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Men give love to get sex while women give sex to get love. This saying best describes the difference between the two genders. Men are more performance oriented while women are more emotional. I know I am stereotyping here and the fundamental flaw in stereotyping is generalization. Having said this, stereotypes are always true enough to explain inclinations for majority if not all. This fundamental difference between men & women explains a lot of their behavioral & emotional differences. It also contextualizes the difference in the relationship men & women have with digital; their online time. Even here, the connection women have with digital is more emotional. This is not to say ... Read more
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Blogger: Ekta
Family, Peer, School are some of the key influencers in creating aperson’s personality. In addition, there is the city you grew up in, especiallyif it is Mumbai. As for me, Mumbai is now in my genetic code. I always have theurge to write about it. So today it is about Mumbai local trains –the life lineof Mumbai.I lived in Suburbs and my office was in Nariman point. So for four yearsevery day I commuted by train to office. The train started from Goregaonstation at 8.55 a.m, people arrived before the train arrival, so that theycould board the train even before it stopped to get a place to sit. Everyminute mattered, if you came a minute late, it could mean a standing journey of45 mins. In j... Read more
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Today I had decided to make it a non blogging day, as I had to finishsomething important. But the temptation to check my blog arrested me and Iplanned to take just a quick glance at comments for my latest post. To mypleasant surprise, I saw this award for a Versatile blogger. I got this awardfrom N, the writer of http://unfoldthefolded.blogspot.in/I would like to thank N for reading my blog and finding my writingversatile. Now, as a Versatile blogger I have to follow somerules.Here are the rules that I followed and my winnerswill also have to follow.•Nominate 10-15 fellow bloggers•Inform the bloggers of their nomination•Share 7 random things about yourself•Thank the blogger who nomin... Read more
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Blogger: Ekta
“To awakenquite alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world”– This quote from Freya stark always got meinterested. I wanted to feel the same feeling. I grew up in an Indian middleclassfamily surrounded by people. I shared my room with my sister so there was noconcept of ‘me’ time. After I got married, I stayed in a joint family for fewyears, so yet again not much ‘me’ time. After 4 years when I moved out, I gotpregnant immediately and had a baby. So I always craved for alone time where Icould hear my own inner voice. I read and heard about people travelling aloneand found it extremely aspirational and adventurous. When you travel alone, bydefault y... Read more
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Whenever we hear ‘Generation next’ or ‘youth’, itimmediately creates an image in our mind of young brats, gaming, pubbing andshopping. Some call it post digitalization generation, some call it postglobalization and some post liberalization. It actually is a generation createdout of sum of all of this. There are both good and bad traits of thisgeneration however I would like to state the five positive characteristics thatparticularly interest and impress me. These are not trends; these are theimpact, the after result of the trends. These are the behavioral traits orvalues which I think will play important role in shaping the future. 1)      Generation innovationIn first half of t... Read more
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I grew up in 80’s & early 90’s when brands really hadn’t invaded Indian markets. It was just few brands with a very global appeal that had begun to get recognized and had become symbols of aspiration. Thanks to chic flick Hollywood movies and international shows, Louis Vuitton was one of those brands, which were a big aspiration since teens for me. In my initial struggle days at the beginning of my career, I often thought of when and where I will buy my first LV bag. For a woman it is like a milestone in life. We all know it’s the same print cut into different sizes and shapes but owning one LV still felt like I have reached a place in life. It’s like gold in India which is exp... Read more
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Are you above 25 and your favorite movie still is Notting hill or Pretty woman, When harry met sally or The Note book or all of them? Do you still sometimes read Mills & Boon? If yes, then you are damaged by chic flicks for life. The common notion is that only teens love these movies but in spite of being on the wrong side of 30, I still love watching these. It's these movies that made us fall in love with love. And watching them again reminds us that though love feels faded over time but it still exists, it still is beautiful and it isn’t over rated. It is also like escapism from the stressful real world. So like the way booze, smoke work for some to de-stress, chic flicks work fo... Read more
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Blogger: Ekta
This is what the lead actress Priyanka Chopra said in an Indian movie Fashion, when she was moving from a small town to the big bad city of Mumbai. Earlier it used to be only the men who went to bigger towns but today millions of Indian women travel from small villages to big cities chasing their dream. It is no longer an era of only ‘Raju ban gaya gentleman’, even the Rani today aspires for a transformation and moving to a bigger city gives her that chance. In my earlier job, I worked for a mass market skin lightening brand targeted to today’s Indian women. So I got a chance to meet many of these women who had the determination to take charge of their own destiny. One who particularly... Read more
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Blogger: Ekta
