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Blogger: Ritesh Agarwal
Black is the colourOf the rain that falls todayBlack is the farmAnd the crop that grows on itBlack is the sownBlack is thy ploughOh bygone William, black is now your reaperBlack is the bone and black is the eyeSo which is the daisy, which one the dew?On that land of iceWhite melts in fearSun burns awayMoon no more thereThe whole world burnsEven the flame’s colour is blackSo why play HoliCoal will always smileYet there’s a heartThat smears a crumb of hopeThe moon may be whitewashedThe rainbow painted anew-Ritesh06/03/2015If you like my works, please follow the blog by subscribing through email (righthand sidebar)... Read more
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Blogger: Ritesh Agarwal
Poetry is the yacht on which I sail the seaI fear the storm no moreI carry a storm withinRitesh Agarwal05-03-2015... Read more
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Blogger: Ritesh Agarwal
Colour me not todayI was black for a dayOn the landWhere red and green bickeredLet the white now prevail03/03/2015-Ritesh Agarwal‪#‎JadavpurUniversity‪#‎Holi... Read more
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Blogger: Ritesh Agarwal
Pray wake me not, desireThe lightning that knocks is asking for me-Ritesh Agarwal01/03/2015PS- If you liked the poem, kindly follow the blog through emailAlso, if possible, please buy any product through the links in sidebar to help me raise my adopted pets... Read more
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Blogger: Ritesh Agarwal
Dil toh ye toot gaya, Aankhon mein hi dekh lo moorat uski(Translation: The heart lies broken. But these eyes will show you her face)-Ritesh Agarwal01-03-2015PS- If you liked the poem, kindly follow the blog through emailAlso, if possible, please buy any product through the links in sidebar to help me raise my adopted pets... Read more
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Blogger: Ritesh Agarwal
Q. How does Sarojini Naidu convey a message in the poem 'In the bazaars of Hyderabad'A. Sarojini Naidu wrote this poem during the time of India's struggle for independence aiming to promote the boycott of foreign products.      In this poem, Sarojini Naidu artfully describes the products made by the Indian craftsmen  and goldsmiths and myriad things sold by vendors, flowergirls, pedlars and fruitmen. Naidu wants people to boycott foreign products and provokes all Indians to consume indigenous products. She constructs a vivid, vivacious and colourful picture of the local bazaar of  Hyderabad in order to motivate her readers to visit indigenous markets. The hidden inte... Read more
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Blogger: Ritesh Agarwal
A fire kissed a fireAnd a fire burntTwo flames charred togetherOne singed, burnt aloneAudacious, Like a tendril unashamedThe fire coiled itself over the otherFluttered, defiantly in searing windStroked a spine as it slithered upLipped the defenceless neck that quiveredBurnt the nape with its tapered tip.One surrenderedThe other devouredLicking, flame by flameThe third watchedLike the cactus watched the rosemary and bee.All three writhedTheir heart an inferno.-Ritesh Agarwal27/02/2015PS- If you liked the poem, kindly follow the blog through emailAlso, if possible, please buy any product through the links in sidebar to help me raise my adopted pets ... Read more
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Blogger: Ritesh Agarwal
Image source: Goodreads.comBook: From My Heart To YoursAuthor: M.A.Q. RizvonGenre: Poetry, poemPublisher: Partridge (a Penguin Random House Company)‘From My Heart to Yours’ is thin book with some heavy words that can stir you at times, move you on a few occasions or leave you impassive. The book is an anthology of poems thought and scribbled over a few decades by M.A.Q. Rizvon whose journey itself has been a poetry. A post master in the 1960s, an insurance agent in the 70s and a film journalist in the 80s, he has straddled disparate fields, garnering multiple memories on his way and picking up isolated threads that finally come together in the shape of this book. So, it is not hard to ma... Read more
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Blogger: Ritesh Agarwal
Love placates despairDarkness goes yonderSky trembles in lurid hopeMoon takes off its clothes-Ritesh Agarwal25/02/2015If you liked my poem, please follow the blog through email.PS- Please buy any product using links in sidebar to help raise my adopted pets. ... Read more
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Blogger: Ritesh Agarwal
My eyes, Saw yours,FeltWhat the sand feels for the cloud-Ritesh24/02/2015PS- Kindly buy any product from the links in the sidebar to help me raise my adopted pets... Read more
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Blogger: Ritesh Agarwal
