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IngredientsPineapple chunks-1cup Cooked Basmati rice(leave for an hour or more in the refrigerator uncovered)- 3 cupsExtra virgin olive oil - 3 tblspnVegetables-1/4 cup  Shallots-2( finely chopped) Garlic cloves -3(finely chopped )Green chili-2 thinly slicedDried crushed chili (chili flakes)-1 tspn  Frozen peas - 1/2 cupSmall carrot grated-1/4 cup (optional) Rainsins - 1/4 cupRoasted unsalted whole cashews-1/4 cupSpring onions-3(finely sliced)Fresh coriander-1/4 cupSoy sauce-3tspnCurry powder-2tspnSalt to tastePreparation1.Mix 1 Tbsp oil with the rice and set aside.2.In a small bowl stir soy sauce and curry powder together.Keep aside.3.Heat oil in a pan.4.Add shallots, garlic, and green... Read more
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Ingredients Butter - 50g/4tblspn/ 1/2 stick   in room temperature Condensed milk - 1/2 Can (200g) All purpose Flour - 1 cup Baking powder - 1/2 tspn Cocoa powder - 3 tblspn Baking soda - 1/2 tspn Vanilla Extract - 2 tspn Coco cola - 1 can ( or hot water)Preparation 1.Sieve all purpose flour (maida), baking powder, baking soda and cocoa powder twice. (dry ingredients). Keep it aside. 2.Take butter and condensed milk in a mixing bowl.Beat it in a low speed .Add vanilla extract and mix well. 3.Take all the dry ingredients All purpose flour,baking powder,cocoa powder,baking soda in an another bowl and combine well. 4.Add the wet  ingredients (butter + condensed milk + vanilla essence) with ... Read more
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Blogger: Saranya
IngredientsEggless chocolate Cake - 2 (for 2 layer cake )Whipped cream - 300 mlCherries - 1 cupA bar of milk chocolate – Make chocolate shavings out of the bar and keep refrigerated till use.Orange Juice - 1 cup Preparation1.Keep one layer of the cake on the serving plate.2.Sprinkle 3-4 tablespoons of orange juice on it.3.Now spread 2-3 tablespoons of whipped cream on top of the cake.4.Add the chopped cherries on top.{Repeat with other layers if you want to make 3 layer cake)5.Cover the cake completely with whipped cream on all sides and the top.6.Level the top and sides with a broad spatula dipped in chilled water.7.Decorate the top with chocolate shavings and cherries. Keep chilled in th... Read more
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IngredientsSundakkai Vathal (Turkey Berry) - 1 1/2 tblspnManathakkali (black nightshade) - 1 1/2 tblspn                                                { You can prepare this with Either  Manathakkali (black nightshade) or sudakkai (Turkey Berry) Vathal  }Tamarind - lemon sized ballVatha kulambu powder - 2 tbsp Sesame seed oil - 3 tbsp Curry leaves - 1 springSalt to tasteMustard seeds - 1 tspFenugreek seeds- 1/2 tspRed chilli - 2 (broken into two)Asafoetida/Hing- 1/4 tspPreparation1.Soak tamarind in approximately 3 1/2 cups of warm water and extract thick juice.2.Heat sesame oil  in a heavy bottomed pan, add mustard seeds, when they splutt... Read more
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IngredientsCheru payar / pasi paruppu / moong dal-1/4 cupGrated jaggery -3/4 cupGhee - 3 tblspnUnsalted cashew nuts-10Raisins- A fewThick coconut milk (onnaam paal)-1cupThin coconut milk (rendaam paal)- 3/4 cupCardamom, crushed - 4 or 5Preparation 1.Roast the parippu in a dry pan until it turns golden brown. 2.Add the thin coconut milk (rendaam paal) and pressure cook for 3-4 whistles .3.Add some water to the grated jaggery and heat it on medium flame until it begins to melt. Stir well until the jaggery fully melts, strain, and mix in with the cooked dal.  4.Bring to boil and add the thick coconut milk.Do not boil after adding the thick coconut milk. 5.Add the crushed cardamom and remo... Read more
