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Blogger: Britul Sharma
The modern technology provides options for better search and clarity for the prospective investors or anybody looking for information of all kinds – be it properties to college admissions. The following article is a perusal of the same. In the history of mankind, the Internet is probably the greatest development of all time. The advent…... Read more
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Blogger: Britul Sharma
I have been blogging for last two years. I run four different blogs on different subject matter in the same domain i.e. leisurelask.com. They are good reads, photopedia, unicode help and আজৰি. So, the reason behind I am able to keep these blogs running is that, I love writing. Before I  joined blogosphare, I used to…... Read more
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Blogger: Britul Sharma
Corruption has remained the prime topic in this blog. Today a different perspective had twigged my mind and here I am to  jot it down. After reading this post you may think, I have gone mad. Or may think I have started supporting corruption. You are free to think whatever you want to thing but,…... Read more
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Blogger: Britul Sharma
I have been blogging since last two years. Maybe more. Sometimes, I have to stop updating posts for more than a month. Then again I start over. The same thing happened recently again. The last blog post I updated was in the month of Oct’12 And now it’s almost end of Nov’12. So, I had…... Read more
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Blogger: Britul Sharma
The name – Robert Vadra is airing too high these days. As I write this post lot of things are taking place around us against corruption and I am very happy to see it. I am talking about the activities of “India against corruption” and government’s repercussion towards it. It is very good to see…... Read more
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Blogger: Britul Sharma
Reservation in India is one among the highly debated topics. Government is taking new resolution from time to time and reforming the quota structure. In December 2011, Government had newly introduced the minority quota. Now, few days back a new resolution on promotion of SC/ST candidates in government jobs had been passed. All these changes…... Read more
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Blogger: Britul Sharma
“ Generic medicine ” is the most astonishing terminology of medical world I have heard recently. I have recently updated one post about the famous TV show “Satyamev Jayate”. I have written many of the aspects about the show there. But recently I have come across a news and that had made me write this…... Read more
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Blogger: Britul Sharma
I couldn’t stop myself from writing on satyamev Jayate once again. I have been thinking in past few days; why satyamev jayate has become so popular ? I have tried to jot down here what I have found. It is well known to everyone that a TV show cannot change our society. It’s a TV…... Read more
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Blogger: Britul Sharma
Satyamev Jayate – the newly started TV show has gained immense popularity in a very short span of time. I have been watching this show from the very beginning without missing any single episode. It is a reality talk show of popular star Amir Khan who addresses the chronic problems of our society. Consider first…... Read more
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Blogger: Britul Sharma
I work for a public sector company. I joined service life after graduating from a state engineering college in 2007. Most often I wonder about what contribution I have made to the society as an educated citizen. I don’t find anything significant to say in response to this question. I thought most of the working…... Read more
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Blogger: Britul Sharma
What has fueled the growth of real estate sector in India ? There may be many reasons. Growing economic strength of middle class may be one of them. It is hard to determine whether it is because of the growing economic power of middle class or is because of their growing ambition towards residing in…... Read more
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Blogger: Britul Sharma
Aishwarya Rai looks fat ???  Few days back I saw few pictures of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in a news article over internet. Truly speaking, she looked fat and old. Actually, the news article was also on rising concern among Aishwarya Rai’s fans regarding her post pregnancy looks. She looked clearly unpleasantly fat(few even say her... Read more
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Blogger: Britul Sharma
corruption index is known as the perceived level of corruption in any country. Corruption index or corruption perception index is published by Transparency International; a nonprofit civil society organization based at Berlin. It was established in 1993 and has more than 90 chapters in different nations around the world. Corruption perception index is published every year.Corruption index tells us about the relative position of any country in the scale of being corrupt!! It doesn’t measure the actual VOLUME of corruption. Neither can it tell us anything about the monetary involvement of all or any of the corrupt acts. What it does is, it rank different countries against the perceived level... Read more
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Blogger: Britul Sharma
facebook can be harmful – for many of us this may seem as an astonishing statement. But actual facts& figure don’t seem to support the innocence of facebook any more.In recent years, numbers of facebook users have been increasing exponentially. Penetration of facebook in US alone is more than 50% of the population. From number of users, United States stand at the first place having 15,72,33,760 users followed by Brazil with 4,63,39,720 users and India!! with 4,57,74,260 users !!.facebook can be harmfulOther positions within top ten are occupied by Indonesia, Maxico, UK, Turkey etc.So, we stand at the third position in facebook usage marathon. We may not be able to manage more than on... Read more
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Blogger: Britul Sharma
