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Come summer and the Jaunpur market is flooded with water melon and musk melon of Jamaitha Jaunpur .Cantaloupes are a musk type melon with the characteristic netting on the skin. Cantaloupes and melons are fragrant fruits, related to cucumbers. The vitamin A and C contents of this fruit help rejuvenate internal and external skin tissues. Vitamin C in particular produces collagen, a natural cementing material that holds body cells together, strengthens the walls of the blood vessels in the digestive system and helps in healing the worn out cells and tissues.If you are a dieter, then muskmelon is an excellent fruit for you. It has significant amount of fiber and provides you the feeling of full... Read more
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One week before we have started JAUNPURCITY GYAN PAHELI contest. All the visitors who have knowledge of Jaunpur History or learned from our websites can take part in this contest. To visit jaunpur city contest page please click Here.    ... Read more
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Shahi Pull5 cops suspended for laxityJaunpur, Apr 25 (UNI) Five policemen were today suspended for taking an undertrial to a hotel in Meerut district of Uttar Pradesh. According to Superintendent of Police Balkiran Singh Yadav today, Kunwar Pal was transferred to Muzaffarnagar jail …United News of India, 8 hours ago3 kids drown in Gomti riverThree children were drowned in the Gomti near Urdpur ghat under Jalalpur police station in Jaunpur district on Tuesday evening. The incident came to light late night. The bodies were fished out by Wednesday morning. According to reports, Gaurav …Times of India, 21 hours agoThree children drown in Gomti river  Press Trust of India, 1 day agoWoman... Read more
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jaunpur railway stationThe existing time limit for advance reservation by train will be reduced from 120 days to 60 days( excluding the date of journey ) w.e.f 01.05.2013 Click here to know more. Toll free Number for Railway Catering Complaints: 1800111321Revision of tatkal charges w.e.f. 01 Apr-2013. Click here to know more. Revision of Clerkage charges and cancellation charges w.e.f. 01 Apr-2013. Click here to know more. Levying of service tax on service charges for e-tickets booked through IRCTC w.e.f.01 Apr-2013. IRCTC opens World class Executive Lounge at New Delhi Railway Station.</IMGSRC=”> Revision in Passenger Fares w.e.f 22.01.2013. Click here to know more Penalties for act... Read more
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Jaunpur, the seat of the Sharqi kingdom, is a great recluse of medieval history. It is hardly 75 kms from Varanasi, yet too far from the tourist map. Dotted with early 15th century monuments, these lofty buildings display an architectural class of its own that has acquired a nomenclature for itself – the Jaunpur style. Mughal emperor Shah Jehan admired this place as the “Shiraz of India” and rightly enough Sher Shah was one of its proud alumnus. Akbar on his visit to Jaunpur enjoyed water sports on the river Gumpti while others like Babur, Humayun and Aurangzeb were quite impressed by its splendour and did their best to restore its glory.Standing halfway between Delhi and Bengal, it is... Read more
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 On Demand of Jaunpur City’s Hindi bhashi we have launched jaunpur’s  website in Hindi . Now you can enjoy reading in hindi abour jaunpur History, Jobs, Services, Tourism, festivals and many more. Your valuable suggestion are invited.This year on Demand we added Yello Pages and Services Pages in our English and Hindi websites. To visit these Pages Click on Yellow page button on Header  Button.We also Connected Jaunpur City Websites to Face Book and Twitter.Face Book Page:  https://www.facebook.com/jaurnpushaharTwitter Page: https://twitter.com/CityJaunpurHindi Website: http://jaunpurcity.in/hnJaunpur Blogger: http://hamarajaunpur.com S.M.MasumAdmin ... Read more
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About 900 yards from the Atala Mosque is a place commanly known as “The Tombs of the Seven Kings Jaunpur”. The person buried there includes Shahzada nasir Khan Malik Bahruz,The younger son of Sultan Firoz Shah and the first governor of Jaunpur and Zafrabad. Among the Sharqi Sultans here we find the tombs of Sultan us sharq malik sarwar,Sultan Mubarak Shah sharqi, sultan Ibrahim sharqi and his queen. These tombs once stood in a large parks and originally covered with grand domes decorated with glazed bricks ,which were pulld down by Sikander Lodhi. this place is very near to badi masjid and only one KM from Jaunpur junction railway station.... Read more
