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111. May b God wants us 2 meet a few wrong people b4 meeting d right one so dat when we finally meet da right person, v will know how 2 b grateful 4 dat gift. 222. Luv is when u take away da feeling, da passion, n da romance in a relationship n find out dat u still care 4 dat person. 333. When da door of happiness closes, another opens but often times v look so long at da closed door dat v don't see da one which has been opened for us. 444. Da best kind of friend is da kind u can sit on a porch n swing with never say a word, n den walk away feeling like it was da best conversation you've ever had. 555. It is true dat v don't know what v've got until v lose it, but it's also true dat v don't... Read more
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Blogger: Duchait
In the city beautiful-Chandigarh, a shop keeper of a pet shop tacking a signboard above his shop door that reads "Sale… Sale… Dog Puppies For Sale." Its like that have a way of attracting lots of small children, and sure enough, a lill-boy come to the shop and gently ask to the shop keeper "How much are you plan to sell the puppies?". The shop keeper replied, "Hmmm Well I Think Anywhere from Rs150 to Rs2500." The lill-boy puts his little hands in his pocket and pulled out some change, and raise it to the man and reply, "Here is I have only Rs.10". "Can I look at them?Please !! Please !!" The man give a smile and whistle, after some time another guy came there probably his companion with ... Read more
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Blogger: Duchait
  In the  times of deep despair,U feel there is no hope?As the darkness closes on you,U feel you can’t cope? As you struggle on through every trial,U say "When will this end"?As you cry yourself to sleep at night,U wish you had a friend? When ur body is racked with aches n pains,U feel that u are alone?When u think about the future,U fear the great unknown?Der is some1 who really cares,N he hears Ur every cry.His arms r reaching out 2 u,N on Him u can rely. When things closin around u, He sees ur fear n doubt -He wants to hold u in His arms,N He will never cast u out. As u stumble through the darkness,He’ll be ur guiding light.He wants to wipe away ur all tears,For u are precious in H... Read more
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Blogger: Duchait
 One of the greatest lesson I have learnt in my life is to pay as much attention to the means of work as to its end. I have have been always learning great lessons from  that one secret of success is there : to pay as much attention to the means as to that end.Our main duty to others means helping others, doing nice n good to world .Question is why should we do good n nice to the world ??? Most probably to help the world , but really to help ourselves.Don’t stand on a high pedestal and take five rupees in your hand and say, ‘Here, my poor man,’ but be grateful that the poor man is there, so that by making a gift to him you are able to help yourself. Its not the receiver that is bless... Read more
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Blogger: Duchait
Last week my friend discussing with me ... "Yaar kaise hum log online through internet paise kama sakte hain ...?" After a long discussion I decided to ponder on it so I take out my laptop connected it with internet  and starting finding different  websites , blogs , any other links who put me to the site where I can get information about my  idea , what I want . ;) I really tell you finding these thing are very boring , time consuming  , I get really mess with these thing. After this finally I found all those things, materials that I really wanted. You probably  thought why I writing this … you know, no one have extra  time, everyone has a busy schedule no one have time to sit in f... Read more
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Blogger: Duchait
                                               What You Perceive Create No Opinion We create opinion about everything that we see, hear , smell etc. Opinion polls are conducted on almost every subject under the sun .Opinions of a handful of people are projected as predictions by the media ! When you have an opinion about something, you prompt yourself to talk about it to others.Your mind becomes restless unless it lets it out. Also , your opinion when different from someone else's , you psychologically develop a distance with that person.The events shown in the TV news also are through the eyes of the reporters! Why should you color your percepti... Read more
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