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Blogger: Kirti Nemani
About the Book:Name of the book: Once Upon the Tracks of MumbaiAuthor: Rishi VohraPublisher: Jaico Publishing HousePrice: INR 175ISBN: 978-81-8495-305-3About the author:Guest columnist for various newspapers in India, certified wine specialist, and a succesful career holder in the Indian entertainment industry, Rishi Vohra recently relocated back to Mumbai after completing a Green MBA. Once Upon the Tracks of Mumbai is his first novel.About the cover and backcover:The picture of a young couple set against the bright background of the busy railway tracks of Mumbai promise a good love story and that too a realistic one. The back cover promises the same; along with the story of Babloo fighting ... Read more
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Blogger: Kirti Nemani
Taken from google imagesShe stared dreamily out of the window as she rocked her chair, watching the time that became so stagnant in old age falling outside in the form of autumn shedding its leaves. A half remembered song, she started to hum; a song that tuned itself out of those pale, withered lips when they actually belonged somewhere else- a large rambling house with sloped roof and a haphazard garden at the back. A tall woman with her saree slipping from her head baring a high, smooth forehead smiling with a large, red bindi sweeping the front yard with a broom as she talked with a small, dainty woman at her side. Two brothers fighting over a game of ball, two brothers arguing over the c... Read more
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Blogger: Kirti Nemani
Your persisting image haunts my world-my unblinking eyes trace your virtual steps;choking with dust as the ashes fly,and you take a sudden flight.Congenitally congenial I was;this sudden silence of my mind,questions the purpose of my heartweighed down it is-by shackles of confusion you create.I talk in loops,weave a mindless maze,tangle myself in my own weblike a spider mistaking its own prey.Forced is my restrain,my resolve is the candle in a stormbarely alive,but still therefighting the mirage of your existence.but...for how long?... Read more
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Blogger: Kirti Nemani
Thoughts in words now,hard to achieve; will my heartbleed ink easy again?Written for Haiku Heights... Read more
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Blogger: Kirti Nemani
Yet another horrendous crime. Yet another girl suffering a fate she did nothing to deserve. Yet another monster unveiled and unstopped. Yet another incident crying for justice.I sometimes wonder what kind of country we live in. I sometimes wonder what should we do to make men respect women. I sometimes wonder if that is even possible.Let me not go into the terrible terrible stuff that is happening nationally. Let me give you an example of what I experienced personally. I felt so disgusted by the incident that my skin crawls even to mention it here, but I couldnt pent up my anger anymore.I along with my friend were walking to our college with huge library books in our hands we had got under... Read more
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Blogger: Kirti Nemani
After much thought and speculation, I and Arpita came to a very depressing realization. Facebook had ruined our life. Well not Facebook entirely, spending too much time on the internet in general might have resulted in the 'degrading quality of our live'. I mean seriously. If I think back to the time when I was in class 9 or 10 when I had no internet access, my life used to be GOOD. I used to go outside, play, have fun at school, attend the one tuition I had and have fun doing Math, fight with my brother over pens and books, have healthy discussions about various stuff with Arpita, Sushmita and yes, read books till I almost got blinded.I dont even want to think about the time when I was eve... Read more
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Blogger: Kirti Nemani
About the book:Name of the book- TantraAuthor- AdiPublisher- Apeejay StyaPrice- INR 195ISBN- 978-81-908636-2-9About the author-Adi grew up reading fiction books by flashlight, hiding under covers, pretending to be asleep and gives more credit for his successes in life to those late night reading habits than the high school academics. Deeply impressed by the vast religious history of India, he couldn't help picking this topic for his first novel Tantra.About the cover and back-cover-Tantra has a decent cover for a thriller; it promises a strong, exciting protagonist which is even more emphasized in the back cover. A no-nonsense, leather wearing, female Vampire hunter as the protagonist in an... Read more
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Blogger: Kirti Nemani
Adventure #1- Counting CardsTiny, as she was so named in a fit of humor by her elder brother, fancied herself as the daughter of a royal couple with her brother playing the role of a sibling cum bodyguard. She imagined herself having a grand room papered in pinks and blues, like she had seen in fairytales on the Disney channel. Tiny didn’t know her real age, or rather, she pretended she didn’t so when someone kneeled to get to her head level (she was really tiny you see) and asked her how old she was, she would start counting showing her small fingers, exceeding no 6 (where she should have stopped) till she had both her palms out and wriggling all her 10 fingers, she would run away. 10... Read more
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Blogger: Kirti Nemani
