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In continuation to my earlier post on the Uttarakhand floods about the astrological factors which caused the devastating floods, i would like to make another important observation in the same context .So much has been said and written about the shifting of the Idol of Dhari devi just before the flash floods in Uttarakhand.Below is a link to the news brief about the issue:Uttarakhand floods: Dhari Devi’s wrath – myth or realityThe Idol is said to be shifted from its original place on a small island in the Alkananda river to an elevated location close to its original position to avoid it being submerged in waters due to construction of a Hydal Power Project in the area.It is said there was... Read more
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Blogger: somasekhar sarva
340 mm of rain fall on the 15th June,2013,375% higher than the normal monsoon rainfall caused the divine river Ganga and its tributaries to flood  the state of Uttarakhand.About 60,000 people are stranded at various holy places and thousands are missing till date and many declared dead. Nothing was left behind at the Kedarnath temple area apart from the holy shrine.Many hotels,building,bridges and roadways collapsed across the state.Following is a writeup on the floods and the damage caused on wikipedia.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2013_North_India_floodsOn a study of the astrological factors which contributed to the devastation we can see Neptune and Saturn playing a significant role in th... Read more
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Blogger: somasekhar sarva
Jupiter has transited into Gemini on 31st May following are the results of the transit for various signs.Study  both for your Moon sign and Natal Ascendant too :  Aries : Travel will be beneficial. Gains will be possible through foreign country or associates. Students can look forward to go for higher education. A pilgrimage is on the cards. Some of you will have a new relationship. Benefits will be there through father, friends and elder sibling. There will be lack of courage and confidence. You might be moving around without a purpose. Heavy or unexpected expenses are likely in business. You may get engaged in tall talking. There could be unnecessary misunderstanding with younger sibling... Read more
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Blogger: somasekhar sarva
Agatha Christie is a prolific and most famous writer of stories and plays whose main themes revolve around murder mysteries,Thrillers,Crime fiction,Detective investigations and romances.According to the Guiness book of world records,Agatha Christie is the best selling novelist of all time.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agatha_ChristieAstrodata bank gives her birth data and the link to the data is here in below: http://www.astro.com/astro-databank/Christie,_AgathaHoroscope chart prepared based on the data given in the site is given here : On a study of her chart we can find some very peculiar combinations which correlate to her thinking and creativity revolving around murder mysteries and Crime... Read more
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Blogger: somasekhar sarva
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narendra_Modihttp://www.astrosage.com/celebrity-horoscope/narendra-modi-birth-chart.asphttp://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2013-06-10/india/39872296_1_bjp-leadership-rajnath-singh-bjp-poll-panelAs a preparatory step to project Narendra Modi as the Prime ministerial candidate in the 2014 general elections,BJP on Sunday appointed him as the chairman of the party's election commission.Above given are the links to the news of his appointment and write ups about his life and rise to power. On a study of his chart prepared for the time given on the astro sage site (link of which has been given above) we can see the following : Mars the ascendant lord  placed i... Read more
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Blogger: somasekhar sarva
On the 20th of July,2013 if we observe the planetary positions,three planets namely Retrograde Mercury,Mars and Jupiter are conjunct in the airy sign of Gemini and are in the constellation of Aardra lorded over by Rahu. Sun is in the Constellation of Pushyami lorded over by Saturn.Venus is in the Constellation of Magha lorded over by Ketu. Saturn and Rahu are conjunct in the airy sign of Libra and are in the constellation of Swati lorded over by Rahu.Moon is in the fire sign Sagittarius and in the constellation of Moola which is lorded over by Ketu.Summing up, 5 Planets are in the star of Rahu and 2 planets are in the star of Ketu.These alignments surely signify drastic events.The days aro... Read more
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Blogger: somasekhar sarva
