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1.With which subject is Dadasaheb Phalke Award associated? (a). Best Play Back singer (b). Best film actor (c). Worked for the development for the film industry (d). Best musician2.Who among the following is the first Indian to win a Hoover Prize? (a). Man Mohan Singh (b). APJ Abdul Kalam (c). Sonia Gandhi (d). R.K.Narayanan3.Sea water can be purified by the process of..... (a).Fractional distillation (b).Distillation (c).Filtration (d).Evaporation4.What is the name of the instrument used to measure blood pressure? (a).Barometer (b).Hydrometer (c).Hygrometer (d).Sphygmomanometer5.Atmosphere is broadly divided into homosphere and heterosphere.The homosphere extends upto a heigth of ? (a).18 k... Read more
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Online General Knowledge Quiz Test 2013-11. The graphite rods in the nuclear reactorreact with U to release energyconvert fast moving neutrons into thermal neutronsproduce neutrons2. Dengue Fever is caused byBacteriaVirusFungi3. The Revathi Pattathanam was conducted at the Taliyil temple in?KollamKochiCalicut4. India's first atomic reactor wasZerlinaDhruvaApsara5. Which one is not a mammal?BatCrocodileWhale Score = Correct answers:Hi Friends This New Type of Quiz Format its working under JavaScript code,i was taking lot of type to create quiz like This,but If You Like This quiz format please Put Your Valuable Comment Here To Create More Quizzes Like This!!!... Read more
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1.The Highest Inflow of Foreign Direct Investment of India(FDI) comes from? (a).USA (b).Pakistan (c).Singapore (d).UK2.Which of the Following four major Emerging economies called "BRIC"? (a).Brazil,Russia,India and China (b).Brazil,Russia,Indonesia and China (c).Brazil, Romania,India and China (d). British,Russia,India and China3.Which State of America is called as "Diamond States of America"? (a).Delaware (b).District of Columbia (c). Florida (d).Georgia4.The Largest Savanna grass land are seen in (a).Australia (b).South America (c).India (d).Africa5.Which State of America is called as "Golden State of America" ? (a).District of Columbia (b).Florida (c).California (d).None of... Read more
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Students failed in TamilNadu SSLC 10th Results April 2012 and June/ July 2012 Special Supplementary Exams can re appear for the failed papers in Supplementary Exams October 2012.Now The Result Has Come....Visit Here To Get results:Quizvook 10 the Tn Results                                                                                  http://dge.tn.nic.in/                                                                                   http://www.tn.gov.in/dge                                                                                   http://tnresults.nic.in... Read more
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Indian Mater Blaster Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar announces retirement from ODIs, wants to focus on Test cricket...                                                  The BCCI(Board of Control for Cricket in India) Released Sachin Tendulkar Give The Statement of "I have decided to retire from the One Day format of the game. I feel blessed to have fulfilled the dream of being part of a World Cup wining Indian team," Tendulkar said in his statement to BCCI chief N Srinivasan.                                              Now Sachin Age is 39,He Already retired from 20-20 Matches,Now he Announced Tha... Read more
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1.Which two team's were qualified for 2012 T20 world cup final in Srilanka? (a).Pakistan and India (b).Srilanka and west Indies (c).England and India (d).India and West IndiesAnswer:(b).Srilanka and west Indies 2.who among the following won the “2012 Italian Grand Prix”?|Winner of Italian Grand Prix 2012 is (a).Nico Rosberg (b).Lewis Hamilton (c).Jenson Button (d).None of theseAnswer:(b).Lewis Hamilton3.On September in, “Bihar: Overcrowded ferry drowns, 6 dead, 20 missing”. This incident took place in which of the following river? (a).Kamala River (b).Sone river (c).Kosi River (d).Punpun RiverAnswer:(b).Sone river 4.News released on August  Apple is seeking speedy bans on the sale ... Read more
