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Blogger: Arun Kumar
                                    European film-makers often make movies that define itself self-consciously, and storms our senses with a mystical beauty. These films show the way of the contemporary people and becomes a part of film history in the process. The legendary Italian auteur Federico Fellini is known for making such social-fabric portraits. He romantically showed the tediousness among the sophisticated classes, who has the leisure to spend time with artifice and superficiality. He constantly took a plunge ... Read more
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Blogger: Arun Kumar
                               Gillian Armstrong is an intelligible Australian director. She belongs to the same generation of film-makers like Jane Campion (“The Piano”). She made an excellent movie named “My Brilliant Career” in 1979 about an outcast woman, who aspires to be a writer. In 1993, she and screen writer Robin Swicord made an attempt to adapt the 1868 novella, which was already made two times (in 1933 and 1949) and thought it could still register more pertinent meanings to contemporary women. The literary classic “Little ... Read more
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Blogger: Arun Kumar
                                      Boxing lends itself to depict characters that get pummeled on their way to glory. The gruesome sport played with arduous intensity gives spectacularly touching true stories. “Fat City”, “Rocky”, Raging Bull” and “Million Dollar Baby” were more than a boxing movie. It used the musty dressing room and confined ring to ponder grander themes. In the same way, Ron Howard’s“Cinderella Man” (2005) takes us to the gritty and harsh period of ‘Great Depression... Read more
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Blogger: Arun Kumar
                                    Contemporary teen romance movies are marked by crude jokes, unwarranted nudity, uninvolving sub-plots and cockeyed protagonists. What these movies lack is not the broad strokes of storyline, but a solid emotional investment. A teenage love story can win over viewers only when it has some freshness and when it treats it subject as human beings – a character for which we can root for. Cameron Crowe’s everlastingly optimistic “Say Anything” (1989) captures the nuances of first lo... Read more
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Blogger: Arun Kumar
                                     Few years back, when I watched David Lynch’s“Lost Highway” and “Mulholland Drive”, I thought, ‘This movie doesn’t make any sense.’I always like to watch movies that defy the rules of a traditional narrative, but I was at a loss of words to express my feeling about these movies. David Lynch always intrigues us with a unique plot, then frustrates a viewer, because no could grasp what’s going on. Later, disturbs us with his surrealistic twisted vision and if you c... Read more
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Blogger: Arun Kumar
                                     Francis Lawrence, who took over the reins from Gary Ross, elevates the “Hunger Games” series and ditches the child-driven gladiatorial combat to approach wider themes of media distraction, political oppression and the incarceration of a celebrity. Based on the best selling ‘Young Adult’ novel “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” (by Suzanne Collins), this movie doesn’t settle for copy-paste mode of transforming novel onto film. It explores its characters rather than being... Read more
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Blogger: Arun Kumar
                                 Haifaa Al Mansour’s movie about an innocent, subversive girl, “Wadjda” has quote a few surprising notes attached to it. It was the first Saudi Arabian feature film to be directed by a woman and the first movie to be entirely shot within the oil kingdom. As you can see in the end credits, the shooting of this movie were helped by powerful supporters Prince Al-Waleed Bin Tal and backed up by various global movie enterprises like “Sundance Film Institute” and “Abu Dhabi Film Commission.” Scr... Read more
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Blogger: Arun Kumar
                                What prods a troubled soul to do murder? That’s the question Lebanese director Ziad Doueiri’s“The Attack” (2012) asks. Of course, there is no definite answer in the end – which is an impossible one, considering the issue here – but takes a viewer one step forward to understand about terrorism, love and trauma. Based on the novel by Yasmina Khadra, this upholding thriller weaves its characters around the Palestine-Israel issue, without considering much about the traditional thrills.“The Attack... Read more
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Blogger: Arun Kumar
                                 In dictionary, the word ‘Knowledge’ is described as the “psychological result of perception and learning and reasoning.” So, learning something is not always a pleasant thing. It opens one’s eyes to live a better life and at the same time, it takes us to the dark corners of human existence. Knowledge plays a huge part, even in the story of creation of Adam and Eve. This is the main theme in Gary Ross’ clever and satisfying fantasy “Pleasantville” (1998). It mocks the falseness of family... Read more