I dont know how I start this. I had this urge to write something but I had no idea what I should be writing about and BAM! You have yet another rant :DI feel blissfully idle these days. Nothing doing except FB, TV shows, novels, walks with Arpita and the yummy mummy ka khana. Life is good sometimes :) All my worries vanished as soon as I saw my mother's sweet smile and those incredibly, incredibly warm eyes and troubles?? Pfft. What are they? :PSo today, I was like hanging onto our front gate. Yeah, I still do that :P I seem to have this curious relationship with gates. I apparently used to hang onto our front gate when I was like 1 year old and speak whatever gibberish that came to my... Read more
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Blogger: Kirti Nemani
College is one hell of serious place. Pity that it has taken me one and a half semester to understand this. I have landed myself into more misunderstandings than I have in my 17 years of prior life. College is serious because whatever you say or do casually or just for fun’s sake backfires and hits you on your face when you least expect it.Something like that happened to me a few days ago and I don’t know who to talk with, who to share with. I wrote this two days back, the very night when I got to know all this and my head was crammed with worry so I was doubtful about posting this NOW, when my thoughts, worries and the whole situation seems very silly but I need to get even the residual... Read more
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Blogger: Kirti Nemani
DAY-1Blueskybeckonsbrush of dreams;But in my palettesmudged with pastregrets-no hues.Thanks to Leo for another poetry challenge. Here is the first one.... Read more
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Blogger: Kirti Nemani
Shadows I guard in graves of dark,broken things I hide in places I wont find,peep like disaster seeking scraps of debris;like sun seeking cracks of light.Flowers that wilt but wont fall,like the dry paper skin on my heart.Quickly becoming a shroud on my soul,turning thoughts into a lifeless gore.Strikes on paper like barbed wires at the border,sucking away the current of my words,stare at me with mocking wonder-What I was and what I have become.An excited heart I cant control,Spinning yarns of delightful nothings.Imagination- That kite would soar,Other's rain becomes my cloudless sky.A lonely hand scribbling away,doesn't stop except to wipe the tears.People who have everything give away noth... Read more
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Blogger: Kirti Nemani
I need to put in a disclaimer before I start this. If from the title anyone is expecting a mushy mushy story of how a tall, hot guy with a husky voice(like Jason wade’s) gave me a bunch of  roses and I blushed a color deeper than the flowers in my hand, then they might better stop reading here already :DThere is nothing but disappointment ahead then. A love life can’t be expected from me anyways :PSo though I wasn’t the one fitting into the above description, a few girls from my hostel did. One of them was Joyeeta’s friend and she got a whole bunch of 55 red roses wrapped up prettily in pink ribbons. I would be denying my hopelessly romantic side a turn if I say I wasn’t jealous o... Read more
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Blogger: Kirti Nemani
I couldn't sleep last night. And that is very unusual for a person like me. I can sleep in any kind of surrounding possible; I just need a pillow over my eyes, one under my head and one to hold on to :DBut despite the fulfillment of my sleeping criteria, I couldn't sleep last night. It has something to do with the extreme turmoil in my head I think. And this gives me a sense of deja vu. Well not deja vu really because something very similar to this has happened before, the night before my Electronics and Electrical Engineering practical exam to be very precise.I feel awkward to go into details over it; silly of me to be shy in writing something on my own blog but it somehow fe... Read more
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Blogger: Kirti Nemani
About the book:Name of the book- RIPAuthor- Mukul DevaPublisher- Westland Ltd.Price- INR 200ISBN- 978-93-82618-19-5About the author- Mukul Deva, an alumnus of La Martiniere College, NDA and the Indian Military Academy is considered to be India's literary storm trooper. He is the author of many military thrillers and several best sellers like Lakshar.About the cover- RIP is a book with an interesting cover. Painted in bright colors it encases the figure of a soldier  staring at the horizon of the country he is saving. The title is interesting as well because it makes you wonder what RIP customarily used for 'Rest in Peace' could possibly mean as the title of a story.About the back c... Read more
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Blogger: Kirti Nemani
When broken hands offer help,faith is restoredhumanity is rescued.Written for Haiku Heights... Read more
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Blogger: Kirti Nemani
In twilight promises of glistening sands,dusk rocks on death.Written for Haiku Heights... Read more
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Blogger: Kirti Nemani
Inspiration, that fragile thread ruling the pattern of creativity, doesn’t always need to be hard-hitting. Anything subtle like the moist wind grazing your cheek or the softly sung words of a song that makes your heart skip a beat works just as fine; anything that forces you to put your pen down on paper and tell a story.It is really strange how you come across muse unexpectedly sometimes. You search in vain for it across the world when it was right in front of your eyes all the time. It happened with me, this sudden subtle burst of inspiration that came out of nowhere from a person who has been living with me in the same room since one month and who never let me have any inkling of the he... Read more