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1.Recently the longest-serving Editor of 'The Hindu' and modernizer of “The Hindu” passed away. Name of this person is ____________.Answer:Gopalan Kasturi2.“More Indians falling prey to Alzheimer`s disease”. “World Alzheimer’s Day” is observed on _____________.Answer:September 213.According to news released on 7 October 2012,” Agreement to end Muslim rebellion: Philippine President.” Who is the President of Philippine to make above statement ?Answer : Benigno Aquino III4.According to news released on 7 October 2012,” Attackers of Brar to be brought to justice: British secretary of state for foreign and commonwealth office.” Who is the British secretary of state... Read more
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1.Dr. Joseph E. Murray, who performed the world’s first successful kidney transplant and won a Nobel Prize for his pioneering work, has died at age 93 on November 26 2012----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2.On December 9 2012 Norman Joseph Woodland, the co-inventor of the bar code that labels nearly every product in stores and has boosted productivity in nearly every sector of commerce worldwide, has died. He was 91.Woodland was born Sept 6, 1921, in Atlantic City, New Jersey----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3.S... Read more
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T1.For which agricultural produce,Sudan is famous and which comes under Tropical Grassland (Savannas) Region ? (a).Coffee (b).Cotton (c).Millets (d).BarleyT2.IADP(Intensive Agriculture District Programme was launched in 1960 -61 in 7 districts of India. Which among the following was NOT an objective of this programme? (a).Prepare an Infrastructure for Intensive farming (b).Promote Soil Health Programs (c).Provide loans, seeds, fertilizers and equipment to farmers (d).None of theseT3.Which of the following is not a variety of seeds? (a).Hybrid seed (b).Composite seed (c).Breeder seed (d).Mutant seedT4.Who discovered the Neutron ? (a).Charles Darwin (b).James Chadwick (c).Baron Napier (d). E... Read more
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1.News flashed on Recently, “IDBI Bank cuts lending and deposit rates by 25 basis points”. What is the full form of IDBI used above? (a).Industrial Development Bank of India (b).International Development Bank of India (c).Industrial Departmental Bank of India (d).Industrial Development Bank of Italy2.The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will bring down the validity of cheques, drafts, pay orders and banker’s cheques to 3 months instead of the current ____ months. (a).4 (b).5 (c).6 (d).123.A reversal Mortgage Loan “BAGHBAN” is a launch of (a).SBI (b).OBC (c).PNB (d).ICICI4.Barclays (London) has approached a bank with a merger plan for creating a global bank. Which bank we are talking of ... Read more
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SBI1.Scientists from which one of the following countries recently discovered a gas that could get rid of mosquitoes by making impossible for mosquitoes to sniff out human blood? (a).UK (b).India (c).China (d).USASHOW ANSWERSBI2.The name of India’s research station at the North pole is— (a).Souri (b).Himadri (c).Maitri (d).None of the aboveSHOW ANSWERSBI3.Which country is also known as the 'Rainbow Nation' ? (a).Switzerland (b).South Africa (c).Australia (d).United KingdomSHOW ANSWERSBI4.Headquarters of the World Health Organisation is located at (a).Washington DC (b).New York (c).Geneva (d).RomeSHOW ANSWERSBI5.Vietnam joined the U.N.O in the year (a).1970 (b).1976 (c).1977 (d).1974SHOW ... Read more
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1.”Sachin Tendulkar won't captain Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League this season.”To whom among the following he passed Mumbai Indians captaincy ? Answer:Harbhajan Singh-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2.Which among the following team is not participating in the Indian Premier League this 5th(2012) season.?Answer:Kochi Tuskers Kerala-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3.Chennai Super Kings Played with Mumbai Indians in high-voltage IPL 5 opening match.”This match was played at....Answer:Chennai------------... Read more
