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Blogger: Abhishek
Tanhaai... Tanhaai.. Tanhaai.. Aaj fir teri yaad aayi.. Barso se pyasa hu tere pyar ka, Ab tak sirf dard hi saha hai inteezaar ka.. Ha thodi khushi bhi thi sang aayi.. Par fir reh gayi Tanhai, sirf Tanhai.. Aaj fir teri yaad aayi.. Aaj fir teri yaad aayi.. Na jaane mai kis disha me jar ha hu.. Har jagah manzil tujhe bna rha hu.. Bas ik tera saath hi chaah rha hu.. Isi chaah si hai maine kamaai.. Ye tanhaai.. Aaj fir teri yaad aayi.. Aaj fir teri yaad aayi.. Bada ajab sa kissa yaha chal rha hai, Is daur me ho kar bhi “CHIRAG” ab tak jal rha hai.. So baar samjhaya, par dil ko samajh fir na aai.. Rota hai , Bikharta hai fir dua karta hai.. Aur milti hai bas.. Tanhaai.. T... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek
If I am dying tomorrowI want it to be in your armsLooking in your eyesPainless and calmIf God is calling meI will move with no hesitationNo dreams no wishesAs I am holding my world, his creationIf he will give me the hellI will not objectI just found my heavenI don’t care about the restI will be above the cloudsAnd my love will be with you, I swearIf you ever cryI will take a rebirth to wipe your tearsCopyrights:Abhishek Dudejamail@iandpeople.com... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek
We get hurt , when we expect. Expectation is the main cause for broken heart. The love and care we give to special ones are expected to come with an  interest. Expectations are the producers of tears. Its being said "Don't expect, Just give". But don't we have the right to be loved as we love them ? Not equal but at least some. I don't know why people ignore those who care them and care who doesn't even think about them. This whole thing is going in the chain. The first person loves second who don't even give him a damn  the second loves third who loves forth and go on... So what should we do to break this chain ? We have an option, everybody has an optio... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek
I miss that beautiful face..Attractive charming I love to chase...I miss that loud grin..Settled happily on that cute chin...I miss those deep little eyes..Telling stories but never lies...I miss those very slow walks..Never ending late night talks...I miss those sweet scoldings..Waking you up to say good morning...I miss giving you chocolates..Which u always hesitated to take...I miss that watch from balcony..Distance too far which looked so funny...Moments with you I wanted to freeze..Every second they give me a tease..Don't dare to cry the sweetest candy...My heart behaves new york your tears like sandy...God is with you so, bad time he will drain...I am missing you so much like deserts m... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek
Time isn't looking goodI am in a bad moodafter walking many milesI thought I should have apause for a whileTension is the only creationWhole day the old relationwith someone I shared smilesNow my memories should have apause for a whileAfter this, there will be a changeSome hearts will be geting exchangedI pray that luck will be mineand loneliness will have apause for a whileBut the fate can be oppositeHolding the heart I will be crying on the seatA change will be there in my life-stylethen my happiness will have apause for a whileI am lying with crossed fingersPlaying with words like a singerGod's number getting dialedI hope my pain will have a pause for a whileCopyrights: Abhishek Dudejamai... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek
In the tick tick of the clockwith the fan at the heightwhen my life was in downs and downsOh my soul you showed me the lightWhen my friends were chair, table, wallsand the clothes in the hangersme crying cursing my fateOh my friend you sent your angelsIn the lane of flowers and starswhere love was like just a trendI was walking alone in darkOh my Aphrodite, you became my friendWhen I was rolled in the sheet of sadnessconfidence was as low as a dimmerYou were the who bought me happinesslike the cold breeze in the summerNow my life is smooth as butteras you are all aroundwhere I see I feel youin people, in animals, in birds making soundAt last please light a candle of lovethat burns the lusty ... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek
"Yes ! I care for her, care than this damn whole world. If she will ever got upset, I will make her smile even if I need to loose my happiness. My soul is meant for her. She lives in it. She owns it. She is my love, my God , my passion. She is that star, the constant one, twinkling in the sky, who inspires me to decorate the words with feelings in the heart and take me with herself to the new but still the known world. "A DIALOGUE FROM MY NEXT STORYCopyrights Abhishek Dudejamail@iandpeople.com Image credit : yaymicro.com... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek
A friend-ship has sunk. It was made of the paper which actually I was believing wood. A lot of time I got queries about "who is your inspiration for writing poems?". I couldn't answer earlier but now I can answer that I and my inspiration was on that ship. We both are alive but lost directions.. Sometime a little spark can burn the house of your dreams, which you had created in steps with love n care.I can't judge if I was wrong or she was but there will be no "good poetry" on my blog."Deep oceans are more affected by the quakes"In the past months, I had laughed so heartedly which I missed in my entire life..God sent me an angel and I still believe she is still one, I lost her... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek
