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Blogger: Vaishnavi
No words are required, we all know her story. Lets pray for her soul and hope for a better India!... Read more
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Blogger: Vaishnavi
My grandmother received this from our religious head when she was a young bride and this has been a favorite piece of mine for the long-est time. I consider this a heirloom piece from my maternal collection. My grandma will pass this to her family  but I want a piece exactly like this, eventually, when I get married. I wish she remembers :)Do you also have a favorite heirloom piece from your family? Love Vaishnavi... Read more
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Blogger: Vaishnavi
I don’t mean the jingle but the serial – Hip Hip Hurray – I watched this when I was a kid, pre-teen days and my mother would have to drag me away. She assumed this show showcased something that’s unreal and I shouldn’t be watching it. Last weekend, being down with fever I was channel surfing and found old episodes of this on Youtube. And I am amazed at how much of this I recall. The title track was a blast, I remember singing this to-and-fro school or during lunch with all my friends. This serial had everything you could think of, some of the situations were unreal but now I can totally relate to it. If I had a kid in pre-teens I’d certainly make him/her watch these. Right from t... Read more
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Blogger: Vaishnavi
Yeah...it is quite a lame title but that's how I reacted when I saw this new place "i back home" near my place...I surrounded by Baskin Robbins, Corner House, Mama Mia, Gelato, Polar Bear and some local ice cream shops, all within walking distance...but I can't stop myself from trying out any new place as much as I can stop myself from shopping!! That's quite an oxymoron, says Mum :)Tonight, our cook was down with the cold (I totally blame the weather, not my shouting from yesterday) and my plans for a paneer tikka was shot down. Undaunted I went to the newest ice cream shop near my place - i back home - and bought back some - well 6 scoops for my family of 4!!What I bought :a. Tiramisu &... Read more
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Blogger: Vaishnavi
Visited 1 MG Mall recently and was pleasantly surprised by Aldo & Inglot stores...apart from other totally great stores. Read more about it here... Read more
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Blogger: Vaishnavi
All this while...my temptations included food & only food...this week...introducing my faves in accessories...have a feast!!These beaded belts @ Dilli Haat were eye-catching!!Each one of them was priced @ ~500 - 750 INRASOS Vintage Floral Watch @ $33.14You can buy it hereASOS Anodised Pink Boyfriend Watch @ 49.71Available hereLaqa & Company's nail polish pens...@ $15.45 (plus shipping)Buy them here...they even ship to India... Read more
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Blogger: Vaishnavi
Here I come with another weekend temptations post...that left me wanting for more!!!the BEST - EST...I mean the BESTEST red pasta I have had...at a totally unconventional place@ Matteo's, Brigade Road, Bangaloresome Hummus & Pita bread @ Eurasia, Jayanagar 7 Block, BangaloreI have posted some totally amazing stuff (at least according to me) and I decided these self-baked vanilla cupcakes deserve a mention...they were YUMMY!!! What did you do this weekend??... Read more
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Blogger: Vaishnavi
I was in Mangalore last weekend and loved the azure blue skyline...a dekko at it for you all :)   + my entry for Made with Love linky @ Patty's ... Read more
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Blogger: Vaishnavi
Close on the heels of the previous weekend temptations post....I find myself posting my 3rd one...guess I should post something in between!! I have loads to post...but connection is eluding me :( :( :(But I promise...there are going to be more to read, see and hopefully enjoi & learn here...than before!!!2 years ago...on my trip to Las Vegas....some of the things that tempted me and I certainly had!!Tempt-me-a-lot dessert @ Ghirardelli'sMy share of 'Sinful-chocolate' @ Ghirardelli'sIce-cream @ Bellagio'slemon, peach & oranges were the best!!!... Read more
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Blogger: Vaishnavi
Pasta lunch @ French LoafYumm yumm yummm cupcakes...@ Ambience Mall, GurgaonMango souffle @ Cafe Coffee Day... Read more
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Blogger: Vaishnavi
