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Blogger: Simran kaur
A sweet lullabywhen my mother hum with lovebless me with strength and peaceTunes played for a secI espy well and stringed withit speaks my storyMy heart tunes sweetlyplays magical set of notesjust for you,my loveWritten for Haiku Heights ... Read more
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Blogger: Simran kaur
The story of violence against women seems endless in our country even after the 65 years of Independence. Women were considered feckless and even today the same. We can say, the status of women has upheaval by the present time. Many of the laws have been made by the government, seats are reserved for the women in train compartments, Lok sabha, and colleges and are given special privileges in society but that's not enough. Laws alone are not enough!According to the laws, everyone has a right to be treated equally but actually they are limited to the constitution only. If it would have been followed truly; there would have been no injustice to women in society, no insecurity, no contempt, why... Read more
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Blogger: Simran kaur
Dady & Me (Priceless moments)Walking along him,Holding his hand; I grew,He loves me a lot that truth I know,He keeps on asking ‘‘whose cute princess you are?'' ‘‘Who loves you the most?''With a gurgle and in unclear pronunciation I say da -dayy !Day by day he loved me more,And he made his place within my heart's core..He loves me more than anything else that he ensured,Never even allowed a tear to trickle down from my eyes,And taught me many lessons to be a good heart and wise;Again he asks with an eager expression...‘‘whose cute princess you are?'' ’’Who loves you the most?''And I say with proud and with a broad smile, Dady!He reads my heart, He rea... Read more
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Blogger: Simran kaur
While walking todaybelow the dusky eve skyhad many things to dobut I realized to be insole and meet my own-selfIs much more important In this world of attractionor other foremost priorities I almost stopped giving it myselfMaybe that's the reason my poetic expressions hardly comes out, while writing this, I know still it's notthat poetic as it used to be not that rhythmicYet I'll never ever let lostmy passion, poetry!Today somehow my blue inner worldquoth in solicitous aceto get my pamperThe murky eve illuminated pessimist in me, 'again the world is ready to get lost in the evil darkness'yet another day in its grip!!No one can direct natureBut nature does... Read more
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Blogger: Simran kaur
These colors on my faceSet of emotions I embraceHidden they were deep inside Now, I let them out to preside Every shade of color speaks My life, my heart & momentous clicks... Read more
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Blogger: Simran kaur
Time Comes In Life When We Are Close To Our Dreams But We Fail To Make Them Come True!!I want to flow with my dreamslike a liquid roll on whims Wherever it finds a way!With this very thought I was moving on a slotHere meets ''The Destiny & Fate''I still have the impulse to my dream destinybut Fate locks me My Destiny, before me I am helpless !no path to reach there... Read more
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Blogger: Simran kaur
No matter how much the things go wrong to meNo matter how depress I feel or lostA touch of cool wind I perceive in silenceVentilate my heart accumulated withUncountable worries & unexplained feelingsI close my eyes as to feel each and every drop ofThis serene rain, my own spiritual believeThat touches me; the feeling of lost evades in silenceNo more solitary, Nature accompanies me to consortAnd that too with ''Loyalty''.... Read more
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Blogger: Simran kaur
Like everyone's lifeMy life is reasonableIt takes time toConfigure out exactly Fortunately, I've found it!The path I've chosen isbit difficult yet its possibleI believe , I know!Expectations are likely to overcrowd,yet I worry in the leastFor I care of my abilities Maybe, at initial I get failMaybe, even I find my decision wrong! My determination won't letAt last  my inner world realize me my dreams and assureSpirituality within makes you wise,Uplift your hopes from gloom to skies,Let you strong even when you stand up alone And have no choice.... Read more
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Blogger: Simran kaur
दिल से निकले अलफ़ाज़ गूंजने दोइस तम्मना भरे दिल की चाहत राज खोलने की है इन्हें अश्कों में बयाँ होने दो मुस्कुराहटों के पीछे छिपेदर्द में लिपटे होंटों की सुनवाई आज होने दो दिल के अलफ़ाज़ अश्कों में बयाँ होने दो धुन्दला सी गई मेरी मंजिल इस बावरे मन को एक पल ही सही ठहर... Read more
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Blogger: Simran kaur
Numbness revive when the door flux by the windI give it a mythical constant glare as if it has something to say; In my mind what goes on-   '' थिरकन  ये  होती  जो हलचल    आहट ये  होती जो  आवाज़     तन्हाई को मिल जाता कोई साथी    ख़तम होता ये इंतज़ार ''These few lines of my poetry ruined my fate into exactly A touch of musty across, I perceive that rupture my inner selfShake up my consciousness till I get back to reverie My initial stage where aggression remains unrelenting   A battle in my heart and mind ;... Read more
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Blogger: Simran kaur
The ranging injusticehas kindle flame thrust within scorch me, urge for protestHustle haste movesof tectonic plates, blazevolcano outburst April A2Z Heights - Day 06 - Fire... Read more
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Blogger: Simran kaur
Burn me when there is darkI'm ready to blaze and melt myselfto light this gloomy worldApril A2Z Heights - Day 03 - Candle... Read more
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Blogger: Simran kaur
I'm nature's creaturemy mystical wings, passionate beauty rest to suck nectar We reflects the ecosystemaegis balance of naturewe form KaleidoscopeApril A2Z Heights - Day 02 - Butterfly... Read more
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Blogger: Simran kaur
चुटकियों में बीत जाने वाला क्षण हम सबके पास होता है ,हर बार हर एक के लिए अलग मायनों में ,किसी को क्षण भर जिंदगी मिल जाती है ,किसी के क्षण मात्र में प्राण चले जाते हैं ...... Read more