This Poem is dedicated to a lovely friend who is not only cute and sweet but also beautiful with a laughing heart ! an angel lives in the globeknocking homes, gifting hoperosy face and bubbly eyesinnate princess of cutie-piestwinkling unicorn and playing fifeinkling my world, she came in my lifethank you angel for all the funhell was my world, you made it heavenall the stories, you narratepure that much, a kid in me wakesa kinship we share, we feelromp you always laughter queenCOPYRIGHT©ABHISHEK DUDEJA(I AND PEOPLE) www.abhishekdudeja.in  ... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek
Hi Folks,Today again I am posting another song's lyrics written and composed by me when I was in my second semester.. Hope you all will like it. Please leave your valuable comments at the end :)So here isI have never seen herI have never felt herShe was the only making thinking me brightshe was the beautyin my citycause of her I slept sleepless nights(Yeah!! those were the sleepless nightsbut I managed to sleep )I have never seen herI have never felt herShe was the only making thinking me brightshe was the beautyin my citycause of her i slept sleepless nightsmy unknown girlfriendthe unknown girlfriend-RAP-Hey, This is Abhishekwith the first song I have madefor the love birdson the love lakem... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek
Hi all,I am back to this blogging world after a 10 days brake. Today I am going to post the lyrics of the song I wrote and composed one year ago. So here it isDil karta hai kuch shor aisacut-ti patang bin door jaisayaad aate hai wo beete hue dinyaaro ke bin din bor jaisaDil karta hai kuch shor aisa.......Yaad aate hai wo din ,wo paljab khelte the dirty sevenwhen world was like hell but still we felt it like a heavenyaad aate hai wo masti bhare dinab savan bhi lage bin moor jaisaDil karta hai kuch shor aisa....Past ! the past days of my lifethe memories of old timesI rememberthe past days of my life..... COPYRIGHT©ABHISHEK DUDEJA(I AND PEOPLE) www.abhishekdudeja.in   ... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek
A candle of Lovemelts your heartget us togetherdoesn't let apartA candle of Lovebrights your worldbring joy and happinessno one ever holdA candle of Loveburns your painadd wings to your dreamsmake fly you againA candle of LoveI want to lightpraying the Godyour cheerful life COPYRIGHT©ABHISHEK DUDEJA(I AND PEOPLE) www.abhishekdudeja.in   ... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek
The Team of Rousing Cadence has come together to offer up a few copies for a absolutely amazing Giveaway. Over the next 8 weeks they will be giving away a copy of "Rousing Cadence" ~~ 6 e-copies & 2 Print Copies!! So what are you waiting for? Enter yourself now and come back each week for more chances to win a copy of this amazing collection.For More info: http://b00kr3vi3ws.blogspot.in/2012/06/about-book-this-book-is-concerted.html a Rafflecopter giveaway... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek
It was like dream come true when I heard that my poems are getting published in a book. From very that day I am eating,drinking, walking, sleeping with Rousing Cadence. Thanks a lot Mr. Shamsud Ahmed for being there for me with a magical wand. This book contains love, mystery, adventure,romance, pain and is written with feelings in the hearts.All the writers are well known Authors and Bloggers except me. I am youngest among all. Working with these international standard poets has added stars to my portfolio. This book is releasing world-wide on 27th June,2012.BUY IT ! GIFT IT ! READ IT ! AND GET READY TO DIVE INTO THE WORLD OF POETRY CREATED FOR YOU BY YOUR FAVOURITE POETS LIKE ALKA NARULA, ... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek
Sometime we talk to people when we need them, but there are countless in my life who call me when they need me to complete their work ,otherwise, I am neglected . I discovered a reason for their this kinda behaviour. And only reason is that I AM ALWAYS AVAILABLE. I think I should change myself. But this change is not acceptable to me. I can't put my phone on silent mode when somebody needs my help. I don't why people do like to me.But I thank them all for making me self-dependent. As every coin has two faces,there are two kind of people......no rather I should say  there used to be two kind of people but now a days one coin= one person. Every one around us carry two faces, including... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek
If the root of a plant is weak, how can we be sure about the fruit. The same thing is applicable in relationships. When the foundation or initiation is not strong and is doubt able, how can we say that relationship will last forever. True lover is hard to find in this world. Love is just a game for many and is equally played from both sides. I have a recent example, a fresh one. Now a days I am residing in Chandigarh as P.G. Two guys are staying in the room next to mine. They are free monkeys who came to the city for aish. They threw their mobile numbers tied on a stone toward a house just opposite to mine in which Girls reside as Paying Guests. Next day they got a call from a girl from that... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek
