My education background was quite bumpy. I was the back bencher troubling the front bencher. I was more into sports than academics. I used to read comics beside my text books and nothing else. I had to repeat the 10th grade but in my board Higher Secondary Exam there were only three people who got First Division in Arts and I was one of them.Q2. How do you define ... Read more
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Blogger: haricharan pudipeddi
“Connect the Dots”, is a book that brings forth the true stories of people who made it big, without any degrees. This book is contrary to its prequel, which brought forth the success stories of people with MBA degrees, the ones from IIM’s. People who read “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish” created a mental model that success is only for the MBAs, and not for the normal bunch. This belief created quite a stir, before Rashmi realized and decided to write a book exclusively encompassing the success stories of people without any kind of college education, thus was born “Connect the Dots”.The book is divided into three parts namely Jugaad, Junoon and Zubaan, wherein Jugaads are the type of... Read more
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Blogger: haricharan pudipeddi
After a long time, I laughed with my mouth wide open and thanks to this ‘no-nonsense’ but ‘just for fun’ book, interestingly titled ‘Beep You! You Beep Hole’ by Smarak Swain, an ex IIT Kharagpur graduate. Surprisingly, this book touches upon something we’ve known for ages but never bothered to sit down and make sense out of it. And, by the way, this book is an output of lots of research and I give the author the due credit he deserves. You and I have just don’t have the right to discard this innovative piece of experiment. One wrong word at the wrong place, wrong time, to the wrong person, could bring down things tumbling upon us. Such is the power of cusswords and slurs in o... Read more
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Blogger: haricharan pudipeddi
Success- a word we all love to embrace, chant and yearn. We search for it at workplace, in our personal lives and everywhere we could possibly imagine. We also know success is a culmination of relentless determination, passion and hard work, but still we fail to understand it. However, most of the times we seek out for success without much effort, as though it was a pill which can be popped whenever one wished to be successful.Wouldn’t it make you wonder, if someone told you that success is very much achievable provided you work hard on a daily basis, and identify the opportunities life presents us? Malcolm Gladwell throws light on similar note in his recent book “Outliers”, wherein he... Read more
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Blogger: haricharan pudipeddi
Albert Einstein once quoted “Education is the only thing that interferes my Learning”. Likewise, Richard and John try their best to offer us the key to unlock our latched minds.  THE 80 MINUTE MBA is your short-cut to business brilliance. A traditional MBA is for either the time-rich, very wealthy or lucky few with a generous corporate sponsor. So what happens if you want to get a hit of high-quality business inspiration without spending two years back at school? THE 80 MINUTE MBA is the gateway to fresh thinking, in less time than it takes a standard meeting to get past coffee and biscuits. The MBA-in-a-box book is old hat. Managers need the encouragement to think differently, not in t... Read more
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Blogger: haricharan pudipeddi
Several authors in the past have shown urban India in different spectrum, most of it being seemingly superficial, but as fascinating as one could ever imagine. From the likes of Shobhaa De and Salman Rushdie, who are popularly famous for transforming simple urban events into fabulous drama, follows Vikas Swarup, the author of “Six Suspects”, a book which sneaks into the tabloid world of Indian elite society.The son of an affluent politician, Vicky Rai is gunned down amidst large crowd in a party. Thus making everybody in the room a probable suspect, out of which six individuals with a weapon in their possession are made the prime suspects, when caught red handed. The six suspects compris... Read more
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Blogger: haricharan pudipeddi
Mitch Albom paints a poignant story about the relationship between an old man, a young man and life’s greatest lesson in Tuesdays with Morrie. The book is based on the premise that relationships live forever and only individuals in it pass away after a while.On his graduation day, Mitch Albom bids adieu to his professor Morrie Schwartz, promising to keep in touch forever. Twenty years later, Mitch, is a successful sports newscaster and writer, married and happily living a jubilant life. One night, on the television broadcast, Nightline, he sees the interview of his long forgotten professor and learns that he is dying of some disease. On knowing about the tragic news, Mitch gets in touch wi... Read more
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Blogger: haricharan pudipeddi
What is “Great Management” and how one can define it? This question remains unanswered from a long time, is it so difficult to see as it occurs? Does great management happen in board room meetings or in a one-on-one conversation with a CEO over a steaming cup of coffee? “Behind Closed Doors” is a pragmatic attempt by Johanna Rothman and Esther Derby which shows how a skilled manager turns around a tricky management situation in seven weeks. You’ll learn the importance of feedback, how to use it effectively, and become a better team player and coach peers. The few questions that you might ask yourself while reading a management book are: does this stuff really work? Who are these pe... Read more
