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This story is about that teeny-weeny file. Yes, you heard it right- A FILE. That Khakhi folder that folds your fortune for weeks, months or at times even years...The journey of a file is by itself a (mis)adventure! If the file sits in a Government Office, the journey can beat the Adventures of Sindbad. Twists, turns and unexpected drama that drives you to the edge of the seat... Now you mustn't forget gentlemen and equally gentle women, the synonym for railways is redtape. Any file in Railways moves at rail(snail) pace, strictly! Unless the file is a complaint on a poor clerk or a penalty/punishment file. The latter one moves like lightning...or rather faster than sound, putting superso... Read more
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The next time you plan to bang someone cute, careful dudes and dudettes, the Court is watching. Funny, to imagine, the lady with the balance waits by your bedside trying to decide if the chick you just banged is over 18. And, dude, you sure are above 21, aren’t you? If no, then you can drink and make merry, kid. You can have as many casual flings as you can and the Justice isn’t bothered. And just in case you are over 21, you are royally screwed, my man!The new ruling of Chennai High Courtis a truly landmark judgement. “If any unmarried couple of the right legal age indulge in sexual gratification, this will be considered a valid marriage and they could be termed husband and wife.” W... Read more
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Beware! Lengthy post ahead...The feel of being pushed wakes me up from the slumber as i hastily try to grope what is happening around me. Sleep pulls my eyelids like a lady love on a shopping spree and i try to hang on to sense like a lovelorn teen hanging on to his wallet. Lovelorn teen won momentarily as a nurse clad in green scrub looms into my vision. She is animatedly talking to someone and i crane my neck to see who it is. A male hospital attender in white. Sparks were flying between the two and i could see cupid with his bow floating near the ceiling. Well, so i have died and on the way to the Pearly Gates, i think. I get to meet St Peter at the gates, no big deal. Happy at the prospe... Read more
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This was one long hiatus- agreed and guilty as charged. This break has taught me few valuable lessons in life. Lessons I have learnt the hard way- fellow railway men are the best teachers I have encountered in these thirty five odd years of surviving in this planet. Our Union secret ballot elections for recognition have taught me that biryani and booze are far more valuable than ideologies and morals. That salaried class people can stoop so low in selling their votes for booze, biryani and one thousand rupees has struck us all hard- slaps on our faces. Campaign of our dead CM for a union- he must be turning in his grave now!We people who have been championing the cause of the less fortunate ... Read more
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Story so far...The elderly couple are in their last days- both fighting diseases and wishing to be together till the last breath. The story is recounted by the old lady- the story of her life with the incredible man she fell in love with. Their courtship is a melody by itself, the strains of a masterpiece by Bach...Happiness...it starts as a tiny soap bubble, builds up, billows out and in a moment, bursts. The prelude to the wedding was a fairytale come true. The Prince Charming came riding his favourite white maruti omni! The lavish gifts of sarees, watch and perfumes had me hanging in mid air- suspended in time, elusive to everyone around me. Hectic shopping, skipped breakfasts and long ni... Read more
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Story so far...They have successfully completed their journey of life- almost. Now counting their days- she lies paralyzed and he tends to her despite his old age, this is the story of their courtship, wedding, life and love. An arranged marriage that has all the hullabaloo of an average Indian wedding, follow the story of their wedding and there after.The fruit salad tasted just perfect. The rasam smelled awesome and i move to my room for the last dash of make up. The lemon yellow organdy saree showed me a little plump, but glowing! A bindi in the forehead and a dash of sindoor, i am ready for him. Restless, i walk the length of the house. The little brother looks rather bemused at my restl... Read more
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The telephonic conversations started as a trickle and then went haywire- night long sessions of hushed arguments, conversations, silly fights and silent cries.  A fight to invite the long eloped sister boomeranged when the groom stoutly refused for the wedding altogether. " If she is coming, forget it- the wedding is not happening." Intervention from mother in law cooled down the groom a little and i was flabbergasted!Someone with so much hatred...how could i handle, i was perplexed. When his family decided to purchase dresses for the wedding, i jumped in with much enthusiasm. Imagine the fun of shopping with your fiance! We planned to meet at a renown wedding silks saree shop. Te... Read more
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This story is a series narrating the love story of a couple. Their highs, lows, their laughter and tears. Now in their 60s, the story is recounted by the lady. Theirs was an arranged wedding, with all glitz and dreams. Their period of courtship is elaborated in the early posts. They saw each other and gave the 'aye'. Now the saga continues...The first tear slowly rolled down with a tiny hesitation. The rest followed freely. Huge hiccups engulfed me. Crouching under the water tank, bathed in the moon light, i cry angry tears. His voice still rings in my ears- " You broke my heart, dear." Funny, i fumed. How dare he accuse me of breaking his heart? It was he who did it, in a well planned heist... Read more