One thousand rainbows later, time will pause for a momentTo turn around and look back across time,Where it shall encounter meIn your past and in my present.And I would greet it with joyOf that imperishable kind with which past greets its future,Laugh with it, the way I laugh with youAnd I would tell it all about your ancient gloryAnd it would fill me in with your glory eternalized And we would talk till the moon joins inCroon till the cricket chants alongTill I run out of memoriesTill it runs out of time,Heavy with nostalgia, time would bid me byeSlip back to where it came fromNot knowing that it never did leave meNever could leave meEntirely.ForThe wraith of my world will walk over your wal... Read more
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Blogger: Ritesh Agarwal
She stalked meLike a wave does to the rockThen receded in a smirkLike a tide that devoured its desireBut a flame she left behindNot of hope but of dishopeAnd the flame grew Not in mass, but in fireUntil it charred meAnd until I singed the moonWhole night.Only if I could burn the stars …-Ritesh Agarwal13thFeb, 2015PS- Kindly buy any product from the links in the sidebar to help me raise my adopted pets... Read more
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Blogger: Ritesh Agarwal
Image source: FineArtAmerica.com via Google imagesOn the way to love,I got stabbed by ice.Dead was my crepusculeAs dawn had sealed the diceThose eyes had me under their siege And those lips that charmedEntranced I was, I hopped in tranceAnd then behold, she stabbed by ice.But hope sprouted, again, like a stray vineShamelessly, creeping into my heart, growing, spreading poisonTill it outgrew the love.And now there is hopeMore than there is loveBut less than there is ice....-Ritesh09/02/2015PS- Kindly buy any product from the links in the sidebar to help me raise my adopted pets... Read more
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Blogger: Ritesh Agarwal
The Comparative Literature department of Jadavpur University played host to author Judy Fong Bates today and it was both gratifying and heartening for me to be a part of the audience. That is one good thing about being a student of JU. You get to meet, and even interact, with writers and poets from both Oriental and Occidental backgrounds.The session introduced us to this woman-author who is Chinese by birth but has been living in Canada and hence her works are primarily diasporic, like those of Jhumpa Lahiri.To be quite honest, I had had a heavy lunch that was having its soporific effect, making it difficult for me to direct my complete attention to what she was saying. On a couple of insta... Read more
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Blogger: Ritesh Agarwal
Oy you, why you scamperFrom one bosom to the other,Seeking refuge not in one placeTravelling, leaving but an infinitesimal trace.Stay you must behind the ribsWhere you grew, learnt how to loveMore importantly, how many to loveBut you misbehave, mess with the lawsMend your ways, do mend your waysAnd if you can't, let  final be these days,Leave, permanently leaveGo become a felon, no more a vagabondVacate this body, share with it no bondSans you, stripped of you, must the breast bereave...-Ritesh... Read more
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Blogger: Ritesh Agarwal
To begin with, I am not much of a pimple person. I have hardly sprouted half a dozen pimples over the years and they have been tolerably manageable since they do not explode all at a time. Truly, now when I come to think of it, I feel that I have been extremely blessed to have a face that does not share any admirable affinity with this dreaded round ball. Yet, on occasions when a stray pimple has come like an uninvited guest, growing shamelessly over a happy face, it has disrupted my day severely. Though at the back of the mind, one knows that a pimple, much like time, is evanescent and will go away soon, yet one has to acknowledge that its destructive power is undeniably supreme, again much... Read more
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Blogger: Ritesh Agarwal
Not every mother has her boulevard littered by hurdles, not every woman loves her child as much as she hates her life. But for my mother, my house was certainly an unaccustomed earth. Born and brought up in a family not impoverished, she was flung into a marriage where promises bore little fruit. Her husband (my father) was never good with money. He lost what we had, gained nothing in return. There were rifts in their relation, gloom hovered on all sides. This was her house, her new house, a house where promises bore little fruit. I happened to be an only fruit. It was important for her to sow me, to reap me, to toil from dawn to noon so that she can savor the sweetness by her dusk. But life... Read more
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Blogger: Ritesh Agarwal
It rained, it sunnedIt rained, it sunnedIt rained, it sunnedIt rained, and the sun emerged no moreTitle credits: Jhumpa Lahiri... Read more
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Blogger: Ritesh Agarwal