I was just browsing through the Jagannatha hora data available with me when i came across the Birth chart of Lord Krishna prepared as per Sri BV Raman's research which he has given in his book 'Notable Horoscopes'. I also had the book with me and studied the analysis he gave in his book on lord Krishna's birth chart.This is when i wanted to see if there was any substantiation for the Birth story of the lord given in the Bhaagavata  by way of the placement of planets in the chart prepared.Immediately after the Lord's birth at about midnight,he was shifted to Nanda and Yashoda's house in Gokula by Vasudeva as per the instructions of the asareeravani.In the process he h... Read more
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Blogger: somasekhar sarva
The most fascinating news of today is NASA Capturing images of a gigantic hurricane on the north pole of Saturn.In view of the current transit of multiple planets situated in Aries, in opposition to Saturn  and the Shashstaastaka position of Jupiter/Saturn, the  storm happening now is surely interesting. Saturn is definitely not an exception to the planetary influences on it. Last week there were three coronal mass ejections from Sun in two days. Sun being in conjunction with multiple planets and in opposition and Saturn should be the reason behind the Solar flares.In turn Saturn too seems to be influenced by the said conjunctions and oppositions.Solar flares seem to happen surely when Sun... Read more
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Blogger: somasekhar sarva
The most fascinating news of today is NASA Capturing images of a gigantic hurricane on the north pole of Saturn.In view of the current transit of multiple planets situated in Aries, in opposition to Saturn  and the Shashstaastaka position of Jupiter/Saturn, the  storm happening now is surely interesting. Saturn is definitely not an exception to the planetary influences on it. Last week there were three coronal mass ejections from Sun in two days. Sun being in conjunction with multiple planets and in opposition and Saturn should be the reason behind the Solar flares.In turn Saturn too seems to be influenced by the said conjunctions and oppositions.Solar flares seem to happen surely when Sun... Read more
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Blogger: somasekhar sarva
It all started with Venus and Mars going into combustion on 5th and 22nd of March respectively. The period from then was quite turbulent as the world has seen many untoward events. All the premier astrologers warned about the impending disasters,in view of the planetary alignments,their transits, the twin eclipses,retrogression of Saturn in conjunction to Rahu in Libra.  The signs involved in the conjunctions and alignments were Aries and Libra. While Aries is a fiery sign lorded over by the warrior planet Mars,Libra is the sign lorded over by the passionate,Sensuous and Artistic Venus.The Sign Libra is symbolised with a balance and extreme malefic influences over it signify the imbalances ... Read more
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Blogger: somasekhar sarva
Today is the Birth day of Adolf Hitler,the most famous and evil dictator of Germany, who was responsible for the world countries plunging into the world war and was directly responsible for about 50 million deaths. out of whom about 6 million were Jews.The write ups in the Wikipedia and Astro data bank suggests that his Father Alois Hitler was the illegitimate child of the son of the Jewish employer of Hitler's Grand Mother. Hitler's mother's marriage too was so close to being labeled incestuous that the pope had to give the couple a special dispensation, and all of her life, she called her 20-year-older husband "uncle." The inbreeding led Hitler to feel that his own blood was "tainted,"... Read more
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Blogger: somasekhar sarva
1.When Saturn is in the Lagna with no bindus the result is death or loss of property or great sickness2.If Saturn is in debilitattion ,in the lagna or in an inimical house with more than 4 bindus and is aspected by a benefic,the person will have a long life3.When Saturn is associated with 4 or 5 bindus and occupies debilitation,inimical house or is in .combustion,the person will be riding on horses,elephants,camels and other conveyances and will be rich4.When Saturn is debilitated in Navamsa and occupies the Lagna or the 5th house associated with more than 4 bindus,the person will be poor ans suffering from diseases in the neck such as Goitre,laryngitus etc5.Saturn in the lagna or the 4th ho... Read more
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Blogger: somasekhar sarva
Albert Einstein, the greatest scientist of the 20th Century and noble prize winner is famous for his theory of relativity and needs no introduction. Given herein is the link to a writeup on him on the Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EinsteinThough he was a German by birth,he opposed usage of the then newly discovered nuclear fission as a weapon and alerted the President of America that Germany might be developing a nuclear weapon and recommended that United States should initiate a similar research which eventually led to what would become the Manhattan Project.While Germany could not make a nuclear weapon, United States developed nuclear weapons successfully and used it on Japan at a... Read more