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Ahmad Mujtaba Zaidi AL WASTI ‘Wamiq’ Jaunpuri” was born in 23 October 1909 in a small village called Kajgaon in the district Jaunpur. He comes from an educated family.After finishing his education he practiced law in Lucknow for a while. Then he got a government job but quit because of the restriction on his poetry.Like the contemporaries of his time, his poetry is more concerned about gHam-e-doraaN (sorrows of the world) His popular nazms are “bhooka baNgaal”, “meena bazaar” among others.Died 21st NOVEMBER’ 1998.MIRZA GHALIB AWARDLate Janab Wamiq Jaunpuri (Urdu Poetry) also Received  SOVIET LAND NEHRU AWARD ,Mirza Ghalib Award and IMTIYAZ-E-MEER (MEER ACADEMY, LUCKNOW).Wa... Read more
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Tilak Dhari College is one of the premier institutions of Jaunpur Uttar Pradesh. The college is situated at a distance of 4 Kilometers from Jaunpur Junction and about 2.5 Kilometers from Jaunpur City Station. It is 300 meters away from the Roadways Depot. It is thus well connected with Rail and roads.The college was originally founded as an English Middle School in 1914 by Sri Tilak Dhari Singh. Mr Singh was the first graduate in this district of his community.It was recognized as Kshatriya High School in 1916. It Became an Intermediate in 1940. It acquired the status of of a Degree College in 1946 in affiliation to Agra University.It’s affiliation shifted to Gorakhpur University in 1956. ... Read more
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Since the beginning of human civilization the city of Jaunpur had achieved the admiration of “Sheeraz-e-Hind” on account of its educational and social pursuance. The brilliant scholars from Lucknow, city of knowledge and literature, had the honor to be pupils under the Porch of reliable and trustworthy personality of Late Maulana Mohammad Askari. It was a time when scholarly personalities imparted educational teachings individually and voluntarily.In 1894 AD Maulvi Inayat Husain Sahib (Late) started Madersa within the precincts of Masjid, situated at Mohalla Sheikh Mahamid by the name of ‘IMANIYA’. In the year 1923, Khan Bahadur Syed Mohammad Mustafa Sahib (Late), Deputy Collector, ... Read more
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Why Indian scientists fails? By- Dr. Dileep kumar singh, Weather expert, Astrologist. From very beginning i have been seeing the failure of weather experts and weather scientists of Indian meteorology department. While all my predications and forecasts are being proved true since 1980. Even this year the Meteorological departments and weather experts and scientists foretold that “ monsoon” will be normal and will come at the fixed time and the rainfall will be “normal”. While i have predicted more than dozens of articles since  July to June  that “monsoon will be “abnormal”, it will come late and will march forward on new route. Now my prediction again proved to be true and ... Read more
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Duringt the reign of the sharqi sultans there were two important cities I.E. Zafrabad and Jaunpur, were the most architectural and cultural activities took place.  Zafarabad is older than Jaunpur, but during the sharqi reign it was of secondary importance and was better known for its religious and literary activities than for its architectural attainments. It lies on the river bank of the Gomti at the distance of about four miles from Jaunpur, It had been flourishing city of that part of the country before the founding of Jaunpur.In ancient days this region had been a great center of culture and religion of Buddhists as well as the Hindus. Ruins of their ancient stupas and temples can still... Read more
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Very little is known of the ancient history of the old site of Jaunpur beyond the fact in ancient times a city occupied the site of the present town. Brahmans derive the name Jaunpur from Jamadaganipura, after this saint’s name, for which they further find support in the sthana of the said saint at Jamaitha, a place situated between Jaunpur and Zafarabad. The common people even to-day call it by the name of Javanpura and that argument has been supported bt Mr. Ommaney’s reading of an inscription found in Bundel Khand on the river Gumti.   Sultan Firuz Shah visited this country a second time in 1359, when he marched against Sultan Sikandar, son of Haji Ilyas of Bengal. When Sultan Firuz... Read more
