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Blogger: Somya Singh
 I love you.At least I think I do.You love me too.I really hope you do.I often think of you.I know I can’t help it.You often think of me too.I just hope you try.I cannot live without you.At least I know I don’t want to.You cannot live without me too.I wish… I so wish, you won’t.... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
 Author : Krishna KranthiGenre : FictionISBN : 9350675005Rating : 3/5 When I first laid my hands upon this book, I was a little disappointed at the title itself. I thought the book would be some sort of a lecture on what MBA is all about, if not Money, Blazer and Arrogance. But then I started reading it, and as they say, Never judge a book by its cover (or title), I actually began to enjoy it.This is the first novel by Krishna Kranthi who is a management professional from Hyderabad. He has pursued his studies from CBIT, worked with Infosys, Amazon before pursuing his MBA from SPJIMR, Mumbai.The book is about Revant’s journey in SPJIMR, Mumbai and his quest to find the true purpose of ... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
 He drove at an abnormal speed today, 20Km/hour. He got off work earlier than usual after his last night’s shift. The Sun shone really bright. As if, God had some trouble looking into everyone’s mind and so increased the brightness. The rear-view mirror reflected his anxiousness as he saw people driving past him. Like they were all ready to move on, but for some reason, he was being held back. He turned on the radio. ‘Music helps’, he thought. Madonna instantly shot down his thought and charged him with being Frozen. ‘Or not’, he thought again and turned off the radio. He pulled over at the red light, five blocks away from his home. ‘It’s almost time’, he thought.The Liquo... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
My Love meltsWith the warmth of my heart,The charm of my smile,The twinkle that unfoldsWith the wink of my eye.My Love meltsWhen I walk past himAnd whisper in his ears.When I breathe on his chestAnd wet it with silent tears.My Love meltsWhen my lips curve into a smile.And even more when they frown.My Love melts, oh, he does!When I burn.... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
I like when I make myself.Always have.Always will.But I don’t like when other people make me.Because, sooner or later they all leave.All of them.And I am stuck with myself.I become the constant reminder of people who could have stayed but chose to leave instead. People I became vulnerable for. People I let myself change for. People I had gotten used to. People that never got used to me though.And so, when they made me, they made sure that living with myself, after they leave, becomes unmanageable for me. To the point that if I am strong enough, I make myself again. And if I am not, which is usually the case, I allow myself to be made again.Until one day, I leave myself, and no one has to m... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
There comes a moment in a person’s life when he realizes that he will never be good enough for someone. That no matter what he does, someone will always think it is not worth doing. That, no matter how he does it, there will always be someone who would think it could have been done in a better way. That he will always be surrounded with people with an intense desperation to improvise on the way he wants to live his life. That his dreams will never be big enough for someone. That his thoughts won’t be deep enough for someone to not find him shallow. That his smile won’t be charming enough or his gait, confident enough. That there are endless imperfections seeking flawed perfections. ... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
  Camouflaged Whispers finally crossed 10,000 Page Views this morning. Thank you, Readers. Thank you for all your love, your generous compliments and constructive criticisms. Hoping and wishing years of togetherness and wordsmithery.Cheers! ... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
 You’re the drop of rain that falls on the forehead of a tired old farmer. You’re the bud that blooms beside a dying flower in the garden of a sad little girl. You’re a day well spent, a smile well captured, a laughter well echoed on the faces of others. You’re the cold water on a hot day, a warm cappuccino on a cold one. You’re the pillow that comforts a hard life. You’re the extra chocolate syrup on my Mochachilo, the extra chocolate chips on my Nescafe-muffin, the extra happiness in my life. You’re the cloud that joins the other clouds to make the image of a Titanic. When, after sometime, the Titanic splits and I frown, you’re the one, who sneaks out and forms the other e... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
