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Blogger: Arjun Singh
                                                                                                                                    Download Now  Love YouTube videos? Now you can download and keep these videos in your own personal collection. Xilisoft Download YouTube Vide o is a FREE, high speed, and easy-to-handle YouTube video downloader software.This YouTube downloader is an easy to use and flexible application that allows you to drag the YouTube URL directly to the program itself. There are multiple options to make your downloading easy: download directly with Internet Explores right-click menu or with the programs own ... Read more
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Blogger: Arjun Singh
It is not so simple to hack than on Windows XP. If you ever forgot Windows 7 password, you may find that several fruitful Windows password hack replies employed for Windows XP doesn't work for Windows 7 due to its superior security characteristics and you may have to find a new reply for your disregarded Windows 7 password hack.Need to recover Windows 7 password? Windows 7 password reset or recovery solution is quite easy if you pick up the right way. In case you may lose important data during your recovery, here we give a full detail of the solution. In this, we take the most used laptop or computer for example.The laptop is widely used for its excellent quality. It gives customers all t... Read more
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Blogger: Arjun Singh
When you login to your Windows 7 computer (assuming you haven’t used something like this tutorial to turn on automatic login), you’ll generally see a login window with a background looking something like this.set picIt’s fine; there’s nothing wrong with it. But sometimes a change is good so in this article we’ll show you how to change the background image behind the login screen to anything you want.The first step is to open up the Start Menu by clicking the orb in the lower left corner of the screen.Now, in the Start Menu search box, type regedit, to open up the Registry Editor.When the Registry Editor appears in the Start Menu, click the Enter key to launch it. You should see a w... Read more
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Blogger: Arjun Singh
click computer right and mange click ok then  click device manager then click port(com&LPT)and then click port setting bits per second 128000 ok.then click click flow control and set hardware click ok and restart computer ... Read more
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Blogger: Arjun Singh
Dual Boot Your Pre-Installed Windows 7 Computer with XPSo you got your shiny new pre-installed Windows 7 computer over the holidays, but you want to have trusty XP standing by in a dual boot setup. Today we’ll walk through creating a new partition in Windows 7 then installing XP on it.In this process we are going to shrink some free space on the Windows 7 hard drive to allocate toward a new partition. Make sure to take a moment and decide how much space to use for the XP partition. Make sure you have enough space on your hard drive for files you’ll be adding to each. Create a New PartitionThe first thing we need to do is create a new partition on the Windows 7 machine. Luckily we can do... Read more
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Blogger: Arjun Singh
Windows Key + M: Minimizes all windows.Windows Key + SHIFT + M: Restores all windows.Windows Key + M minimizes all of your open windows into the taskbar. It’s handy if you need to get to the desktop quickly. Throw the SHIFT key into the mix and you can get your windows just as they were.... Read more
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Blogger: Arjun Singh
 Windows Key + TAB Cycles through the open programs through the taskbar.If you have multiple windows open, hold down the windows key and tap the TAB key and the computer will cycle through your open windows. This is very similar to using ALT + TAB but without, what I like to call, the “mini window”.Extremely helpful of you have a ton of windows open. The windows can even be minimized into the taskbar when you go a-cycling!!... Read more
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