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Blogger: Arun Kumar
                                 Claude Lanzmann, the director of painstakingly detailed Holocaust documentary, “Shoah” once said that the Holocaust should never be re-created or dramatized for the sake of a movie. But, movies like Spielberg’s “Schindler’s List” or Roman Polanski’s “Pianist”, says that not memorializing those lost lives is equivalent to denial. “Pianist” and “Schindler’s List” are masterpieces in its own way, but these two and most of Holocaust movies are a ‘light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel... Read more
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Blogger: Arun Kumar
                                    Russian auteur Alexander Sokurov is known for his intelligent films, which often moves in a dream-like fashion into the Russian culture. His movies are glacially paced and approach thematically colossal objects from an odd angle. The perfect example of this is his 2002 sublime film, “Russian Ark.” This movie had the longest continuous take in the history of motion pictures (95 mins.) until this year. Swedish film “7333 Seconds of Johanna” recently broke this record with a runn... Read more
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Blogger: Arun Kumar
                                  Screenwriter and novelist Peter Hedges’ directorial debut,“Pieces of April” (2003) takes a dysfunctional family and makes it endure a holiday tradition (Thanksgiving). This is not an easy task, since the film has to find some middle ground between comedy and hard-hitting drama. In that way, Hedges succeeds and this Thanksgiving family reunion drama has a genuine heart and original characters. The whole movie takes place within a day, but makes us come across themes of terminal illness, nost... Read more
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Blogger: Arun Kumar
                                  Canadian director David Cronenberg is the master of twister thrillers like “Dead Ringers”, “Videodrome”, “The Fly” and“Crash.” But, he is also an excellent film-maker who can deal with the metaphysics of violence and real-time horrors. The fine-cut artistry of “Spider”, “A History of Violence”and the surrealistic setting of “Cosmopolis” are all a testimony that Cronenberg can probe the imperfection of human beings, both literally and metaphorically. This original and p... Read more
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Blogger: Arun Kumar
                                 “Together” (2000) is set in the idealistic heyday of 1970’s Sweden, where battered house wife Elizabeth (Lisa Lindgren) leaves her alcoholic husband Rolf (Michael Nyqvist) and takes refuge with her children Eva and Stefan in her brother Goran’s (Gustaf Hammarsten) hippie commune, named ‘Together.’ In Sweden, the film attained box-office success and it also did well abroad. Searching for alternatives to nuclear parenting and capitalist society’s growing consumption, the communal livin... Read more
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Blogger: Arun Kumar
                                 Hollywood Whodunits are always wrapped inside certain genre trappings. It either becomes an unemotional police procedural or a stripped-down Dennis Lehane like tale. But, like David Fincher’s “Se7en”, “Zodiac” or Clint Eastwood’s “Mystic River” there rarely comes out a Hollywood crime/drama, which haunts in all the best ways – psychologically or philosophically. French Canadian director Denis Villeneuve’s auspicious American debut “Prisoners” (2013) belongs to that rare kind. It... Read more
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Blogger: Arun Kumar
                              “Le Boucher”, “Mon Oncle d’Amerique”, “Pulp Fiction” and “Blue Velvet” are some examples of a category of films in which you feel that there is something to grasp among all the obscurities. They might fill your heart and mind with awe and suspense by choosing pace over delivery, even though we can’t get all the metaphors and in-jokes in the first viewing. Taiwanese auteur Tsai Ming-Liang’s fifth feature film “What Time Is It There?” (2001) is the perfect contradiction: it is completely sea... Read more
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Blogger: Arun Kumar
                                  Masters of a particular art show you how they work or how their tricks work but in that process they would still leave you with bewildering thoughts. In that way, Jiro Ono, the 85 year old Japanese chef (now he is 88 years old) is a master and his art is making sushi. David Gelb’smonomania documentary, “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” (2011) isn’t about the preparations of ‘sushi.’ It adds various layers and contexts, which touches upon the aesthetic and culinary traditions of Japan.  &n... Read more
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Blogger: Arun Kumar
