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Electric lightning in natureObjectives : Definition of ElectricityOrigin of electricityDiscovery of electricitySources of electricityBenefits of electricityElectricity as we useAccording to Wikipedia, "Electricity is the science, engineering, technology and physical phenomena associated with the presence and flow of electric charges."In simpler words "Electricity is flow of electric charge(electrons) inside a conductor, semiconductors etc " Origin of Electricity : Do we, human beings invented electricity ? Not remotely, electricity exists since the beginning of the universe. It exists everywhere naturally, for exampleElectrical activity in human brain1. In lightning (thunderstorms) (see pic... Read more
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"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new." Albert EinsteinLearning electronics is a lot of fun. It always feels wonderful to make something that works by assembling tiny electrical components and to build a gadget. You make your own mistakes and learn from them and this is what makes learning electronics an absolute fun.Welcome to electronics section of RMJVirtualtutor.com. Here, you will find interactive, informative yet simple to understand tutorials on various topics related to electronics and science. Explanations are simple and illustrative but are in depth and supported with suitable examples and figures. Also, you will find animated figures to further enhance ... Read more
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