Blogger: Virendra kumar bharti
तेरी दोस्ती को पलकों पर सजायेंगे हम जब तक जिन्दगी है तब तक हर रस्म निभाएंगे आपको मनाने के लिए हम भगवान् के पास जायेंगे जब तक दुआ पूरी न होगी तब तक वापस नहीं आयेंगे हर आरजू हमेशा अधूरी नहीं होती है दोस्ती मै कभी दुरी नहीं होती है जिनकी जिन्दगी मै हो आप जैसा दोस्त उनको किसी... Read more
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Blogger: Virendra kumar bharti
हमारे देश में ९५ फीसदी संसाधनों पर ५ फीसदी लोगो का कब्ज़ा है, उसी तरह मीडिया जो विचारों की अभिव्यक्ति का सशक्त माध्यम है और लोकतंत्र का चौथा मजबूत स्तम्भ है उस पर भी इन्ही ५ फीसदी लोगो का कब्जा है |... Read more
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Blogger: Virendra kumar bharti
जेएनयू का सुनहरा इतिहास अनूठी, जिंदादिल संस्कृति का रहा है | उसके प्रशंसक भले ही पुरानी कीर्ती में ही खुश होना चाहें लेकिन यह देख कर तकलीफ होती है कि संस्थान समय के साथ जड़ होता जा रहा है |... Read more
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Blogger: Virendra kumar bharti
ग्राम और क्षेत्रविकास योजनाओं के नाम पर करोड़ो रुपय का आवंटन किया जाता है लेकिन भ्रष्ट प्रशासन और नेताओं के बीच इस पैसे को लेकर ऐसी बंदरबांट होती है कि बहुत कम पैसा ही जनता के बीच पहुँच पाता है|इसका परिणाम यह होता है,कि गाँव तो विकास के नाम पर कोसो दूर चला जाता है जबकि कु... Read more
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Blogger: Virendra kumar bharti
from Truthout Noam Chomsky’s most recent book is Hopes and Prospects. Chomsky is emeritus professor of linguistics and philosophy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Mass.   The U.S. midterm elections register a level of anger, fear and disillusionment in the country like nothing I can recall in my lifetime. Since the Democrats [...]... Read more
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Blogger: Virendra kumar bharti
Noted journalist John Pilger interviews Burmese Leader Aung San Suu Kyi (1996): Video here: Portrait of Courage: Aung San Suu Kyi... Read more
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Blogger: Virendra kumar bharti
from truthout Sunday 14 November 2010 by: Esther J. Cepeda, Op-Ed Koreatown Immigrant Workers Alliance at an immigration rally in Los Angeles on May 1, 2010. (Photo: Ray_from_LA) Chicago – If I were a member of the third largest minority group in the United States, I’d be really frustrated that the immigration issue continues to [...]... Read more
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Blogger: Virendra kumar bharti
From The Hindu:Literary Review/November 7, 2010.   IN FIRST PERSON The night I was arrested MRIDULA GARG In the context of Mumbai University’s withdrawal of Rohington Mistry’s book Such A Long Journey from its syllabus, well-known author MRIDULA GARG recalls the travails that followed the publication of her novel, Chittacobra. Photo: K. Murali Kumar Raising [...]... Read more
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Blogger: Virendra kumar bharti
Dr. Adrian Martin (b. 1959) is an Australian film and arts critic from Melbourne. Dr. Martin is Associate Professor, Co-Director of the Research Unit in Film Culture and Theory and Head of Film and Television Studies at Monash University (Australia). His work has appeared in many magazines, journals and newspapers around the world, and has [...]... Read more
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Blogger: Virendra kumar bharti
More on Chhath Pooja... Read more
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Blogger: Virendra kumar bharti
Most of my friends, especially those who have gone off abroad, fail to understand why I have consistently chosen to stay put in India throughout my graduation, post graduation and even now. Ofcourse there have been times when I have raged at the Indian education system and desperately cried out for more intellectual freedom but when I did have a choice to study and live somewhere else, I chose to stick on.... Read more
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Blogger: Virendra kumar bharti
Arundhati Roy & SAS Geelai on the dias in the historic public meeting on 'AZADI: The only way' 22nd October 2010 in LTG auditorium (Delhi)   ... Read more
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Blogger: Virendra kumar bharti
The Babri Masjid Verdict most certainly stands as yet another brazen vindication of the communal, fascist, and hindu majoritarian nature of the Indian state. What is more dangerous however is the way every ruling class party in this country is justifying and trying to ‘normalize’ this rabidly communal verdict and in effect its pre-history. Duly assisted by the corporate media, these parliamentary parties are trying to hide the fascist ramifications of this judgment. The judgment not only bla ...... Read more
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Blogger: Virendra kumar bharti
1992 में व्यवस्था की पूरी मदद से संघ परिवार के गुंडों द्वारा तोड़े जाने के पहले बाबरी मसजिद पिछले लगभग 500 वर्षों से मौजूद थी. यह सांप्रदायिक फासीवादियों का सबसे भयानक हमला था. मसजिद की जमीन के मालिकाने संबंधी 61 साल पुराने मामले पर 30 सितंबर को इलाहाबाद उच्च न्यायालय की लखनऊ... Read more
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Blogger: Virendra kumar bharti
वे सुनना न चाहें तो कोई कैसे कह पाए इतनी बातें अपने अन्दर कैसे दबाए ।... Read more
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Blogger: Virendra kumar bharti
Writers of this blog have analysed the Ayodhya verdict admirably. Arghya has analysed the verdict in the language of law and Prashant has argued that the verdict was a breach of the Social Contract between the Indian State and the Indian Muslims which rested on the mutual understanding that India would always be a secular State. I am neither a lawyer nor a political analyst and am thus ill equipped to make sense of the verdict either way. I am however, a frequenter of tea and coffee stalls ( ...... Read more
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Blogger: Virendra kumar bharti
मैं वो नहीं जो आपने समझ रखा है... वो 'मैं' कोई और था, ये 'मैं' कोई और.... Read more
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Blogger: Virendra kumar bharti
It is ideology which changes the fate of nations and regimes, not the political parties.  Political parties may be or may not be just mere manifestation of some aspects of a particular ideology. The best example of this ideological manifestation was – the formation of Pakistan. The ideology, which gave birth to Pakistan was not invented by Muslim League but it was founded by  Sir Saiyyad Ahmad decades before it was materialized by the separatist party. This is the reason, all historians and ...... Read more
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Blogger: Virendra kumar bharti
जिंदगी वो नहीं, जो हमने जाना था. बातें वो नहीं थी जो माना था. ... Read more
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