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Work this quote from Winnie the Pooh into your post: Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.  Write your thoughts, a story, a poem on your blog. It is necessary to use the phrase in your piece. Try to restrict the word count to about 500 words. Image credit: Loren Javier I could hear his footsteps coming […]... Read more
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Blogger: Varsha Bagadia
I absolutely fell in love with this Sugar Free Romance which was like a breath of fresh air after many in-your-face love stories which titillated at best. It was a refreshing concept with a refreshingly odd pair of Tabu and Amitabh Bachchan and I … Continue reading →... Read more
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Blogger: Varsha Bagadia
I’d been anxiously waiting for this day. Today my sincere efforts of the last few weeks were going to bear fruit. All those sleepless nights spent in anticipation of this day would from now on be fondly remembered as an exercise in longing. The intelligent and stunningly beautiful new trainee in our team, Rose, had […]... Read more
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Blogger: Varsha Bagadia
The bride and groom were bored; with the thousands of rituals involved in a marriage, with the heat and overdressing, with hunger and most of all with their questionable role in it all. They had no idea how they were supposed to conduct themselves and didn’t know if blushing would be appropriate or not. All […]... Read more
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Blogger: Varsha Bagadia
This is a quick post just to thank all my wonderful readers. My blog got its 1400th comment! YAY!! When I started blogging I remember waiting desperately for even a single comment on my blog to find out if people … Continue reading →... Read more
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Blogger: Varsha Bagadia
Challenging as it may be, this is one prompt that one would surely like to do, just for the thrill of it. This prompt has been done earlier by Corinne on her blog Everyday Gyaan and is now on Write Tribe too.. What is the 7x7x7x7 Writing Prompt? Grab the 7th book from your bookshelf. Open it […]... Read more
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Blogger: Varsha Bagadia
As I poured my heart out to an old friend of mine (I was meeting her after ages and she just had a super-critical life threatening surgery) who I’d been very close to and lost touch with over time as … Continue reading →... Read more
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Blogger: Varsha Bagadia
It’d be wrong if I said that I was pleasantly surprised to find that I loved writing only after I started blogging. Even as a school kid writing was something I always enjoyed. I never felt wary of having to write an essay or a letter and never got tired of collecting ideas and developing […]... Read more
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Blogger: Varsha Bagadia
What can be more hurtful than going to your hometown and not being able to find your way about? Well, this thing happens with me a lot nowadays. The urban concept of big shopping complexes, retail chains, supermarkets etc have changed the very face of my once quiet and peaceful city. Added to it the […]... Read more
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Blogger: Varsha Bagadia
Do you think it is better to be scared and nervous than being overconfident? I believe so. Now, don’t take me wrong. All I’m saying is, in proper amount, nervousness can be healthy. Overconfidence can only weaken our ability to … Continue reading →... Read more
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Blogger: Varsha Bagadia
Some might have a different opinion on this, but the biggest challenge in parenting for me till now has been to keep up with the curiosity and energy of a growing inquisitive toddler. Keeping him engaged whilst doing something productive … Continue reading →... Read more
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Blogger: Varsha Bagadia
Do you think it is easy to unfriend anyone? If this word did exist (I guess it did), before I discovered Facebook I’d never even heard of it. There were only two categories I knew of: friends and not-friends. Demarcation … Continue reading →... Read more
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Blogger: Varsha Bagadia
Crazy world: If you tell people there are 2 million starts in the universe, people believe you. But if you tell them that the paint on the wall is still wet, they touch it to make sure. Someone forwarded this … Continue reading →... Read more
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Blogger: Varsha Bagadia
Our Prime Minister and his weaknesses, corruption and even rape seemed to have taken a back seat, because Times Of India reported some ghastly murders today. A drug-addict killed his neighbour doubting that he stole his mobile. A husband killed … Continue reading →... Read more
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Blogger: Varsha Bagadia
‘You’re not a Mumbaikar. I am.’ said the girl to me, with more than a hint of pride. Since I live in Navi Mumbai and she wasn’t wrong, I agreed with her. Both technically and not, I’m not a Mumbaikar. … Continue reading →... Read more
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Blogger: Varsha Bagadia
It is not the first time I’ve seen some movie which had a lasting effect on me and my senses, but yes, it has been quite some time since any such movie came my way.  Call it my over-emotional nature (also my need to protect myself from unnecessarily dramatic situations) and my inability to detach [...]... Read more
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Blogger: Varsha Bagadia
Umbrella ke liye nahi hai money…sunsunny sunsunny Umbrella se hamari team bani…sunsunny sunsunny You’re my pumpkin you’re my honey bunny…sunsunny sunsunny Now comes a point when its not even funny…sunsunny sunsunny No. This is not some new commercial released by … Continue reading →... Read more
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Blogger: Varsha Bagadia
Looking at the cover of this book I was bemused if I’d committed a mistake of some sort while asking for its review.  It was while going through the book I realised that it is the destiny of the protagonist, … Continue reading →... Read more
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Blogger: Varsha Bagadia
Sometimes it is easy to suffer fools than suffer someone’s rather foolish words. Bracing such nonsense becomes a real task in itself if the person behind all this trash is someone for whom you have a high regard otherwise. What … Continue reading →... Read more
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Blogger: Varsha Bagadia
Every year I read many posts and articles on Women’s Day that celebrate womanhood, emphasize our unsung role and contribution in the success of our families and society and accentuate the lives and stories of successful women who’re living the … Continue reading →... Read more
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Blogger: Varsha Bagadia
There are some things in our life which are omnipresent. They are forever in our thoughts, even when we don’t know. My blog is one such thing for me. I haven’t written seriously since a long time but there hasn’t … Continue reading →... Read more
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Blogger: Varsha Bagadia
RIP. The Resurgent Indian Patriots. The new and improved full form of an old acronym immediately caught my fancy and I just had to review this book. I’d heard a lot about the author but sadly never read any of … Continue reading →... Read more
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Blogger: Varsha Bagadia
When someone asks you to give your tips on what would be the ‘perfect’ look it puts you in a spot. Suddenly there’s the pressure of being judged by people who aren’t known to you and who can question your … Continue reading →... Read more
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Blogger: Varsha Bagadia
 I have to start with an apology for making the Blogadda people remind me three times that I needed to post this review. Although I’d finished reading the book the very day I received it this review part took an … Continue reading →... Read more
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Blogger: Varsha Bagadia
A Jr celebrated his 4th birthday recently, but with his younger cousins and all he’s become the ‘elder’ one quite early. He’s increasingly displaying signs of curiosity for knowing about things around him. Here’s one incident. A Jr: Mamma, jab Aap 9 yrs ke the tab main kahan tha? Me: * quick thinking* Aap apne [...]... Read more
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