bribery in business : is it a modern way of doing business or a modern way of doing organised corruption?bribery in business has many dimensions.It can take place cross organisationally. Means, persons from one organisation can bribe senior personal of other organisation to get some jobs done or to get some professional advantage over its rivals providing the same service to the organisation.Say, organisation “X” is taking some service from organisation “Y”. Now organisation “Z” has newly come up with the same service as that of “Y”. Now, to compete with “Y”, and to capture the market, “Z” may bribe senior officials of “X” who are in a decision making position and... Read more
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Blogger: Britul Sharma
Almost all of us know what is bribery. Clearly, it is a type of corruption. Although it is a type of corruption, it is practiced so widely that we can put it in a separate set of civil crime.We all know what is bribery because most often we have experienced it directly or indirectly.Bribery is the form of corruption in which, cash or gifts or other such things are offered to someone in a higher position or Bribery in recruitment in jobs is another dimension.decision making position, expecting in return, to turn the decision making system or individual decisions in such a way which will benefit individual or individual organisation. Bribery influences the decision making. It can turn the dec... Read more
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Blogger: Britul Sharma
Can we define graft as a type of corruption? Or it is something bigger than what we think about it. Before we define graft, we need to know what corruption is, and what does graft actually mean. In my earlier posts I have written my views about what is corruption and why people become corrupt.graft is a cold blooded crimeNow, there may be several types of corruption. Some people involve in corruption for direct monetary gain from the corrupt activity itself. Some people take bribe from others to facilitate corruption. Some other people don’t take bribe, but get other forms of materialistic gains to facilitate corruption.Now, the question is how can we define graft or explain what is graft... Read more
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Blogger: Britul Sharma
Corruption is a seemingly incurable disease of the society taking birth from the very minds of us, – The people.So, basically what is corruption and if corruption does no good to anyone, then why people become corrupt ? Well, corruption is a state of mind. Our human mind can enter into a corrupt state at any point of time irrespective of social status, age, sex, religion etc.As explained in my earlier post, human conscience has two dimensions of personality or self i.e. good self and evil self. Good self is governed by moral, ethics and other “good” characteristics and evil self is governed oppositely.what is corruption and why people become corruptTill the time good self remains at ... Read more
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Blogger: Britul Sharma
The question, “ what is corruption ” is very relevant in today’s what is corruptioncontext. Below cited are a few grammatical meaning of corruption from few web based sources.“Dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery” – Oxford online dictionary.“Spiritual or moral impurity” – Wikipedia.“Made inferior by errors or alterations” – Dictionary.com.I was feeling an urge to write what I think about corruption for last few days. Finally I collected my perspectives and sat down to write. But, before I finally started writing this post, I made a Google search of the phrase “ what is corruption ” and went through few top results.Ba... Read more
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Blogger: Britul Sharma
right to sleep peacefully is now a fundamental right in India.With inclusion of right to sleep into fundamental rights, the Supreme Court of  India has broadened the scope of fundamental rights.Refer news release : right to sleep a fundamental right, says Supreme Court This has both good as well as bad consequences.The rules and disciplinary restrictions, if any, need to be clarified. Otherwise this fundamental right can be misinterpreted and can create undisciplined circumstances. Politicians will be able to sleep in parliament during session, students in schools and working people can sleep in offices and nobody will able to tell anyone anything because now, sleeping is a legal right.... Read more
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Blogger: Britul Sharma
India China relations and related boarder disputes are the most buttoned down and dicey issues India is dealing with.But it is very disappointing to see that our politicians are not brave enough to speak open mouthed on the issue. Or maybe they don't want to create any sensation among the masses by doing something. They might be willing to maintain the status quo. This is the Nehru style of governance; as written in our latest post – Jawaharlal Nehru: Dark side of personality.Jawaharlal Nehru avoided the possibility of China attack in 1950s and as a result, India faced defeat in Chinese aggression.Days have changed and decades have passed. But Congress had remained the ruling party... Read more
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Blogger: Britul Sharma
Much has been already discussed about Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru’s character and personality. Most often it is seen that, probably because of having a soft corner in our hearts towards him we used to overlook the negative sides of his personality. While criticizing him we end up focusing on his good aspects only. The bad aspects remain un-highlighted.Here, we would try to evaluate some of the negative aspects of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru’s personality. Only negative ones.Jawaharlal Nehru: Partition supporter ?Jawaharlal Nehru was not supporting Mahatma Gandhi whole heartedly in the protest against partition of India. He was doing this to gain political advantage over Sardar Ballavbhai Patel so that... Read more
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Blogger: Britul Sharma
I am earnestly requesting the valued readers of this blog not to post spam comments.This is a humble request. Thanks,Admin.... Read more
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