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We have started Career Guidance for our youth. Getting job is easy if you are properly guided and have any  target. Even during your study period you can earn and learn both. See these articles to know how to achieve your target if you are interested in making your career in below giving jobs.1) Banking, CA, Financial Consultant, Stock Broker,Economist)2) Corporate Lawyer,Lawyer,Airhostess,Pilot,Horticulturist3)Marine Engineer,Automobile Engineer,Aeronautical engineer,Sound Engineer,Translator,Video jockey4)IAS,IPS,IFS,IAF Pilot,Navy,Civil Engg,Interior Designer,Architect5) Biomedical Engg,Computer Science,Information technology,Company secretary,Networking6) Best Websites to Find Jobs Worl... Read more
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Career Guidence: Event Management,Animator,Sport comentator,Astrologer,Makeup Artist,Hair StylistSport CommentatorMakeup Artist Hair Stylist... Read more
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What you are looking for,is called freelance work. You work for people online who want a certain job done. The skill-set will be yours to input, but we can provide you with a list of the top platforms where you can find jobs. These are freelancing websites that happen to be some of the best. 1. ElanceElance is the best freelancing website without a doubt. It is a U.K based website that started in 1998. Not only is it the oldest and most popular, but is also the most highly paying website..2. oDeskoDesk is number two only because it isn’t just as well known as Elance. But I don’t think that’s fair to the site. Quality-wise, it is one of the best websites. You can look for any sort of wo... Read more
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 1. IndeedIndeed is a great job searching site indeed.2. Monster.comMonster is a huge job searching website.3. CareerBuilderCareerBuilder is less of a search engine and more of a job posting website.4. SimplyHiredIt might not be as big as Monster or CareerBuilder, but it sure has some of the best features available.5. DiceA site dedicated to jobs related to technology.6. LinkeInMost of you might already know about LinkedIn. Not only is it a social networking site where you can connect with people and share your experiences, you can also find jobs on LinkedIn.7. CraigslistCraigslist s similar to Linked. It is an extremely valuable job searching tool.8. CollegeRecruiterNow this one is for the... Read more
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NetworkingInformation technologyComputer ScienceBiomedical EnggCompany secretary... Read more
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IAS,IPS and IFSIAF PILOTAn India Navy OfficerInterior DesignerArchitect... Read more
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Marine EngineerAutomobile Engineer Aeronautical engineerSound EngineerTranslatorVideo jockey... Read more
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Corporate LawyerLawyerHorticulturistCommercial PilotAirhostess... Read more
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For the valuable readers of Jaunpurcity.in ,we have started Career Guidance and this time we are giving you a basic guide line for choosing career in Banking, CA, Financial Consultant, Stock Broker and Economist. You can read and also take print out of these files. Very soon we will upload career in other sector also.Bank probationary Officer and Chartered accountantFinancial Consultant, Stock BrokerEconomitsFor any further Enquiry related to career Opportunity write to us in comment box given below.... Read more
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Jaunpur of the British period has been a witness to rebellion against the power of the state. A tormenting desire to take part in the revolution of 1857 and secure Independence for India was seen in its every nook and cranny. For the 1857 revolution, posters had been put up everywhere on 31st May. Instructions had been issued to the native soldiers to deposit their arms. The news of the rebellion reached Jaunpur from Benares on the 5th of June, 1857. On September 8, the Gorkha forces arrived inJaunpur from Azamgarh. On account of this, all the civilian officers who had fled to Benares returned to Jaunpur. The northwest part of Jaunpur was in the flames of the rebellion. The confrontation of ... Read more
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Sheetala Chaukia Dham is a famous ancient temple of Jaunpur and is dedicated to Goddess Sheetala Mata. During Hindu period the area was under the rule of Yadavas. It is believed that they only built this temple as a mark of respect towards the Goddess of their Clan (Kul Devi), perhaps initially the idol of Sheetala Devi was installed on a small platform/chauki hence the temple’s name Chaukia Dham.Located about 5 km on Allahabad-Gorakhpur road in Jaunpur city, U.P., India. Best time to visit:Throughout the year, special days- Monday, Friday, Full moon day of every month & fair during both the Navratries.... Read more
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