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Blogger: Amrit "wani"
It is believed that Sreeshanth the cricketer succumbed to temptation when he fell prey to bookies. That he was "weak." The weakness of character appears to be a widely held belief, mainly because of his known outbursts on the cricket field. Actually, Sreeshanth's hand reveals a far more complex mind-set. He has a normal thumb with a good balance of both phalanges, a good hand shape (broad with a good finger length and slim fingers) and a long, deep Headline which balances well the Heartline. This shows that Sreeshant is a smart and capable man with the ability to plan and get into the details. He has sufficient willpower, the ability to focus, and the ability to take decisions. He cannot be... Read more
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Blogger: Amrit "wani"
Hand reading is not about superstition, but the disrepute of superstition has stuck to some extent. It's a commonly held belief that signs, shapes and symbols on the palm reveal significant events in the future, events which cannot be avoided. As a result hand readers are seen as some sort of psychics. To start with, shapes of animals or things or even a shape like a circle has little meaning in hand reading, if such shapes exist at all. A pure trident (a line splitting upwards into three) is an uncommon sign, and when it is found it's usually the Sunline or the Fateline which has split at the end. The meaning depends on which line it is. A trident does not foretell an event and is not nec... Read more
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Blogger: Amrit "wani"
Most Hollywood stars marry once or twice, if not thrice. However, Leonardo DiCaprio is a known player. What makes him different from his famous colleagues in Hollywood? Reading his hand was the nearest I could get to for an answer. The dominant mount on Leonardo’s hand is the Moon Mount, and that imbues the owner with a certain amount of self centeredness, restlessness, and moodiness. There is also an enjoyment of solitude, a high degree of sensitivity (enhanced by the sensitive tips on the tips of his fingers) and at times an imagination that can border on the morbid. Check out a hand photo of Leonardo DiCaprio's here. Many people with a dominant Moon mount do marry however, even if they... Read more
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Blogger: Amrit "wani"
Imran Khan is known to the world as a cricketer, a philanthropist, politician and is a celebrity of sorts. But who really is Imran Khan, the person? The overall shape of Imran’s hand is good. It’s large, well formed, with a good length of fingers (most of them square tipped), a broad palm, and a long thumb which is very slightly low-set. What this means that Imran is a good person, broad-thinking and pragmatic, and not too religious. He is also strong-willed, even stubborn. However, it’s clear from Headline that when it comes to organizational ability and intellect, he is average, although he is very shrewd. His Headline also shows that his greatest weakness is that he is changeable.... Read more
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Blogger: Amrit "wani"
It is common to see similar personality characteristics in the hands of parents and children, and at times even between grand-children, and nephews and nieces. This is reflected on the hand. It was interesting to note similarities in the hands of Sharad Pawar and his nephew Ajit Pawar (elder brother’s son). This similarity lies in the formation of their Jupiter and Apollo fingers (index and ring fingers). In the hands of both these men, the Apollo or ring finger is longer than their Jupiter or index finger. Here is a photograph of the hand of Sharad Pawar and here is the hand of Ajit Pawar. A ring finger longer than the index finger predisposes the owner to be more competitive and risk-t... Read more
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Blogger: Amrit "wani"
The personality or Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio or Pope Francis  as revealed by his hands is significantly different from that of the previous pope (Pope Benedict XVI). The main differences oddly enough lie in the realm of their belief system. While Pope Benedict's hands show that he was an uncompromising believer, rigid in his beliefs, Pope Francis’s hands show him to be more pragmatic in his beliefs. True, there is some idealism, but it can be tailored to fit the situation. Pope Francis believes in taking into account the world around him, and interestingly, he will see how things affect him before taking any decision. He will tend to see things from his own point of view. This is differen... Read more
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Blogger: Amrit "wani"
Sylvester Stallone may well be a talented guy, and neither manipulative nor selfish, but his hands show that he could be a difficult person to live with. The short thick fingers, the highly developed mounts, the deep lines, and the long supple thumb by themselves tell a story of a person who likes to live his life to the fullest. A person with high energy levels who is passionate, emotionally volatile and impulsive. Stallone's tendency to be unpredictable is accentuated as he thinks and acts quickly.  His hands also show a very high physical sex drive and coupled with the impulsive nature, it would be quite difficult for him to be faithful to his partner. How did this man channelise hi... Read more
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Blogger: Amrit "wani"
Few believe paralympian Oscar Pistorius’s claim that he shot his girl-friend Reeva by mistake; certainly not the police. What is the truth? The hand can guide us to some extent. It may not be able to tell if a person has actually committed a crime, but it can tell us whether a person is capable of it. The hand reveals the inner workings of the mind, and it is also possible to surmise from the hand whether a person is likely to commit a crime of passion or a cold-blooded, premeditated one. Pistorius's hand has well developed mounts, particularly that of Jupiter, Lower Mars, Moon and Venus. The Lifeline is strong, and the palm broad. Taken together, these are not indications of a timid or g... Read more
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Blogger: Amrit "wani"