Last year was my first diwali in Singapore or for that matter, first ever diwali outside India. Diwali was middle of the week day with just one holiday at office. To be really honest, my expectations of celebrations were really low, for many reasons – no extended family, just one holiday, ‘how can diwali be fun outside India’ etc. However I was pleasantly surprised. My diwali here was really action packed and full of fun. This city is amazing; at least half the year goes in celebrations. From Oct to Feb, it’s all celebrations, holidays and festivity. It begins with Diwali where Little India becomes a month long festive fair followed by a big grand Christmas where it feels like the wh... Read more
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Blogger: Ekta
I have grown up watching a lot of Hollywood movies. One scene that is quite common in multiple movies is this girl coming alone, in her little black dress, to a bar and ordering a drink. More often than not she orders for either vodka-tonic on gin-tonic. And here comes this hot looking young dude hitting on her. Now that is my fantasy to be this girl in the bar. I have never been to a bar alone. I have always had friends or boy friend or husband some one always with me. So I wonder sometimes how it feels to wear that black sexy dress and sit on that bar stool and be hit by a hot looking stranger. Now whether I accept that strangers offer or not would depend on multiple things but that’s no... Read more
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For last ten months in Singapore, I have been taking Bus no. 51 to office. But it’s only recently I realized that I really enjoy this 20 mins of my morning bus ride. It is actually one of the best times of my day. I like sitting on the upper deck of the bus. It’s has more sunlight so it feels closer to the nature and is lesser busy than the lower deck where you are always distracted by the people getting in and out of the door. The ones that are there in the bus are busy with a gadget either playing a game or chatting on the phone or an ipad, so in the lower deck you only end up looking at these people. But I love the window seat on the upper deck. It makes me feel as if I have risen abo... Read more
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I was at my son Neev’s school. A little American girl came to me and said ‘Neev’s mama you are beautiful’. I couldn’t stop my smile. I hugged her and said ‘Not as much as you’. All I know is suddenly I felt beautiful. A lot of people compliment us –friends, family, husbands, boy friends and colleagues, all the people who we know and matter. We get compliments at different places -parties, office, date, places and events which matter, where we have high stakes. But still some of the best compliments are the ones that you least expected or they are from someone your least expected. It is a special feeling when someone, mostly a stranger who has no selfish interest in making you... Read more
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Blogger: Ekta
My husband was traveling and I was feeling extremely low and lonely. No this is not about why I was low, that’s for another time. This is about something else, a first time experience of something by chance on a lonely weekend.I was sunk into my laptop all day and the only time I emerged out, was for kiddy talks with my son, kiddy stories and even more kiddier games. Basically I was tired and bored. I hadn’t stepped out of home.So when my son slept for his Sunday afternoon nap and I was about to have lunch, I opened the refrigerator for a Diet Pepsi. It was a hot Mumbai summer afternoon, something chilly would definitely do good to me. There was no Pepsi in the refrigerator and while I w... Read more
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The day before School:Neev started his playgroup this June. I haven’t felt so nervous since a very long time as I felt the Sunday before his school. I went through the Parent instruction sheet multiple time to ensure I haven’t missed anything, checked his school bag three times. I counseled Neev since about a week before, about how exciting school would be- the toys, kids, games etc, just so that he has no first day fevers. I planned the day such that we are off to bed by nine (2 hours earlier than our otherwise bed time) and if you are a mother you would know this also needs pre-planning- early dinner, earlier afternoon nap, earlier morning etc. I had to keep reminding myself it’s not... Read more
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These days I have been watching this reality show – Rakhi ka syambar. A syambar was a ritual mentioned in our epics where many princes went to the court of princess, where she used to choose the prince she would like to marry. Leave alone the content and review of the show but what got me fascinated is the modern interpretation of syambar in this show. Isn’t it interesting that many guys come try and impress you just so that you choose one of them to get married. I think even I would like a syambar but without the marriage in the end. I would just like to date all of them, give them tasks and then keep eliminating till I am down to just 3 or 4 left and that’s about it.Actually who woul... Read more
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Blogger: Ekta
Sometimes I think that the most fulfilling love is the one that is unfulfilled. I know it sounds weird in beginning but it’s true. I also took long to realize this little truth about love, as in really long, almost one entire age for love. The feeling of longing for your love is a lot more intense than the phase after you think you have got your love. When I look back, the most precious moments of my love with my husband are actually the ones before we got married when he chased me or the phase when he fought the hardships of convincing my parents for our marriage. May be this is the reason why most famous love stories don’t have happy endings, may be this unfulfilled love of theirs is w... Read more