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Blogger: Kirti Nemani
Contrasting to the bright red design cover of Komarraju's debut novel which screamed murder announced, it is the title of the second book that would grab your attention. Questions would spring up in your head that would demand to be answered and the crisp preview on the back cover will inflame your curiosity more.The story revolves around the supposed accidental death of Kauveramma, a rich woman at the head of a large family, benefactor of many generations but at the same time a source of grudge to nearly all the family members in one way or the other.It was the way of her ‘accidental death’ that arose questions otherwise, because drowning in a well was highly unlikely for a woman ... Read more
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Blogger: Kirti Nemani
Shweta started to pick out cards for her marriage and the memories immediately flooded her heart. This was not the first time she was getting married. Two years ago her first fiancé Rohit had died in a car accident only two months prior to her wedding date. She wondered if she would ever heal from that loss. She was merely 23 when this tragedy happened and her family and friends expected her to move on and date others, which she did. But marriage?Marriage, she felt was something different entirely. A delicate thread of new beginnings, new relations that had once been snatched away from her and the scars from that were still raw. Everything had happened so fast that she didn’t have the t... Read more
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Blogger: Kirti Nemani
Mia is very excited this month. A series of events were coming up that needed dressing up and looking gorgeous. And when the word 'dressing up' comes, can 'shopping' be far away? :DFirstly she has a Christmas party to attend. OK wait; that comes much later. Firstly she has her 1st semester exams to end(sob)Starting on 5th and ending on 23th, that didn't leave her much time to decide her apparel after she comes back and she didnt intend to go the party in her same old boring dresses when her mother had sanctioned her a shopping trip. So shopping was intended. And that too as soon as possible!Complete with all her battlements, donned with multiple scarves and sweaters(since her mother would ki... Read more
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Blogger: Kirti Nemani
It has been so long since I made a proper blog post that it feels weird now, typing away like this as I try to organize the thoughts in my head. I wonder why I haven't been writing lately. As in, writing nothing at all. Maybe it is the loss of my notebook which had a new un-posted story in it. So new that I didn't even read it  after I wrote it, so I don't really remember what went into it. Or maybe it is because I have been talking a lot and observing very less lately- I am not blaming anything but college and hostel seemed to have got into my way of pouring my heart through words.Whatever be the reason, I decided that I would write today. Good or bad, happy or sad, I would wri... Read more
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Blogger: Kirti Nemani
Its really strange how my mind gives instructions to me to jump at anything that says 'thriller'. Thanks to Blogadda, I got another wonderful opportunity to review a thriller, The Bankster by Ravi Subramanian.The cover page is excellent and definitely hooks a reader's interest from the start. The grey, blue and black color combination along with the sinister looking man deliver the title extremely well.The synopsis speaks of a series of murders that threaten to destroy the reputation of Greater Boston Global Bank(GB2) and as Karan Punjabi, press reporter and ex-banker digs deeper, he finds that the matter has roots into a global conspiracy of greater dimensions- something that could not only... Read more
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Blogger: Kirti Nemani
I jumped at the chance of reviewing a thriller that too by Ashwin Sanghi; I mean, I hadnt read any of his previous works, but who hasn't heard of Chanakya's Chant and Rozabel Line?The cover of the book is decent enough for a thriller. The slightly open doors with an ancient looking lock binding them together creates a ready impression of some secret waiting to be unfolded.The back cover with the one paragraph gist is where the actual magic of the story begins. It is crisp and short but the ending line gives you a proper punch on your face and you cant wait to get started with the book.The story revolves around a serial killer who believes himself to be the last avatar of Lord Vishn... Read more
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Blogger: Kirti Nemani
Its been a long time I wrote anything, or even came close to making a post on my blog. Result- my blog is a sorry, lonely sight from the past two months and most people have been wondering if I have done a bunk and left blogging. But college has been so hectic that I don't have time to breathe (read doing Fb and listening to songs) forget about blogging :PSo busy Kirti has gotten, people might say, but the question is, what does she do all day?My day at hostel starts and ends with a treasure hunt. Breakfast- treasure hunt for traces of butter on the piece of 'bread' (read Rubber) they give us. College- treasure hunt for traces of wakefulness in my eyes that seem to be at the v... Read more
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