 And when I go to bed, tonight,Wearied by your thoughts,Weighed down by a pile of unfulfilled dreamsAnd bleeding hopelessness,And when I dreamLike I often doAnd when you drop byLike you often doWill you please, oh please,Bring the piece of my heart, tonight?The one you took with you, when you leftThe one you never returned, Because you never came back. Will you please, oh please,Bring that piece of my heart, tonight? For I’d like to dream, like I never do,Of an unbroken heart, tonight. ... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
 Words chime, loud and deepBreaking through the silenceOf the placid mind.Waves of temptationRise and rise, far and wideEngulfing sense and sanity alikeUntil, like a debris floatingOn the floods of desireInsanity survives. ... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
Have you ever seen a leaking tap? I am sure you have. You don’t seem like someone who would give a damn about water shortage or water wastage. So, what I meant was, have you really gazed at a leaking tap, for long? By ‘long’ I mean about fifteen seconds. I hope you’re not lost enough to stare at it beyond that. And if you have, what was stopping you to actually get up and fix it? Whatever! So, the leaking tap; drops of water oozing out of it. Imagine a rusted tap, going through the emotional trauma each time a drop of water separates from its rim and ultimately becomes a victim of gravity. And before the poor old tap could get used to it, another drop sets out to set itself free. And... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
About three years back, I was glued to my computer screen, staring at www.mirandahouse.ac.in, clutching two train tickets to two different destinations in my hand, coping with the anxiety in my mind and instilling hope in my throbbing heart. I took up Science in +2 and soon realized, that was it for me and Science. I loved spending time with it but I was not ‘in love with it’. And so, I decided to break up with it after 12th. I appeared for IIT-JEE and AIEEE in 2010. Obviously, I didn’t make it. My family wanted me to drop a year and study in Kota. That was Destination #1. And then, there was University of Delhi. I applied for few courses and was waiting for the list of selected candid... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
 Author : S.V. DivvaakarGenre : FictionISBN : 9789382473053Rating : 3.5/5  If we knew exactly how our lives would turn out to be in the next few decades, we would probably stop living. For BB, life was pretty much about making good money, changing cars every two years, going on yearly overseas holidays etc. until one day, his sexy lady boss turns his life upside down with her remark, “I’m sure you can do a much better job than Bhagath.” And thus began BB’s journey of Wordsmithery. Hell bent on beating his former college room-mate and a successful writer, Ketan Bhagath (that rhymes with Chetan Bhagath! Coincidence?) , BB begins to spend the rest of his days and nights working on... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
 He   :  Why are you telling me about him?She :  Because you’re nice to talk to.He   :  And he?She :  He’s nice to talk about.  ... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
 My Dear Prince Charming,I don’t know who you are and where you are. But I do care who you are and where you’re from, even if you love me. Yes, I am like that. I am one of those people, people call ‘narcissists’. Yes, I love myself. I put my happiness before everyone else’s. But I put my life after my family’s and some very close friends’. I value happiness more than I value life. Reason? I don’t know. I just do. That’s a brutal truth. I have disappointed many loved ones in my life. Most importantly, I have disappointed that one person I love the most on this earth – myself. I have failed to make myself happy. And because I have failed at this, I should tell you, I am no... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
On the first birth anniversary of Camouflaged Whispers, presenting a guest post by Uday Mane.*Applause* ________________________________________________________________________________________________________It’s a warm day, he thought.It was surprisingly a warm day for mid-December. He was wearing a jacket and had started regretting it now. A drop of sweat was finding its way from behind his ear. He rolled down the window and a strong surge of wind barged in against the speeding cab.He turned towards her. She was lost in her own thoughts, staring at shops racing behind them; trying to catch a glimpse of each, or probably read the names on each. Was this a game she played with herself whe... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