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My 21 month old Neev is getting naughtier by the day. I always saw other naughty kids and thought their moms never disciplined them which is why they behave like this, my son will never behave like this, and he will be a productive child and not a destructive one. This was only till few days back. Neev is growing up to break my every plan of rules and regulation in my bringing up. Let me just cut the chase and come directly to the first two big mischiefs of Neev. Big only because they caused a damage to my already shrinking pocket.About 15 days back, Neev threw his water bottle down the window from the 5th floor to hit to a windshield glass of my neighbors Innova car. This boy who otherwise ... Read more
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Blogger: Ekta
Met this friend of mine last evening. We spent a lot of time remembering this really wild gang holiday we had together, about 3 years back. So thought of capturing these fun moments of my life in this space. Here it is...June 06...Seven friends who barely know each other on a racing speed boat in middle of fresh greenish blue sea water, hit this inviting island Kosamet. Now doesn’t this seem like Baywatch? Gorgeous Beach, smooth sand, hard rocks, chilled beer, all-night clubbing, hot women, Greek-god like men- well at least one of them truly was, this place had it all. Needless to say this gang didn’t miss any opportunity to make this outbound, one of the bests of their lifetime:From car... Read more
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Blogger: Ekta
Two 'out of routine' things happened with me in last few days. First was about ten days back when I was getting ready in the morning for work, is when my nineteen month old son, for the first time in last one year, that’s since when I have started working post my maternity break, says “Mama office mat jao, mama dadi-house nahinjana” which means “Mama don’t go to office, I don’t want to go to grand-ma’s house”. This paused everything living or non-living in this world for me, for a split second. This is something I was dreading ever since I started working but it had to happen one day. Till now my son never realized or understood this daily parting. My in-laws did a fairly goo... Read more
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Blogger: Ekta
I have lived in Mumbai since I was six, so this means I have the roots and foundation inculcated by the city Bombay (when I was six) and now Mumbai. But what are these roots, what is it that a kid grown and living in this city has seen and feels today.Being in Mumbai, I have seen and experienced a lot of things that could have potentially made the city instable but didn’t. I was in 10th class when the Bombay blasts happen, my board exams were going on, which then got postponed because of this terror. All students that year took the first crucial exams that will decide their future career option, in the backdrop of multiple blasts, riots, killings in the city. But life went on…stronger th... Read more
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In last few months, some very interesting things happened with some of the people around me.1. A good friend of mine about a year back strongly thought that she would never have baby. I remember one afternoon, her words were –“having a baby is just not my scene. I am too selfish to look beyond me and care for someone else in a way that a mother has to. If I ever felt the need in life, I will adopt a baby at 40 etc etc etc”. This same very woman is today not just happily pregnant; but she is actually enjoying every bit of it.2. Another friend of mine who always looked down upon other women who had extra-marital affairs or flings, she could give lectures on how unethical this is and how ... Read more
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Blogger: Ekta
Feb 2007This is when I had gone for my first 4-D sonography. These are the thoughts that had come to my mind then, when I saw my baby’s first pic, this is what I had captured in Feb 2007.First picture…Saw your first picture yesterdayNo…saw a life within me yesterdayA life which will step into this world soonSoon into this world full of sorrows and joysWorld full of reality and dreamsBut will I be able to help create your dreams?What about my own dreams?Will I have to forget my dreams to fulfill yours?Don’t know…all I know is I saw a picture of you yesterdayThe first picture of realitySaw your first picture yesterdayNo…saw a life within me yesterdayYour tiny feet, little hands, sh... Read more
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Was just going through some of my old files and came across something that I had written many years back in year 2000. This is when things weren’t looking so rosy about my relationship with my boy friend then and now my husband.Now that I read these thoughts, these words seem so honest and beautiful. It’s truly so beautiful to be in love, makes me want to fall in love again and yet again!20 August, 2000It’s so beautiful to fall in love with you,But so painful to be away form uI feel like hitting you and then cuddling innocentlyI feel like annoying you and then pleasing lovinglyI feel like talking endlessly and admiring speechlesslyI feel like feeling you and then loving fearlesslyBut f... Read more
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Blogger: Ekta
After a couple of write-ups, I realized that most of my thoughts are not just thirty something thoughts but they are more as a woman. So I decided to change the name of my blog to “Just an ordinary women”. Now you may find me as someone confused, unclear….but aren’t all ordinary women like that. Also this is my first blog….and life is all about getting better with every new day.... Read more
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Blogger: Ekta
Hey a friend of mine forwarded this interesting note on aging to me. Thought must share as it's funny & yet quite insightful. Am sure you will connect with it too.George Carlin's Views on Aging:Do you realize that the only time in our lives when we like to get old is when we're kids? If you're less than 10 years old, you're so excited about aging that you think in fractions. 'How old are you?' 'I'm four and a half!' You're never thirty-six and a half. You're four and a half, going on five! That's the key.You get into your teens, now they can't hold you back. You jump to the next number, or even a few ahead. 'How old are you?' 'I'm gonna be 16!' You could be 13, but hey, you're gonna ... Read more
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