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Blogger: haricharan pudipeddi
                  Big Bucks! Completes the trilogy after the subsequent success of ken and Bowles’s previous books Raving Fans! Gung Ho. The book offers new and creative practical advice to create money and manage it. Ken and Sheldon use a business apologue to describe the 3 most important challenges- the 'Test of Joy', the 'Test of Purpose' and the 'Test of Creativity'- to accomplish financial success.People say making huge bucks is impossible. But, post reading Big Bucks this stereotyping no longer exists. With a special set of strategies and easy-to-follow steps they have successfully induced the statement into the minds of the readers that moneymaking wouldn’t be the... Read more
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Blogger: haricharan pudipeddi
Anything for you, ma’am is yet another quintessential love story which throws light on the hardships young couples go through when they are in love. Accompanied by a strong dose of humor and romance the book impresses its reader at every facet. Raheja’s narration of the story is rarely monotonous, flawless and maintains a richness that captivates one’s attention. The metaphorical imagination reminds us of a typical Bollywood movie; a hero who does anything for his love. Characters are extremely well designed to sync perfectly with the story and not even once you would feel an unnecessary presence of a character.The story encompasses the lives of Tejas- a seedha-sadha IITian who trie... Read more
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Blogger: haricharan pudipeddi
Set in the backdrop of the Mumbai monsoons, That Thing Called Love is an offbeat romantic novel revolving around the dark side of love- unrequited love, brazen betrayal, covert prostitution and the concept that homosexuality is becoming a fad. The plot is full of bitter-sweet ironies- the most predominant irony being that all the characters are struggling with faltering relationships during the monsoons, which has been traditionally considered the most romantic season.The novel explores relationships in the contemporary, urban set-up of Mumbai against the backdrop of changing moralities. It brings forth the irreconcilable differences between couples and their refusal to adjust to nurture har... Read more
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Blogger: haricharan pudipeddi
A famous Chinese philosopher once said “He who is contented is Rich” but little did he know that one can never be content in life, especially those who pretend to live affluent life and call themselves rich. Thomas Stanley expands upon that single idea here in “Stop Acting Rich”. The premise of the book is simple: lasting wealth and happiness is rarely found through buying expensive things. Throughout the book, Stanley relies on extensive research of people who have acquired financial security. The book opens by defining a group of people whom the author calls ‘aspirationals’- people who choose to act super- rich, but fail to back it up with true financial resources.The most inte... Read more
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Blogger: haricharan pudipeddi
Sir Richard Branson, in this book offers the stripped down version of his entrepreneurial life with the help of real life episodes. The chronicles of people who touched, inspired and encouraged him play a pivotal part in this book. Branson points out the genuine thoughts and insights which he believes made him successful. He discusses the nuances of his enterprise and how he built seven billion dollar companies from scratch in seven different sectors. In short, Richard shares his adventures and achievements over forty years in business and the lessons he discovered from his setbacks.Although this book is a business book, it has a much wider appeal and message. It offers some glimpses into th... Read more
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Blogger: haricharan pudipeddi
What begins has to come to an end some day, sooner or later. That’s precisely what author Jeyn Roberts, clarifies in her new book titled ‘Dark Inside’ – an exploratory fictional apocalyptic tale. Four characters, Mason, Aries, Clementine and Michael are total strangers in different parts of the world, who are brought together when their lives interject coincidentally. It all starts when Mason is shocked by the death of his mother in a car accident, when at the hospital, he also comes to learn that his school is bombed and all his friends are dead. Somewhere else, Aries is on the bus with her best friend when the ground below her breaks open and all hell is unleashed. An ambush breaks... Read more
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Blogger: haricharan pudipeddi
The idea of prefixing the glorified word ‘MBA’ to our names makes us feel royal, doesn’t it? Most of us join B-schools for only one reason – to earn few extra bucks sitting in the highest designated positions of an organization. It doesn’t matter if you’re fresher; you’d still argue with the interviewer by reminding him/her that you are an ‘MBA’. However, when the interviewer throws few questions at you, hoping to hear some ‘out-of-the-box’ answers, you’re dumbstruck. MBA Blues by Chandra Kant is more of a narration of an individual about his experiences post MBA and several years of journey through corporate corridors than a book. In about 200 words, the author encap... Read more
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