There are women who are striking, there are women who are gifted and then there are women who are tough. But one cannot be tough without having gone through the grinds of examination that life has the habit of conducting at the most unexpected of times. And ages. So, there is a young woman who, being a young woman that she is, could have chosen to pursue a degree of a lucrative kind without being bothered about poetic notions like passion and pleasure. In fact, many men must have told her so. But there are some (there is one, at least) who marvel at the decisions she has taken. It does require a steeled resolve and every morsel of determination to brave the daily storms of life and yet walk ... Read more
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Blogger: Ritesh Agarwal
The withered flower once lushWill stay withered till foreverIts life was never for everIn death but, it impersonates my crushThat woman, made of the other clay Not more not less but a day oldTrespassed borders, enclosed my heart within her foldNot more not less only for a dayHeart I had none, and she toyed with twoThe searing flame burnt, wasn’t anything newCupid gave a tip off, yet the heart flewAnd then it came back, as if a returned loanWas it returned really or returned on its own?It loved for a day, the love never grew[Sonnet number II with rhyme scheme abba cddc eeeffe]-Ritesh Agarwal9/1/2015[Please buy any one item from the links posted on the sidebar. Money raised will help me rais... Read more
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Blogger: Ritesh Agarwal
Source: Google ImagesBook: 25 strokes of kindnessGenre: Fiction (anthology)Authors: SeveralPublisher: Grapevine IndiaPages: 247Price: Rs 125 (excluding discount)Story 1Title: OuroborosAuthor: Nanya SrivastavaPros: Unpredictable story, satisfying climaxCons: Average writing, some questions stay unansweredRating: 2.5 on 5Story 2Title: Is it kinder to give or receive?Author: Asfiya RahmanPros: Fresh story, good writingCons: Nothing much. The climax may have been handled betterRating: 3 on 5Story 3Title: A pack of Parle-GAuthor: Himanshu ChhabraPros: Quite a beautifully imagined story, endearing characters, sharp observation of life by the authorCons: Flawed structuring of a few sentencesRating:... Read more
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Blogger: Ritesh Agarwal
I pulled off my T-shirt and stepped inside the bath. Maria was already sitting in the tub with her slender legs spread out luxuriously.  For a moment, I admired her grace from far. Then, as if by invitation, I lifted my sodden jeans, crossed over and got into the tub. Maria threw me a glance. It was one of those enigmatic looks for which I never seem to have an answer. I discerned a small curve in her lips, though I could not be sure if that was a smile. The water felt warm. Or perhaps it was her skin. She inched closer. I peeled off her socks and undid her yellow top. It came off easily and she shuddered in the cold. I wanted to soap her but she wouldn't let me, at least not so early. ... Read more
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Blogger: Ritesh Agarwal
Blogger-turned-author TikuliQ1. Tell us something about your book ‘Collection of Chaos’? How would you introduce it to a potential reader?Answer: ‘Collection of Chaos’ is a journey inside the poet's mind, her life and all that surrounds it. Each poem has emerged from the complex interactions of heart and mind, the struggles of daily life and a search for oneself beneath all the role playing. The book wasn't conceived as a whole but it's a patchwork quilt of poems.It isn't just the product of disciplined hard work and learning with an open mind but also of great mentorship. They say that when the student is ready, the master appears and I have been blessed to find teachers who not onl... Read more
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Blogger: Ritesh Agarwal
Image source: GoogleWhat: Delhi Literature Festival (2nd edition)When: 7th-9thFebruary, 2014Where: Indira Gandhi National Center for the Arts, NewDelhiWhy the hullaballoo:Because, it’s a festival which celebrates books, authors and literature in generalWho should attend: Readers, book lovers, authors, budding authors, book-hoarders and YouWhat to expect: Stimulating, exciting, engaging and enlightening discussions and literary sessions on books (and writing) served with delicious dollops of humour 3 reasons why to attend the Delhi Literature Festival 2014:Reason 1) To interact with published novelists, publishers and intellectual people from the literary worldReason 2) To make friends. *Ha... Read more
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Blogger: Ritesh Agarwal
Image source: kellieelmore.comTrust JK Rowling to send millions into a tizzy every time she airs her thoughts on Harry Potter. Her legion of fans had jubilantly frenzied over her revelation of Dumbledore's sexual preferences a few years back. Now, once again, after a period of great calm, Rowling has brewed up the proverbial storm. So, when quizzed about the appropriateness of Ron and Hermione's relationship, the author gave away a piece of her heart as she disclosed how she linked up the two characters purely in pursuit of a personal ambition. She admitted that Ron and Hermione were the kind of couple whose marriage will easily run into a thick wall and will necessitate counselling. Rowling... Read more
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