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Blogger: Pinak Pani Datta
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Blogger: Pinak Pani Datta
Breathing normal - heartbeat normal - starting connection - connection made - collecting data - processing data - Subconscious active... . Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppp !!! Who am I ?? Where am I ?? Why do I not feel anything ?? Is this real ?? Is this spiritual ?? I feel no pain, no fear, no love, no anxiety, no remorse, no regret, no attraction,,, I have no memory !!! Far across the... Read more
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Blogger: Pinak Pani Datta
“Life is perpetually creative because it contains in itself that surplus which ever overflows the boundaries of the immediate time and space, restlessly pursuing its adventure of expression in the varied forms of self-realization.” - Rabindranath TagoreClick By : Aman Das... Read more
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Blogger: Pinak Pani Datta
- Pinak Pani DattaImagine a place which has no ipods, no MP3 players, no MTV,no local FM channels. Can you?? Well we don’t have to visit any new place, justtry to imagine life half a century back. If you dig it well, you will with nodoubts conclude that the music ‘industry’ is very young, hardly 50-60 old, andthe more fascinating thing is that the industry has retired to the next... Read more
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Blogger: Pinak Pani Datta
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Blogger: Pinak Pani Datta
Manipur, mid 1980s.The Manipuri youth were enticed by a new wave of drug coming from the Golden triangle through the porous India-Myanmar border. It was cheaply and easily available in every street and corner of Manipur.According to L. Deepak, the president of Manipur Network of Positive People (MNP+), in the beginning he and his friends were lured by the purveyor known to them that it was... Read more
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Blogger: Pinak Pani Datta
One evening in 1979, a man in his early 30s strolled into a gymnasium in Mahim. The gym was just filling up, but still everyone's eye was on the man wearing a tight T-stirt and baggy trousers with biceps and forearms bulging out. In those days, such a physique was not a frequesnt sight, and everyone inside watched appreciatively as the man strode in confidently, and stopped and looked around.... Read more
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Blogger: Pinak Pani Datta
The whole nation is talking about the Guwahati incident. It has condemned by the upper class as expected. The nothing-to-do class (mostly facebookers) are shouting like anything for justice to that girl. Amar Jyoti Kalita has been made a national villain. Once again we have a national crisis to discuss.    But have we asked for actual justice?? Justice is never served in the court room. Only... Read more
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Blogger: Pinak Pani Datta
-Pinak Pani DattaWhat do you do when you are too passionate about some thing but don't get enough exposure to your need?Revolution has many faces. From the violent struggles of Che Guevara to Gandhi's Satyagraha, all are different forms of revolution. Even a new start to something which is non-existent in a culture is a revolution itself.But, Amit Saigal never knew he would be later known... Read more
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Blogger: Pinak Pani Datta
The future is on the SurfaceThe world will be micro-softened againThey don't care if you do not pay themYour government doesThe future is a touchAfter 7 wonders, you get ecstasyThey don't care if you don't touchYou will be made to feelGet out of the living roomGet a break from the analog deskA window tracks you everywhereMoney is made in no ATMLong live the Digital... Read more
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Blogger: Pinak Pani Datta
- Pinak Pani Datta Well, I did not do any research on the topic but, all I knowis this post is based on reverse engineering and invisibility can be achievedpartially. A moment ago I just saw a video on YouTube named ‘Invisible Mercedes’ uploaded by Mashable. Well, they achieved what you call transparency.They made a car invisible to the human eyes. Yes! They did it practically.... Read more
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Blogger: Pinak Pani Datta
Usual evening!Sitting idle after a heavy dinner… Opened the music folderand played in a Floyd album. So why not blog about them in such an idleevening?? Concept album is a great concept and this album is one ofthe best concept albums ever composed by Pink Floyd. The Dark Side of the Moonreleased in 1973, is written and composed of a unique concept, interstellarspace rock blended... Read more
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Blogger: Pinak Pani Datta