March is my birthday month. List of things I am thankful for about for this birthday:Wishes by an assortment of friends & family…thanks guys!!! Hugs n kisses you all!!Ana’s gesture that juxtaposed to a memorable birthdayAnamika from www.wiseshe.com posted about my birthday on her blog and I received wishes from people who I have never met, known but share the WS platform. Thanks Ana for the gesture, it is the sweetest thing and thanks all for the wishes! It is an awesome feeling to get it from people I haven’t met before!KINDLE!!! YAYYYYY!!!! Thanks amma & Sham!! Story behind this: I love reading – novels, Sherlock, self help – you name it and I will read it! With my new iP... Read more
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Blogger: Vaishnavi
Decadent hot chocolote @ Cafe PascucciMocha cheese cake @ Cafe PascucciMini fondue @ Swenson's... Read more
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Blogger: Vaishnavi
Many many happy returns of the day sweetie!! Love having you in my life and will always cherish you here! From showing me some of the best things and telling me my mistakes, no one has stood true to the vows in a friendship as you have.A toast to the days gone by and more to come!!Hugs n kisses!!!... Read more
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Blogger: Vaishnavi
I would be perplexed whenever I heard my grandpa say/pray "Give me luxury in death". I'd do one of the stupid things - cry and howl, turn away or glare at him. Not just me, but this always disturbed my mother. He soothed his daughter and me with the same words - you'll know better when you are older. He passed on a few years back and I miss him something fierce. He's the only grandpa I had in my life and I quite enjoyed being the apple of his eye :)A week back I heard about a death who was quite young. At 27, he had a full life going for him. A sudden heart attack got him into the afterlife. At 27?? I had the same question. You see I am 27. It scared me. And it made me... Read more
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Blogger: Vaishnavi
The 1stBlisscovered box was quite a thing for me! It was the 1st time such a concept was introduced in India & I was super excited about ordering one J Well, you can read about it here. The 2nd one is even better according to me. Here’s a dekko at it :OmVed foot soakH2O sea salt body butterChambor Waterproof eyeliner in blueCalvin Klein Shock spray perfumeShieseido The Skincare Night Moisture Recharge Corrector Hydrant Nuit... Read more
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Blogger: Vaishnavi
Grandparents are pools of wisdom. When I was 5, I spent a lot of time with ajji (grandmother) and my grandpa; she has passed on a lot of wisdom, love and caution to me. One of her greatest traits is forethought. I am impulsive and she always taught me to look at something from all angles + think of the consequences of an action before a response to stimuli. Ajji was recently hospitalized for a surgery and I spent one night with her, keeping vigil. Actually, I wonder who was under vigilance there! The next morning my mother called me and I called her “dumma” (fatty, as a tease in kannada). All of us are on the heavier side in the family but I love calling mother that and getting her all ... Read more
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Blogger: Vaishnavi
New Year has always joined hands with resolutions isn’t it? I don’t want to be uncommon and here is my updated edited list of resolutions:a.       Post more, better-ing at blogging (he he he..thats rhymes)b.      Lose weight – this has been on my list for the last 2 years too! God knows when that's gonna happen!!c.       Save some money - oh well...that's WIP and my manager needs to know I need more to save!!d.      Take my mother & sister on another trip (we recently did Delhi-Agra-Jaipur-Mathura-Amritsar)  - yeah! the bestest fun I had, I want more!! e.      Learn + innovate = better at cooking I am also holding my 1st Giveaway soon…sooner….!!! Wat... Read more
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Blogger: Vaishnavi
I truly believe January is the month of new – the season of new, the season of a change of time. I always envied the Birch box-ers, Glossy Box-ers (do you know they are here?? Go here for details) and Lush box-ers (well, they are here too). No need for any more green eye?? Sure, you bet!!Blisscovered opened its doors to us a couple of months back and timed sending out their boxes at the right time – January. Well, I received my 1stBlisscovered box . A cute box in pale purple with a sheer ribbon bow loosely tied, opened to reveal a royal blue tissue paper, with a seal+voucher for 300 INR+welcome letter+letter of info on the productsLancome Genefique Youth Activating ConcentrateClarins Cl... Read more