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Blogger: Saranya
Ingredients  Yellow Cake mix - 2 Pack                                            {Basic 8" Vanilla sponge cake - 2 ( I made one and cut into two)                                            Basic 6" Vanilla sponge cake - 1                                             Basic 4" Vanilla sponge cake -1}Here is the recipe for Basic vanilla cake Vanilla frosting- 3 Red food color- a pinch  Barbie doll (11 1/2 inches tall)-1 Star-shaped candy decors  Preparation 1. Using the Yellow cake mix ,make two 8" vanill... Read more
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Blogger: Saranya
Ingredients Cake Mix  - 1 pack (460g)Milk - 1/2 cup Yogurt-3/4 cup Vegetable Oil-2/3 cup Vanilla Extract - 1 teaspoon Preparation1.Preheat oven to 350F/180C for metal pans and 325F for dark non-stick pans. Line an 8-inch cake pan and a muffin tin with parchment paper and paper liners. 2.In a large bowl blend cake mix, yogurt, milk and oil at low speed until moistened. 3.Beat at medium-high speed for 2 minutes. Scrape bottom and sides of bowl. Continue beating at medium-high speed for 2 minutes. Pour batter into the prepared pans. 4.Bake according to the instructions give in the pack. Mine was done in 25 minutes. The cupcakes even sooner. Cake is done whe... Read more
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IngredientsIdiyappam prepared from 1/2 cup of rice flour( take out the strings and loosen it)Juice of 1 lemonSalt to taste Oil - 2 tspMustard seeds - 1 tspnDried Red Chilli - 1 (broken into two)Green Chilli - 1 (chopped)Hing/asafoetida - a pinchBengal gram/channa dal - 1 tspOnion(small size) - 1/2  (chopped)Cashew nuts or Roasted peanuts - 2 tblsp (optional)Turmeric powder - 1/4 tspnCurry leaves - a springPreparation1.In a broad vessel, add lemon juice and salt. Keep it aside.2.Heat oil in a pan, add mustard seeds, when they splutter, add hing, red chilli, bengal gram, cashew nuts, turmeric powder,curry leaves and green chilli.Saute for a few seconds till dal turns golden brown.3.Add ... Read more
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Blogger: Saranya
Ingredientswhole Green Peas -1 cup Onions(chopped) - 1Tomato(chopped)-1A Few curry leavesMustard seeds- 1 tspnDried Red chillies- 2 nos(broken into two)Ginger -2' inch piece (finely chopped)Garlic -   4-5 cloves ( crushed)Turmeric powder -½ tspnChilli powder - 1tspnCoriander powder - 1tspnGaram Masala powder - 1 tspn (optional) Coconut milk - 1 cup A few Coriander leavesExtra Virgin Olive Oil- 2 tblspnWater as requiredSalt to tastePreparation1.Soak the whole green peas over night.Cook the green peas in a pressure cooker with salt.keep it aside.2.Heat oil in a pan.3.Add mustard seeds and let it crackle.4.Add the chopped ginger ,crushed garlic,dried red chillies ,curry leaves and stir it.5... Read more
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Blogger: Saranya
IngredientsPaneer - 50gIdiyappam - 6 (big size) { take out the strings and loosen it}Ghee - 5 tblspnOnion  (big size)- 1 (chopped)Green chilli - 4 (chopped)Garlic minced - 2 tspnGinger minced -2tspnTomato (big size) - 1 (chopped)Chilli powder - 1 tspnCoriander powder - 2 tspn Garam masala - 1 tspn (optional)Salt to tasteMint and Cilantro for garnishingLemon juice as required Preparation1.Heat 2 tblpn ghee in a pan and fry the idiyappam for 2-3 mins and keep aside.2.Add the rest of the ghee in the same pan and saute the onion.3.Add ginger,garlic and green chilli. Fry for a while.4.Add tomato,chilli powder and coriander powder.Saute it.5.Add paneer ,mint,coriander leaves and garam masala (opt... Read more
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Blogger: Saranya