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1.”Sachin Tendulkar won't captain Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League this season.”To whom among the following he passed Mumbai Indians captaincy ? Answer:Harbhajan Singh-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2.Which player Takeen Most of the wickets in IPl 5?Answer:Morné Morkel(Delhi Daredevils)-25 wickets-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3.Which Player Won the Orange Cap Award in ipl 5?Answer:Chris gayle------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------... Read more
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In association with Hitachi Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, THE HINDU invitesapplications for scholarships for technical training in JAPAN. The number of scholarships will be three. The terms and conditions are as follows:1. Candidates who must be Indian Citizens, should not have completed 30 years of age on 31-03-2013 and should be in possession of the minimum Degree of B.E., or B.Sc. (Engg.) or its equivalent from any recognized University. Candidates who have already had practical experience in the branches for which training is proposed to be given, will be given preference. Candidates with at least one year’s professional experience need apply. Those who were interviewed in previous year... Read more
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MGR Medical University MBBS First Year Revised  Results November-2012 as per MCI Norms                      Tamilnadu MGR Medical University MBBS First Year Exam Held on August 2012 Result is Released on Last October in that Exam 67% Student's Only Cleared All the Paper's,So Revised Results Has to be Released Today in this Revised Results Around 87% Student's are Cleared All the Paper's......This Revised  Results is released as per MCI Norms Only....... ***For Revised  Results as per MCI Norms Visit This Below Links:M.B.B.S. First Year Revised Results as per MCI NormsM.B.B.S. First Year Revised Results as per MCI Norms-26.11.2012... Read more
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21.Which of the following is the logo of the Bombay Natural History Society(BNHS)? (a).Lion (b).Royal Bengal Tiger (c).Crocodile (d).Great Indian HornbillAnswer:(d).Great Indian Hornbill22.What is the full form of CBSE? (a).Central Board of School Education (b).Central Board of Secondary Education (c).Chandigarh Board of Secondary Education (d).Chandigarh Board of School EducationAnswer:(b).Central Board of Secondary Education23.India observes Mahatma Gandhi's death anniversary as which day? (a).Independence Day (b).Martyr's Day (c).Republic Day (d).Father's dayAnswer:(b).Martyr's Day24.Rail Bandhu is a … (a).Railway volunteer (b).Hotel (c).Magazine (d).Credit CardAnswer:(c).Magazine-India... Read more
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11.When was the taj-mahal built? (a).1632–1653 (b).1643-1688 (c).1965-1986 (d).1944-1965Answer:(a).1632–165312.Where did Drona go when he was insulted by Drupada? (a).Panchala (b).Hastinapura (c).Indraprastha (d).KishkindaAnswer:(b).Hastinapura13.Jharkhand has ____ state on its eastern end? (a).Bihar (b).West Bengal (c).Orissa (d).ChhattisgarhAnswer:(b).West Bengal14.National Botanical Research Institute is situated at ? (a).Allahabad (b).Lucknow (c).Patna (d).JaipurAnswer:(b).Lucknow15.When was the Planning Commission of India set up ? (a).12 June 1949 (b).10 October 1951 (c).15 March 1950 (d).20 April 1952Answer:(c).15 March 195016.Which of the following city is all set to be a model s... Read more
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1.Which State in India has famous Hill Station "Panchgani" ? (a).U.P (b).Sikkim (c).West Bengal (d).MaharashtraAnswer:(d).Maharashtra2.Who became the first Acting Prime Minister of India ? (a).Charan Singh (b).Lal Bahadur Shastri (c).Gulzari Lal Nanda (d).None of them Answer:(c).Gulzari Lal Nanda3.Manas National Park is situated in which state ? (a).Barpeta, Assam (b).Shivapura, Madhya Pradesh (c).Warangal (d).Bihar Answer:(a).Barpeta, Assam4.Baglihar Dam, also known as Baglihar Hydroelectric Power Project, in Jammu & Kashmir is built across which river ? (a).Sutlej (b).Beas (c).Chenab (d).Jhelum Answer:(c).Chenab5.Which of the following writs may be issued to enforce a Fundamental Right... Read more