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The Church bells chimed as i knelt down. Very careful not to crumple my silk saree, i intently watch the floor, lost in a plethora of raging emotions. The business statistics answer sheet had been submitted in half an hour. I tried to imagine the look on the examiner's face when he sees almost nothing in the paper-except a few hearts and arrows, interjected with few question marks. A quick glance at my watch the millionth time, my cousin brother rolls his eye upward. It is almost an hour past the time they had mentioned to meet us. The evening sun was painting the Church in hues of fuschia and orange. My nerves knot in tension as i sit ramrod straight staring at the floor tiles. My uncl... Read more
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This is the third time the door bell had chimed. The coo coo reverberated through the eerie hall way and I let out a silent curse. It must be the little ones from next door. Ignoring the chimes, I lay still. The ceiling fan above circulates the damp air. I love the dampness, the chill walls and the wet floors. Tiny droplets of water trickle down the window sills. My palms itch to touch the cool drops as i usually do. I try to lift my head, in vain. Craning my neck I try to look at the rocker by the bed. He is there, as usual. His weary hands hold the scrap book. Does he ever get tired of it, I muse,  a slow smile curving my lips. The smile goes crooked, my lips twitch. Sensing my movement, ... Read more
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A casual lunch time conversation in a nondescript office teeming with women goes thus- Me: Try this fish curry, dear.She: Oh! so sweet of you dear. I just thought of it and here you bring. How tasty. I wish i could cook like you.HMV: Like Hell i like this. I know your trick woman- you are trying to feed me all those calories and make me a moving tank like you! And the taste of your fish- yuck! Your husband hardly touches your food. Poor him- the fellow can be a poster boy for the eradicate poverty campaign of UN! The first time of the day two women colleagues meet in the canteen- Me: Good morning! You look so fresh in this cotton salwar today.She: Good morning dear. Why, you look ravishin... Read more
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All the hype and hoopla for Viswaroopam has me in splits. Portraying Kamalhassan as some kind of Demi God, whose lifetime ambition is saving the dying Indian movie industry is downright funny, folks. He is an actor and time and again he has proved he is a good business man too. Be it casting the “kissing fame” Andrea Jeremiah as his heroine in the movie or selling the movie direct to DTH for millions, he has reiterated his business acumen. ABC’s Amitabh Bhachchan could learn a lesson or two on marketing a movie from our Kamal.Selling the movie rights to cable channels or rather channel owned by allies of Tamilnadu CM after a confrontation with distributors, a case in the High Court and... Read more
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Self proclaimed exile for a month or so.Now back to blogging- why? I am told to dress 'properly'.The 'I' here refers to the womenfolk of Mother India. We the faceless Anamikas, Nirbhayas, Daminis- name us however you like, we are never going to complain. We are too busy kneading atta to notice the rapes and moral policing. Paying our telephone bill is of prime importance to us than watching endless hours of debate on National News Channels 24x7.The press- ah..the fourth pillar are going gaga over the new found 'women's liberation' and safe guarding the womenfolk. I suddenly feel if i have grown tusks like the woolly mammoth! Are they planning a sanctuary to safeguard us? If yes, ... Read more
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Picture Credit- Mr Armstrong Pame, IASThe image above is that of a sick patient being taken to the hospital. Carrying the sick in bamboo slings, children walking more than ten kilometers everyday just to reach their schools, elderly walking with baskets weighing more than 50 kgs on mountain slopes for hours together in leech infested forests...This is everyday reality in the North East. If you thought that India Shines, the living conditions of the people in the neglected states- The Seven Sisters of North East, can put us to global shame.Enter a new IAS officer as Sub Divisional Magistrate, Tamenglong, Manipur. This young person wants to do something fruitful to his poor and downtrodden bre... Read more
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File picture of Savita Halappanavar from Irish TimesThis is one serious topic that i have been contemplating for a long time. The tragic death of Dr Savita Halappanavar in Ireland has intimidated the long burning rage. Who would have though the Irish laws leaned heavily on religion- Christianity? The Catholic Church is anti- abortion and the Irish law is entirely based on it. The lawmakers are yet to wake from their stupor. Abortion laws differ from country to country, majority of them making it 'legal on request'. Few states require parental consent in case of minors, but in case of clinically injurious pregnancies, request would suffice. God has given equal rights of life for ever... Read more
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" Saving yourself for that someone special is like having a car and deciding to drive only on the last day of February of a leap year. Sounds bizarre? Hell, it is bizarre!"- Words of wisdom from Mr Vikram Bhatt- the maker of horror movies. Hell, he'd rather stick to making those horror movies. Or this article in Times dated Nov 11 might be a new script for his fresh Raaz dark horror movie!Popping the cherry is any person's personal freedom, we do agree and accept. What is done in the confines of four walls between two consenting adults is none of our business. But when horror movie directors jump the gun in advising our teens that "good sex" is important, we have a serious problem here. And ... Read more
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Dust rose from the ground as the two soldiers charged at each other, swords raised. One ducked faster than wind and the blade shone in all elegance. Velunachi smiled from her perch atop the grounds in the upper balcony. She always loved to watch the soldiers- specially her 'Udaiyal' pirivu- womens' wing. She fondly remembered Udaiyal- her warrior daughter whom she held as her own blood. Slowly her thoughts revolved over the Marudhu brothers and Kuyili. Those three friends from Ramnad who had stood by her in every tempest- giving her strength and courage all through. Thinking of Marudhu brothers, she watched Kuyili. The dusky damsel stood transfixed, watching the soldiers on the ... Read more