Have you ever had the feeling of being believed in, at a time when no one does? Amazing, isn’t it? Well, this is how Uday Mane made me feel when I was a newbie on Twitter. I had some 19 followers when Uday followed me. He had already come a long way at writing when I was just a tyro blogger. And being followed by him was indeed a big deal for me. But the story did not end there. He supported me constantly. And his work was and still is a source of constant inspiration. I awe at his creativity and imagination when I read his work. He is ‘The Allegorist’. Yes people, he is a wonderful story-teller. He is the spider that weaves words into a web and traps his readers and takes them into a ... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
“What are you doing here at this hour of the night?” she asked.He gave away an evil grin and said, “You tell me. After all, it’s your mind I am in right now.”... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
My heart aches tonightIn the saddest of waysIt bleeds the saddest of wordsThat tell the saddest of tales.Often in such saddest of nights,When my mind is dementedWith the saddest of thoughtsMy heart breaks into uncountable pieces.And then you smile and so do IAnd the pieces rejoin But cracks remain.And then you leaveAnd so does my smileAnd so my broken heart breaks yet againTwice the uncountable pieces this timeAnd this goes on for a whileUntil the sadness of the saddest of nightsTranscends into numbnessAnd leave me benumbedIn my sad little world.... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
 “I got a present for you”, he said.“Oh! I thought the present got you for me”, she replied.... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
 What you’re about to read ahead is not a piece of fiction. It is not about something ordinary. It is not even about someone ordinary. Moreover, it is not as dramatic as it probably sounds.Not to brag or anything but I was awarded a certificate for being born. Birth Certificate, you see. My superpower is to cross the road safely and get hit by a parked car. But I am no superwoman. I am extraordinary in ordinary ways and yet ordinary in extraordinary ways. In fact (don’t be scared) by ability to disappoint can disappoint your ability to disappoint.I think more than I think I can afford to think. And in the process, come up with something that might leave you amazed. The by-products of th... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
 Don’t we just hate it when we don’t know why something happens? Of course we do! We’re humans. We’re bound to find reasons. Reason is to us, what a flame is to a moth. We burn. Yes we do. We just don’t know it. We’re desperate. For everything you can think of. And even more so to find a reason for our desperation. I am a moth too. And I am trying to find a reason. Every now and then, I travel towards that mighty flame. And there’s a reason here too. I am in love with you. And I want to know why. And so I think. I think more than I think I can afford to think. Just when I am about to reach the flame, my very substance is warmed by the warmth of your love. It’s beautiful, it... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
Sometimes, you just see things falling so perfectly in every life around you. All but your own. Or so it seems. And so you believe. Nothing is right in your own life. Not a single thing. And you’re just too tired to do something about it. Not really helpless. But clueless. You know what you can do. You know what you ought to do. You know what might set things right. Or at least get them going.  And still you just sit there and wait. Wait for a miracle to happen. Wait for a purpose that would drive you towards achieving that miracle, on your own, if need be. And when the wait becomes too long to bear, it transforms into words which come together to form a crappy paragraph, just like this o... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
  By the sea,On the sandOur feet entwinedYou write on my feetWith yoursIn words I cannot defineThat I am yoursAnd you, henceforth,Are mine. From You and ITo Us and WeBut sometimes,Less of You,More of MeAnd some other times,More of You,Less of Me,And so,No more Us, no more We. Today,Those wavesJust hit the shore.No barrier of entwined feetA pair and one moreJust the wet sandAnd infinite memoriesIn my verse, you and IContinue to live togetherEven when reality speaksA million other stories. // ... Read more
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Blogger: Somya Singh
 This is a story about a young girl and a comparatively not-so-young boy. The protagonist, Samara is a fifteen year-old introvert. She is the only daughter of two upper middle class parents. Caught in between the frequent fights of her parents and their unbearable ignorance, she begins sharing her innermost feelings and desires with a complete stranger. This stranger, our not-so-young protagonist, is a 26 year old struggling journalist. With time, the bond between the two grows, and she begins to find in him, the friend she never had. During one such grave argument, her parents decide to split up. She overhears their conversation and tries to contact her only friend, who, as luck may have i... Read more
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