 - Pinak Pani DattaOur nation is the home of multimillionaire Mukesh Ambani,but it is also the home of millions of people who survive on Rs 32 per day. Ialways wonder why this country with so many energetic youths is considered abackward nation, even though we are good economically, culturally, politicallyand have one of the best defense systems. The reason lies within. We have the... Read more
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Blogger: Pinak Pani Datta
Good morning, You all have completed your stay here, but your soul is somewhere caught in these classrooms and dorms. 6 years is a short time in human life, but still I am sure these six years have been your best four years of life.. But again every chapter has an end and it leads to an all new chapter. That’s life… College life is one of those endless chapters of life. You might have hated the subjects, you might have had a lot of fights, but still these golden days leave a permanent impression in your heart. Farewell is not a day to celebrate. Neither is it a day to remember. It’s just a day to enjoy for the last time together. We never bid goodbye to anyone. You are always welcome h... Read more
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Blogger: Pinak Pani Datta
- Pinak Pani Datta  I always wondered what is the most unique thing that has happened to our generation until I came across two terms, the ‘timeline’ on Facebook and ‘hangout’ on Google+. It is not a matter of doubt that our generation has seen a revolution which is as good as the one for which Galileo died. Just imagine sitting on your room and exchanging real time videos (through Skype) to a friend in America, in the year 1900, that too for free!! Unimaginable, aint it?? Well, we saw the coming of internet; we all have contributed to this new concept of a global village. In the early 2000s also, internet was just a place to visit for fun and get random information. We would spend... Read more
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Blogger: Pinak Pani Datta
-Pinak Pani DattaLast night my girlfriend sent me some pictures of her Mehendi colored hands. I was a bit amazed how body modification has been a priority in her life. This led to googling some pages on body art and I came across a form of art that has been there for centuries.Tattoos, the first thing that comes to my mind about this word is a Big Babool sticker. These days tattoos have become a new form of style statement as well as social expression. The word tattoo comes from the Tahitian "tatu" which means "to mark something."  Basically it is all about making a social statement. Tattoo makers are termed as ‘artists’, it is a form of art. Well, tattoos have been ... Read more
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Blogger: Pinak Pani Datta
-Pinak Pani DattaA few days back I read a book named India After Gandhi : The History of the Largest Democracy by Ramchandra Guha. The book pointed out something which I could not overlook. In Indian education system, the sub-continental history ends with the British Empire or for some Gandhian biographers till Mahatma Gandhi’s death in January 1948. The rest is documented either in the political science books or in popular culture viz films, novels, etc. This led me to think how such a huge country sustains and what India’s present position in the world scene is. India being a unique subcontinent in the whole world, its geographical location is also unique. Positioned just above the Ind... Read more
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Blogger: Pinak Pani Datta
- Pinak Pani DattaHave you ever wondered? What is the most effective personal priority change,with respect to your age?Well, let me remind you of your childhood days.When mom shouted at you, for not taking a power nap.Those were the days when you hated sleep the most, those were the days when you were still in your exploring best. The reverse happens now a days. Exploring times are long gone, limiting us to Counter Strike, Poker & Mafia Wars. Sleep is what we miss the most today.Well, now as I am typing these linesI offer you my sleep on loan.Please return it to me my friend,when I have some time for it too.... Read more
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Blogger: Pinak Pani Datta
- Pinak Pani DattaRecently Union Agriculture minister Sharad Pawar said to the media that he prefers ex-President Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam as the President of India again. Well, Dr. Kalam, a true visionary in his own right is actually the best person to become the first citizen of Indian union.He has been in that post earlier and we all are witness that he is and shall remain as a charismatic figure in the Hall of fame of Indian politics. Here are the five main reasons why we need him as our President:-Non-Political Image: Mr. Sharad Pawar also backed him for his apolitical outlook towards his nation. Dr. Kalam has contributed the most to the Indian nuclear science and is a pioneer of educat... Read more
