Blogger: Vijay Kumar Sharma
  A cozy night of chilling winter waves …Beside a lake front …Wrapped by a thin fabric …White fabric, which will be displaying only our love and nothing else…Talking nothing …Sitting in silence...A silence of unspoken words…..Words of love …….!!!As the full moon shines its milky shades on our faces,I hold your face slowly in my both hands,And say those three magic words...I LOVE YOU ...But ,to realize the dreams, Sometimes we have to leave ,our life much behind;So that,We can slip into the great sleep of togetherness;And than …In a moment of bliss,The dream comes true…!!!May be some other time...Some other day...Some other full night moon...We will be in each others arms... Read more
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Blogger: Vijay Kumar Sharma
Standing alone in the evening of heavy rains,And looking upwards to the dark sky,With full of storming thunders,And many dark clouds around.I started Praying for more and more Of such lashes of heavy rain,On my body, on my mind and on my soul;So that it could wash away my past,It could wash away all my unknowingly sins,It could wash away my baseless ego,It could wash away my useless anger,It could wash away my earthly beliefs,It could wash away my wrongdoings,It could wash away ME.I am looking to GOD;Like a baron infertile land,Waiting for ages for the misty drops,Drops of love,Drops of harmony,Drops of life,Drops of laughter,Drops of joy,Drops of bliss.Let me begin again a new dawn of life ... Read more
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Blogger: Vijay Kumar Sharma
It was a very strange night,so strange and ruthless;That I couldn’t recognize,It as last night of my life....such restless was my life ;By traveling a long journey ,That it made me Frightened and scaredOf the world around me;On that night I looked out ofThe window of my heart... .........The rains of Life were very harsh;There were the tornado's of time ;With unseen storms of fate ;Making deafening sounds around me ….My Dry eyes saw you at a distance…You were so close to my heart andYet so far from my reach...In a dark corner of the cruel worldyou were sitting quietly!!!Your face was hiddenIn your knees;you were trembling andGetting drenched;In the harsh rains of life.....And;You were ... Read more
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