IngredientsToor dal/tuvara parippu - 1/4 cupDrum Sticks - 1 cup (cut into 2'pieces)Potato - 1 ( cubed)Tomato - 1 (diced)Onion - 1 (diced)Green chilly - 2 (sliced)Turmeric powder - 1/2 tspnChilli powder - 1 tspnSalt to tasteGrated coconut - 1/4 cupCumin seeds - 1 tspnSmall onion - 4Coconut oil - 2 tspnMustard seeds - 1tspnCurry leaves - 2 springsDried Red chillies - 2 (broken into two)Preparation1.Pressure cook the toor dal.2.Cook the potato and drum sticks along with turmeric powder,chilli powder,green chillies,onion ,tomato ,salt and required water.3.Add the cooked dal to it.4.Grind coconut with small onions and cumin seeds in little water.5.Pour the blended coconut solution to this.Bring t... Read more
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Blogger: Saranya
IngredientsSemolina (Rava/Sooji) - 2 cupsBig onion - 1 (chopped)Green chillies -5 (chopped)Carrots - 1/2 cup ( cut into small bits)Frozen green peas - 1/2 cupBeans - 1/2 cup (chopped)A small piece of gingerGarlic pearls - 4 (chopped)Bay leaf - 1  Cloves - 2Cinnamon stick - 1 small pieceCardamom - 1 whole\Ghee - 1 tblspnExtra Virgin Olive oil - 2 tblspnMustard Seeds - 1 tspnDried red chillies - 2 (broken into two) Fennel Seeds - 1 tspnturmeric powder - 1/4 tspn Tomato - 1 (chopped) {Optional}Curry leaves - 1 springFew coriander leavesSalt to tasteWater - 4 cups approximately Cashewnuts - few for garnishingPreparation1.Fry Semolina/Rava in a tablespoon of ghee for five minutes on medium fla... Read more
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Blogger: Saranya
Ingredients Onion – 1 ( sliced)Sambar Powder / Puli Kulambu Powder - 1 tblspnTamarind Juice – 1/2 cup , concentratedCapsicum-1 (chopped)Turmeric powder- 1 pinchMustard seeds - 1/2 tsp Curry leaves - 1 spring Dried Red chillies - 2 (broken into two)Fenugreek seeds/Methi seeds - 1/2 tspExtra virgin Olive Oil / or Coconut oil - 2 tspSalt to tastePreparation 1.Heat oil in a pan and splutter mustard and fenugreek seeds. 2.Add dried red chillies and curry leaves. 3.Add the sliced onion and saute until the becomes soft.4.Add the chopped Capsicum .5.Add the sambar powder , turmeric powder and salt and fry until oil separates out from the masala.6.Soak tamarind in water and squeeze out to make ta... Read more
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Ingredients Basmati Rice - 1 Cup Extra virgin Olive oil - 2 tblspn Mustard seeds - 1 tspn Clove - 2 Cinnamon - 1  Bay leaf - 1  cardamom - 2  Dried Red chillies- 2 (broken into two) Curry leaves - 2 springs Urad dal /Uzhunnu parippu - 1 tspn Channa dal /Kadala parippu) - 1 tspn Asafoetida powder- A pinch Onion - 1 (medium size-chopped) Tomato - 2 (chopped) Turmeric powder - 1/4 tspn Chilli powder - 1/2 tspnCoriander powder -1/4 tspn Salt to taste Ghee - 1 tspnPreparation 1.Wash rice and Keep aside.2.Heat oil in a pressure cooker and Splutter mustard seeds.Add curry leaves,red chillies,clove,cinnamon,bay leaf,cardamom and asafoetida powder.3.Add onion and fry for a few minutes. Add choppe... Read more
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IngredientsBaby Bella Mushroom  - 1 lbExtra virgin olive oil – 2-3 tblspnOnion  -  1  (medium size-chopped)Green chillies -  4-5 nos (chopped)Ginger - a medium sized piece (chopped)Garlic - 3 cloves (chopped)Tomato  -  1 (chopped)Coriander powder - 1 tspChilly powder -1  tsp Turmeric powder - 1/2 tspChopped Coriander leaves  for garnishingCumin seeds  -  1/2 tspMustard seeds  - 1/2 tspSalt to tastePreparation1.Heat oil in a pan and add mustard seeds followed by cumin seeds and when they splutter, add crushed ginger and garlic and fry till they become light brown in color.2.Add finely chopped onions and chopped green chillies and saute till onions become translucent.3.Then lower... Read more
