Blogger: Chetana
My this post is dedicated to the contest onhttp://www.indiblogger.in by http://www.mahindraxuv500.com/.                        It was the summers of 2006.I think it was the month of august . My husband being from transferable job got a chance to visit the most beautiful part of India - Leh Ladakh  . It happened by chance that I also had my summer vacations and he took me along to Leh . As both of us are from north India we had some idea of the weather there . And besides that we had some friends along with us who were joining us on that trip. By gathering all information about clothing and other things to be taken along I started preparing for the trip enthusiasticall... Read more
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Blogger: Chetana
Sometime My Imagination is a beautiful  lady ,and thoughts poured in sentences are her body.The lady dances to my tunes like a puppet ,and only I how and when to stop it.Sometimes it becomes a dream unfulfilled... ,and my fancies know ......in it how different colors                                     can be filled.So my thoughts become the different shades of these colors.  And lend me charm ,happiness and a feeling of satisfaction................. to make my dream come true to the perfection                                           ... Read more
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Blogger: Chetana
O my dear! little airy Window,You are the most charming corner of my room,from where I can see flowers in full bloom. sunlight which passes through you..................gives my cheeks a rosy hue .The fresh breeze when touches my face ...fills my imagination with divine grace.Through you I can see creatures moving around,And I can hear God's music in nature's lovely sounds. You give me a Great view of the beautiful and green pastures;Thanks for being my door to the happiness through Mother Nature.... Read more
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Blogger: Chetana
 छुपा कर रखा था मन में कुछ सवालों को , सहेज कर रखा था कुछ उलझे ख्यालों को ,  लगता है बस थमी सी चल चलती है जिंदगी                                                  सालों से  , कयूं मकड़ी सी उलझी लगती है अपने ही                                                  जालों में ? ये जाल अपने ख्यालों से जो हमने बुना है  ,... Read more
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Blogger: Chetana
The days were more golden ............................................the rainbow more colorfulAnd those days were happy and  bright,with a charm of being in blissful delight.No big deals nor big dreams were there;except of getting a new doll and a pair                      of bright red sandals..........which I wanted to add to my life's little joy bundle.No reality I knew of this world to which I was born,As nothing was in existence....................................                      except the world other than my own.It was like roaming in a fairy tale and living in a dream. And the time kept passing like a flowing stream.The stream enjoyi... Read more
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Blogger: Chetana
रंगबिरंगी दुनिया का मेला देखन छुटकी चल दी ..............................माँ की उंगली , पिता का साथ लिए भीड़ में वो आगे बढ़  ली ..............क्या रोशनी ,क्या चहल -पहल ,क्या रंग , नज़ारे  अलग - अलग ,हैरान  हो येसब छुटकी  देखन  लगी  |माँ ! ये गुडिया , बाबा ! ये झूला मुझे भी है लेना ..........................ना  बेटी ! ये न किसी का... Read more
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Blogger: Chetana
O'Mumma, I miss you!Want to hug and kiss you.When I came to this world ,You took me in your arms' hold.YOU made me grow and lend me your eternal glow.You are there that's why I am here,On this earth so splendid and beautiful.without you this world,would have been gray and dull .When I look at  you,feel like a small child,Because I know you are thereIn whom I can always confide.Ma ,you are an Ocean,And I am your tiny wave. You are a Banyan tree,I feel  relaxed and care free,in whose shade.GOD- I have never seenbut you are my God incarnated in to being my mother.Be my guiding star,my friend and my healer.I fear nothing,No worry , no careTill the time with me you are there.So Be my inspi... Read more
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Blogger: Chetana
 दो टूक: "उजड़ा मेरा आशियाना ना कोई रहा ठिकाना ऐ मेरे खुदा .............. गुजरा वो था ज़माना जब अपना भी था इक ठिकाना , ज़लज़ला ऐसा आया , आंधी ऐसी च..."... Read more
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Blogger: Chetana
उजड़ा  मेरा आशियानाना कोई रहा  ठिकानाऐ मेरे खुदा ..............गुजरा वो था ज़मानाजब अपना भी था इक ठिकाना ,ज़लज़ला ऐसा आया , आंधी ऐसी चली,पंच्छी गिरा डाली से...आशियाँ उड़ा ले साथ चली ........ऐ मेरे खुदा ..............कर रहमत अपने बन्दों पर ,न जर न जेवर , न रहा कोई घरकोई खता हुई मुझसे जो गरऐ मेरे खुदा ..... Read more
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Blogger: Chetana
Hi friends ,                   Its been long time back when  I had  put anything here out of my mind for you. Life is very busy and in the hum drum of life we often forget to give a few precious moments to our creativity. We should let  our thoughts flow on the paper to give a shape to our imagination.                 Today I was musing over my past ,especially the  time spent with my siblings and my parents . In the initial years of life what a child  sees around , it definitely bears an impact on his or her personality. The parents are the first thing  he looks around when he comes out of the womb of his mother. This is his first step in to the world of civilizatio... Read more
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Blogger: Chetana
Hi Friends,                 Its been almost four months since I have put anything in writing. All those previous months have taught me a lot about  relations and life around. Going through a turmoil in the surroundings,I have started looking at life in a very different way. The life is not so easy as it seems to us. We have so many influences around us  which directly or indirectly affect us. I also went through such an indirect influence  a few days back that left an impact on my mind. I was upset for many days and a hidden fear of death used to haunt me. I wanted to get rid of it and my resolution of not getting disturbed and the way my father helped me getting over it h... Read more
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Blogger: Chetana
Today was Sunday and in the lazy afternoon when every body was enjoying the afternoon siesta my door bell rang.  I went to open  the door to know who could come at such a time and when I opened it I saw a man of 25-26 standing over there holding a travel bag. He was a salesman .After opening the door when I gave him a glance and he hesitantly asked me to give him 1 or 2 minutes so that he could show me the products he was selling .Although I had all the things with me that he was selling but being a little bit humane on my part I didn't have the courage to say no to him. When anybody doesn't like to be disturbed on Sundays ,he was going door to door to sell off his things so that h... Read more
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Blogger: Chetana
Well this is my first try to write a blog.There are certain things ,thoughts and ideas which are common to every body.here I would like to share my hidden fear for death.we all are so lost in the sunshine and beauty of life that this realization of death seldom comes to our mind and seems to have no place in the busy life. it is better to write down your views when you can't share them personally with somebody. this thing is coming to me since last one month in which so many unexpected things have happened around me. one of them has happened with my maid.she is a very hard working and dedicated worker.for some health problem I was in bed for around one month.she lives in the premises of my... Read more
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