Angela Merkel's hand is not an extraordinary one, but she is the Chancellor of Germany, now in her second term. Her success is not dramatically imprinted on her hand. You don't get to see the big broad hand with at least an average length of fingers or even the low set, large thumb or the long slim Mercury finger; signs you see on many successful people. Instead, what you see is a slightly small hand with fingers on the shorter side, some of them bent. You can see an image of Angela Merkel’s hand here. Women tend to have smaller hands (even after taking into account their body size) and this points to a more emotional nature. Finally however it is the actual lines and the shape and leng... Read more
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Blogger: Amrit "wani"
Synastry in Astrology is the art of matching two horoscopes for the purpose of marriage. It is a popular method for those who believe in Astrology. A reader asked me whether there was a similar method in palmistry/hand reading. There isn’t an official name for matching couples through hand-reading, but it can be used for matching couples, even if it is a more complex method. The advantage of palmistry is that hand and fingerprint reading goes beyond superficial personality characteristics and in-depth into the psyche of a person, bringing out the person's hidden motivations and individuality, his/her driving force and inner self, and revealing the issues he/she struggles with. Hand Readin... Read more
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Blogger: Amrit "wani"
Ben Affleck has a beautifully shaped hand, with long slim fingers, some of them waisted, a very broad palm, one of the largest I have seen. The mounts are not too heavily developed and the mounts which are well developed are Venus and the Mount of Moon, specifically the Upper part of the Moon Mount. The thumb is also waisted, a little low-set and longer than normal. All of this points to a finely balanced, generous, unselfish, compassionate, and warm person with strength of character and a higher level of creative imagination and a love for music. Check out a hand photo of his here. The fingers show Affleck’s attention to detail and discipline. It is not surprising that the man is directi... Read more
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Blogger: Amrit "wani"
Asaramji Bapu’s strongly etched lines, well developed mounts and the long thumb with its long first phalange speaks of a strong and willful personality. A person whose strength of personality is augmented by the qualities shown by the long Mercury finger and its developed mount - alertness, tact, intuition and shrewdness. He would also possess excellentjudgement and as the shape of his fingers show, he is action-oriented and quick as well. Check out his hand photo here. As it was not possible for me to confirm whether he writes with his right or left hand I have used my own judgment to come to the conclusion that he is right-handed. He must be because his right hand is far better than th... Read more
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Blogger: Amrit "wani"
A  look at Mohamed Morsi’s hand can give a clue to the developments in Egypt. Morsi has a large fleshy palm, with some fingers bent, the index and little fingers conic and the thumb thick. The Headline is weak and uneven. These signs show a person with a lot of energy but the lines unable to carry forward this energy productively. As a result such people tend to be excitable, emotional, unpredictable, andchangeable. Not good qualities in a leader. Unreasonableness is shown, as is idealism, and these two qualities are not a good combination. Plus, the Jupiter mount and finger shows a desire for power, and manipulative tendencies. The manipulativeness was not present in his past self as se... Read more
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Blogger: Amrit "wani"
Dr. Deepak Chopra is a world famous "guru" who has written as many as 65 books but his hands don't appear to match! His slightly thick fingers which are on the shorter side, the low-set Mercury finger, developed mounts and thick third phalanges seem at odds with his intellectual and spiritual persona. Delve a little deeper and a clearer picture emerges, although still a little different from what one would expect from someone like Dr. Deepak Chopra. Check out photos of his hands here and here. The well developed mounts, the deeply etched, long Heartline and Jupiter finger tip suggests the hand belongs to someone whose heart dominates his head, and in this sense there is a lack of balance. A... Read more
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Blogger: Amrit "wani"
Jaggi Vasudev's (Sadhguru) strong thumb, deep Heartline, the wide and highly developed Venus mount, the broad palm and fingers on the shorter side all indicate a type of personality which can go hand in hand with that of a spiritual leader. It indicates a person who is warm, with a love for all humanity. It shows the qualities of loyalty, generosity, and complete engagement and faith in what he is doing, a broad outlook, and understanding of larger issues. His weaknesses are his impulsiveness and lack of diplomacy seen from his thumb. Minor faults one would reckon. He is shrewd, but his manipulative abilities are limited, if they exist at all. Overall his hand shows that he is quite straig... Read more
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Blogger: Amrit "wani"
Whether it is possible to predict future events by reading hands was discussed earlier, and this post addresses another question. Whether a person’s actions and behaviour can be predicted by the hand. As personality traits and even one’s inner psychology are clearly marked on the hand surely the hand should be able to predict behaviour? Actually no. Reality is too complex for such a clear connection, and while this may be obvious to some, there are some who believe that hand reading or palmistry is a supernatural art which mysteriously predicts behaviour. Will a person whose hand shows greed, steal? Will a highly sexed person be promiscuous? The fact is that personality traits like gre... Read more
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Blogger: Amrit "wani"
Will Barack Obama continue in office or will Mitt Romney become America's next President ? Not an easy question to answer considering that palmar lines change. The greater the time lag between the “predicted” event and the current time, the greater the chances of the lines (and with it the future) changing. When it comes to the impending U.S. presidential election on November 6th,  the question is whether the campaign strategy of the two presidential candidates will change dramatically in the run-up to the US presidential election. Even if it does not, even if it runs the way it is planned, what if some scandalous event is brought out of the closet and this revelation ruins a cand... Read more
