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Blogger: Shrinidhi Hande
I had a short visit to Google's HQ in Mountain View, California. Unlike Indian cities where security prevents you from entering the gate, businesses in the west have a pretty open policy as they have very less crowd and much lesser security risk from public. It is possible for visitors to just walk-in into Google's HQ, explore around without being questioned or having to undergo any complicated ... Read more
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Blogger: Shrinidhi Hande
This post shares my experience traveling the Caribbean, Colombia (South America) and Central America (Panama and Costa Rica) using by USA Visa. The experience was largely smooth but it helps to read this and prepare well if you're heading to this part of the world. There're dozens of countries in Central and South American region- these aren't too popular with Indian tourists due to various ... Read more
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Blogger: Shrinidhi Hande
This is an interesting and disappointing incident of a hostel in San Jose, Costa Rica refusing entry to me based on my nationality. Hostel Siesta, also known as Hotel Siesta first attempted to make me cancel reservation so that they could save 20% commission they have to pay booking.com, when I refused and during the cash payment process, suddenly owner gets annoyed and decides to refuse me ... Read more
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Blogger: Shrinidhi Hande
Whether you buy from the online florist or from the local flower shops, your graduation gift of graduation flowers is a thoughtful way to congratulate a friend or a family or a loved one on his or her graduation day. It is important to know how to buy graduation flowers for Flower Delivery  to ensure that the gifts you give convey your specific message of congratulations and warm greetings to a ... Read more
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Blogger: Shrinidhi Hande
I've visited many mangrove forests- one in Pichavaram, few in Thailand and other places. But visiting Bonefish Pond National Park in Nassau, Bahamas was a different experience, because of its crystal clear water. Most mangrove forests I had seen so far had muddy waters unfit to step into. But Bonefish Pond National park has its water so inviting and transparent, it will be very tempting to enter... Read more
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Blogger: Shrinidhi Hande
Bogota Colombia is full of colourful buildings, street arts and a mix of modern buildings and old traditional looking ones. In this post, I am sharing many of the wall art that I clicked in Bogota during past 2 days. Most of these were clicked on day 02, when I walked over 21 kms throughout the day to explore Bogota on foot. Do take a look.  This person was painting live on the ... Read more
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Blogger: Shrinidhi Hande
As I planned my visit to Bahamas, I was determined to keep it as much low budget as possible. I didn't want to splurge a lot on taxis and stuff. For this, the key was to use public transportation. In this post I am explaining how to use Nassau Bahama's bus system. My first bus in Nassau Bahamas  Before I proceed, some basics: Nassau is the capital island of Bahamas, probably the biggest. ... Read more
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Blogger: Shrinidhi Hande
As you may be aware, I am on a 34 day trip across USA, Central America, South America and Canada. Past one week I've explored Washington (see Cherry blossom pics here), Baltimore, The Bahamas and now back in Florida, heading to Bogota Colombia tomorrow. This being a 5 week long trip, what all I am packing? If you're curious to know, this post is for you. Do watch the video below for a quick ... Read more
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Blogger: Shrinidhi Hande
When I decided to include visiting Bahamas during my USA trip, I had to select between two options- flight or cruise. I did a quick evaluation of both options and decided on flight, as it was best suited for me. But depending on your preferences you may chose cruise. Why I chose flight? I got good deal- some 97 USD Washington to Nassau via FLL on Southwest and 163 USD Nassau to FLL ... Read more
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Blogger: Shrinidhi Hande
Can purchase is an important milestone in our lives. It signifies we're quite sorted on the essentials of life and now ready to step up to the luxury of owning our own cars. Most of us can afford to buy only one car and want it to be the best our money can buy. We do spend lots of time researching, we want our cars to be unique and special. While I keep deferring my own car purchase, I try to ... Read more
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Blogger: Shrinidhi Hande
Yesterday was my Day 02 in USA, out of my 34 days USA trip. Entire day, my expenditure was only 12 USD. This post provides a brief on how my day went. Breakfast at hostel The hostel where I was staying, Hostel Comfort Zone on Benning Road had free breakfast. Had a cup cake, some cereals and few cookies for breakfast and I was set to leave. They had coffee but it was of some strange flavor and I... Read more
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Blogger: Shrinidhi Hande
I am yet to write in detail about the Cherry Blossom I witnessed in Japan 3 years ago. At least this time happy to be posting quicker. My visit to Washington DC accidentally coincided with the cherry blossom season. This year it peaked on April 1st,while I arrived in Washington on April 4th. Few days late but not too late. Thus on my day of arrival and next day I did walk around the town a bit ... Read more
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Blogger: Shrinidhi Hande
