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Onset of a storm ? The pause before a lightening strikes ? Sun peeking through early morning fog ? The moment just before the pebble hit water and created ripples ?My silence said a lot And you kept searching for words ! Off on a well deserved holiday !  Tired ...saturated ...Need a break !!!Take Care,... Read more
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Blogger: Tangy Tomato Twist
*********************************************************************************All characters appearing in this story are taken from true life. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely intentional. If you can spot yourself amongst the characters, be assured that it is you *******************************************************************************Once upon a time , not so long ago there was a  Scarlet Macaw. She was a very beautiful Scarlet Macaw. She was so colorful and full of life . She had an incredibly bright plumage in colors ranging from the scarlet , through to light blue, yellow,with metallic gold iridescence, and even some green in the wings. Though Nat... Read more
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Blogger: Tangy Tomato Twist
Broken string of pearlsfall down my lashesturn into rainbowTake Care,... Read more
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Blogger: Tangy Tomato Twist
They were both best friends. "Best...est friend" in his language. Though there were other kids in the orphanage , he always called her to hold his tiny hands when he wrote the alphabets. She always gave him her share of desserts on Sundays knowing well that there would be no second serving. Age , gender, color  nothing came in between them. To him she was his world , someone who would hold his hands when needed    and guide him in this big bad world. To her he was the little angel who needed lots of love and care."You can't be with her for long" they said"Why?" his innocent eyes asked"She will play with dolls and you will play with guns and trains" they explained"So what ?" he... Read more
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Blogger: Tangy Tomato Twist
There is a look of worry in her eyesAs she held against her chest the teddy bear"Are you sure mommy is not coming back ? "She asks her big sister holding back a tearBut who will feed me and bathe mewho will take care of meOh I feel so frightenedNow is it just really you and me ?Have you heard of orphanagethat is where they send little girlswhose mom and dad leaveand big sisters refuse to take careWill you take care of me ?she asked with eyes wideYou can have my share of chocolatesand your books I promise will never hideAlright I will take care of youAfter all I happen to be your big sisterNow let me help you to go to bedtomorrow we will see how we can pick up the threadThe big si... Read more
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Blogger: Tangy Tomato Twist
white shroud , wet pillow, blank mindblazing funeral pyredeath of a relationshipthe inspiration for this post came from my flute class :) . A month back I joined flute class with lot of enthusiasm. I gave all kinds of reasons to DH for joining the class going to the extend of telling him that Lord Krishna came to my dreams and directed me to join Flute class. And now after a month I am trying to find all kinds of excuses to leave the class - end the relationship !  :DTake Care,... Read more
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Blogger: Tangy Tomato Twist
Pls click on the image for better view Ups and downs...kisses and fights...A loving glance...in between a call.playing my favorite music...when things are going wrong.At times the strong shoulder ...to shield from the bad world.and sometimes a stern glance ...urging to make it on my own.sometimes things changeand sometimes their meaningsBut the love that we sharedefinitely doesn't need any pruning....Ps : this post is inspired from a conversation I had with DH today . Though I have friends ...many friends but its his voice that soothes me ... yes he almost scolded me today but that's what made me get up and go for a coffee at office . And it was over that coffee that I found some a... Read more
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Blogger: Tangy Tomato Twist
He entered the store and started looking around. His eyes went from the CD collection to the beautiful crystal wares. He gently touched the  soft toy to his right. The artificial jewelry  near the entrance caught his eyes. Before he could reach the counter he was drawn towards the bottle of perfume on the shelf . He glanced at his watch . The store closed at nine, He just had 20 minutes to make up his mind."How can I help you sir" came a soft voice from behind. He was startled . He turned back and saw a girl of about 20 standing behind him . She looked tired. And bored."Ummmm... I am looking for a gift " he murmured"Valentines gift ?" The girl asked and then witho... Read more
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Blogger: Tangy Tomato Twist
She handed over her invite at the gate and waked inside with her head held high. She changed her seat a number of times until she was satisfied that she would be able to see the stage clearly.Once she had settled down she looked around. The atmosphere was charged with excitement. There was fun and laughter all around. Everyone was dressed in their best. Deep necks, sleeveless, silk , cotton , red, green , white, tattoos, red lipsticks ...she felt strange -  happiness and excitement mingled with nervousness. She looked at her watch. Few more minutes.  Finally the stage came to life. She lost all sense of her surrounding. She seemed to be in a daze. And then the moment arrived. The... Read more
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Blogger: Tangy Tomato Twist
If you thought whispering 'I love you ' was the only way to express love ...read on ... Papa Tomato : (Seriously looking at his trading portfolio) Can you get me a glass of water ?Mama Tomato : (Shouting from Kitchen) No water in the house !! Get it from the loo if you find it so difficult to come down.Jr Tomato : I am the second best in classMama Tomato : (Raising her brow) Did you get marks for any subject ?Papa Tomato : If there is no water get me some juiceBaby Tomato : You are not lizzzeening to me !  !Jr Tomato : Marks ? What Marks ? I am the second best entertainer in the class (proudly)Mama Tomato :-/Baby Tomato : Why are you not lizening to me ? Waaaa......Mama Tomato : S... Read more
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Blogger: Tangy Tomato Twist
This was my B'day gift to myself ! A tattoo ...sparkling twinkling shining illuminating my dreamsStars beneath my feetTake Care,... Read more
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Blogger: Tangy Tomato Twist