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He hated this heat. The sun was scorching mercilessly on his weather beaten face and he disliked the sweat trickling down his shoulder blades. All sticky and dusty, he longed for the cool confines of Mysore. Dindigul and this fort on the hillock just was misery. But resting here, far away from Mysore had him safe, tucked away from the prying British. Completing his namaz, he swiftly rose from the prayer rug, closing his eyes and stared long and hard towards Holy Kaba. Mecca! Some day, he would go there. Now that his son Tippu was caring for his homeland, he would one day visit Persia and the Holy Land. Hyder Ali, the Nawab of Mysore one one day perform his rites.Hyder Ali- Nawab of MysoreMe... Read more
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The afternoon sun blazed mercilessly and the goats sauntered gleefully to the shadows of the huge banyan tree. Udaiyal loved to watch the goats scrape each other for the little shadow left. It is always a fight for everyone. Not even the goats are spared, she thought lazily and surveyed the distant boulders for Kannaiyan. Poor fellow, if he were alive now, he would definitely be nursing his wounded back at some quack back in the village. A lazy smile lit up her face, as she remembered the encounter with the village chieftain this morning. Udaiyal had been orphaned when she was a little girl, taken care of then by the shepherd who found her in the woods, wailing her little lungs out. He took... Read more
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The crimson river flowed like liquid silk, its waves lapping the shores. Velu Nachi loved spending her leisure these days in solitude, reminiscing her maiden days in Sivaganga Palace. The images of Muthuvaduganathan swam by, she felt a faint pressure building on her temples. This day right from dawn had not been right. Something was eerily wrong and she couldn't put her finger on it. Muthuvaduganathan had left with Poongodi and her daughter for Kalaiyar Koil in the early hours, she was not even informed of it. Poongodi tried to maintain a safe distance from her in the Royal Harem and Velunachi loved the distance. She did not oppose her presence nor did she acknowledge the maid turned Que... Read more
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Ah! 18 again! Isn't that lovely? To feel young, carefree and energetic and ahem... virgin ? Your 30 plus body fails to respond to the whims and fancies of your 18 year old tiny heart that likes to skip, hop, jump and to 'tighten'. Fasten your waist belts or rather your panties 'tight', ladies- the 'tight' is here! Hola! You can snap your finger at the hapless male whom you have been despising all your life, you are 'tight'. Crawling on his knees and panting he would now run the household, when you- the 'liberated' can click away on your high heels, flashing the errrr...tight glory hole!The whole country goes gaga over it! At parties where hush-hush of fo... Read more
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The smell of fresh hay and hushed whispers of men resounded through the Royal Stable. Kuyili was breathless as she sprinted towards Chinna Marudhu who was petting his black stallion. " I need to talk to you", she sounded so desperate and Chinna Marudhu viewed the stable. The men had stopped their whispers. All eyes focused on her. He hated it when she came like this, spoiling his work. He knew how Periya Marudhu's eyes lighted up on seeing her, how he threw furtive glances at her and how he sought flimsy excuses to enter the maids' quarters to look at her. Kuyili's unwarranted attention on him was unnerving. He despised her. Hated her. Loved her!He nodded his head and taking his cue, she rus... Read more
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The solitary lamp in his chamber did nothing to hide her beauty, Muthu thought. A lock of hair dancing to its own music kissing her ear lobe, arched eye brows twisting, huge expressive eyes shining like embers stoked by love and lips luscious and a full mouth- she could pass easily as a painting from the bygone era. "I just have one request, King"- Velunachi implored. " And what would that be?", he queried. " I have grown up together with my friends- Kuyili and Marudhu brothers. We have spent every living moment together and my only wish is that we remain together for the rest of our lives", she muttered, twisting and untwisting the pallu of her saree. Saying this, she stared intently at his... Read more
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The crimson rays of the setting sun played hide and seek along the silent corridors of Ramnad Palace. Somewhere a lone koel cooed its melancholy, the sound resonating in the chamber of Velunachi. Never in her life was she so troubled, perplexed and happy at the same time. A myriad of feelings threatened to burst inside her. The very sight at the painting by the window made her heart ache in unrequited love. How dare he? Being the King of Sivagangai did not give him the key to her heart, did it? He knew her, had taunted her, played with her feelings knowing her identity. She had been so naive, never having the chance to even glance at the sleek, silky skin and rock solid muscle that rippled ... Read more
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The last day of the Thai Poosam festival reverberated with religious fervor and gaiety. Muthuvaduganathan was happy that everything so far had gone well with his duty and very well with his personal life. The days that ensued after he saw the beauty by the pond made him sulk and brood. He was not his real self, counting the innumerable stars at night and longing for fervent glimpse of the teenager without mustache on the horseback. He never failed to amuse Muthu, starting from his French songs to his mastery in calming down the elephants! Elephants? Yes, he witnessed the astounding feet of his secret love, Velu Nachi handling the temple elephant as if it were some child's toy. The day b... Read more
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