Blog: he'art' beats n strokes

Blogger: kannajirao
sketch based on photograph by Daniel Joshi. with SAI tool... Read more
clicks 290 View   Vote 0 Like   6:15pm 29 Jun 2013
Blogger: kannajirao
tried charcoal effect with digital paint tool... Read more
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Blogger: kannajirao
I think this is my best from recent works....replication of my own photograph taken at Rajbunder_elephanta caves. by SAI tool... Read more
clicks 275 View   Vote 0 Like   1:57pm 23 Jun 2013
Blogger: kannajirao
Kedarnath temple~SAI tool... Read more
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Blogger: kannajirao
digital painting through SAI tool... Read more
clicks 269 View   Vote 0 Like   5:57pm 13 Jun 2013
Blogger: kannajirao
with SAI tool ... Read more
clicks 261 View   Vote 0 Like   6:28pm 1 Jun 2013
Blogger: kannajirao
through SAI paint tool... Read more
clicks 334 View   Vote 0 Like   4:15pm 27 May 2013
Blogger: kannajirao
through SAI paint tool ... Read more
clicks 241 View   Vote 0 Like   4:13pm 27 May 2013
Blogger: kannajirao
...finally caught this tailor bird after many trails.............@zuri white sands... Read more
clicks 309 View   Vote 0 Like   6:34pm 20 May 2013
Blogger: kannajirao
....water hyacinth laughing at our inability ...................... Read more
clicks 297 View   Vote 0 Like   6:30pm 20 May 2013
Blogger: kannajirao
can say multi media.....sand, water, air and me.... @zuri white sands -Goa... Read more
clicks 237 View   Vote 0 Like   6:05pm 17 May 2013
Blogger: kannajirao
portrait photography......feat.Jayaseelan... Read more
clicks 234 View   Vote 0 Like   6:02pm 17 May 2013
Blogger: kannajirao
sinking sun and raising sea...@Zuri white sands,goa... Read more
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Blogger: kannajirao
phirangpani flower through dusk...@goa ... Read more
clicks 254 View   Vote 0 Like   5:57pm 17 May 2013
Blogger: kannajirao
King JamRawals statue through one of the arch domes on Lakhota lake bank ... Read more
clicks 275 View   Vote 0 Like   8:01am 5 May 2013
Blogger: kannajirao
a yellow bougainvillea  near Satya sai vidyalaya-Jamnagar ... Read more
clicks 272 View   Vote 0 Like   7:56am 5 May 2013
Blogger: kannajirao
Spot billed ducks in Lakhota lake ... Read more
clicks 293 View   Vote 0 Like   7:47am 5 May 2013
Blogger: kannajirao
Lakhota Lake view from North bund ... Read more
clicks 237 View   Vote 0 Like   7:32am 5 May 2013
Blogger: kannajirao
the real -reflection and shadow...~ a sand piper searching food in Lakhota Lake -Jamnagar... Read more
clicks 253 View   Vote 0 Like   7:27am 5 May 2013
Blogger: kannajirao
thru pen tablet ~sketchbook pro... Read more
clicks 242 View   Vote 0 Like   5:52am 26 Apr 2013
Blogger: kannajirao
thru pen tablet ... Read more
clicks 281 View   Vote 0 Like   6:26pm 18 Apr 2013
Blogger: kannajirao
Portrait of Legendary singer  P.B.Srinivas Garu... Read more
clicks 278 View   Vote 0 Like   5:55pm 14 Apr 2013
Blogger: kannajirao
Random sketch of Krishna_pen tablet ... Read more
clicks 234 View   Vote 0 Like   5:53pm 14 Apr 2013
Blogger: kannajirao
experiments wit layers on....mouse art... Read more
clicks 263 View   Vote 0 Like   7:47pm 6 Apr 2013
Blogger: kannajirao
mouse art _sketch book pro... Read more
clicks 261 View   Vote 0 Like   11:20am 5 Apr 2013
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