I was stuckin this round ChocoPiewhen I triedto find a thing called lovewith no descriptionnot even a wordbut everyone mentionsthat it touches the heartI didn't knowhow it look likemy mind got a blowwhen I thought of operating the heartIt may be like a needle or lancetthat is how it can reach the heartor may be like knife or bulletso that it can get to the heartI was goinground & roundthinking and thinkingabout the loveFrom all the searchingI saw a bunch of lightit was twinklingand was so brightI stepped toward itwith the chocolate on my shoeslowly slowly bit by bitfinally I touched itAnd I got losthad a different feelingwhich I missed the mostthat's a new worldThe world wherethe people ... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek
there should be no sundayswhen you are not aroundI am sitting aloneand you are out of the townthere should be no sundayswhen you can't take my phonemissing you a lotand you are having Tea with your Momthere should be no sundayswhen I feel like I deadfull of lonelinessand my mood is so sadthere should be no sundayswhen my class is offFor whom should I careas you are not in the mobthere should be no sundayswhen I think you so muchget back soonso that we can be in touch. Some time agoI used to wait for this daywhen I was in schoolI loved SundaysNow the time has changedhere important is not mepriority is youor I should said weCaring is now my hobby I feel it like my dutymy soul gets peacewh... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek
Today I need your help as one of my good friend is going through a bad phase of life. She didn't wanna share what the problem is. But I am sure that there is something which is making her down. I had tried a lot to get to the root but it all was a failure. But I am still trying to get her life to the same old happy track. She is hurt by someone deeply.....Hey God, help herhealing the woundsget her outfrom the silent sounds Do somethingshow some miracleyou know everythinghelp me tackle.Yesterday I saw herShe was so bravecarrying the smileson her dull faceI tried to knowabout all the mattershe smiled unrealand diverted the chatterthat girl's hearthad the deepest seaunreachable for allhow coul... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek
I don't know why we stopped talking but someone or something is behind that which I can't even guess. According to my friend even girls can't understand girls then how can I. When someone is dead in the hospital and doctor says" We tried a lot but we can't save him/her". This same thing is going inside my head that I tried to save our friendship a lot but can't save it from sinking. Another chapter closed itself. Should I move or not? why should I wait?. i know what to do. I should go for a new page, a blank one and should try to write something, something which lasts forever. But my another side responds to wait. may be God is testing me again. May be he has so... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek
After a cloudy seasonthe sun shined againbut for some timefor just few daysThe reason was a starwho came into lightthe smiling, the cheerful onewho blow the pain awayThe tragedy left behindI felt again alivethe excitement came backholding the inspiration with itBut somebody was jealousfrom my happinessHe was the Godwho took my star awayThe clouds came backroaring aloud than everI stood stillunder the souring rainWatching up the skyI tried to find my hopepulled my cheeks to smilebut I couldn't make it, even the fake one...COPYRIGHT©ABHISHEK DUDEJA(I AND PEOPLE)www.abhishekdudeja.in... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek
A day will comewhen you miss me tonmiss me as never beforebut I will be there off your shoreThe another moment you  get your future brightBut I will not be there to hug you tightYou will be holding a wacked smileI will be settled away many mileswhen you will get old, weak and tameEyes flowing  tears on my nameI will be above deaths and livessmiling above with angel mineAs you know we are in loveWhy have a future like above?Why wait for birth anotherLets live together and die together.....  COPYRIGHT©ABHISHEK DUDEJA(I AND PEOPLE) www.abhishekdudeja.in... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek
Without youits nothing out herejust a wave of Emptiness--------EMPTINESS----talk to me chuckle like beforemake a way for happiness--------HAPPINESS-----Come with me hold my handLet me take you to the Dreamland---------DREAMLAND------Around all the worldI kiss like beforehug you, like the sand------LIKE THE SAND-----COPYRIGHT©ABHISHEK DUDEJA(I AND PEOPLE)www.abhishekdudeja.in... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek
Nothing is there in my fateExcept that loveless hatesins of last birth speaks everydayTaking the Love from life awayCalculating the facts and figures aboveI made a decision for not falling in loveI got so many bitesand Lover's gift was sleepless nightsNow I have some determinationby saying no to people's affectionI will be as cruel as never beforeLive without love and Die aloneCOPYRIGHT©ABHISHEK DUDEJA(I AND PEOPLE)www.abhishekdudeja.in... Read more
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Blogger: Abhishek
hawa ne rukh hai liya aise lage chand bhi thamaE-Chandni aa bhi zaragulshan karde yeh sara samachamak uthe yeh dil ka jahanE-Chandni aa bhi zaratujhe dar-dar main dhundta rahatere bin main jaau kahaE-Chandni aa bhi zarakuch meri sun kuch apni sunataki mehak uthe yeh mera jahanE-chandni aa bhi zaraCOPYRIGHT©ABHISHEK DUDEJA(I AND PEOPLE)www.abhishekdudeja.in... Read more
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