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Blogger: Simran kaur
World illuminateswith the preen light of Sun riseevading darkness When I find a bird soaring high in the wide skysigh! my life is a cageApril A2Z Heights - Day 01 - Ascent... Read more
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Blogger: Simran kaur
With the departure of mistWhen season changes and spring shifts Moist in air fierce to dry driftThe month of rebirth 'April ' then commenceI celebrate flow of emotions with reverence Spirituality then awakes within Up bring muses of credence Azure sky fuses contemplation and inspiration evaluates a new creationhere the Words rule without any domination  The same happened to mewhen I found myself deceive from expressionsThe Writer's BlockA year passed with no new muse I was so confused If I'll be able to write anymore ORIs the poetic journey destined no moreLike every year the month of rebirth commenced But this time along with the blessings of Poetic Treasure that allows my ... Read more
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Blogger: Simran kaur
अब कोई नहीं आएगादरवाजे बंद कर लो सांझ की बेल मेंसबको नींद आ जाती है दीपक को भुझा दो रात की सियाही मेंनयनों को ज्योत काफी है उद्द्गारों को आखों में समेट लोउसे सुनाने का वक्त कहाँ बाकी है शाम  - ऐ वक्त की सुबह होती है जीवन संध्या में भोर नहीं होती है दादी जी द्वारा रचित क... Read more
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Blogger: Simran kaur
The forever sisters' love,All aboveCollaborates Me and You in a spiritual bond...I promise shall remain FULL OFconcord, credence and resolute!DEVOID OFblames, claims and emote flames!WITHOUTMeans of reluctance, doubt or twinge! WITHAdmiration, assurance and commitment of being United and True!Happy Birthday to you Dear Mohu! May all your wishes,dreams come true. I thank you from the bottom of heart for being there always to support, encourage and listen and advice me.Its a Special Day for You and Me as well!Lets Enjoy :)... Read more
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Blogger: Simran kaur
Today I am going to share the story of ''Langar Disguise'' A holy message of Love and Selflessness , I praise it in My Guru's divine name ''Waheguru''- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -   __________________________________________________________________________________________________Click -- Open the link to listen this beautiful tale (Copy the link address and open in a new window)______________________________________________________________________________________Have you ever heard that God lives in cozy homes? For us our homes are the same as the Guru’s home, because in our homes we treat ea... Read more
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Blogger: Simran kaur
Closing my eyes an enigmatic window opens before my sightWhirling abyss assimilating smoke and shimmering shineBlurred my sight with turmoil void trans-versing to radiant visionDiverse the climax and scenes merging together ariseFull of conflict and strife; no spark of love but of disputesDestitute my soul but helpless at the same timeDiscarded I was to put my feet in that dreamy world!The world full of abhorrence and aversionUnable to bear the affliction around I closed that enigmatic windowOpening my eyes before the realistic world ;the real life!Realized I the sweat on my body with the heat of injustice and warRanging at rapid pace like fire!The same scenes and climax I stared at with ... Read more
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Blogger: Simran kaur
The more you wait; the more it gets lateThe more expect; the more it hurts you exactThe more you try to make; the more situations tend to breakThe more you find reasons; the more you get in confusionThe more you try to show; the more you get outshoneThe more you have; the more things you have to looseThe more you dare; the more you bearButThe more you share; the more you cheerThe more you love; the more you be lovedThe more you try; the more things come byThe more imagine; the more your thoughts be designed The more you believe within; the more stronger even the fate tries to make you winThe more challenges you accept; the more opportunities your way preceptThe more you be true; the more ... Read more
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Blogger: Simran kaur
Agile and allureLies in negligence, poignantEternal my fallAcrostic Haiku written for Acrostic Only . The prompt is Ale... Read more
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Blogger: Simran kaur
Rushing her loitering stepsbreaking the walls of Qualmfor today she comprehended the verity of Life ; Momentary Escapegetting abscond by each passing flashof nothing but lingering memories that would remainstressed her soul and mind being nostalgic when clashed to her obscure reverie an air of vigilance awaken her with a little message, worth for a life ''Life is short then why to make it lost?''_______________________________________________________________________Rain : MusicFriendship : God's GiftBlogging : WritingsMorning : New StartTeddies : CuteBlack : darkPillow : sound sleepCricket : excitementFashion : BoreWinter : ShiverWritten for Word-O-Logy atCoveted Dreams... Read more
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Blogger: Simran kaur
Celebrations all aroundHappiness unbound Excitement cravingEnergetic aspiringRelishing achievement Success, merriment!I believe celebrations need not always have reasons but today I have reasons to Celebrate, to cheer success I achieved in my golden two years of blogging. Yes, its my Second Blog Anniversary!! :DThese two years have proved to be life changing for me.From nothing I became Something and from Something I have become Everything. Being an introvert, its not that easy to establish your identity among the crowd but that was something before when I wasn't indulge in writing at all. The best thing is the day I started writing I started my blog on 19th October in 2010. My very first ... Read more
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Blogger: Simran kaur
ओअन्तः केअनुराग कौनसुनेगातेराराग !प्राब्धकीपीढ़ासे टूटगयावीड़ाका तार टूटीमीनारोंपे आलोकनहींहोतानिसार सूखगएपत्तोंको मेघदेतानहीं अपनाखुमार शीतपड़ेदीपकमें सिमटानहींगहनअन्धकार मुकुलकेमुरझानेसे बनतानहींफिरपुष्पहार I मेरीदादीजीद्वारा - स्वर्णकौर ... Read more
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