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Blogger: Amrit "wani"
Dr. A.P.J. Kalam’s scientific, intellectual, academic, and philosophic bent of mind is evident not just from his Headline, but also from his slim, knotted, waisted fingers, developed first phalanges and the Upper Moon. In combination these signs show that Dr. Kalam is an intellectual, and a person with an investigative mind-set, superior analytical ability, and great organization of thought. Thinking comes naturally to these people, almost akin to breathing. They will usually plan and think about everything.  However,if one had to encapsulate Dr. Kalam in a few words, it would be idealistic and principled to a fault. Check out a photo of his hand here. The tapering fingers of Jupiter, ... Read more
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Blogger: Amrit "wani"
Julia Roberts is always smiling in her photos, but her hands show that she is a very serious, intense and grounded person. This can be seen from her strong Saturn finger and the Saturn (Fate) line. Roberts is serious without being cynical, and that is a good balance. She is also grounded in reality, and is a hard-working, trustworthy and dependable person, confirmed by her Headline. Other signs like the long hand and square tips confirm the reading. Her long and deeply etched Heartline and developed Venus show that she is very loyal and has a deep capacity for love and passion. Despite the Saturnian qualities, her hand shows her to be a warm person, although not extroverted. Her innate cau... Read more
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Blogger: Amrit "wani"
David Beckham may have inherited great health and physical robustness but when it comes to his intelligence and talent, both are developed by sheer hard work and dedication. Beckham’s Headline is longer and better in the right active hand and this shows that he managed to enhance his intelligence, concentration, and focus. His Lifeline and shape of hand shows energy, quickness, and skill, and while this is inherited, it is not nowhere near enough to make oneself into the kind of sports superstar that Beckham is all about. On the other hand, without this kind of physical inheritance it is difficult to succeed in sports. But by itself it means nothing because unless a person directs the en... Read more
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Blogger: Amrit "wani"
Rajnikant is not your typical narcissistic film star and his hands bear it out quite starkly. While the lowset Jupiter finger is a main indicator, there are other signs which emphasize Rajni’s simplicity, shyness, lack of vanity, and disinterest in living in a showy lifestyle. Notice the short and fairly slim lower phalanges, two conic tips, three straight fingers and the joint life and headlines. On the downside, he is likely to have had self esteem issues at a young age, more so before the age of thirty. In fact his hand shows acute introversion in childhood and such people are not just sensitive, they are late bloomers. Perhaps this is the reason why fame did not go to his head - his ... Read more
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Blogger: Amrit "wani"
The hands of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson show that these two people are very different from one another, especially at the deeper emotional level. Most of what they would have in common would be at a superficial level, if one goes by their hands. This could lead to serious issues in a long-term relationship. It's said that "opposites attract" but they do not necessarily make ideal long-term partners. The main features of Kristen’s hands are her slim tapering fingers with square tips, two low-set fingers of Mercury and Jupiter, the excellent mount of Venus, the slightly long hand and broad palm. Quite different from her ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson’s thicker and... Read more
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Blogger: Amrit "wani"
People agree Rajesh Khanna was the first superstar of the Hindi film industry but opinions are varies as to why. Some say it was the mannerisms, some the soft romantic voice, some the expressive eyes, and others felt it was the melodious music he acted out. Khanna's hands are able to give us some insight into the question. They can explain why this man moved the hearts of millions of people, especially women. To put it simply,Rajesh Khanna was loved because he loved. His hand shows that Khanna was brimming with love and passion from the inside. His hands show that at heart he was loving, generous, and also compassionate. Check out a photograph of his hand here. The Venus Mount and Rajesh... Read more
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Blogger: Amrit "wani"
Does Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, fit into the royal family of Britain – temperament wise? Are her values similar to that of the royal family? If one compares the hands of various members of the Windsor family, then the answer is more of a yes rather than a no. Although Kate is temperamentally different, there is a similarity, especially if one thinks back to how at odds Princess Diana was withthe Windsors. Princess Diana’s hands show her to be markedly different from the rest of the Windsor royals, and such large differences do not result in happy marriages. In this post I will explore briefly the similarities and differences between Kate Middleton and her husband and in-laws.... Read more
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Blogger: Amrit "wani"
Pranab Mukherjee, India’s finance minister and a veteran politician is set to become India's new President and luckily I was not short of photos of his hand. His intelligence, balanced and logical thinking, pragmatism and reasoning abilities are all clearly marked on his hand, not just on his Headline, but also revealed by his long, well-shaped, well-set Thumb and the length of the phalanges. However, there is evidence of fixed and set views. Check out a hand photo of his here.Surprisingly, Pranab Mukherjee’s hand does not show political cunning (Mercury finger shape and setting plus shape of other fingers), a quality one would expect he had developed after so many years in office. D... Read more
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