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Blogger: somasekhar sarva
The Comet PAN STARRS  makes its closest approach to the Sun today. The comet rises in the West and has its crest straight upwards.Link to the news of the comets approach is as herein :  http://www.space.com/20147-comet-pan-starrs-sunset-viewing.html Varahamihira's Brihat samhitha describes about the Comets and the impact they create on Earth when they approach close. I tried correlating the features of the Comet with that given in the text and find that the description given for the Comet MANIKETU closely resembles that of  the Comet under study.Description of  Maniketu given in the Samhitha is as follows : The Comet named Maniketu is in the form of a tiny little star,rising in the ... Read more
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Blogger: somasekhar sarva
Wikipedia on its list of UFO Sightings reports sighting of a mysterious vessel in the Eastern shore of Japan in the year 1803.Links to the wikipedia page and to the page describing the event have been given hereunder: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_UFO_sightingshttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utsuro-buneAn excerpt of the description of the event has been given here in below : "On February 22 (or March 24) in 1803 local fishermen reportedly saw a vessel drifting in close-by waters. They say when they investigated it, "a beautiful young woman" they described as having red and white hair and dressed in strange clothes appeared. The fisherman claim she held a square box "that no one was a... Read more
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Blogger: somasekhar sarva
Many of the Chemistry students might have studied about  Kekule Von Stradonitz who proposed the molecular structure of Benzene after he had a dream of a Snake biting its own tail .Herein below is the wikipedia link for a detail about him.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friedrich_August_Kekul%C3%A9_von_Stradonitz  Studying his horoscope we can see some very amazingly correlating combinations which resulted in him dreaming about the molecular structure. I wish to put forth to the readers my observations .Here in below is a link to his birth details on Astro data bank and a picture of the chart. http://www.astro.com/astro-databank/Kekule_Von_Stradonitz,_August.Data on the Astro Data Bank site h... Read more
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Blogger: somasekhar sarva
On 26th of May 2012, i wrote about the Jupiter's transit over Kali Saham in Vatican City's Vedic horoscope Chart. At that time,there was news of Pope's butler being arrested due to his being involved in leakage of crucial documents showing how contracts were awarded to favoured suppliers's and the documents which show internal struggles in the Vatican Bank.On 24th of July,2012,Jupiter transited over the Kali Saham of Vatican City.Link to my earlier writeup has been given hereunder for reference. http://horasarvam.blogspot.in/2012/05/vatican-leaks-scandal-and-vaticans-kali.htmlThings were calm till the time suddenly the Pope announced his resignation from Papacy. Resignation of the r Pope did... Read more
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Blogger: somasekhar sarva
In a very surprising celestial event today a meteor blast occured over eastern Russia injuring over 500 people and creating panic. The blast occured over a sensitive region of Russia where atomic reactors were located.http://www.space.com/19801-possible-meteor-blast-russia.htmlhttp://rt.com/news/meteorite-crash-urals-chelyabinsk-283/  http://edition.cnn.com/2013/02/15/world/europe/russia-meteor-shower/index.html?hpt=hp_inthenewsIn my previous post on the Saturn- Rahu Conjuction in Libra, http://horasarvam.blogspot.in/2012/12/the-saturn-rahu-conjunction-contd.html i put before the readers what happened when the earlier conjunction happened in Libra 147 years back. There were two meteor impac... Read more
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Blogger: somasekhar sarva
Yesterday  a writeup was published in the Science Daily,the link of which has been given herein : http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/01/130121083255.htm .Brief Outline of the writeup published in the Science daily : In 2012, scientist Fusa Miyake announced detection of high levels of  isotope Carbon-14 and Beryllium-10 in tree rings formed in 775 CE, suggesting that a burst of radiation struck  Earth in the year 774 or 775CE.  According to a new research led by astronomers Valeri Hambaryan and Ralph Neuhӓuser, a nearby short duration gamma-ray burst may be the cause of an intense blast of high-energy radiation that hit the Earth in the 8th century.The two scientists, based at ... Read more