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61.The Treaty of Versailles was signed in (a).1917 (b).1919 (c).1918 (d).1920SHOW ANSWER62.Jatiyo Sansad is the parliament of which country ? (a).Nepal (b).Pakistan (c).Japan (d).BangladeshSHOW ANSWER63.Who is the prime minister of Bangladesh? (a).Sheikh Hasina (b).Khaleda Zia (c).Iajuddin Ahmed (d).Fakhruddin AhmedSHOW ANSWER64.Who was the first to determine the size of the earth correctly ? (a).Pythagoras (b).Eratosthenes (c).Archimedes (d).PtolemySHOW ANSWER65.Which prominent industrialist is called as the "Oracle of Omaha’? (a).Larry Page (b).Lakshmi Mittal (c).Warren Buffett (d).Steve JobsSHOW ANSWER66.John F. Kennedy, President of USA,Died on (a).1963 (b).1964 (c).1965 (d).1966SHOW ... Read more
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1.To go and register at a hotel is the same as to ___ into a hotel. (a).get (b).check (c).look (d).tuneSHOW ANSWER2.I always have dinner with my family ..... Christmas Day. (a).onto (b).in (c).at (d).on SHOW ANSWER3.Jack has some unusual pets. His favourites are his three pet _______________. (a).goose (b).geese (c).gooses (d).geeses SHOW ANSWER4.The police __________ him of robbery. (a).blamed (b).confessed (c).accused (d).charged SHOW ANSWER5.Find the opposite word to ELASTIC? (a).Faulty (b).Flexible (c).Ineffectively (d).Unreliable SHOW ANSWER6.There is a public holiday ........ May first (a).on (b).in (c).at (d).anSHOW ANSWER7.The band are bringing ..... a new album in the new year . (a)... Read more
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1.Who is the founder of wikipedia? (a).Larry Page (b).Mark Zuckerberg (c).Jimmy Wales (d).Bill GatesSHOW ANSWER2.who is the founder of  Facebook(FB)? (a).Larry Page (b).Mark Zuckerberg (c).Jimmy Wales (d).Bill GatesSHOW ANSWER3.Who is the founder of wikileaks? (a).Larry Page (b).Julian Assange (c).Jimmy Wales (d).Rabin AslaySHOW ANSWER4.Who was the first Indian to get Jnanpith Award ? (a).Rakesh Sharma (b).Rabindra Nath Tagore (c).G.Shankar Kurup (d).None of theseSHOW ANSWER5.Capital of Afganisthan ? (a).Dhaka (b).Kabul (c).Suismera (d). BejingSHOW ANSWER******************BONUS QUESTIONS*****************6.Who is the iconic player of the Chennai Super Kings team? (a).Rahul Dravid (b).Sachin ... Read more
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41.The killing of a newborn child by its parents is called? (a).Infanticide (b).Abortion (c).Reforce (d).None of the aboveSHOW ANSWER42.Which is the largest cotton producing country in the world ? (a).India (b).China (c).Srilanka (d).PakistanSHOW ANSWER43.Which is the state with largest urban population in india ? (a).West Bengal (b).Goa (c).Maharashtra (d).Kerala SHOW ANSWER44.King Hussein was the king of ? (a).Egypt (b).Jordan (c).Poland (d).IraqSHOW ANSWER45.The ICC Awards were presented in London on September 23, 2011. "Aleem Dar" was awarded as “Umpire of the year” in the event. He belongs to ____________ . (a).Bangladesh (b).India (c).Pakistan (d).ShrilankaSHOW ANSWER46.The main ... Read more
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1.Alfred Nobel was born in Stockholm, Sweden, more than 150 years ago. In what year was he born? (a).1833 (b).1803 (c).1853 (d).None of theseSHOW ANSWER 2.Why did Alfred Nobel establish a prize in his will? (a).He didn't want to give any money to his relatives (b). He wanted to honour his father (c).He wanted to award the greatest benefits to mankind (d).None of theseSHOW ANSWER 3.Alfred Nobel died on 10 December 1896, but not in Sweden, his home country.Where did he die? (a).In Oslo, Norway (b).In St Petersburg, Russia (c).In San Remo, Italy (d).None of theseSHOW ANSWER 4.A future Nobel Laureate worked for a short period of time as Alfred Nobel's secretary. Who? (a).Bertha von Suttner, No... Read more
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                         SBI   BANK   EXAM LATEST                             IMPORTANT QUESTIONS                1. Where is Amarnath      Located ?          Answer     Jammu kashmir                           2. Aga Khan Cup is related to or associated    to which Sports ?                     Answer                    Hockey                     3. who is the founder of missionaries  of charity?               Answer          Mother Teresa                4. Defence vehicle factory is situated at ?          Answer          Jabalpur                       ... Read more
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