*****All characters appearing in this story are taken from true life. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely intentional. If you can spot yourself amongst the characters, be assured that it is you  ****************Once upon a time there was a Liger. You don't know what a Liger is? Liger is a hybrid cross between a male lion (Panthera leo) and a tigress (Panthera tigris).Thus, it has parents with the same genus but of different species. But he was no ordinary Liger. Oh what a majestic Liger he was. When he walked all the females turned around to look at him. He was large and powerfully built. The Liger's coat was shiny short and buff yellow, with a tuft on the... Read more
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Blogger: Tangy Tomato Twist
You burn my desiresto keep yourself warmburnt fingersTake Care,... Read more
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Blogger: Tangy Tomato Twist
A lot of Historical events took place on 10th January like : 49 BC - Julius Caesar crosses the Rubicon, signaling the start of civil war.1642 - King Charles I & family flee London for Oxford1911 - 1st photo in US taken from an airplane, San Diego1911 - Honduras signs treaty turning over customs to US (not ratified)1912 - World's 1st flying boat's maiden flight, (Glenn Curtiss in NY)1932 - "Mickey Mouse" & "Silly Symphony" comics syndicated1941 - World War II: The Greek army captures Kleisoura.1942 - Japan invades North-Celebes, Neth Indies1944 - British troops conquer Maungdaw, Burma1946 - 1st radar contact with Moon1951 - 1st jet passenger trip made1964 - Panama... Read more
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Blogger: Tangy Tomato Twist
Happy New Year !!!!pls click on the image for better view So did you make any New Year's Resolution this year ?I advocate for New Year Resolution. I have been making New year resolutions since I was a little girl. Every Year they would be either proudly displayed around the room or secretly locked away in my drawer . But no new year dared to pass by without me making quite a few resolutions ...This year is no exception ... Let me share a few of them here1. Exercise  - daily or at least five days a week. And yes the walk with my colleagues from the office to food court, gossiping, counts as exercise.2. Eat Healthy - Healthy always reminds me of greens . So yes my dal makhani is going t... Read more
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Blogger: Tangy Tomato Twist
chocolates and wine season of joy to celebrate with gaiety and smileOff on a holiday ! Merry Xmas !!!!Take Care,... Read more
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Blogger: Tangy Tomato Twist
He banged his head on the wall ...pushed the chair with force ...knocked down the jug of water...threw the pen stand on bed..."Oh my god ! only a miracle can save me now ! "Why! why did I get fired ! C'mmon having frequent coffee is not a sin ! Help me God help me !I have to pay my EMII have to Pay Nidhi's Insurance premiumHouse rentI hope my Boss meets with and accident !I don't want to pay my EMI ! I hope I get a great job! Now ! I hope something ...something happens to the house ownerI hope somehow I don't have to Nidhi's premiumHelp ! Help me ! Take me away ! I don't want to live anymore  ! I need a miracle"He emptied the entire bottle of whiskey and flung himself on the bed... Read more
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Blogger: Tangy Tomato Twist
HO HO HO ...time of the year when Red green and white dominates. I am a big time foodie(yeah yeah whats new in that ? ) .Well cooking is an art and I usually leave art to the likes of Michelangelo, but what do you do when on a bright sunny day fresh tangy tomatoes and beer turn up on your doorsteps hand in hand ? Yes the likes of me google ! And what did I end up with ???? Ofcourse the Masterpiece. RED BEER !!!! Lemme share the recipe with you after all Christmas is all about sharing ... RED BEER RECIPEIngredients1 glass lager Beer (what the heck ...buy the whole crate! )60 ml tomato juiceice optionalolivesDirectionsIn a frosted beer mug filled with ice, add tomato juice, Pour in cold b... Read more
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Blogger: Tangy Tomato Twist
"I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life's realities." Dr. Seuss Pls click on the image for better view Pls click on the image for better view Pls click on the image for better view Yeah you guessed it right !!!! I am bored !!!!Take Care,... Read more
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Blogger: Tangy Tomato Twist
Aravind looked at Bindu. How peacefully she was sleeping ... like a baby . She looked so peaceful and angelic with her silky black hair falling across her forehead. She was the picture of relaxation with her lovely hands folded up against her cheek. No it cannot be true . She was not that kind of a person. And they were now married for fifteen years . In fact next month it would be sixteen years. She would never do that. But what about the flowers and gifts that she had suddenly started receiving ?  There was never a from name or address on them."Its from a friend darling " she would reply sweetly. "A girl" she would add that again very sweetly. Aravind got up from the bed. There was ... Read more
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Blogger: Tangy Tomato Twist
At Samsung ....pls click on the image for better view  At Apple ...pls click on the image for better view Been a bit busy ... will come back soon with a Tangy post :) and I know this topic is a bit outdated now ....but I just got a new phone and guess what it is !Take Care,... Read more
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wishing starwished upon starto bring us closer once againDistance hurtsTake Care,... Read more
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Your silence breaks my heart when you  speak words pierce like splinterTake Care,... Read more
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Blogger: Tangy Tomato Twist
Ok most of my posts are female centric many of them trying to show men as villains ...The reason is simple ... I am a woman and I have this side which derives sadistic pleasure on seeing the discomfort of the men in my life :)Four men (make it 2 men and 2 boys) have really touched my lifeFirst my dad who showed me what unconditional love is . Second Hubby darling who in his silent ways always proves that he would be there for me through thick and thin. Third my son who follows me around like a lamb everywhere. Fourth my Nephew whom I really admire for his courage to face anything ...And of course all my friends who have helped me , supported me or just been there with me when I needed... Read more
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Blogger: Tangy Tomato Twist
As I close the hard bound bookof fairy tales once againI know that you can neverbe the oneHow can an ugly frogturn into a prince ? I know there is no such thingAs happily ever after...Snapped out of my reviereI sigh !As you look into my eyesI am tempted once againto challenge my fate !I take a step forward andbend down to kiss you ...Take Care,... Read more
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