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Blogger: somasekhar sarva
Following are some important indications from the Sarvashtakavarga and Bhinnashtakavarga charts which would be of use :1.When Jupiter transits the rasi where in the Lagna/Ascendant has highest number of Bindus in its BAV would favour the native in acquiring wealth,children and knowledgeBest times in the day for certain activities: 2.The time of the day when that rasi which has the highest number of bindus in the BAV of Sun rises is the best time to do fire rituals.3.The time of the day when that rasi which has the highest number of bindus in the BAV of Moon rises is the best time to take upadesa of mantra.4.The time of the day when that rasi which has the highest number of bindus in the BA... Read more
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Blogger: somasekhar sarva
Happy Family Life :Venus with 5 or 6 bindus and in a kendra or Trikona results in a happy and prosperous family life.If this Venus is aspected by Mars,the wife will be from a noble family. Fine Vehicles :When Venus is in Lagna,4 th or the 10 th bhavas assosiated with 5 bindus and has an aspect from a benefic,the person will possess fine vehicles.Early Marraige :When Venus is in a Kendra except the 7th bhava or Trikona from the Lagna,associated with 5 or more bindus and is not aspected by Mars,the person will marry early in life.Difficulty in getting Married :When Venus with 5 bindus is in debilitation rasi or Navamsa and is connected with Mars by association or aspect,the person will undergo... Read more
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Blogger: somasekhar sarva
Sun in Ashwini aspected by  :Moon - Helping Nature,cruel nature,comforts of good positionMars - Cruel,Red eyesMercury - Luxuries,good characterJupiter - PowerVenus - yearning for comfortsSaturn - Poverty,lazinessMoon in Ashwini aspected by :Sun - Helping nature,cruel nature,comforts of good positionMars - ENT Problems,dependantMercury - FamousJupiter - Education,Knowledge of shastrasVenus - wealth through womenSaturn - Strong body,insincere,troubles through childrenMars in Ashwini aspected by :Sun - Education,knowledge,respects parents,intelligenceMoon - Liasions with other women,occasional theftsMercury - liasion with prostitutes,extravagantJupiter - head of the community,powerfulVenus - w... Read more
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Blogger: somasekhar sarva
Mundane effects of the conjunction ( Contd) : The Conjunction is important because of two factors. Firstly as the conjunction is happening in Libra after a period of 147 years and Secondly when the conjunction happened previously, Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.Saturn in exaltation in this Rasi ,represents Leaders with mass following. Affliction with Rahu caused the assasination. This event gives  clues of the events to happen during the period while the planets are in conjunction. Below is the link to the events that happened in the year 1865 when the two planets were in conjunction previously : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1865In the year under study, following events can be seen from t... Read more
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Blogger: somasekhar sarva
The Nodes Rahu/Ketu are changing signs from the evening of 14 th of January into Libra/Aries respectively and would transit over the signs for a period of One and half years from then . The significance of this transit is the conjunction of Rahu with Saturn in Libra in September, 2013.Following are the dates of  previous conjunctions of the two :June 5 2002 in Taurus , 21 Jan 1991 in Capricorn,July 8 1979 in Leo,May 1 1968 in Pisces,8th October 1956 in Scorpio,28 th May 1945 in Gemini,12 th Feb 1934 in Capricorn,16th July 1922 in Virgo,May 3 rd 1911 in Aries,November 2 ,1899 in Scorpio,May 25,1888 in Cancer,28 Feb , 1877 in Aquarius,27 July 1865 in Libra.Frequency of the Conjunction : Sat... Read more
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Blogger: somasekhar sarva
Following have to be perceived from each of the houses of the Dasamsa Chart. The Ascendant - Foundation of Career and Start and the Strength of good and bad karmas.A strong D10 ascendant aspected by benefics,ascendant lord in exaltation or own sign and higher SAV denote the strength  and roots of career.Second House - The inputs available for building up the career like wealth,status,speech in this birth to the native have to be perceivedThird House - The strength,expression,courage,short distance travels involved in performance of the KarmaFourth House - Happiness derived from career/profession and the inward emotional depth put into achieving the career goals of the nativeFifth House - Pe... Read more
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