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In my previous installment of college story, I had left you all (in case you have had read) at 7th semester of my Engineering and also promised you to bring one last part of this havoc. You can read all these here:College Story (Part 1)College Story (Part-2)College Story (Part-3)College Story (Part-4)College Story (Part-5)College Story (Part-6)College Story (Part-7)College Story (Part-8)College Story (Part-9)Well, here I am with the last installment which is arriving after the departure of almost every colleague from the last year of my college.After getting rid of all 7th semester's exams, it was time for 'much-awaited' 8th semester. This last semester makes us realize that these 3-4 month... Read more
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Blogger: Ashish Singh
With a population of more than 1.2 billion, India is the second-most populous country of the world. Sex ratio in India is 927:1000, which implies there are 927 women for every 1000 men. Obviously, the stats aren’t amusing but what is more shocking is despite of growing awareness about education and modern society adapting to gender equality with women contributing as much as a man, rape cases are on rise. With media getting more sensitive towards these cases, we started pouring our emotions towards the victims, we started protesting, but action speaks louder than words. Mere posting strong emotions over social networking sites won’t help.With scenario not at its best, there are few who a... Read more
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Blogger: Ashish Singh
It was the year 2010 when Devesh proudly announced his would be girlfriend with whom he was going on date. This announcement was supposed to be kept secret within us, The Three Musketeers (three friends who were roommates then). Devesh’s anxiety increased proportionally with approaching Sunday as Sunday was the day which would decide the love fate of our loving friend. After gutting a significant thinking capability of our brains he settled on gifting his would be girlfriend, a teddy bear, sufficiently big to capture Rahul’s study table. Devesh put that bear on that table and warned Rahul to not to touch it. Rahul was most studious among us and this unacknowledged attack of a teddy bear ... Read more
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Blogger: Ashish Singh
This post is purely dedicated to the students-cum-invigilators of my very dear IT class. Today when I was giving a practical, mam mistakenly made me sit beside a fairly intelligent student who had the same program which I had. He called mam and told her that we both have same program. She changed mine. These students should be dispatched to pre-primary schools and let them fight for marks. Idiots!!So after a short personal hate note I should start with yet another segment of college story. Before entering into college boundaries I had heard about the fantastic ‘I-Don’t-Give-A-Damn’ style life in engineering, now I curse those mouths from where these words oozed. With my admission in f... Read more
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Blogger: Ashish Singh
Meet us! We are the so called 'Mard Jaats'. We are in abundance, 1000 for every 938 girls and demand weakens with supply. We 'Mards' have been cursed with every spell been ever made, from the 'connoisseur of sex' to 'ill mannered freak' there hardly been a single tag left with which we have never refereed to. Problem lies in our abundance.Let me explain, I am a simple Engineering student. Talking about my class, it has around 15 girls and 45 boys and my class has one of the highest proportion of girls. The condition of core branches has always been pathetic with hardly 3 to 4 girls, in which only 1 or 2 are there without mustache. After filtering odd ones out, we only left on the mercy of 'n... Read more
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Blogger: Ashish Singh
Every morning he would sit on the farther side of road, leading to 'Ryan School'. He was a boy, hardly 9 year old, who used to polish shoes of children of that school. His boot polish store had one small carpet, few torn shoes, a steel cisterns with few pennies and a stone which acted as a raised platform where he used to put shoes to polish.Today, there was something unusual. It was around 11.30 in morning and students were piled up for getting their shoe polished. He was quivering from one shoe to other, brushing the every bit of dirt from them with his brush and small box of 'Cherry Blossom', without knowing the reason behind such curiosity of students for getting their shoe pol... Read more
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Blogger: Ashish Singh
On the beach, I was holding sand on my hand. I slipped them and they got mingled with million others. Disappeared, Indistinguishable. "Our lives are like those sand on my hand. It slipped and we found ourselves nowhere among million other" I said.She bent and grasped those beach sand, drenched it with the water from the bottle. Shen flipped her palm and the wet sand fell again. This time distinguishable, different from other lying nearby. We could have made our life distinct from others, but it might missed a splash of love and care.  I asked, "Who can guess, this is we?"  pointing to those wet sand which were still lying the same way they fell.'At least we can' sh... Read more
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Blogger: Ashish Singh
(This story is my vision from the eyes of a girl, who was raped brutally by many people, for several days. This post is based on an Article published in 'Tehalka' under the title "The anatomy of Rape") They dragged me, called me a 'Ra**i'. They were ramming my body, one after the other. I was lying naked on the floor, the bruises were overpowering me as badly as they were. Seconds later, my body got immune, against their every push, against the bruises i had. I muscle stopped responding and my soul too.I woke up on the next morning. It was graveyard quietness. They left me with torn identity, torn conscience and a torn vagina. I wore my leftover pieces of clothes and came out to witness the ... Read more