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Blogger: Pinak Pani Datta
[Guest Post by Daibat Majumdar]Shakira, Beyonce are household names these days. They are flaunting hip dancers of 21st century. Their skills of belly dancing and hip movement have made us idolise them. But, don’t you think our own cultures have something in them to be appreciated of? Well, this is a story about a traditional hip dancing which has been in the Tripuri Hills for centuries and has been celebrated by the tribal cultures due to its uniqueness.Hojagiri dance is one of the famous dances of Tripura. The dance is performed on the occasion of Hojagiri festival or Laxmi Puja, held in the following full moon night of Durga Puja .The goddess Mailuma or Laxmi is worshipped with full rev... Read more
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Blogger: Pinak Pani Datta
- Pinak Pani Datta In June 2010, a teenager named Rouvanjit Rawla committed suicide after being thrashed and humiliated by his teachers. This made national news and the issue was to ban all forms of corporal punishment. The reasons put forward were the negative psychological effect on the students in their future life, physical and mental torture brings fear in the person. The government comparing with other notable governments around the world decided to ban all forms of corporal punishment in the educational institutions.Well, India is a unique nation. Here a person is depended on his parents and guardian for all his non-personal decisions till he is totally settled with a job. And, this i... Read more
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Blogger: Pinak Pani Datta
- Pinak Pani DattaIt was the summer of 2009. I was spending the vacation at my ancestral home at Dologaon, Kailashahar. After a heavy lunch one afternoon, I was too bored to watch TV or read any slow novel. So, I set out on an exploration. I asked my nephew to come with me and we two rolled on a new Hero Honda Glamour. It was a trip without a plan…The Destination: There is an ancient tourist destination just a few kilometers north from Kailashahar, Tripura in the lush green hills of Unokoti District. Even though I had never visited it before, I had heard stories about the place. It boasted of one less than ten million rock carvings of Hindu gods and goddesses.The Myth: Since I wa... Read more
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Blogger: Pinak Pani Datta
- Pinak Pani DattaWho is a politician?A politician is the one who deals with policies. He may be a policy maker or a policy editor. His job is to safeguard the constitution along with the fundamental rights of a democratic country through his policies.The 20th century saw a revolution in the political arena of the third world countries. Most of the countries took refuge of the democratic form of government to run their countries.There is a popular saying that, “politics is a third class ‘game’ played by fourth class people”. Well, politics is not a game. But democratic elections have turned out to be a game in a country with multi-party coalition format.In India, the general... Read more
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Blogger: Pinak Pani Datta
[Guest Post by Sukanta Sarma]Aim : To cook pork (in your own indigenous style)Theory : For the last 6 years we have been celebrating Poila baishakh in the hostels only. So, no pitha, no sweets, no feast. To share with you all, this is what I have been doing every New Year. This is an indigenous way of cooking pork. Well, that's the only thing we can prepare to celebrate along with our party needs... ;-) !!!Materials Required : 1 kg Pork 5 small Potato (Aloo)  5-6 Green Chili (Hari mirch)2-3 large Onion (Pyaj) 1/2 tsp Cumin powder (Jeera) 1 tsp Coriander powder (Dhania powder)Coriander leaves1 tsp Turmeric Powder (Haldi Powder) 3 Garlic (Lasun)1/4 tsp Ginger (Adrak) 6 Red chilli (Lal Mirchi... Read more
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Blogger: Pinak Pani Datta
-Pinak Pani Datta24th April, 2012Smokers are stereotyped as the ninja hooligans among the intellectual class of the youth society. By final year almost every college student (especially boys) tries at least one cigarette. Some become chain smokers right from college. Even after so many innovative types of anti-tobacco campaigns, cigarettes have constantly been a friendly hangout material in Indian hostels. Generally, before joining college and leaving home, only a few try anything socially unacceptable. But, once the Indian Student gets out of home to settle in a hostel, he finds a new wave of freedom pumping within his blood. The result is a deep curiosity and desire to do the undone things... Read more
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