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IngredientsPotato-2Onions(chopped) - 1Tomato(chopped)-1A Few curry leavesMustard seeds- 1 tspnDried Red chillies- 2 nos(broken into two)Ginger -2' inch piece (finely chopped)Garlic -   4-5 cloves ( crushed)Turmeric powder -½ tspnChilli powder - 1tspnCoriander powder - 1tspnGaram Masala powder - 1 tspn (optional) A few Coriander leavesExtra Virgin Olive Oil- 2 tblspnWater as requiredSalt to tastePreparation1.Cut the potato into 4 equal pieces and Cook it in a pressure cooker with salt.Let it cool and peel the potatoes.Again cut into small bite size pieces. keep it aside.2.Heat oil in a pan3.Add mustard seeds and let it crackle.4.Add the chopped ginger ,crushed garlic,dried red chillies ,... Read more
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Ingredients Rice Flour : 1 cup Grated Fresh Coconut : 1 cup Powdered Jaggery : 1/2 cup Cardamom Powder : 1/2 tsp Ghee : t tsp A pinch of salt Plantain LeavesPreparation1.Slightly roast the rice flour for a couple of minutes and cool.2.Combine the rice flour and salt in a wide bowl.3.Add required boiling water to make a soft dough. Allow it to cool a little.4.Grease your hands with oil / ghee and knead the dough till soft. The dough should be soft and smooth.5.Mix the Powdered jaggery ,grated coconut and cardamom powder.6.Divide the dough into medium or large size balls.7. Place each ball in the center of plantain leaf and flatten it to form a thin round shape(poori shape). Place a tablespoo... Read more
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Ingredients Drum sticks – 3 (cut into 2’pieces) Turmeric powder – ½ tspn Salt to taste Toor dal – ¾ cup Grated coconut – 1cup Green chilli – 3 Cumin seeds – ½ tspn Coconut oil – 1 tblspn Urad dal – ½ tspn Mustard seeds – 1 tspn Dried whole red chilli – 2 (broken into two) Curry leaves – 2 springsPrepration 1.Cook the drumsticks along with salt,turmeric powder and water. 2.Add the cooked toor dal and let it boil . 3.Grind the grated coconut along with cumin seeds and green chilli.Add this ground paste to it 4.Let it boitl for 5 mins and remove from the stove. 5.Heat oil in a pan.Splutter mustard seeds.Add urad dal ,dried red chilli and curry leaves.Pour this to it ... Read more
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Blogger: Saranya
Ingredients Poha/Flattened Rice - 2 cups Turmeric powder - 1/2 tspn Chilli powder - 1/4 tspn Salt to taste Olive oil - 2 tblspn Mustard seeds - 1 tspn Cardamom - 3 Green chilli -1 (chopped) Ginger - 1 tspn (chopped) Onion - 1/2 (medium size-chopped) Lemon Juice - 1 tspn Cilantro - 2 tblspn (chopped)Preparation 1.Gently wash poha  and let it sit/drain for approximately 10 minutes. 2.Sprinkle turmeric, chili powder and salt and toss with a fork. 3.Heat oil in a pan. 4.Add cardamom, ginger and green chili and stir for a few seconds. Then add Onions and saute until they are tender. 5.Add poha and stir-fry for 3 to 4 minutes, mixing gently. 6.Remove from heat and add lemon juice and cilantro. M... Read more
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Blogger: Saranya
Ingredients Basmati Rice - 1 1/2  Cup Toor Dal /Tuvara Parippu - 1/2 Cup Extra virgin Olive oil - 2 tblspn Mustard seeds - 1 tspn Dried Red chillies- 2 (broken into two) Curry leaves - 2 springs Urad dal /Uzhunnu parippu - 1 tspn Channa dal /Kadala parippu) - 1 tspn Asafoetida powder- A pinch Vegetables -  2 cups (potato-1,drum sticks,Beans) Onion - 1 (medium size-chopped) Tomato - 1 (chopped) Turmeric powder - 1/4 tspn Chilli powder - 1/2 tspn Sambar powder - 2 tspn Tamarind Extract -1/2 tspn Salt to taste Ghee - 1 tspnPreparation1.Wash together rice and dal. Keep aside.2.Heat oil in a pressure cooker and Splutter mustard seeds.Add curry leaves,red chillies and asafoetida.3.Add onion and... Read more