How a 48250 INR ticket is resulting in a 3 lakh spending! I’ve had one brief visit to USA way back in 2012. Had spent 5 days in New Jersey and 2 days in New York. Since then, another trip to USA never materialized- mainly due to expensive ticket cost, partly due to time it takes to do a reasonable trip to USA- at least 2-3 weeks are required to reasonably explore key parts of US and getting... Read more
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Blogger: Shrinidhi Hande
Mahindra XUV300 is the compact SUV Mahindra has positioned to rival Ford Ecosport, Tata Nexon, Vitara Brezza, Honda WR-V and the likes. Mahindra has given everything they've got to XUV300-with a very tough competition landscape, failure is not an option. Thus XUV300's top variant is armed to the teeth with features (costs upto 15 lakhs, still about 7-8 lakhs cheaper than top end XUV500) while ... Read more
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Blogger: Shrinidhi Hande
Quick summary of posts at Airlineblog.in during March 2019 1. End Of WOW Air- Indian passengers were lucky Iceland based low cost carrier suddenly cancelled all flights and declared bankruptcy. I feel Indian passengers were a bit lucky- read more here 2. Airline Sales Have written about a few good sales- Air France KLM sale is still on, China Southern JFK-LAX to Delhi 32k INR deal is also ... Read more
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Blogger: Shrinidhi Hande
If you have a transit via Delhi what is the closest and cheapest place to stay? Or if you have a few hours to spare, where to go to get some quick food? From what I have experienced, your best bet is Mahilapur. If money is not a constraint, there’re many super luxury hotels close to Delhi airport- Andaz, Marriott and more- but these hotels cost over 5000-7000 INR per night at the minimum, ... Read more
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Blogger: Shrinidhi Hande
This post shares my recent phone upgrade story and quick review of recently launched RedMi Note 7 Pro. If you don't want to read the background/upgrade story, you can jump straight to the review here. I’ve upgraded my phone after about 2 years. Honor 6X was my previous workhorse- it had good camera, so enabled me to abandon DSLR and travel light on international trips. [Details] Two years since... Read more
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Blogger: Shrinidhi Hande
While planning a holiday, almost every website claims you save a lot if you book flight + Hotel. Even airlines now have holiday divisions, selling flight + stay. Should we go for this combo booking? Is it good all the time to book flight + hotel together? Do we really save? I am trying to explain in this post with example. How flight+ hotel packages work? It is important to understand how ... Read more
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Blogger: Shrinidhi Hande
Local currency is very much needed during international travel. There're multiple ways to get our forex- the old fashioned way of going to a forex agent and converting INR to required currency, going to a bank to get Forex Card, withdrawing from local ATMs or the newer ways of ordering forex online. Which one is good? What are the pros and cons? This post attempts to list them and analyze a bit.... Read more
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Blogger: Shrinidhi Hande
India’s domestic airline industry is in a big mess. Jet Airways has grounded more than two third of its fleet [Livemint news] and is cancelling flights left right and centre- with no hope in sight and not sure if the airline will close completely or someone will pump millions of dollars to help sustain the airline. Jet has stopped flying altogether to various destinations and has cut ... Read more
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Blogger: Shrinidhi Hande
This post is being published live from Yangon, Myanmar. We complain on every small thing that disrupts our daily life- traffic jam, flight delays, bad weather and so on. But there’re lot worse one can face if their fate plays games with them. You might have watched the movie “The Terminal” where Tom Hanks was no longer admissible into his destination country, because the country that issued him ... Read more
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Blogger: Shrinidhi Hande
Dambulla golden temple wasn't on my plan before visiting Srilanka- I had considered a possible trip to Dambulla Rock temple but not the golden one. When we arrived at Dambulla by bus, Tuk Tuk (auto) drivers surrounded us. One of the driver asked if I want to go to Golden Temple or Rock Temple. I stuck to my plan of visiting Rock temple, because I feared auto driver may trick us. While Rock ... Read more
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Blogger: Shrinidhi Hande
Some heartbreaking news ahead! Unlike 2017 or 2018, next year, 2019 doesn't seem to have lots of long weekends. Many holidays fall on Saturday or Sunday or middle of the week. 2018 has 15 long weekends, 2017 had 13, but 2019 will have just 7- may be a few more if you get lucky with some state level/company specific holidays. Nonetheless here's my compilation of 2019 long weekends. You can use ... Read more
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Blogger: Shrinidhi Hande
Many of us travel solo and at times it helps to have a buddy along during our trips. But our real life friends/family may not be able to join on all trips, so next best option is to find another traveler, though stranger so far, online. Having a travel buddy gives you following advantages: Share taxi cost or boat hire cost etc and save some money Someone to click your photos than trying selfie... Read more
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Blogger: Shrinidhi Hande
I’ve already written about Ather Energy 450 and 340 electric scooters- you can read about FAQs here and detailed experience and review here. In this post, let us take a look at the big question- do I save money if I buy an electric scooter say Ather 450 instead of say Honda Activa, which is the most popular scooter in India. While doing the financials, we need to consider total cost of ... Read more
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