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Blogger: Vaishnavi
During my cousin’s last trimester, she became HUGE for the 2nd kid. My nephew, her 1st one, was 5 at that time. He noticed that his mother almost doubled in size in less than 2 months. He was alarmed and walked up to her one day and asked, “Mommy, are you going to burst like a balloon one day?”My colleague narrated this incident about her niece. The school invited the parents and the kid for an interview to join 1st standard and the Headmistress conversationally enquired the kid for her mother’s name as a part of the interview. She answered ‘Mala’. The next question was for her father’s name. The kid turns to her mother, smiled and said ‘darling’. The Headmistress smiled, n... Read more
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Blogger: Vaishnavi
My niece, Keerthi follows my blog posts and was enthused about baking a cake at her place. We baked one from Pillsbury ready to make cooker cake mix (in chocolate) at her place. A dekko at itFor the Icing1.       Mix 4 portions of powdered sugar with one portion of butter and 2 drops of vanilla essence.2.       Beat to the consistency required. I made it thicker this time. 3.       Spread it over the cake on the side & top leaving a circle empty. 4.       We sprinkled the chocolate vermicelli on the top for hair(!), chocolate chips for mouth. 5.       For the eyes, we mixed a ½ spoon of cocoa powder to the icing and make balls of it. You can also use the ch... Read more
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Blogger: Vaishnavi
This year just flew by! Where did the year go? I feel like it was January yesterday {it is January  now, but I meant 2011}– most everyone said that of 2011. Exactly like this or some craftily framed phrases. If you think I am going to disappoint you, think twice! I am going to say the same thing too JWell, 2011, really did fly by me. I remember wondering how I am going to get by a year w/o my ex boss. I remember thinking if I’ll be married by the end. I remember feeling I’m going to do wonders at my workplace! Well, I did survive w/o my ex-boss, just barely, no ring on my finger yet and if not for the workplace I did do some wonders for myself. a.    It got me back to blogging. I... Read more
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Blogger: Vaishnavi
I visited Mantri Mall and had to kill 3 hours of time, for my sister to finish her exam and come back. I was killing time window shopping & some serious shopping! How can I not?? But the high point of this visit was the Play Salon on the 3rd floor of the mall. It looks plush with golden décor and spread over a wide area. This is placed next to YLG Salon and I wanted to try this place. I have visited YLG and not particularly impressed with their service. I decided to walk in and ask for an appointment. I walked in and it looked fairly empty. I knew I had hit gold! I walked in confidently and asked for a hair spa service. The SA nodded and gave me 3 options a.       Kerastase ful... Read more
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Blogger: Vaishnavi
Have you tasted the best hot chocolate yet? If you have visited this store that’s tucked away in Mantri Mall, I’d say you sure have. If you haven’t, you should rush now, NOW, NOW!!! My sister had an exam at Maharani Lakshmi Ammanni College, Malleshwaram and I had to wait 3 hours for her to return. I visited the Mantri Mall and decided to spend some time there, doing what else? SHOPPING!! Yippee!!! I went in for a hair spa @ Play salon and came out feeling like I’ve just stepped out of heaven. The Spa is pure heaven for hair. I stepped out of one and stepped into another!!I’d passed this place for a yet another chocolate haunt offering some choice chocolates at ridiculous prices! I ... Read more
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Blogger: Vaishnavi
It is 1.30 AM and as I write this, the person I am missing is some thousands of miles away, enjoying the weekend. I don't obviously want to name the person, but if you know me, you'll know who I am talking about :)Sometimes, I think back; to our days studying in college, NIIT classes. I guess they were eye-openers for me.Coming from this totally traditional, very strict background; having you in my life was like a whiff of fresh air. While my common sense told me I could never do anything that you did, I always wondered what it was like to be as carefree as that, as non-committal or even non-answerable. While I had to get back by 6.30 PM, you were heading out for a fun filled evening. Whi... Read more
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