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Instructions to Relax... Read more
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Blogger: jayanti jain
Our Birth is our Opening Balance!Our Death is our Closing Balance!Our Prejudiced Views are our LiabilitiesOur Creative Ideas are our AssetsHeart is our Current AssetSoul is our Fixed AssetBrain is our Fixed DepositThinking is our Current AccountAchievements are our CapitalCharacter & Morals, our Stock-in-TradeFriends are our General ReservesValues & Behaviour are our GoodwillPatience is our Interest EarnedLove is our DividendChildren are our Bonus IssuesEducation is Brands / PatentsKnowledge is our InvestmentExperience is our Premium AccountThe Aim is to Tally the Balance Sheet Accurately.The Goal is to get the Best Presented Accounts Award.... Read more
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Blogger: jayanti jain
We live in a nation where Rice is Rs.40/- per kg and Sim Card is  free.Pizza reaches home faster than Ambulance and Police.Car loan @ 5% but education loan @ 12%. Students with 45% get in elite institutions thru quota system and those with 90% get out because of merit.5. Where a millionaire can buy a cricket team instead of donating themoney to any  charity. 2 IPL teams are auctioned at 3300 crores and weare still a poor country where people starve for 2 square meals perday. Where the footwear, we wear, are sold in AC showrooms, butvegetables, that we eat, are sold on the footpath.Assembly complex buildings are getting ready within one year whilepublic transport bridges alone take sever... Read more
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Blogger: jayanti jain
Power food is food which is full of Omega-3 Fats, high class proteins and bouquet of vitamins and minerals. Flaxseed is only affordable food in the modern era power which fits in the definition of power food.1-   Botanical name of Flaxseed is Linum usitatissimum, means useful seed The World Health Organization and the National Cancer Institute recognizes flaxseed as a “super food.”2-   Mahatma Gandhi wrote: “Wherever flaxseed becomes a regular food item among the people, there will be better health.”3-   Flaxseed is richest source of Omega-3 Fatty acid Alfa-Linolenic acidALAon earth. Flaxseed contains 30-40% oil (including 36-50% alpha linolenic acid, 23-24% linoleic acid- Omeg... Read more
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Blogger: jayanti jain
To begin with I request each of you either to sit or lie down a your Comfort, people who are sitting should be a in a Posture That does not give any strain to you.  The spinal cord and the back should be straight. Head should be in a same line but should be relaxed. People who prefer lay down can have a pillow. If they comfortable first. Straight. Feel your from skull, from your forehead to back first feel  one ear to another ear. This type thoughts are running in your mind slow them down. Let your each cell slowdown. Imagine as if each cell of your brain is slowing down. Don’t let your for head  stress’s. Comfort. Relax let your  eyes and eyebrows  calm down. Don’t let them stree... Read more
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Blogger: jayanti jain
If you are asked whether it is better to be Arjun with a teacher like Dronacharya or to be Eklavya without a teacher, it is very likely that you will choose to be Arjun, possibly this is a right choice but for a moment consider looking at it from another point of view.Imagine a situation where Arjun is taking aim at the target, shoots, misses the target of bull’s eye by-2inch on the left side. Arjun goes to his teacher Drona who looks at the situation, asks Arjun to hit it again, the same thing happens again. Drona tells Arjun that he is putting more weight on left foot and asks him to shift, now misses again the bull’s eye and his on the right side by-1-nich, again takes aim after rebal... Read more
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Blogger: jayanti jain
Knowingly or innocently if I have ever hurted you at any point of time in any way.Forgive and ForgetOn this auspicious day of Parysan, day of introspection, I solemnly purge my self of all my illwill, anger, negatives and seek your forgiveness to light my path.... Read more
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Blogger: jayanti jain
• I believe in me more than anything in this world.• Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion. The potential for greatness lives within each of us.• I walked with braces until I was at least nine years old. My life wasn’t like the average person who grew up and decided to enter the world of sports.• My doctors told me I would never walk again. My mother told me I would. I believed my mother.• I ran and ran and ran every day, and I acquired this sense of determination, this sense of spirit that I would never, never give up, no matter what else happened.• The triumph can’t be had without the struggle. And ... Read more
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Blogger: jayanti jain
Allow yourself to grow silently & naturally. Nature has some plane for everybody. Don’t stop yourself. You are alive. Existence has immense power to grow. You are the problems. You prevent your blooming. Just watch &wait .the unconsciousness has potential. it has inner wisdom.  It has some plan for each one. Such plan can be executed if we do not disturb it.It is a meditative state. Be thoughtless. Watch your breathing. Watch your sensations on your body. This watching will bring miracles. We are manifestation of god. The existence has chosen us. He reveals through us.Don’t just do something, sit there. Let go! Be still and know.Ii is the new alchemy: to turn you on. Take it eas... Read more
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Blogger: jayanti jain
The Culture of Schooling…1) Labels, ranks and sorts human beings. It creates a rigid social hierarchy consisting of a very small elite class of ‘highly educated’ and a large lower class of ‘failures’ and ‘illiterates’, based on levels of school achievement.2) Imposes uniformity and standardization. It propagates the viewpoint that diversity is an obstacle, which must be removed if society is to progress.3) Spreads fear, insecurity, violence and silence through its externally-imposed, military-like discipline.4) Force human beings to violently compete against each other over scarce  resources in rigid win-lose situations.5) Confines the  motivation for learning to examinations... Read more
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Blogger: jayanti jain
Last month I visited  Shikshantar , , met his founder Manish Jain and  found worthwhile.Shikshantar, a not-for-profit movement, was founded to challenge the culture of schooling. Today, various institutions of thought-control inhibit many diverse forms of human learning and expression, and block organic processes towards just societal regeneration. We are committed to creating spaces where individuals and organizations can together engage in dialogues to:(1) generate meaningful critiques to expose and counter existing models of Education and Development, and(2) elaborate (and continually re-elaborate) complex shared visions and practices of learning communities for Swaraj in South Asia.Shi... Read more
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Blogger: jayanti jain
I like the poem of  Filiz Telek. You too can enjoy the gift. This one life is a great gift for me and for youYour cells that reproduce your life is a miracel of the universeThe womb that nurtured your soul into humannesshas not charged you a price for its serviceThe soil, the sea, the sky, the sunfed you,washed you, warmed you in abundancefor no return.What are you doing with this gift called your life?What if you lived this one life as it were a gift from God, Universe, Pacha Mama, You name it!What if you took every breath with tender consciousness and gratitude, remembering… where your life came from?What if you lived your one life in service of all life?In service of your brother and s... Read more
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