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Blogger: Ashish Singh
I looked at a sky-touching building on the other side of the road. A small part of horizon was hiding behind its floors. 'Ma, I want to see that Maaal. What it looks like, I want to see. Shops, people, and my friend told me that there are restras too, I want to see all', I said to Ma while staring at that gigantic building.'Look at that automatic 'seedhi' . I watch it every day through these glass panes. I want to go, Ma, take me there' I continued. My mother didn't turn to see what i was explaining her, instead she kept pushing me towards the other direction. Direction to 'Pali Bazaar'.'Big people go there. Your 'sahib' , his 'baccha' 'bibi', all of them come here for shopping... Read more
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Blogger: Ashish Singh
I looked at a sky-touching building on the other side of the road. A small part of horizon was hiding behind its floors. 'Ma, I want to see that Maaal (Mall). What it looks like, I want to see. Shops, people, and my friend told me that there are restras too, I want to see all', I said to Ma while staring at that gigantic building.'Look at that automatic 'seedhi' . I watch it every day through these glass panes. I want to go, Ma, take me there' I continued. My mother didn't turn to see what i was explaining her, instead she kept pushing me towards the other direction. Direction to 'Pali Bazaar'.'Big people go there. Your 'sahib' , his 'baccha' 'bibi', all of them come here for s... Read more
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Blogger: Ashish Singh
I am in my morning assembly and our principle is roaring over us through mike "It's is our 66th Independence day children. 66 years ago, we got what, our freedom fighter dreamed of, INDEPENDENCE". I don't know what that means. The real thing is, I lost mine on this same day. Today is the first b'day of my little pot of trouble, my brother, younger brother people say. You would think that I am little harsh for a 1 year old child but let me tell you the other side of the story. I bet, after listening to my story, you will donate in child relief fund for me.That day I was happy and exited as I was going to have a member in the family who is smaller, both in age and si... Read more
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Blogger: Ashish Singh
After an unfortunate long break i finally return to my college story. I got two re-backs in my third semester back exams. Never mind, it has nothing to do with this segment of college story, take it as an information and please pray to god that someday, some company would hire me.Coming on the topic, Love in college. Ah! old, boring and yes you can add another word, CREEPY. Believe me, I hate this word love, and true love????? Well i hate it a bit more. In India, the kind of status love is enjoying is phenomenal and the reason behind this can be melodramatic, over-romantic movies which are usually songs and tears ridden with heavily loaded dialogues which if somebody use in real life, he ... Read more
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Blogger: Ashish Singh
She kept on crawling over wall, and slipping on ground repeatedly. A small boy was staring at her for last few seconds. She was happy as she was blessing him with the same moral, her ancestors blessed the mighty king with. Keep trying, keep trying....never lose hope. She started crawling all over again, on that same wall and fell all over again. Patience's bridge of that small boy collapsed and he thrown her in an attempt to make her reach the top of the ventilation window. Her head slammed against the wall and she again dropped down to floor. He ran away untill escaped the eye sight of her's. Might the lesson went for too long. Poor ant, now started moving to where she had to, re... Read more
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Blogger: Ashish Singh
Remember, these kind of questions in your school and colleges exam. Difference between Garam Dal and Naram Dal (Social science). Difference between Acid, Bases and salts (9th Standard Science), Difference between line and line segment (Maths). Difference between Noun, Pronoun, Adjectives (Do I need to mention this subject? Anyways, English).Boring Stuff.......Right? But let me tell you, Differences aren't always boring specially when it has nothing to do with textbooks. Now this post is all about how an A.C. coaches of typical Indian trains are different from sleeper ones. The one who truly inspired me to write this post is 'Dayodaya Express' and the noble cause for which we bo... Read more
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Blogger: Ashish Singh
Hundreds of eye balls were wandering over her slightly dished out cleavage, while a 'white skinned' blonde who was in her 30's roving in pink walled city. Finally, she opened her bag, took a masculine cloth and draped it around her shoulders. Merciless, gigantic sun was still wetting her body, but never mind, at least that piece of cloth could quench thirst of those hundred staring eyes.    [*This story is result of my own experience while I was with my mom, shopping in Johri Market (Jaipur).]... Read more
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Blogger: Ashish Singh
Doors opened from behind, mingling the trapped lights with highly illuminated ones. A shattered voice came from a staggering old man."Beta, Do you know, where my glasses are?" asked old man."How do I know? And don't you see, I am busy in teaching 'Rahul'. Go back to your room, Shashi will give you when she find it" Ramesh urged."Yes, Where were we? Han "Explain in two sentences that, why your father is biggest asset for you in your life". Write the answer." continued Ramesh and dictated the answer to Rahul. Rahul blindly echoed his father's words on his Homework copy.Door got closed, knocking the lights off again. Lesson was almost over, so as an old man's plea.  ... Read more