                                   He was once known for his inventive splatter, sci-fi movies – “Bad Taste”, “Brain Dead”– which gained the status of cult classics among his fans. His foray into the digital film-making era was a grand success. He perfected the expansive vision of J.R.R. Tolkien and bathed our eyes with exuberant landscapes of New Zealand. But, apart from these polarized visions, the New Zealander Peter Jackson, made the startling “Heavenly Creatures” (1994)– a re-telling of the 1950’ tab... Read more
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Blogger: Arun Kumar
                                      The Taiwanese-born film-maker Ang Lee is an acute observer. He is perceptive about human nature and families. In the early 90’s he made two art house hits, “The Wedding Banquet” and “Eat Drink Man Woman.” It brought him the international acclaim and it helped him to helm Emma Thompson’s adaptation of Jane Austen’s “Sense and Sensibility.” He once again proved his mettle, which earned him multiple academy-award nominations. He later went to make wide varie... Read more
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Blogger: Arun Kumar
                                The Belgium director duos, Jean Pierre and Luc Dardenne(known as ‘Dardenne brothers’) are known for their low-budget, social-realist dramas. Their movies often combine humane, empathetic tales with a deadpan style of a documentary. Belgium’s underclass people are often focused through their lean, elegant and often haunting fables. And for the most part, Dardenne’ concentrate on rebellious or angry young people, who find it a struggle to survive. “Rosetta”, “The Son”, “The Child”, “Lorna... Read more
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Blogger: Arun Kumar
                            Ken Burns' inflammatory and investigative documentary, "The Central Park Five" (2012) analysis the miscarriage of justice in the 1989 “Central Park jogger” case. A young investment banker (Trisha Meili) was beaten, raped and left for dead in the early morning hours of April 20, 1989. She survived eventually but lay comatose for several weeks and mercifully not retaining the memory of the attack. The 1980's was said to be an era of crime and race paranoia in New York. This documentary explains why black and latino teenagers were wrongly convicted in the jogger case (despite a lack of physical evidence) and how American society or ... Read more
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Blogger: Arun Kumar
                              Australian director, Justin Kurzel's feature film debut -- "Snowtown" (2011) is a fictional dramatization of real-life events. In the Southern part of Australia, from 1992 to 1999, a killing spree was carried out by a group of degenerate men led by their ringleader John Bunting. Most of the victims were known to Bunting and most of his victims were discovered stuffed into barrels in an abandoned bank in the small rural community of Snowtown. But, "Snowtown" is not an ordinary serial killer movie, where we have a charismatic Hannibal Lector like character. It has harsh dialogues and naturalistic environment, where a mood emerges that... Read more
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Blogger: Arun Kumar
                                 Dror Moreh's Oscar nominated documentary "The Gatekeepers" (2012) opens with an real targeted assassination somewhere in the streets of Israel. The bleak footage of a man being blown up inside a van is the handiwork of Israel’s counter-terrorism agency, Shin Bet. The name of the countries, "Israel and Palestine" continues to elicit questions that defy easy answers. It's been 65 years, since the state of Israel was founded, and there were countless films on this complex issue. But, "The Gatekeepers" offers a galvanizing perspective as six former heads of Israel’s Shin Bet counter-terrorism agency confess to misdeeds, miscal... Read more
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Blogger: Arun Kumar
                               Marc Foster's"World War Z" is a Zombie apocalypse movie. Yet another movie on a flesh-chomping pandemic? Yeah, but the film never lacks on originality. That's a great trait for a summer block-buster. The Zombies, here are also very different. The virus works faster -- it takes only 12 seconds for an infected human to turn into a twisted, soulless creature with a ravenous need to hunt down healthy flesh. The Zombies moan and prowl at first but later runs as fast, as if they are in a sprint race.                                  "World War Z" (loosely based on Max Brook's novel) was produced by Brad ... Read more
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Blogger: Arun Kumar
                                      1959 was to prove a banner year for the French New Wave. Truffaut took home the Palme d'Or ("400 Blows") and Alain Resnais won the international critics' prize for his first feature film "Hiroshima Mon Amour" (Hiroshima My Love), which was shown out of competition. Resnais had, by this time, already made a name for himself as a documentary film-maker, with short portraits of painters (Van Gogh and Gauguin) and the devastating holocaust documentary "Night and Fog" (Nuit et brouillard, 1955). It was a 30 minute collage which was filmed in color and also featured black and white photographs and newsreel footage. "Night a... Read more
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