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Ingredients Elephant yam(Chena) - 2 CupsBlack-eyed beans(Vanpayar) -1 Cup Grated coconut  -1/2 cup (3 tblspn for seasoning and the remaining coconut for grinding)Pearl Onions  -5 – 6 nos Cumin seeds - 1/4 tsp Black pepper - 4 nosGarlic pods - 1 - 2 nosTurmeric Powder- 1/2 tsp Chilly Powder -1 tspSalt to Taste Seasoning: Coconut Oil -2 tspMustard seeds -1 tsp Black gram (Uzhunnuparippu/Urad dal) -1/2 tsp Curry Leaves- 1 SpringRed chillies -3 – 4 nosPreparation1)Cook vanpayar by adding enough water, turmeric powder and chilly powder.2)When the vanpayar is nearly cooked, add chena and allow it to cook.3)Grind together grated coconut, cumin seeds, black pepper,pearl onions and garlic into ... Read more
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Blogger: Saranya
IngredientsButter-2tbspnOnion (medium size)-1 (sliced)Garlic cloves -2 (chopped)Ginger – 2tspnPepper to tatseSalt to tastePotato(medium size) – 1 (cubed)Zucchini -1(sliced)Bell pepper – 1 (sliced)Corn starch – 4tblspnCurry powder-2tblpsn (I used chilli powder-1 1/2 tspn,coriander powder-1 tspn.turmeric powder-1/2 tspn)Bay leaf – 1Ketchup – 1 tblpsnMilk-3tblspnSoy sauce-1tblspnGreen peas- ¼ cupVegetable broth-946 ml pkgApple-1/4 (grated)Cilantro for garnishingPreparation1.Heat butter in a deep pan2.Sauté garlic, ginger and onion.3.Add zucchini, bell pepper and potato, sauté a little more.4.Mix cornstarch and curry powder. Stir well for a minute, making sure not to burn.5.Add ve... Read more
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Blogger: Saranya
IngredientsChanna dal-½ cupsnake guard – 1 (cubed)Grated coconut-1/2 cupTurmeric powder- ½ tspnChilli powder- 1 tspnOil-1 tblspnMustard seeds-1 tspnRed chilli(broken into two)-2Salt to tasteA few curry leavesPreparation1.Cook channa dal until it is ¾ done.2.Add snake guard,turmeric powder and salt.cook for 15 -20 mins3.Add chilli powder and boil till the water dries up.Switch off the flame.4.Heat oil in another pan and splutter mustard seeds.5.Add red chillies, ½ cup grated coconut and curry leaves.Saute it until coconut becomes golden brown.8.Add this to the above vegetable and mix well.... Read more
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Blogger: Saranya
IngredientsBasmati rice – 1 cupDried green peas – 1 cup (soaked overnight-about 6 to 8 hours)Carrot - 1/2 cup (chopped)Water – 3 cupsGhee/oil – 1½ table spoon Bay leaves – 1 to 2 Black pepper corns – 1 tea spoon Fennel seeds – 1 tspnCumin seeds – 1 tea spoon Star Ani seed – 1 to 2 Cloves – 3 to 4 Green cardamom – 3 Cinnamon – 1½ inch long stick 1 or 2 Onion – 1 (small size) (chopped)Green chillies – 5 (sliced)Salt to taste Few coriander leaves for garnishing Lemon juice – few drops Preparation1.Heat ghee/oil in a pressure cooker.Add fennel seeds,cumin seeds,star ani seed,cloves,cardamom,cinnamon and bay leaves.2.Then add onions and green chillies. Saute for a ... Read more
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Blogger: Saranya
Ingredients Chickpeas-1 cup Extra virgin olive Oil - 2 tblspn Mustard Seeds - 2 tspn Red Chilies (broken into 2 pieces) -2 Curry Leaves - 2 springs Asafoetida powder- a pinch Pearl onions (chopped) - 1/2 cup Green Chilies  -4 (chopped) Coconut (grated) - 1/2 cup (optional) Salt to tastePreparation 1.Soak chickpeas in water overnight. Drain, add fresh water and cook chickpeas in a pressure cooker along with salt until soft.  2.Drain excess water from cooked chickpeas, retaining about 3-4 tablespoons.  3.Heat oil in a pan, splutter mustard seeds. Then, add red chili, curry leaves and asafoetida powder to it.  4.Add chopped pearl onions and green chilies . saute it. 5.Add chickpeas .Si... Read more
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