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Blogger: Ashish Singh
A barefooted kid came running towards a black window of a V.I.P. car. With a scorching sun overhead and hands barely reaching the glasses of window, he thumped.Those black curtains were still sealing the cool air inside. Wheels turned after a while, leaving behind an empty stomach of hardly '8 year' old. 'Health minister' was getting late for his speech on 'Children Welfare'.     ... Read more
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Blogger: Ashish Singh
We both were sitting alone in front of a 'crowd ridden' space of a mall until he came in a flash, flattened his palm in front of me and with his 'hard to figure out' expressions said nothing. His malnourished body was telling what he was in need of, few pennies that couldn't vaporize his hunger but at least can leave enough in him to beg for few more and this time to feed his parents as well. "Go away." I said in a 'not pleasant to hear' tone.It wasn't new for him. He might had left his pride and honor the day he saw the lights of this world.He remained motionless, his little hands were intact but it did negligible effect over me. "What do ... Read more
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Blogger: Ashish Singh
This story is at http://overcupofcoffee.wordpress.com/2012/06/05/alone-37/ (Sorry for making you move an extra muscle.) This site has been moved to the link above. ... Read more
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Blogger: Ashish Singh
 Uncles of India are the most astonishing creatures for a child. Uncles, lots of them, 'Bagal Wale Uncle', 'Upar wale Uncle', 'Peeche Wale Uncle' etc.etc. Not only known by geographical location but also their professions gives distant names to them like, 'Pani wale Uncle', 'Bijli wale Uncle', 'Dukaan wale Uncle'. Here's some more, 'Tofee wale uncle', 'Khadush Uncle' and more and more. My father has a transferable job so I was exposed to all these vivid variety of Uncles, every one was unique in his own way. When we were shifted to a place, Narnaul [ A little known town in Haryana ], I encountered my first typical uncle. Bald, AH! not being so rude, almost bald... Read more
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Blogger: Ashish Singh
"Again your project is not ready.HAHAHAHA.....OMG! you fool. You are going to lose your job. Poor looser" said my colleague making fun of me. 'Is your project ready?' somehow I asked."Ready? Are you joking? It's not just ready but you can call it Super-ready. I had waited for this moment since the day I got this job.I have been working on it for last 1 year. I am going to get a promotion and you will be kicked off. It's recession dude.Survival of the best. Don't worry, I will give you my promotion party in 'Oberoi'. Free meal for a Jobless matters." His words elevated my temperature with lift. "8th floor" announced lift and doors got opened. What i saw was bun... Read more
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Blogger: Ashish Singh
"Hey Birbal, What you are doing with my Tablet for last half an hour?" asked Akbar. Birbal replied "Jahanpanah, I am creating your Facebook account".Now what the hell is this Facebook? akbar askedBirbal said, Jahanpanah, it is a kingdom networking site. Here you could keep a track on your "NaamaKool notorious Salim", I had already sent him the friend request. Not only this...............after a pause birbal whispered in Akbar's ears, "You can watch sunny Leone's hot videos too which Bairam Khan used to share shamelessly on Facebook. And one more thing, I liked the page of 'Khabar Din Bhar' on your behalf. Now there is no need of these useless khabar... Read more
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Blogger: Ashish Singh
I would like to thank Alka Narula for giving me my first blogger award.:) I love her posts and you can read them on http://alkanarula.blogspot.in    Thank the person who nominated you.    Post a picture of the award on your blog.    Share 7 random thoughts about yourself.    Choose bloggers to pass the award to.    Inform them about it.7 random thoughts about me:1) I am a big foodie.My range of likings in category of food is immeasurable.2) I became blogoholic.3) I hate lizards.I can't even dare to pass through a wall on which she is.4) I want to go Venice once in my life.5) I hate serials.6) I love spending my time on my laptop. I can continuously sit on my lappy for hours.7... Read more
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Blogger: Ashish Singh
"GOA" had always been a dream for me. AAhhhh!!!! Ordinary looking words na? But this is how I could best explain my anxiety.This Goa trip became possible after we (with 'we' i mean to say we five friends) got 7000 rs. as refund from our generous college.With 5 friends, 7,000 got its multiplier '5' which took our sum of money to 35,000.With the proper guidance of 'Google Baba' we arrived to the conclusion that Goa is pretty much possible with the resources we have.We reserved our tickets in a sleeper coach of Sampark Kranti Express.Shopping didn't turned out to be a headache this time.With bags packed,shoe tightened and we were all set for a 'Fantasy-tic Goa Experience'.Our lovely train gave ... Read more
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Blogger: Ashish Singh
##Post For the Castrol Power 1 Blogging ContestThe title might be suggesting you all that i am crazy about stunts, and bike is what that makes my day.But the thing is little different.The only way I mingle with my 100 cc bike is going to college,coming back home and then riding it few extra kilometers to satisfy the requirements of mummy and other members of family.So what i mean to say is, this blog is not on me and the central character is Saurabh sharma (a friend of mine). Truly speaking the title best suits him."Stunts are what he made for".His craze for stunts has been as old as those days when he had his own bicycle.People usually drops down their speed just before speed b... Read more
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